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I am looking for a design agency to produce a website similar to but focused on office supplies instead of marketing services

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UK Residential Directory Numbers Database List Required

We require someone to provide a list of UK residential directory numbers for our Groups Market Research division.

We believe that there are 32-34 million of these residential numbers and so will require all of them, ideally in a spreadsheet format, divided/arranged by towns and cities.

A discretionary bonus will also be given for a good job. Please note that full payment will only be provided at the end of the project following successful and satisfactory completion.

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Simple Directory Site

We need a simple directory site either built or tailored from existing scripts already available. The site should be designed just like Best of the Web (, the Open Directory Project ( We are talking very limited CSS. A simple CMS with MySQL backend should be in place. The directory will serve over 100,000 listings from the start. We will provide the CSV files to populate. We will also provide the directory hierarchy which will start with a breakdown by regions followed by categories within the directory of offerings. A search capability is also required.

The site should again be very basic and simple looking. No fancy graphics, colors, or ads required. More details in a PM to quality bids.

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Directory Project

I need someone to enter my company into online directories. I will provide the company information, but I need you to have a list of directories and create an excel spreadsheet with the link, email, username if necessary and password.

– All directories must be US only.
– All directories must show up in a Google SERP.
– I already have my company listed on a few directories and duplication will not be allowed.

Please include your fee per entry in a PM.

Happy Bidding

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E Directory 8 Is Needed Full Version

I need edirectory 8 (in php,and with all models include cupons) if you have it ping me asap

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E Directory 8 Is Needed Full Version

I need edirectory 8 if you have it with you ping me asap

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CMS Website Directory Joomla

Create travel related website with menu system and various pages to be discussed in PM.
Php, mysql.
There is a mysql db with lot of content to use to insert content in site automatically and also create the directory structure.
Preferably using using joomla+rockettheme+k2 template or joomla+yootheme+zoo (have sites with these already installed)
Can suggest another CMS if better, easier, faster.
Professional look (top menu like in rockettheme or yootheme).
Skills wanted: PHP, Mysql, CMS, Html, Ajax, javascript, joomla, rockettheme, yootheme, ZOO.
Timeframe: 7 days
Budget: 200$

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Resolving Permissions Issues In Active Directory

Looking for an Active Directory expert to resolve a permissions issue we are having in our small business. We are based in London W1 and ideally would like to resolve this week (commencing 4 April). We would like this resolved in person rather than remotely.

I have a Windows 2008 Foundation R2 server with 7 clients. The server is a 6mth old Dell Poweredge 110 and the clients are all 6mth old Dell Vostro V13 and 1510s running WIndows 7 Professional. The clients are all joined to the domain and AD is running & controls access to the shared network drive. Most of my users can access, open and save files no problem – but a few users have significant problems. When they try to save any files they are no longer visible by the user or other users of the network drive. When I access them using the server and go to view permissions, I see the file is "Unable to display current owner". If I reset the owner to Administrators then all users are able to see and edit the file again – but when they save the same file after editing the problem reappears.

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Integrate Simple Business Directory And Blog Into Website


We need a simple job employer / business directory built using php html and mysql. We need the directory integrated within our site, and we need users to be able to sign up as employers and add their business to the directory.

Each business will have a profile, and be able to self manage the profile and update themselves. Types of information will be business image (multiple), company description, and also we have several specific questions we want on each business profile that the client will answer when signing up for their business profile.

We also want a search function, where users can search by specific data fields. Option with search results to have a featured business listing which is highlighted.

Also be able to embedd youtube videos into their profile as well.

Any more information please contact – Need ASAP

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WordPress Directory

A directory listing module is needed which is very similar to the following site. You should create a user login, in order to view the whole functionality of the directory.

The existing blog is written in wordpress and this should be an extionsion to this blog.

Please do contact me for detailed information!

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New Template To Be Integrated With ESyndicat Directory.

We are wanting someone to integrate a new template with e Syndicat directory script. Very straight forward task as i already have the template (attached) and eSyndicate. will need integrating with this
Currently the template is in PSD format so will need converting.

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Tutor Active Directory And Exchange Server On New 2008

small server to take exchange for limited users and possible file server , help is needed with setting up active directory and exchange to manage e-mails , project to be complete by Sunday 10th april either by remote or by site visit in manchester england area,mentoring or tutoring for admin role, free tea , coffee and biscuits food etc maybe transport if close to M60

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Help Configure Alias Directory In Apache Win32

I need to configure a directory in Apache to point to d:w2 so that when
I enter http://localhost/v/ it points to d:w2. Im using windows 7 and apache 2.2.17.

