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Joomla Website Bug Fixes

We have a couple of bug fixes in our JOOMLA website at

1) We want to be able to customize the listing of the real estate agents that display on the right

We want to be able to choose who is first and who is second

2) There is an "asterisk" that shows up only when the size of the unit is entered –

This USED to display a warning when the square footage was entered – but now, we just want to remove the "*" and instead, ALWAYS display the following text on the bottom of every listing

Square footage and other information has been received from third party sources. Such information has not been, and will not be, verified by Climb Real Estate Group. If important to buyers, this information must be verified by buyers own investigation.

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Minor Technical Changes To A WordPress Site

I need some small but technical changes made to my wordpress-based Real Estate site – so strong familiarity with PHP and wordpress is essential.

The changes are:

1. A minor safari compatibility issue – a javascript text input box is not working correctly, it only works when user refreshes the page – which is very annoying.

2. Basic image size issue – when users add images, they display in the post, but some display too big. I need there to be a limit on the size at which the images display.

4. Inside the wordpress admin dashboard, some of the fields related to posts users have submitted have disappeared. I need to be able to see those fields again so I can edit them from inside the dashboard.

4. I have a slider with an inbuilt google map on my homepage – it displays some information, but at the moment it is displaying the wrong information sometimes and needs to be fixed.

5. I would like several basic sliders put on my homepage that display the featured listings for the 4 different post types I use on my site.

6. When search results appear, the Page 1, 2, 3, 4 etc option at the bottom of the page does not work. Page 1 displays ALL the posts, page 2 also displays ALL the posts. I would like them to display 10 results per page.

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Before And After Photo Website

Hi Freelancers,

I want to have a one page website created similar to a style. Except it will be 2 photos the user can upload for a Before and After comparison.

Rather than have a side by side display, and if possible use (or modify) the below Joomla 1.6 extension so you can drag the bar left and right to show the differences. This will be the main feature and centre display. An option available to click a link and switch to a side by side view.

* Only registered users can upload photos.
* The uploaded pictures will require a Title and Description field that can be filled in.
* Public visitors will be able to vote (1-10) on the photo comparisons.
* Registered users can comment on photos submitted.
* A simple Search Function
* A section on the left or right for Newest and Highest Rated photos.
* Uploaded photos require admin approval before publishing them.
* Category pane so users can search specific categories which changes the centre display category.
* Privacy and Terms and Conditions link.

Create a logo design according to my theme.

additional skills – Web 2.0 and SEO

Payment made in full once I am happy with the final product. If happy with service and product will use same freelancer for future updates to the site.


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Parse XML Document With JQuery Mobile

Please help me parse an xml document with jquery mobile. Display some data (name) and when clicked it will display more data in detail.

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Magento Booking & Reservation Modulte

We require a booking and reservation module for a Magento webshop. The shop will rent out appartments by the week. The week will start on a on the product configured start and endday in the week. The user must be given the opportunity to select a period via a calendar. Based on the startday in the week, the calendar must show the user which weeks will be booked. Key is that both the selected dates from the user and the generated dates based on startday are stored in the database for future use.
1 Configure bookable products via product type
2 Display calender in product list to indicate available dates
3 Display calender in product view for period selection
4 Calendar appearance via css
5 Display period in quote and order items
6 Robust double booking prevention
7 Multilingual
8 Reserve items after successful MultiSafePay payment

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Upcoming Fixture Display For Joomla

I am looking for a small project of an automatically updating next fixture generator for my sports teams website (remember every game will involve Rangers). Once this fixture has expired the site will automatically update to the next upcoming fixture in the calendar.

The script should display something similar to the attached in a module on my site.

On the backend it should include.

Ability to add a full seasons worth of fixtures in one go, and add/edit them at any time.

Ability to add a club to the database, for quick adding of fixtures in future. (should include stadium, city, badge)

Ability to add broadcasters and competitions to display. (for example the radio broadcaster, TV broadcaster) and link their logo to their website.

Ability to add games that take part in a third party ground (for example a cup final played at a neutral venue).

Ability to select if Rangers are playing home and away (so the badges appear with home side to left always, every match will involve Rangers)

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OSC 2.3 Shop – Contributions, Custom Fields, Debugging Etc.

I need for the new shop project the following things:

Product options:

Field for the Tax-Number (for to display in the order, not in the website)

Field for the Measurements (length, width, height)

Field for the storage position (for to display in the packing note, not in the website)

A possibility to enter the number of the products in stock (and for every attribute) so that it counts down with every order. I need some kind of inventory management – so that the product or the colour/modell doesn´t list when everything is sold out and give alert at a specific number to order more of the product…

It now displays only the netto prize – but it should display the brutto prize like this: 3,95 inkl. 19% MwSt. (very important!)

