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Project Inisport

Project iniSport
My client is selling supplments for the fitness industry and needs to have a website developed in wordpress. The following requirements apply:

1.A unique designed logo and website for needs to be developed.
2.There should be an option for adding products to the page.
3.A shopping cart feature should be added to the site.
4.Upon placing an order an email should be forwarded to the customer as well as iniSport.
5.The design should be similar to
6.The menu should be horisontal.
7.On the frontpage there should be pictures of products changing after a few seconds.
8.The colorscheme should be Black and Red with white Font.
9.The menu structure should be as this:
-Om iniSport
-Kontakt (A contact formular should be applied)

Please qoute for this project.


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Design A Header And Build A Sign Up Form

We are hiring a developer to create only the beginning of a larger project we will be working on. If this milestone is completed well, there will be more work immediately. The requirements are as follows:

Design: We need a simple header designed. This will allow us to judge your design skills for the larger project.

Sign Up Form: We need a simple signup form and a post a project form developed. The best way to describe this is to follow the steps from until the project has been created. We do not need the project page to be completed with design, but we need to see that the project was posted so we know that the post a project form actually works.

For completion of this project, please have this up on a development server so I can access it and test its functionality as described.

VERY IMPORTANT: To separate you from the spammers, please write I AM REAL as the first line of your bid. We will delete all bids that do not write this phrase, since most bidders never read the requirements. Thank you for being one who does!

Also, if you have developed a crowdfunding website before, please PM me the details as this is what the larger project will be.

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Website With Backend

We require a website to complement an mobile APP. Very simple straight forward website required to take user feed for some field and answer will be provided to user (in some cases instant and in some cases with in 24 hours). There is a backend developed for mobile application we want to integrate this website in that back end. Backend is developed using LAMP.

We will allocate this project very soon.

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3D Motion Graphics Animation

3D motion graphics animation…

I am after a 3D motion graphic developer that can provide me pre developed 3D motion graphics similar to:

I want some customised text added into the animation. 30-40 seconds of animation will be enough. This is animation is going to be a intro on my parked email domain. instead of a parked pages, whom ever visits the domain will see this animation instead. So you will not develop something from scratch, you will edit a pre developed animation with customised text.

source code included..

Please provide me links to your pre developed animations by PM
Please only provide Professional motion graphics!

my budget is max $100 for the right animation..

This is more to see your quality as developer, as we have many other animations that needs to be developed from scratch.

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Ticket Website Sports Concerts Developed

We have a template site that we would like developed into a php ticket site using snippets also the complete site with headers and writings if youve never done this please dont respond, we would like a site like please take a look at that site to know where you stand for a project like this, also we need it uploaded to our hosting. Complete Ticket Website Thank You You should be familiar with php-adding snippets-picture location-addinglinks within the site itself.

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Crm Web Application

We are looking to have a web based CRM developed SaaS model.

Reference competitor systems: , ,
Clean Web 2.0 GUI and fast loading application. I am thinking to have it developed in ROR + AJAX

You will also be responsible for creating tutorial. Provide 60 days support once software is live.

The software will be free for about 3 months for users to do beta testing. Once we are ready for "paid" launch we will need a sign up system so user can sign up for 30 day free trial,etc. Full administrative backend tool,etc.

We are looking for a long term relationship as this is a big project. Please give us your BEST bid, we will also pay a bonus once our company generates revenue.

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Iphone App

We developed an app in html5 css3 but we are not satisfied. We want to realize the same app in c objective (native language of iphone). The application is 99% working but as the client is not satisfied we decided to change completely. We will provide a link to the app to people or company who will show good references as apps they developed. Real possibilty of long term business relationship, we would prefer a company but we will accept very good single developer. thank you

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Create A Social Script Like

We are

We need to develop a new Social Script like with same features to being listed in our Product list.

The Script must be written like to become a script that can be delivered to customers in a zipped unique file , easy to being installed and possibile to being traslated with a simple language.txt file. And the name logo ll be Guru Social.

It can being developed in php or in wordpress.

You can check all features that we want to being developed here

Final site must be like
Max bdgt 300/350$

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Sharks With Lasers Iphone Game App

We are interested in creating an iPhone app that combines the elements of sharks and lasers from Wicked Lasers. For example, a shark would have a "Spyder 3 Arctic" strapped to its head and it would emit a cool 1W beam.

The game mechanics and storyline have not yet been determined. We are looking for an experienced Apple developer that has developed high quality games in the past.

Please send links to the apps you have developed already.

