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Directory Project

I need someone to enter my company into online directories. I will provide the company information, but I need you to have a list of directories and create an excel spreadsheet with the link, email, username if necessary and password.

– All directories must be US only.
– All directories must show up in a Google SERP.
– I already have my company listed on a few directories and duplication will not be allowed.

Please include your fee per entry in a PM.

Happy Bidding

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Website Submissions To Free Directories

Submit my website manually to 200 free directories with a page rank of 3 or higher over the course of 30 days.

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Basic SEO Services Required

Hello, I need an SEO expert to do a basic strategy on one of my websites.

Website is an Organic Yoga Fashion business.

– Keyword Research (i will provide a basic list, you need to build and refine it)
– (Re)Submission to Major Search Engines
– Submission to related Directories
– Link-Building on related websites
– Modification of Main Pages in Magento Site (optional!)
– Anything else that will help, within the budget
– You must provide a list of directories/sites/submission on competition of project.

Budget: ca. $80 – $120 plus $40 – $80 for modification of Magento Site Pages (optional!)
Deadline: 1 Week

IMPORTANT: Please make a bid and also list exactly what you are offering, eg. how many directories and their PR etc.

The winner will not be the cheapest, but will be the person that offers the best proposal!

I will require services like this all the time so repeat work is guaranteed for high performers.

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Blog Directories Submission

I have 50 sites that I need submitted to 8 blog directory sites like Technorati and

50 sites X 8 directories each = 400 submissions

I will provide with descriptions and information on each of the 50 sites and I will also provide you with the list of 8 blog directories.

Upon completion you should provide me with an Excel file with the URL of the completed listings.

Please provide your bid for the complete project (400 submissions).

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Link Generation

Need basic offsite SEO using white-hat techniques. Need to build permanent one way links from relevant sites and link directories. Any other suggestion for offsite SEO is also welcome

SEO Off Site
1.Backlink building according to the keywords and competitor score
2.Link building must be one way link.
3. Link Must be permanent.
4. Submitting url to directories like Dmoz.
5. Also we want to achieve page rank 5-6
6. Articles to be provided
7. All work to be done via email account specified and provided by us.
8. Links must be added over 4 weeks so Google doesnt treat them as spam links. Weekly report must be provided

Before bidding read this
1. This is only for serious bidder
2. You must be an expert and must have good review, we read each review and will check its credential.
3. You must have alteast done 5 seo projects

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SEO. Bck Lnks, Dir Subs, SM & Article Submissions

I need

10 Back Links PR 3+
50 Directory submissions
50 Social Media submissions
100 Article submissions = 2 articles written and submitted to 50 article directories each.

ALL x 4 sites.
So all these things for each site and I have 4 sites.

Articles must be on a given subject, they must pass copyscape and they must be in GOOD ENGLISH – we will need to approve them before they can be submitted to article directories. If the articles cannot be approved and approved quickly we will cancel the project and award it to someone else.

All articles, links and submissions must be finished by 26th March.
That means that in all likelihood the articles will need to be written and approved by Thursday 24th March. Thats 8 articles. PLEASE DONT BID IF YOU CANT PRODUCE 8 GOOD, READABLE ARTICLES QUICKLY.

We will need a FULL REPORT at the end of the campaign, showing FULL URLs to all links, FULL URLs to all directories, FULL URLs to all SM profiles/comments etc., and FULL URLs to published articles.

Please provide a sample of an English article you have writen and the reports you produce for work like this.


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The Kiran Deep Project

Submitting to directories, social bookmarking websites and article directories.
Price for submitting to 1200 directories
100 social bookmarking websites
writting 6 articles and submitting to 125 article directories

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Article Submitter Needed- Urgent


I need an experienced article submitter immediately.

I will provide with the-

* Article directories
* Accounts to post articles
* Written articles.

You will need to-

* Make 150 submissions in total.
* There are 6 articles and you will be posting them in 25 article directories. So, 6 article in each directory.
* You will need to create a Excel file with the links and provide that to us to prove your works.