Wishlist function – where the customer can save the products he would like to buy later.

Login-Field in the header.

Where can I change the text of the template (everything is written in lowercase letters – but this is not correct – some words in german beginn with an uppercase letter!

Where do I change the button styles?

The reviews don´t work – debug this.

I also have problems with the slideshow of the template – I found out where to change the big pictures but don´t know where to change the thumbnails and where to set the correct links?

Sozial Bookmark integration of Twitter and Facebook and others on the productpage.

The client does not know yet which payment ans shipping providers to use – but this will come later on, too.

The client requires a packing note (with the storage and stock count informations) and a invoice in pdf-format (with item number, invoice number, tax number etc.) to send to his email when an order is placed.

I need someone who really is an OSC expert and who is willing to invest some time into this project to make it a top notch and fully working shop…

As we are on a very tight budget please do not bid too high!

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Apache Solr Integration With OsCommerce Compatible

This project will create an alternative to the search functions currently in the customers osCommerce compatible program. This is a general idea of what we are working for and we will be looking for the candidate who and provide this and more

(1) The faceted search create by Solr will be displayed on the left navigation column instead of the regular category display and display the products in category display.

(2) The faceted search created by Solr will also return all the search results from customer initiated searches.

General Requirement Include:

(1) Customer will setup Solr php extensions on their dedicated server .

All programming will be done using these extensions.

(2) Integrate with customers r database structure (similar to osCommerce) ability to display faceted searches for the following:

By Price
By Manufacturer
By Category
By Weight
By Height, Length, Width

(3) Using Extra fields create ability to display facets based on extra fields data setups:
Import for extra field is already created.

By Material glass, steel, wood, stone
By Shape Round, square, rectangle.
By Color R o y g b i v

(4) Create an upload file from customer database in format of Solr import.

(5) Upload the Solr import to update Solr database and index.


Spelling suggestions "did you mean…?"
Alternative search results "more like this…?"
Improved lexical analysis of incoming search terms eg matching "keyboard" and "keyboards"

Apache Solr 3.1

Solr Php

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Live Gold Price


I would like to fetch gold prices in real time on my website. I am ready to pay for the web services too, but need to have a free trial before I make the payment for the same.

Pls dont propose integration of widgets from websites like and because I need to fetch the live gold rate, add some tax to it and then display on my website. I have given the procedure below. Pls bid only if you can show me a demo and explain me how it is done because I dont want any illegal way of automatic ext ration of rates from any conversion websites.


1. Fetch live gold rate for every 30 sec from a web service or data feed.
2. Add some amount of tax to the rate fetched
3. Display it on my website for 30 sec refresh interval.


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Image Sizing Fix Oscommerce

I have an adult website built in oscommerce.

I need a small feature added

Problem: when admin uploads a picture for a product it will display the picture the same size displayed in category list and when you click on the product it will still display thumbnail size when you are viewing product details.

Solve: I need it so when the admin uploads a picture it will resize automatically when products are listed but display a larger image when a user clicks on the product to view the details, also when a user clicks on the image it will go into a pop up and display larger image.

If the selected programmer can do a go job, their will be further maintenance on this site


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Mysql Table Display And Edit In Php

We need a nice display of mysql data with the possibility to edit.
the first page should be an overview about all clients on the database, with a link behind each row which leads to a page where all the details of the details are displayed with every possibility to edit, upload, etc..

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Basic Membership Type Website

Hi, I need a website for a mountain bike group where we can share photos and info about our
bikes. The Site would consist of only about 3 or 4 pages. This will involve some basic design
work and CSS, PHP, mysql work.

All pages should follow the same format of Banner/logo in the left and Adsense on right. this can be done according to your design discression, whatever is easiest. Fill the logo with a test banner and i will insert my own logo once it has been created. The page should also have a footer which can be used for links and copyright. Please provide place holders for these.

Site will consist of:
Start page – login/sign up, display randon photo/info from database

Singup page – username, password, email etc. After sign up redirect to create/edit bike info.

Create/edit bike info page – After a member has signed up or logged in, they can go to this page to upload a photo of their bike and information about componentry. Need to be able to create multiple bikes ie one for Mountain bike 1, bike 2, bike 3 etc. There will be 1 image and up to 10 fields per bike. These fields should be optional. Where the field is blank, it should not be displayed on the view page. These fields need to be set up in a way where i can edit the title or add more feilds if required. I can do this through the code & myphpadmin as long as it is commented well.

