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Tamplet Catalog Shop For Iphone,ipad

we need accompany or a programmer with experience to develop an iPhone/ipad app builder.
the app should be a temples app similar to which is the web site related to the app.
the app is a baseness to baseness app and should allow a very friendly easy process to build your own app for your baseness with no coding .
you can find the Features in the off the feathers)
if possible i would like to have a price for the app developing with a basic admin that allow as(the project manager) to applaud the content to the app for testing.
the next step will be developing the final website that allow the shops/baseness to build their own app easy with no coding

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Website / Portal

We are now in the process of developing a new website for The site needs an overhaul in response to the growing attention he is receiving in the media, and we need the services of a capable web developer to first re-do a comparably static website with the use of Flash and other engaging media devices. We will eventually need help developing a more interactive element involving online quizzes, questionnaires, and other sophisticated tools for the user to enjoy and require that this initial design can eventually accommodate those needs.

We would like the site to be clean and modern and be an information portal like webmd users can create their own personal profiles and track results of there activities.

Please see attached word document for full details.

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Developing IPhone Application

I have a few IPhone Application development contact. I will like to find a trusted and good IPhone vendor to help me develop those applications and become my longterm vendors.

All the vendors will need to sign NDA before I disclose the information to you.

Hope to hear from you guys.

Best Regards,

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IPhone & Android Chat Application

Please do not bid on this project if:

1.) You have never developed an iPhone and Android App
2.) You do not have expercience with API

Thank You

The project
We want you to develop an instant messaging application that will run on iPhones and Android phones. It should be capable of media messaging and group messaging. It should have

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Themes Developing

We will develop hundreds of themes. We will provide the design in jpg or psd files. And we want you to carry it out in html code.
Each themes is a static html page.

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I was wondering if you

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Mobile App To Record Voice


I am looking for a mobile app developer who is fast at coding and has a good quality of work.

we are looking to develop an application with the following features for the Iphone and Android and Ipad .

About : This is a twitter app, its for recording audio and allowing users to post a description and post the description and the link to their twitter… we currently have a website developed so you need to use our sites api to insert data to our db and get a short url created.

Features :
– Twitter Login (oAuth for mobile devices)
– Recording audio with a configurable time limit.
– place to write a status update (optional field, so its not required for the user to insert data)
– good GUI

an example of this app would be something similar to :

PLEASE only bid if you know how to work with :
– Developing iphone apps
– Developing ipad apps
– Developing android apps
– twitter oAuth for mobile
– have a basic understanding of designing apps to provide a simple GUI similar to tweetmic.

Please review your bids before submitting and make sure thats your final bid.

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E-Learning Online Course Development

I have a 90 page "Responsible Sevice of Alcohol" course manual that I need converted into and online course.
Im looking for someone who has experience in developing interesting and engaging online course content for an e-learning Moodle platform.
Do not bid unless you have previous experience in developing high end e-learning courses as will I need to see examles of your previous work.
Project will need to be completed in 7 days.

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Development Of Financial System In A Developing Country

Looking for a windev programmer to work in Africa for a year to develop business applications

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Insurance Quoting Website

A multi- talented individual or developing team is required to develop an Insurance Related Website.

Candidates with developing experience in the insurance industry are preferred. Please include a CV and a link to your related work.

Overview of Specifications:
1. Multi-page website â outline with menu available in
2. Quote Saving and Retreiving System
3. Quote Calculation System based on an updateable files and metrics.
4. Auto payment for (paypal, Credit Card, Google checkout, merchant account)
5. Newsletter page with subscribe/unsubscribe function
6. Store past newsletters for user access
7. Virtual Chat for Customer Support.

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Poker Game

Were looking for experienced developers who are capable of developing a fully featured and functional poker game (front-end and back-end)

1) Flash-based live poker game.
2) Developing a back-end engine with a secure connection to the client.
3) Developing a scalable back-end engine (Prefer to support more than 2K current online users)
4) Prefer to use Smartfox, red5 or other famous scalable live game servers as the back-end engine
4) Close collaboration in design and special features with us
5) Upon completion we expect to receive the full source code

Any problems and bugs should be dealt with and fixed in a beta period!
Once the project has been successfully launched into a live environment we are interested in securing a long term support and maintenance agreement.

We expect the bidders to provide us with examples and references /contact information of other work theyve completed, so we can get an idea of your works quality.

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Developing A Site Like , Dating

Hello, we are in France.
We need a coder /freelancer that can develop for us a site similar to
Its a dating site.
We need a similar graphics and same functionalities

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Mobile Chat Application

I am looking for a mobile application developer to help me develop a mobile chat application.

I am a Computer Science student at Georgia Tech and need help developing an app. I have little experience developing for mobile platforms so I am looking for someone experienced.

The basics of this project include:
Chat using Socket API
Real-Time Notifications (Read/Unread think BBM)
Multimedia Sharing

Please message me for a more detailed description

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ZenCart Developing Needed

We seek one individual who can handle more than one project at a time and is talented with Zen, all aspects of Zen Cart are needed and must be affordable for long term work

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Social Networking- Volunteers Of NGO

The social network website intends to connect NGOs (Non Government Organizations; charity organizations) in developing countries (particularly India) with resourceful individuals (and organizations) in the developed world.
Three key objectives for the website:

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IPhone App (GS)

Hello all,

We are looking for someone who will develop iPhone app for us. Idea is to have website where people can place ad for their garage sale, yard sale or car boot sale with their address.

iPhone user will find local garage sales through the app (app will show user the map location and address of garage sale) – basically Craigs List for iPhone.

