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NDNP Newspaper Pages

The Library of Congress (LC) and the National Endowment for the Humanities are jointly developing the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). Ultimately, over a period of approximately 20 years, NDNP will establish a national, digital resource of historically significant newspapers published between 1836 and 1922, digitized by consortia representing all states and U.S. territories. This searchable database will be permanently maintained at the Library of Congress and be freely accessible via the Internet. In order to create test data to facilitate development of the system architecture, LC will scan microfilm from its own newspaper holdings.

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Web Designer

Web Designer
Hourly Rate: £40 – £50

Spring Digital is a full-service digital agency that provides concept to creation of digital projects for SME clients across London. Founded in 2001 we have built, managed and promoted over 600 websites and continue to help clients to achieve more online.

We are looking for a dynamic, ambitious, enthusiastic freelance Web Designer who has a passion for design and creativity outside of the digital world. The ability to generate great ideas, concepts and deliver original digital designs is must! You must be comfortable designing brochureware through to large ecomms and complex web apps and you must be able to capture and understand creative briefs from client-facing team members and clients. Meticulous attention to detail and a very high quality of work is essential and you must also be deadline focused and have excellent organizational and management skills.

You will have at least 3 years experience of graphic design in the digital industry
You are able to work under pressure to very tight deadlines, with a strong focus on achieving results
You can work without supervision and strive to better targets/objectives
You are willing to put in the necessary hours to achieve results
You have a BA degree in graphic design or a similar subject like new media design
You have a good level of experience and understanding of website design
You are eligible to work in London

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Information Architect/UX Designer

Information Architect/UX Designer
Hourly Rate: £40 – £50

Spring Digital is a full-service digital agency that provides concept to creation of digital projects for SME clients across London. Founded in 2001 we have built, managed and promoted over 600 websites and continue to help clients to achieve more online.

We are looking for a dynamic, ambitious, enthusiastic freelance Information Architect who has strong business acumen and the ability to understand and appreciate a wide range of business models. Excellent strategic skills; and knowledge of usability, accessibility and industry standards/best practices

Responsibilities will include research and planning of websites, from simple brochureware sites through to large ecomms and complex web apps. Capturing and analyzing website & project requirements, developing user personas, user scenarios and user journeys.
You will map process flow throughout a site or app, conceptualise and wireframe user interfaces and using a range of tools you will create and develop site wireframes, prototypes and, where appropriate, storyboards.

You will have at least 1-2 years experience of information architecture and/or UX design
You are able work under pressure to very tight deadlines, with a strong focus on achieving client satisfaction
You can work methodically, accurately and can articulate my ideas and concepts to clients and colleagues alike
You understand how websites are built and maintained, especially those built on WordPress, Drupal, Magento
You have a good level of experience and understanding of the Axure, Google Analytics and Google Optimiser tools.
You are eligible to work in the UK

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Teacher Of Digital And Data Security

Need to be professional in Data and Internet Security and develop:

1- An Efficient and accurate Assessment Exam to determine the level of the applicants
2- Develop courses in Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced Data Security and present the course material on a viedo to be viewed online
3- Answer student questions by email
4- Evaluate the progress of students during the term

You will be paid for development and per student fees

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Edgy Graphic Designer For Digital Magazine Needed ASAP!

We need a talented young, edgy graphic designer to help us out with our quarterly digital magazine. This only happens four times a year, but you could be hired on for a continuing basis based on your work! You can see a copy of the latest issue here: for an idea of the type of graphics we want.

Generally speaking, you will have to create the photos and titles for all articles and perhaps ad pages and other graphic content as well. The magazine is about 40 – 50 pages long. It is preferable if you can get the photos through Flickr Creative Commons or other public domain type of repositories.

Its a plus if you have designed Media Kits also.

We need this job filled, like yesterday!! So, please contact us right away with some samples of your work.

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Design Pro W/ Style To Create Digital Magazine For The IPad

ant to create a beautiful digital magazine for the iPad using content from our health and wellness websites.

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IR Audio(music) Transmitter And Receiver Using PWM

This project is a ir audio(music) transmitter and receiver using pulse width modulation as the technique to convert the audio music signal into digital and transmit this digital signal using infrared, the receiving side must be able to hear the music clearly. the transmitter side and the receiver sides must have volume adjustment separately.

