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Home Automation IPhone/Android WebApp

We have a homeautomation backend which communicates to the frontend using JSON. The currenrt frontend is written in plain JS/AJAX and optimized for standard browsers. Additionally there is a 300 line of code php example as frontend for simple S60 Nokia phones.

The project is to write a GUI for this homeautomation optimized for iPhone and android as web app. (lAter on we also like to see this converted into a real app) This can be done
using a framework like or whatever is suitable.

Backend with real data plus example of current frontend work plus detailed spec is provided.

GUI shall give acces to all sensor and switches/dimmers available from the backend in a hierarchical form (home-> floor-> room-> list of devices>
Switches, Dimmers, Window Blinds and Door openered can be controlled from the GUI, All sensors ( power, temperature, CO2, smoke) are shown as list with nice icons and the respective value
Each room has a status (I am at home, I am away, only kids are home, …) which is also provided by backend and needs to be shown and activated.

The following pages are shown
– Dashboard
– list of rooms
-list of scenes
– list of devices
– list of sensors
– list of actors
– list of global home scenes
– list of physical devices
– local time
the list leads to pages with the respective devices ( sensors, actors) or scene descriptions.

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Vol Calc IPhone/Android

I have a business specific windows application that I have the source code for, it needs to be converted to iPhone/Android.
The application is a volume calculator.

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IPhone/Android Teacher/Dev

I need someone to work hourly in training my dev team on how to make androud and iphone apps using basic web authentication and JSON APIs

to apply, please join the #esource channel on

or you can use and sign into the #esource channel.

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Content Writer About CMS

We need one content writer who has strong experience in writing in CMS, Drupal Development, Joomla Development, WordPress Development, Iphone Application Development, Android Application Development.

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IPhone/BB/Android/Symbian/WM/Silverlight Developers Required

Looking for self starter developer for ongoing/Long Term association for 1 year +.

Developers must have multiple mobile domain expertise on all plaforms (IPhone/Android/BlackBerry/Symbian/Windows Mobile/JQuery/Restful/JQTouch/GPS).

Knowledge of implementing webapps using would be a plus as would skills in porting apps from one platform to another.

European based developers would be given first preference..

NDA for all work/projects and willing to hold back Penalties in case of failing to deliver projects on time.

To qualify, Interested Bidders shall submit their profile containing quality projects details/screenshots involving all the above skill sets/mobile verticles and applications you have developed that are being sold on market by you or somebody else.


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