For idea please have a look at Garage Sale App, Garage Sales of Tampa Bay, Garage Sale USA.

App is targeting Australian market and planned name is Oz Garage Sale.

Please let me know your estimated cost for developing app, time frame for delivery and what sort of support you provide after delivery (including for how long).

Website part would be develop by someone else but you will have access to website developing team to ensure both work together.

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Affiliate Network Interface


Seeking providers with previous experience capable of developing a multi tier affiliate management interface. Previous experience in developing affiliate related platforms is required and knowledge in this segment is required.

I will supply graphic design, so the most critical element is developing functionality. Examples of interfaces to base designs on will be provided.

Thank you.

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Drupal Developer

Responsible for the detail design documentation, development, unit testing and maintenance of internally developed applications and externally purchased software products
Write code for system designs that span platforms
Code to and create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Write code for enhancing existing programs or developing new programs

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Poker Gaming Client Application, Back-end & Website


We are looking for programmers, who are capable of developing a fully featured and functional poker gaming website (front-end and back-end).

The poker website should be a fully functional online gambling portal dedicated to poker only (Texas-/ Omaha Hold

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Iphone Game – Programming

We are developing a simple 3D platformer iphone game using the Unity game engine. If you are a programmer experienced in developing games with Unity then apply. Provide sample code, you will work closely with our lead programmer if hired.

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IPhone Twitter Integración For Groups

IPhone app combined with an online service to provide a simple option to go back to basics on twitter and facebook.

Its about grouping contacts and being able to send and receive some simple massages first. The the app should grow and be able (via de central service) to moderate conversations of the group.

iPhone design, UI and twitter and facebook API expertise is very important.

So the project will consist in:
– developing server app with simple website
– deploying app on amazon service
– developing iPhone app to use the service

Please contact to obtain detailed information.

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Need Partner For Web Developing & SEO.

Long term Project !

I need an expert person/team who will be partner for web developing & SEO. Ill call interview. Bid here with ur previous work.

Lets start.

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Mentor For Developing Linux Drivers

Im looking for a mentor to develop a Linux driver that learning the basics of driver development, kernel modules on a practical example. Mentor must have skype or icq

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Train And Develop Quickbooks/accounting Pitch

I need some help developing a quickbooks offering and pitch. Likely work for qualified outsourcers. I will need candidates to be able to clear an accounting/quickbooks test at atleast 90% accuracy and/or 95th percentile. Will need help developing training materials as well.

India providers highly preferred. NDA will be required prior to award of contract. More details to bidders who provide adequate information on team size, qualifications, etc.

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Developing Web Page Like Http://

– We need someone who can create site like
– The site will be free for customers but there must be space for banners.
– Just place USD and the price in your bid, that I can see, your not a bot
– Deadline for development is 5 weeks
– source code and all materials are mine (copyright)

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Finish Developing Prestashop Site

We are looking for a developer to finish implementing a site based on Prestashop,

The work will include changing a theme to match a required design and also updating modules to work according to specification.

Further information will be supplied after getting info and portfolios.
Please only apply only if you have worked with PrestaShop previously.


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Dispatching, Scheduling, Invoicing Software

Dispatching Software
Includes: Dispatching Module, Reports System, Route planning and visualization using Google Map, web interface (cloud based) development for dispatchers/clients/owner operators/drivers. Visualization of route and current truck position by using GPS coordinates capable for future implementation. Software must have data sharing capability with QuickBooks and InfusionSoft. Needs to include invoicing capability.

Desired system will closely mimmick the online version of ServiceCeo. Very little difference anticipated. Software does not need to include CRM and Marketing capability as does ServiceCEO. See ServiceCEO demo at link below.
We have an active subscription for the Service Ceo online software that I will provide access to considered bidders.

This software will initially be used for a single company "in house" only for an existing network of approximately 100 users nationwide (US), but needs to be built in such a way to allow for later use and sale to other companies.

Winning bidder should assist with installation of software on our servers and remain available for beta period.

Programming Languages: HTML, PHP, MySQL, SQL query, XML Technology (XSL, XSD, DTD), JavaScript, CSS, Object-Oriented programming languages

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Developing A Crads Game

Arabic and english website for cards games and that contains members registration, chatting, points and money transactions

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Home Energy Meter

I am developing a home smart energy meter and need to direct all MCU programming to
freelancers. I am developing the functions and surrounding circuits but do not have
time to devote to the Microcontroller programs. Will be using Freescale 8-bit mcus and cirrus
logic ADCs. C programming is a must.

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Developing A Site Like

Hello we are, leader in ebusiness scripts on the net.
An our customer asked us to quote a site like and similar to .
Site must be developed in English and after in French and German (we provide traslation).
We are looking for a skilled web agency able to provide this site to our customer
Please dont post if you have enough skills

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CMS Developing

I have many projects which are based on my CMS. Now I need to add some functionalities to this CMS.

At this moment I need to:
– create invoice functions as in Easy Invoicing UK Software
– make some changes in Order view
– prepare Vouchers functions for each order

Every task will be fully described. Youll have access to source code via SVN. You will have full technical support from my side.

What I expect from you?
– ability to talk by phone (intermediate English required)
– fast answer for each e-mail
– keeping to the schedule
– knowing your strength and weekness

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PhpLD Theme From PSD

Looking for a phpLD expert to code a phpLD theme from a given PSD design. You should have prior experience of developing a phpLD theme. If the work is good, there is potential for developing 5 more similar activities. Give me your best bid and dont forget to attach your samples.

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