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IPad PDF Reader

I need an IPad/IPhone App that :
– read an XML directory listing from a server ;
– public a tab view of the directory and the files ;
– make possible to view the files (pdf) ;
– the files (pdf) can be highlighted, searched and linked;

The application must be customized in the layout and in the color scheme,
in a way Ill send to the winner.

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Fix Up Joomla 1.5 Business Directory Site

Ive set up a business directory site on Joomla, using the Sobi2 business directory plugin, and need the site to be fixed up. I installed aceSEF as well in the hopes it would correct the problem (so far, it hasnt nad I dont demand that it be used).

1. Right now only the home page is formatted correctly. Other pages lose their formatting. This needs to be corrected.
2. Id like it so it displays a default icon that automatically gets replaced if someone adds an image to a site.
3. Want it to be SEO friendly URLs.
4. Enhance the security of the site.
5. Im using a simple template that I created on Artisteer (I am open to other template suggestions for a business directory, but I am necessarily asking for a customized template)

Since this is a common issue with Joomla 1.5, it should be simple enough for a Joomla expert.

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Residential Directory List

We require someone to provide a list of 34million UK residential directory numbers.

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Business Directory


We need all U.S business with names, addresses, phone, fax, website, etc updated as of 2011 no duplicates. Needs to be in different csv files in excel based in different category for entry on our business directory site. This can also be script that scrapes the web and puts it in excel or a previous data base. need this fast. thank you.

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Online Directory

I need someone to fix a current directory I built which I used to build it and bluehost to host it and I need a freelancer for a new directory as well. I am looking for someone experiences in bulding websites, php, directories, paypal, and bluehost.

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Joomla Template – For Directory Website


I have created a local business directory called [Removed by Admin], and would like someone to create me a joomla template for it, i would like it to be clean, modern to attract businesses to advertise on it. One website design i like is . I have a reletively low budget for this around the £50.00 mark :/ . Could someone please help??


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Tutorial Video

Tourism and Hospitality directory.Will need to create a video tutorial (with screen recording) to help our clients to log in and upload the info into web based directory. Voice over explains every step. All up finished product about 20-30min. Divided by 5min episodes. You will need to go to web directory, create an account and using one of the website we provide, go through the whole process (quite easy like a ebay or similar) pointing to important issues. I can assist with that a lot, but my problem is an English so dont want to hear my voice in it. Need someone who speaks well and like help people (many of our customers are older generation folks) so it should sound friendly and create an appearance that it real easy to do (it is really) – so voice over should be pleasant to hear but most importantly the text it reads has to be written well.

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Custom WordPress Theme

I am looking to ha a theme created that will be a local business listing directory.

The directory will combine the best features of the following.

This theme is specifically for business listings.

I want to create a theme that is very usable by newbies with complex features to handle thousands of listings.

I would like to also have features of a city portal.

I would also like to look at some of the popular features from other mainstay directory scripts.

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WordPress Geoplaces Templatic Theme, Professional Directory

I would like to get a professional directory website up and running. Please advise if you can assist.

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Joomla Business Directory Website

I am looking for an experienced website designer programmer to setup a new website. The website will run on Joomla and use the Sobi2 component plugins to manage and display a business listing directory. Experience building directory websites & using the multi-site Joomla management components for Multi-domain DB integration is also preferred.

I am only looking to have the website built and configured with necessary plugins, components and modules needed to satisfy design requirements.
Directory Data input will be handled separately and after design completion (except a few demo listings).

Other opportunities will also be available for the right person or team.
Access to a clean Joomla installation directory will be provided.

Thank You!

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Update Of Existing Directory Site

Current directory site is online but needs the following:

1. paypal set up for subscriptions. paypal is set up but not set up correctly
2. update of email functions to capture emails sent to clients. they need to be added to email list for marketing as well
3. SEO functions
4. some spelling issues on website and also inconsistent wording needs updating
5. currently the website does not have an index file which causes problems with hosting
6. improve search engine on the site
7. terms and conditions need to be accepted before payment. Currently this does not happen and people can add details for free

This should only be 1 days work but I need this done as soon as possible.

Tags: , , , , , , is an industry portal. I have had tons of trouble finding a capable company to help get this site off the ground. The concept for the site is simple: Users should be able to easily search for industry information, Specifically, users should be able to easily navigate towards targeted search company results. On the flip side, the site should also be designed to entice kiosk-related companies to join our site/directory. Once they sign-up for the free directory listing, the navigation should target them to purchase an upgraded vendor profile with added benefits. Additionally, vendors can also opt to purchase banner ads and/or sponsor a business category.