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Android AAC Streaming Application

Hi All,

Ive been posting this project but have not yet found the right person to get this working.

Im in need of a coder who has already developed aac streaming player in android. Im not looking for aac streaming through playing chunks of the code but through NDK/other decoding mechanism.

If you already have the code or think that you would be able to pull it off by Sunday, please bid.

I know of a code at which works but has buffer issues and so the playback is not great. If you can handle this then well and good.

Do let me know if anyone can take this up…. Im actually very desperate.

Please note that I need only the streaming activity and nothing else. So if you already have developed another application which does the same thing then Im interested in only the player activity part and not the whole app.


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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Hi all,

I want a game "who wants to be a millionaire" that are developed in Flash using Action Script 3.

There should be a mySQL Database (using Easy PHP) that contain the questions and 4 answers for each question (1 correct and 3 wrongs) and a level for each question.

A php code will import randomly 15 questions from the database to flash. (any question should not be repeated in the same session, and should respect the Level sequence)

When the question are imported in flash the game begin (developed using Action Script 3, 15 questions {first 5 question should be Level 1, then we go up with the level for each 2 question {ex: question 1 to 5: Level 1, Question 6 and 7: Level 2, Question 8 and 9: Level 3…}) also the game should contain 3 helping ways…

I already developed the interface in the Photoshop also i have made the database. I am student its just a university project.

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Need A Website Which Is Well Developed By Ppc


I need one website which should be very profitable in ppc.As i was new i need some one to do this in low rate.Lowest Bidder will be awarded.

Thank You

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Buying Ready-made Or Already Developed Software

I am inviting those Professionals and software Developers who have already developed

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Custom JavaScript Navigation *US Bidders Only*

*US Bidders Only*

Existing Site:

Project: Custom Navigation for dirtbike parts.

Details: Click on the "airbox" section below the seat you will see your courser turn into a hand when you find it. This will direct you to the category associated with airbox.

This link nav will need to be available for 42 categories and 5 different views of the image (left, right, top, rear, front). Each view will have any where from a few links to about 20-30.

Provided: All graphics are provided or can be developed for you we just need the hard code developed.

Reference: this is the type of effect we are going for but it doesnt have to scroll, it only needs the ability to click on a small icon such as the right. Ours will have small icons at the top referencing the view so when clicked the image swaps.

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Willing To Purchase Already Made/ Developed Software

Hello I am looking for investment opportunities and want to form business partnerships with software developers and app developers that have software and other computer based or iPhone or Blackberry apps and programs that they want to get launched in the business market.

I have a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) and solid years of Management, Business Development and Sales experience. You develop the programs and I get them into the marketplace for sales. I can help pay for the marketing, advertising and sales force we would need to successfully launch your creations.

Please note all software, apps or programs should be original.

Anyone can contact me regarding their any type of software that they have already developed and want to make money by selling it with source code rights or form a partnership where I market and pay for launching the software and we split the profits based on negotiation.

You can offer me any software regardless whether it is for home users or business users. Every type of Software Developers including Windows Developers, MAC OS X Developers or Mobile Devices Software Developers are invited.

It is solely my decision whether I am willing to invest my money in purchasing your project or not.



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Web Design – Client Upgrade

(This Project is for user Lukas123.) Require upgrade to existing remote client developed in VB6 with access dbase. Client app must be developed to integrate with website in .net Framework 4 with SQL dbase. New functionality to reporting, real-time scores and the ability to add new classes must be added. Seamless upload of event data to centralized dbase. Source code on project required. Detailed documentation and training material required.

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Association Website Redesign

Description of Project

The National Association of Enrolled Agents, herein referred to as NAEA, is soliciting proposals for the graphic and structural redesign of its website: [Removed by Admin]. The current website is built around Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 and incorporates database driven elements that rely on NAEA

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Website Re-Development

Looking for reliable individual to complete slight modifications to previously developed website (see: ). The development should be completed by Thursday, February 17, with project beginning by Monday.

Desired Changes:

* Updating of static website copy.

* Inclusion of links to Facebook, Twitter, etc…

* Change of header background from green to black.

* Addition of page to display monthly calendar of events and specials, which may be edited by client. The site was previously developed with generic admin system, would be necessarily to incorporate calendar app into existing backend.

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Automated Order Processing Solution

Looking for an analyst programmer capable of developping and support a workflow software on a 6 month fixed term contract.

Ideally, the software will be developed in ASP.Net, with C#, running on a SQL database.