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Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Software:

Must able to do the following:

-Display a variety of Media types – Screens
that simply rotate through a series of
static images are fine, but customers will
quickly learn to ignore them, since they
act so much like traditional signage. To
remain effective, a signage network needs
to have the flexibility to change things

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Digital Caricature/Cartoonist – Wanted

Online lawn mowing company is in need of someone who does digital caricature.

I would like to have providers to do the project FIRST.

Based on this; I will choose the winning design.

Size/Type: A .jpg or .gif image at least 200 pixels wide.

Our website >

Project idea:

Futuristic and yet stylish person behind a commercial four wheeled lawn mower, cutting green manicured grass, with a colorful background (Sunlight…Etc.)

You can be as creative as you

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Joomla Mod Needed

What we are looking for is a mod/extention/com whatever you can code that will basically allow individuals by group level upload digital media and sell it under one umbrella with payment going to one central paypal for later disbursement. a way for each member on the frontend as well as admins on the back end to track all sales as well as the overall security of each transaction is paramount. the users should be able to post links to their digital wares via forums, blog articles etc as well as all wares being offered being localized on one page for people to search and browse through, preferably with keyword integration.

this is a mid level project but needs to be done seemlessly to work with the current joomla site, and the app must be sold to us once completed as propriety to our site to avoid competition of course. successfully completing this task may lead to future endeavors as far as maintainability as well as possibly accepting site partnership for the right company.

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PHPurchase WordPress Plugin Fix

I am having trouble with the wordpress plugin: PHPurchasepro.

The problem:

All digital products are set up correctly in the correct folder.

Visitors can add the products to their cart.

Visitors can check out via paypal

Visitor is redirected back to the website but they do not recieve the digital download link

Visitor receives an email with a download link that does not work.

If you can fix and can fix now please bid.

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Digital Music Store

I need customizable digital music store which includes:

1. search panel:

– by keywords, genre, mood, instrument, tempo (BPM – beats per minute, 50 or less, 50-70,70-90, 90-110, 110-130,130-150,150-170,170-190, 190 or more e.t.c ) ,
track length ( less than 15 sec, 15-30, 30 – 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min or more )
in the future I might add vocals e.t.c so I would like to be able to add/remove search options

2. search results:

– every track should have : title, lenght, music player ( in order to listen to demo ), description, price, add to cart button,
keyword tags, if the track has few versions ( for example 15 sec, 1 min, 2 min ) they should be listed bearing in mind that different versions have different prices, if the track is from the album there should be a link to the album,
link to composer profile,

– every album should have : cover art, description, all tracks listed with player button, add to cart button,

– music player – when someone clicks play button listens to track and than moves to another one, the first one automatically stops playing

3. buying :

– when clicking Add to cart the cart updates automatically without leaving the page
-all transactions are checked to prevent fraud and spoofing
-location of files are hidden and cannot be deduced by casual browsers of the web site
-downloads are limited by time and number of attempts
-all completed sales are recorded in the database
-customer is sent an email with a link to the download area
-All pages written in PHP and script is NOT encrypted
-Files are not accessible via a normal href link and hence cannot be downloaded by unauthorized users.
-Incorporates testing via the PayPal and Google SandBox environment so that the complete system, can be tested.
-Interacts with Paypals IPN system to monitor when a payment is complete for both digital and physical products.
-Automatically generates a login in url link for PayPal purchases to download their digital purchases.
-discounts, coupons, and free track option

4. I need to be able to modify the look of the shop, template and results in order to fit it into my website
so that I can freely add or remove menu items and change the look of the website.

5. control panel for sending e-mail, newsletters, selling statistics, adding tracks, albums, categories, covert arts

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Digital Caricature

I need someone who does digital caricature.

But first please show me a sample of your work first so I will know if its the right one Im looking for.

Browsed in deviantart and listed there are really good caricatures.

You can also get the idea here:

Lets not go for traditional. Thanks!

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OSCommerce Download Function For Digital Product

I installed OSCommerce for my online store selling softwares. I also installed an oscommerce addon contribution called "Super Download Store" because my customers need to be able to download products(software) after they pay through PayPal or other payment methods (such as credit card).

However, the download feature is not working. I need someone to fix it.


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Writers Needed

Hi All,

We are looking for writers on the following niche.

1. Digital Printing
2. Business Strategy
3. Information Technology
4. Ezine
5. Tablet PCs
6. Social CRM

Applicant should have deep knowledge in any of the four areas mentioned above. We will give $5/700 words and will pay through freelancer in every 2 weeks. Please bid with the following details.

1. A sample article on Digital Printing/Social CRM
2. Your Resume

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I need 10 articles to be re-written in the Digital Marketing, Social Media and Web Design.