This is an ongoing project and I have a very strict deadline. Dont BID if you cannot do it within 24 hours. And, the budget is $15 for all the submissions.

So, if you feel like youre the one then start BIDDING.


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200 Backlinks From Web Directories

I need 200 backlinks from web Directories.

The backlinks must be:

– from Detail PAGE, not from categories!
– With my ANCHOR
– from directories with domain page rank PR3+
– from different IPs

You must use by rotation 4 descriptions provided by me and my ANCHOR.
Remember, you must use directories that create Detail Page for every website included. (like PHPLD, Freeglobes, eSyndicat etc).
Dont use automatic submissions.

I will pay 0,20 $ for every detail page with my backlink.
When you finish you must provide xls raport with:

1. Detail Page URL where is my backlink
2. IP
3. Directory domain PR
4. Description used

After you deliver the backlinks you will be paid.

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600 Bookmarks/directory Submissions


I need 300 bookmarks and 300 directories for a project I am working on. These will be pointing to a variety of websites with different keywords as anchor text if possible.

I will provide a list of all the URLs and keywords and the number of directories and bookmarks Id like for each.

I would like a completed work report showing each link with the URL and keyword in Excel format.

No automated submissions or adult sites may be used. White hat methods only!


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Unique Article Writer Wanted


I need to get quality Articles written on a twice weekly basis. The articles should relate to iPods and Digital Photography and should be structurally and grammatically correct. I will be providing a Keyword phrase on which each article should be written. All the articles need to be 500 words each and should have at least 4 paragraphs.

I will also be providing at least 10 LSI words for each article and they should be included in the written article. Each article is on a different subject. Youll also need to include a 1 short description of the article. Youll need to research them well using internet and article directories.

I will not pay for articles written in poor English, and copied or plagiarized content. I will check the content through copyscape and own software. You

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Directory Submissions

First of all dont call me sir or madam; Im not your father and I am definitely not your mother….

I have a list of 225 free web directories, and I have 10 sites that require submission. Here are the details:

* I will provide the domain, keyword/title, description, email for each
* I will check the submissions emails to ensure you are doing your job
* I will provide the list of directories; I am not interested in adding more to the list I have (for the time being)
* Base you bid on what it would take to submit 1 to 225 free directories.
* Please give me a timeframe of how long it will take to submit 10 sites to 225 directories.

If I sounds like I am a hard4ss, its because I am. But these 10 sites are part of hundreds of sites we have, so I need to make sure you a good worker. If you do well on this job, we can continue on to more work.

PM your questions.

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200 Directory Submissions


I have 2 web pages that Id like to do directory submissions for. 100 submissions each for a total of 200.

NO XXX, Adult or black hat directories. No automated submission method. You provide the directories.

I will need an Excel report with the list of directories each page is on.


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Linkbuilding To Article Directories

I need 200 PR3 or higher RELEVANT one way links to my website. Must be relevant to article directories websites.

Need very experienced link builder who knows how to check that links are good and need to check robots.txt, make sure not dynamic links, javascript, flash links, graphic, nofollow, etc. Experienced link builders only. Please do not bid if you have limited or no link building experience.

Payment: We will pay for this project once project completed and verified. Will check all links before payment made. You will need to provide us with the following spreadsheet before any payment is made: Link site exact URL (clickable hyperlink), Site Name, Site Type, Google Page Rank and IP address.