We are in the process of rewriting our main workflow and need a light version of our workflow to support existing business during the rewriting project. The current application running has been developed in Visual Fox Pro and therefore knowledge in this area would be a plus, although not mandatory as the application developed part of this project will be a new build.

The software need to be capable of handling the following:

1) Automatically import order data based on xml submission
2) Create a job bag automatically containing all relevant information for the production of this order and a barcode that can be scanned out on dispatch
3) Create a delivery list that our despatch department can work to, listing all jobs required to go out on a given day
4) Have a scanning application running so despatch staff can scan the jobs going out and take them off the work to list
5) Potentially integrate with our UPS Worldship software to create shipments automatically via xml submission

This software is aimed at handling orders received from web to print solutions. They will then be produced in our factory.

Once application has been developped, the successfull candidate will have to add new clients and support the application during day to day operations. our development team has already written a base application which is currently running.

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I Need Testers – I Developed Online Money Making W/ Facebook

I need lots of people to test this method of making $10+ dollars each day using your facebook account.


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IPhone Game

We have a requirement for an iPhone Game to be developed.

This game will require experience in either Cocos2D or Unity. Preferably Cocos2D.

All designs and concept will be documented and presented to you for finally review prior to commencing the work. There will be numerous stages to ensure we meeting the requirements.

The applicant must have:
– evidence of successful iOS Applications/Games developed.
– excellent English communication skills
– extensive knowledge in Cocos2D and/or Unity
– available for on-line meetings (we will suit your time)
– speedy turn around times during iterations
– valuable feedback

On the success of this project, and if the applicant demonstrates all the above skills. There is a further 31 projects waiting to be started to date.

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Iphone/Ipad App Developer Needed

We have a few different apps that we would like to have developed. We are also looking for a long time relationship developing our future apps.
please reply to this with your portfolio of past apps.

We will need 2-3 apps developed and submitted within the next 30 days.
We have received bids on these apps individually and had an average bid of $100-$200. These are fairly simple apps.

Please reply if you are capable of finishing 3 apps in the next 30 days.


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Need A Online Flash Gaming Website.

I need a well developed website which should have games to play online and offline. There should be minimum 20 games initially and should be new and copyright games developed by you. The games which will be for online are as follows:
1. Chess
2. Poker
3. Black Jack
4. Teen Patti
5. Cricket
The above mentioned games are mandatory, and other games developer can give of there choice, but remember the graphic should be like the real one and attractive. I will pay only if I liked the work other wise not. and one more thing I also need 10k traffic.

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Alertpay – Payment Integration Ising IPN

I need a web payment PAGE integrated to my website using "Alertpay" in – c#.
The interface is simple. there are 5 items to choose from in a web page for buying .Any one item can be selected out of the 5. Need to pay for the product through alertpay and receive notification of payment. then need to store this return transaction value in a database along with some user email adDrress and password.
I have a sample script given in php.This needs to be developed in Any one who has already developed the checkout page for alertpay would be given preference.

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Job Portal

Hi, We need a job portal which will be a blend of and . We need it to be developed in Java/J2EE or PHP technology. We need the full product to be submitted within 1 month and it will be a continuous work for any further enhancements for the winning bidder. So send in your quotes with all the details regarding your earlier work details and similar work done. If you have already developed product with all the features mentioned above, we are open to buy it. In that case , please quote with the product details or showcase us the product.

Thank you


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E-learning Courseware Development Required

100 Modules to be developed – please place bid price for "per module"

I want something like this –

Two quick questions for consideration:

1 – Can the entire module be extracted and edited

2 – if not above; I would like to build mine to be exactly like this, but with a few changes – with animations of people, the control pad on the right, etc. Pretty much everything the same thing.

I will provide you with more details once selected to begin building or extracting and modifying as the case may be.

There are about 100 titles that need to be developed, so your bidding price should be based on "per module".

I need high quality.

Tell me how you intend to achieve my requirements

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Booking Service Development

Having a booking service developed, functionality will be similar to, and

The website to be developed will be of the same standard as the above referenced websites but more details will be provided to suitable vendors.

We are ideally seeking professionals with good english communication skills

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Booking Service Development

Having a booking service developed, functionality will be similar to, and

The website to be developed will be of the same standard as the above referenced websites but more details will be provided to suitable vendors.

We are ideally seeking professionals with good english communication skills

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Booking Service Development

Having a booking service developed, functionality will be similar to, and

The website to be developed will be of the same standard as the above referenced websites but more details will be provided to suitable vendors.

We are ideally seeking professionals with good english communication skills

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