Here are my some requirements:

1) Articles must be in good English – must be logical and grammatically
correct, no-short form, no spelling errors.

2) Articles must be at least 60% unique from original articles. And must
pass copyscape. I dont accept cut and past work.

3) I need the articles done in 7 days latest.

4) You will have to agree that I own all rights to the articles and
you must never use the articles in anyway without my written permission.

Ill be paying $3 per article

If you can do this well, ill have more articles for you to write and we can
consider working together on a long term basis.

Most freelancers place their bids freely without reading the full details.
Just to make sure that you have read everything in the description and
that you have agreed to it, kindly PM me with the first word, "Article".

Good Luck on Your bid.

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Install Magento Extension And Add A Digital Counter

Currently in need of an extension to be installed in Magento version 1.4.2. I would also like for a digital counter to be added to this extension. This is the first of many projects. So we are looking for a longer term relationship with a developer who is well versed and experienced in Magento.

This project should be done in less than 5 hours.

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Roll-up Banner Design

Our firm needs a design for a rollup banner that will be featured at an industry conference. We are a digital marketing firm and the banner needs to be designed with the following in mind:

– Needs to be a very catchy, modern, strongly branded design
-Create a design based around expressing our core offering: full-solution digital marketing (from social media, to media buy, etc…)

Please let us know how much you would like to complete just the design for this project.


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PR/Social Media Manager

Panarea Digital, a digital publishing company creating original, enhanced eBooks, is seeking a part-time consultant to manage social media and public relations as we move towards our U.S. launch.

The successful candidate will have a strong communications background, ability to drive both public relations programs with a focus on press, influencers and new media, and lead social media programs. This person is one who has a deep network of connections in the publishing industry, and the nascent

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Convert Workbook To Digital Format

I would like a print format workbook converted into the following….

(1) PDF format.

The workbook is a paperback: 243 pages written in English (dimensions: 28 x 21.7 x 1.4 cm and weight: 540 g). I will mail the book to the successful bidder. Project may lead to repeat assignments of work.

Thank you in advance for your interest and bid.

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Convert Workbook To Digital Format

I would like a print format workbook converted into the following….

(1) word file in .DOC format and
(2) in openoffice .ODT format and
(3) PDF format.

The workbook is a paperback: 243 pages written in English (dimensions: 28 x 21.7 x 1.4 cm and weight: 540 g). I will mail the book to the successful bidder. Project may lead to repeat assignments of work.

Thank you in advance for your interest and bid.

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Creative Web Designer Required For Fashion Projects

We are a Busy central London Digital Agency (Spring Digital) seeking freelance creative web designers for e-commerce fashion project/s.

Must have great portfolio, lots of talent and specific experience of design for fashion.


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E-Commerce Web-site For Digital Products

Needed experienced e-commerce web-site. I have the domain and web-hosting set up.

The site should be similar to gottapixel, scrapmatters, scrapbookbytes etc

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Video Digital Retouching

I need to digitally wipe out two phone numbers that appear on a car and on a sign in 2 videos that can be seen on my website (English and Russian) versions of the same video. Phone numbers in those videos start with 630… Original clip was edited in iMovie, I can transfer original file for editing.

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Website Designer Needed W Knowledge Of Digital Access Pass M

I need a designer who is familiar with integrating the Digital Access Pass Membership Script.

I have a project to design a website for the Digital access pass and also would like it integrated within the design.

Thank You


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Ad/Print Industry – Earn 25% Commission On Selling Service

We are looking for sales and marketing personnel worldwide to sell our English-Only digital publishing service. Please read below.

If you are from Advertising or Printing Industry, we are looking for sales people to earn commission on selling our online revolutionary Print 2 Digital services.

If you are good at marketing digital products in printing or advertising industry, you can join us without any investment and start earning up to 25% commission on sales. Each sale can be from $100 to $1500 and you will earn 25%.

We convert PDF files to online interactive publications with a lot of powerful back-end options to make paper publications interactive. You will just need to provide us PDF file for conversion.

We accept PayPal and credit card payments from clients.
We will pay commission with PayPal only.
We will provide you more information after interviewing and selecting candidates.
You must have skype to discuss the product and share information.
You must be good at sales and marketing.

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Digital Product Creation For ClickBank With Site

Digital Product Creation, with Site

I need a product created that I can use on ClickBank, the product needs to come with a site as well. The product will be for a domain that I already have.