All the usual link building rules apply:

* The page my link is placed on must be PR3 or above. (NOT JUST THE MAIN SITE)
* Links must be on articles directories websites.
* Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, msn and yahoo within last 30 days.
* Link page should be from English language sites only
* Link page must be search engine friendly, i.e. no redirects, cloaking, framed pages, etc
* There is no more than 15 outbound links on each web page where the link is placed
* Page must not be excluded by robots.txt and the anchor text must not contain the rel=nofollow tag.
* Web sites must be developed (Not under construction).
* One link per domain. Links must be from different Class-C IP addresses
* Prefer high ranking sites verified by Alexa
* No sites that require ongoing payments
* No Scraped content, mirror sites, link schemes and sites overrun with contextual ads, popups, intrusive advertising, etc.
* No blog comments, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups
* No link from: guestbooks, blogs, classifieds, dynamic inks, link farms, link-exchange programs, forums, directories, articles submission, Free For All websites, hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, pornographic or generally black hat sites.
* One way non-reciprocal links.
* Links must be static html links including the choosing target keywords in anchor text
* Links must be permanent, active and NEVER expire.
* Links must be in text, no graphics.
* I need you to mention the word "sasso" to know that you have read my requirements
* No redirects, JavaScript links, hidden links, Flash sites/pages, or other unethical or black-hat tactics
* Links must not be labeled, sponsored, links, or ads;
* Must be manually submitted. No use of Automated software (e.g., Zeus, Arelis or others)
* Links from websites that already link to our site will not be counted.
* Staggered deployment of the links is required to avoid any penalties.
* Must send me weekly updates of links.
* We reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable.

Please also submit samples of 3-5 sites and/or locations you expect to use with bid.

I have tons of work for the best SEO and we would like build long term relationship. Thank you and happy bidding!

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Video Submission In Some High PR Directories For My PRODUCTS


I need Video submission service for my recently launched products..

Youve to upload my given videos in some high page-rank Video-directories.

Lowest bid will be selected…




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Directory Submission!

Go to and and submit my website to all free directories. There are about 4800 directores.

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Articles Submission In QUALITY Article’s Directories


I need to submit articles to QUALITY ARTICLEs DIRECTORIES.
I provide articles !!
You would do the submission only.

I am looking for a quality articles directories ONLY. The more unique article directory the better !

I will hire in the future if quality job done on this project !!

It would be great if you can submit articles on pages, where INNER PR is PR1+ or even PR3+

!! PLEASE DO NOT OFFER ANYTHING ELSE !!!! I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I NEED !! ( all other offers, than articles submission will NOT be consider !!)
**We WILL report an ABUSE, if offer NOT related to the project description received !! **

I prefer directories that are related to my specific niche. ( household services, cleaning services, carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, window washing, office cleaning, duct cleaning etc. ) – but if you can provide links on other QUALITY, but not topic related site I would also be interested in !

You need to have your own list with these directories. Submissions must be done by a human, no automated software. The article must stay on the directory and not be deleted. Do-follow LINKS ONLY !!

Please submit a spreadsheet report in excel, so I can check the work:
List of information to be included in the report:

URL of the directory
INNER PR of the page, where article submitted
date when article posted
keyword included i submission
URL – for the l

Will hire again on monthly basis !!! ) if that project will be done properly.
I can create a 50% milestone , when 50 % of submissions provided in the report and approved in the report and 50% milestone after the job is done !

**I pay for approved articles submissions ONLY !**



I will need from 5 to 15 days to check and approve a final report and make the payment !

Im looking for professional/experienced Expert only! WILL HIRE AGAIN IF PROVIDER WILL MATCH ALL REQUIREMENTS.

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Web Based Search Engine Submission Script

Web based Search Engine Submission Script

The script needs to be secure and shall be placed on a website.

The scripts main function is to submit a url to a selection of search engines and directories.

The script needs to be unique and not to be sold to anyone else.

It must be possible to add new and to remove old search engines and directories.

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Search Engine Optimization / Directory Submissions

Looking for someone to place our company on local directories only. Would like a provider to create a list of all local directories and supply them to us, before placing our business in the directory.

Once the list has been revised by us, we would like to proceed with you placing our company in these directories

Looking for someone with a lot of experience in this field.

Please message for further details.

Looking forward to working with you,

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Link Building Needed To At First 1000 Links

I try to find an experienced link builder to 1000 permanent, one-way, relevant back links to our website.