As noted, this site has had a series of "bad" developers. 90% of the site is already working (ruby), but my recent graphic designer (hes fired now) has messed-up some code. Some of the features that were working 100% previously, have suddenly stopped working. I suspect this is a minor code error issue. I need all these things put back into working order. And then…………I need a better layout/design. I need someone who understands site navigation and conversion to paid customers. I have a detailed list of the "fixes" available.

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Pictures Search

Hi guys
This is a little project with a simple interface with JSP and HTML that work with local files of albums and pictures that do the following :

* Upload a Picture (Upload a picture in a specific album )
* Delete a picture (Delete a picture from an specific folder or album)
* Create an Album (create a directory when you have all the pictures there from that album)
* Move Album (move and specific directory or album with all the files inside to another route )
* Delete Album (delete a directory or album )
* Comments (add a comment in to picture , could be that create a txt file with a comment according to the name of the picture )
* Rename a picture
* Rename an album
* Search a picture by name
* Search a picture by create date
* Search a picture by comment

Regards if you have any doubt dont hesitate to contact me


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Need An Article Directory

Were a newspaper in the south eastern united states. We recieve dozens of stories everyday that we dont have space to run in the newspaper. We though that an article directory would be a good way to get those stories on the web.

Weve looked over a few article directories like, and Wed like to you to build an article drectory that looks like either one. Templates are fine as long as it fits our needs.

Try to include a demo of the site with your submission.

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Birth Class Directory

I am looking for someone who can design and set up a small and simple niche directory. I am on a tight budget as this is really more of a hobby for me and not something that I can make money from (at least to begin with). So I need someone who can creatively find an economical solution to this! – Im really looking for a cheap way to get it up on the net and functional and once there are lots of listings I can upgrade it (although it needs to be at a minimum standard in order to attract users to it in the first place!). I can do a bit of the design (to save on costs) but I need someone to guide me on the "how-to" stuff as this is my first time creating a "real" website. I know I need to register a domain name and get web hosting but would like some guidance on this too. I am aware of some free ways to get a site up on the net e.g. or but none seem to have the function of a searchable directory available. I would like to know if there is a way to utilise these free platforms and just install a script into it or if it definitely requires something more. I have been playing around with a draft on using the blog application (as it at least has a search function and categories) but this is rudimentary to say the least! Although it is kind of cool that it has an event calendar which is a nice touch.

More info on the concept:
The directory will be a listing of birth educators in NSW (i.e antenatal classes). I want the listings to be searchable by post code (and proximity to post code) and type of class (of which there are at least 3 categories e.g. Hypnobirthing; General; Yoga). It will be free for people to list their classes and free for users to search (later I would like the ability for educators to opt to pay for a premium listing).

A similar concept can be found in a parallel niche at Im not a fan of their search items but it gives you an idea of what I want. is a much more complex directory that has a category for antenatal classes but it is not a comprehensive listing as they only have paid ads.

It needs to be simple, functional and appealing.

If anyone can help with this project at an affordable price please contact me.

Please note that I have selected the $250-750 budget but if it can be done cheaper Id love to know about it!!!!

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Online Web Directory URL Submission

You will go through a list of web directories, and submit my website/url to each one.

There are approx 4000 in the list, you will submit my site to each one.

You must provide daily updates.

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Online Web Directory Submission

You will go through a list of web directories, and submit my website/url to each one.

There are approx 4000 in the list, you will submit my site to each one.

You must provide daily updates.

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Web Directory

We are looking for a great web 2.0 developer to replicate an online web directory site. The development will be accelerated by using an existing script like BizDirectory or EzySearchDirectory. The developer will need to modify and skin the scripts to operate exactly like the site we are looking to replicate.

The site will use LAMP with Javascript and must have neat web 2.0 feel. We expect the developer to use a Project Management interface like Trac.

Only apply for this job if you have a portfolio of professional, ecommerce, web 2.0 projects which you can show us. You must have coders, designers and Project Managers who oversee quality control.

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WordPress Developer/Expert Needed!


I am trying to build a WordPress article directory just like this one here:

The Plugin for the WordPress is available here:

And the template for it here:

Please if you are not sure how to use WordPress and dont have any previous experience about WP dont bid and also make sure you check out the plugin and you understand what you will be dealing with.


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Datamining From Website 2 – Directory Of Companies

I need someone with experience and knowledge in data mining from a website of directory of companies. I could do it myself with some patience, but I dont have the time right now.

The job is pretty simple:
Get a spreadsheet with a list of companies from this website ( excluding the province of Buenos Aires, which I already have, there should be around 14000 companies here. For each entry (company) I need these fields:

– Raz. Social (Legal Name of company)
– Dirección (Address)
– Tel
– Fax
– e-mail
– Web
– Raz. Fantasia (Comercial Name)

This is an example of a page that needs to be data mined:

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