Product Will Include:

Two e-books with 30 pages each
7 videos in English, well spoken explaining about blogging for money, and setting up WordPress.
Will have great design graphic covers(e-covers)

The site will have an introduction video on the sales page. I do not need a opt in email list.

Site Pages Will Include:

Sales Page
Contact Us Page
Thank You Page
Terms Of Service Page
Affiliate Page(With Graphics)
Members Area Page(Where I Can Go In, and Edit Information, and Add Information)

I am also in the middle of creating a few e-books myself for this project, I will also need full after payment support. Which means, if I need to add something to the sales page or Thank You page I need you to be able to do it for me.

Please Bid and contact me. I need this done in about a week.

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Archiving Photographic Work: Negatives, CDs, Digital Files

Hi there,

Im a freelance music and travel photographer. I have many photographs in all formats from the past few years; various negatives, some scans of negatives, CDs, digital files, contact sheets…etc

I need to archive and have all photographs filed somehow. In one place. So taking all my various files and saving them to one central system which is easy to use, refer to, and cross reference from.

The photographs I have scans from neg for – some of them are low res. Id like all high-res scanned.

The ultimate idea is that I can quickly refer to, and gather high res images of any artist ive photographed, at any time.

The archiving system also needs to be easy to use so that I can keep it updated, too.

The person who does this will ideally have great attention to detail, and be careful and considerate when handling delicate materials like negatives etc.

Thanks, any more info needed just let me know.

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E-commerce With CMS

I need an e-commerce site with admin panel to add or modify content and products. There will be identical English and Traditional Chinese versions on the same domain.

This will be a fairly low cost project, so open source code or template can be used and modified. Before the project is awarded, please give me suggestions on the best open source solution you would use

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Shoping Cart To Sell Digital&physical Item Ebay Integration


I want a shopping cart to sell digital and physical item on my store which should have following extra feature from normal design/feature:

1. Multiple vendors/seller Multi channel supported in a single store. ( ie. other customer/seller also sell item from my cart ).

2. Full eBay integration. (i.e me and my customer/seller can list/schedule/import item from

3. Automated digital delivery for digital download products. Customer should get secure download link by email after making payment through paypal.

4. Bulk product and Image Upload for admin and sellers.

5. Multiple themes support – Admin can set different themes so the site appearance changes.

6. Single checkout for digital products (without user registration).

7. Customer support ticket system.

8. Seller can promote their item through affiliates link ( products which in store),

9. Admin can set fixed monthly or different commission for seller.

10. Seller can upload files pdf or zip.

11. Sell downloadable digital products like ebooks, software, pictures, templates etc..

12. Support For Digital Products as well as physical products .

13. Multiple payment gates ways supported – Accept payments through, PayPal, Worldpay, YourPay and Google Checkout .

14. RSS Feeds for new product additions, seller updates to search engine feeds.

15. 100% Web based manager for sellers and website administrator
16. Ability to set different commission rates for different sellers.

17.Set automated or manual approval of sellers, buyers and products for complete control over the site operation .
18. Full source code. We can customize the site as needed.

19. Newsletters to sellers and customers .

20.Seller Features.
Template Management – Change look and feel of the sites with built in layouts. Using the customizable templates further modify look and feel of your site

* Individual product manager panel for each sellers.
* Supports unlimited vendors
* Sellers can add, edit products images and prices.
* Affiliate programs to market your stores
* Individual control panels for sellers

End User Features

* Customer profiles and order history
* Real-time order tracking for customers
* Product Purchased – Displays the product purchase count for each product.
* Customer Orders Total – Generates a report of total order amount of each customer.
* Gift Coupon – Report shows who purchased the gift coupon, details of products purchased with gift coupon and also displays the gift coupon balance amount.

This is my requirements to build up shopping cart.

This shopping cart can be build up with any open source shopping cart preference is osCommerce, cube-cart, zen-cart or make some single extension/addons also
provide through word-press plug-in and themes.


any single" all in One Shopping Cart"

It 100% should me controlled and managed through admin cpanel interface and available database and other software only.

I just want combine feature of

It should be flexible modification/up-gradation if any other feature required then it can be modified in future.


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Digital Image Watermarking3

For Anand Yaligar

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Digital Signage Template

I am looking for a programmer who can develop a digital signage template that will be portable from one digital signage system to another and supports RSS or XML formats. Must be 1080p pixel.
The template must be in a 4 by 4 grid to display 16 ads at the same time
Each ad will occupy its own zone in the grid

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