What we need:
We prefer websites about tourism.
Free one-way manual links
No subdomains
Link pages and our text links must be visible, readable
Linked sites must be search engine friendly, established and fully active

Not allowed:
No use of automated software or bots.
No article directories, link farms, forums, spam sites, web rings, gambling, or adult sites, or link directories.

I will need feedback from you about the followings:
Link site URL
Site Name

I need bid for this first 1000 link buliding, but there will be opportunity to get more work in the same way.

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Basic SEO Services Required

Hello, i require a SEO expert to do a basic strategy on one of my websites.

Website is a Massage/Reflexology/Natural Therapies business.

– Keyword Research (i will provide a basic list, you need to build and refine it)
– (Re)Submission to Major Search Engines
– Submission to related Directories
– Link-Building on related websites
– Anything else that will help, within the budget.
– You must provide a list of directories/sites/submission on competition of project.

Rough Budget: ~$75AUD
Deadline: 1 Week

IMPORTANT: Please make a bid and also list exactly what you are offering, eg. how many directories and their PR etc.

The winner will not be the cheapest, but will be the person that offers the best proposal!
I will require services like this all the time so repeat work is guaranteed for high performers.


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Article Submissions – I Provide The Articles

Need article submission to as many article directories as you can. I provide 150 articles with 2 integrated links each.
I expect that approved submission would not cost more than 0,15$.

Please mention in your bid to how much directories you could submit and price for APPROVED AND PUBLISHED article.

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All In One Promotion Tools

We are looking for a developer that can help us through the process of develop a allinone tools. This tools will make life easier for online marketer working with link building.

Our tools will consist of all way doing it,

web directories, article directories, social bookmarks, blog, forum, rss etc.

Solution must be available both for windows and mac as well as also have web based solution.

We dont want to give to much information until we found the right one, so bring us your suggestion and we are ready to pay you.

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Submit URL Into Relevant Blogs/posts

We are offering full-time job for SEO expert who can submit our URL to relevant blogs/directories/posts.

For example if we will give you an URL which is based on Windows 7 tips then you must submit our link to those blogs/articles/directories/posts which is relavant to Windows 7 Tips.

For second example if we will give you another URL which is based on iPhone Jailbreaking then you must search iPhone Jailbreaking related blogs/articles/directories/posts to submit our URL.

You have to post comment on those articles with linking back our URL.

We are offering you starting price $30 and will increase by seeing your performance.

You have to submit our URL atleast in 30 relavent blogs/directories/articles/posts and you must give list of URLs where you have posted our URL for verification.

Its a long term project.

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40 Articles + Submission To Directories

I am looking for a writer familiar with popular article directories like articlesbase, articlesnatch etc.

I need 40 articles to be written and submitted to the most popular article directories within the next few days.
The directories must have high PR and must use "real" links in the ressource boxes (no nofollow).

I will pay $4 for every published article, so your articles must meet the directories guidelines.
I will show you a very time-efficient way to write those articles.
However, I ask you NOT to use content spinners and NOT to plagiarize.
Do not bid if you are unfamiliar with article directories and do not know how to identify nofollow links.
If you read the above please add the words "no plagiacy" to your reply.

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300 Approved Articles – URGENT

I will need 300 Approved Articles spread across few of my sites.

– Articles will be given by me
– You will choose article directories and do submissions. You need to have a list of good article directories which approve subs in 48-72 hours so you can quickly get approved articles. The article directory list needs to be approved from me
– Project Report needs to be submitted to me before 27 Feb
– Articles should be as it is all links etc should not be deleted removed.
– Escrow will be released post report verification

Looking to start ASAP!

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Article Links

I have a article needs to be submitted into 500 article directories PR1 to PR5.

Please provide the no of article directories you can submit with the rates and duration.

Tell me the quantity of directories you will submit , the guarantee of submissions and price in your bid.

Right provider can expect a heavy volume of work regularly.

Needs to be completed very soon.

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Local Directory Submission + Local Language Editing

I need manual directory submission of different language versions of a website to country specific directories. Following countries/languages are in question:

Germany, Austria

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