After a user has set up their info and saved they should be redirected to the View page for their info where thay can copy the url to email.
Publish to twitter and facebook is also required.
Delete account is required

Basically this view page should display the infomation from the database depending on the user id entered.
After a user has signed up, i would like them to be able to email a link to their info. Ideally this would be in the format of or something similarly simple. This view page should display this persons bikes in a tabbed interface (or similar) where the persons first bike is diplayed and then the person viewing can scroll or click accross to the next one. This page would also need to display an additional Google Adsense banner.

i am flexible as to the design. i am looking for a clean easy layout, prefereable editable through CSS.

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Webstore Startpage

Write custom classes for existing webstore to create an array to display 5 each random products for items flaged popular, featured, new , and sale.

Write HTML to display products in above created array and link to the rest of the products in each group(arrays already working for indiviual pages) and incorporate a space on top for a xfade2.js based slideshow..

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Create A Script To Display The Best Results

I need a script to be able to pull information off a database & display the best results.

The process is as follows,

1. the client will need to enter the address ( this can either be details address or street only or suburb only)
2. the best 5 results will be displayed,
3. the client can choose to sort these by distance, price, etc..
4. I would also like to throw the results onto google map

This project is a trial for a much larger project, i have a sample database of 20 – 30 entires that we can use for testing

Im after a long term partner to work with me full time in building scripts for a new site im working on, if successful in this project much more work will follow.

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PHPbb Forum Style Modification

I have a phpbb powered forum that I run that I am having a few small problems with.

The style that I am using is a bit out of date and will not display the captcha question and the new post button also seems to be missing.

I simply need someone to fix/modify the style so that these things display correctly.


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Simple Product Display On IPhone APP

We need some expertise to create one simple iPhone Project
– just similar flow
– show out the product
– all the product will read from the Online (website)

we need nice look and feel

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Simple ‘Tool-Builder’ Website

This is a simple 3-4 page website that will let users to create a tool. It will require you to be aware of Facebook Connect based login system and will also need you to be aware of AJAX.

1. There is a main page that will display sections like Recently created and Most Popular along with a Facebook login system

2. Clicking on the log-in button will take the user to a page that will display his Previously created stuff and also the ability to create a new tool..

3. The Create new tool section is an AJAX based form

This is basically the outline of the website. From my past experience with Freelancer this should not cost more than $100. Please bid along with your previous work portfolio. Thanks

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Facebook Magazine Cover (Facebook API)

A custom Facebook Landing Page is needed for this project.

Facebook API will capture the users Facebook profile picture and will display it on a magazine cover and will also display the users profile name (first name) on the cover.

An image of the magazine cover will be provided for this project.

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Insert XML Feed / Affiliate Code

We are very similar to We have 10+ affiliate relationships, and we need to insert their code into our site:

1) to display their deals on our site
2) to display our deals on their site

Lets start with one project and if satisfied, the rest of the projects will be given in order of importance.

Qualities Important to us:
1) Quality of work
2) Your communication skills
3) Speed of completion

Our first affiliate project is They take our deals from our site, and display them on their site (Deal Aggregator). Attached is the feed structure they want.

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Future Medical Application

This is a request for a demonstration fun android application.
Step 1 use device to create simulated picture, on devices without camera simulate it took a picture. Picture/simulation will be of individual in face forward, arms out, legs slightly spread.
2. display will cycle through simulated picture similar to a scan, changing color as if doing infrared, ultraviolet, thermal, xray, mri, cat scan
3. after scan display will focus on chest area with option to click on highlighted area, lung, heart, tracha – side bar can appear with different button flashing like a futuristic medical scanner; choose area for results does not have to be functional just flashy
4. high lighted area when selected will display random normal values for area selected resp rate, breath sounds, heart rythm, sinus clear, pulmonary function values
5, final results screen, option to rescan, advertisement from our organization

This is not an actual medical application just a simulation of what could be in the future. Focus for this is on the Respiratory Care community

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Simple Website Project

This is a simple 3-4 page website that will let users to create a tool. It will require you to be aware of Facebook Connect based login system and will also need you to be aware of AJAX.

1. There is a main page that will display sections like Recently created and Most Popular along with a Facebook login system

2. Clicking on the log-in button will take the user to a page that will display his Previously created stuff and also the ability to create a new tool..

3. The Create new tool section is an AJAX based form

This is basically the outline of the website. From my past experience with Freelancer this should not cost more than $100. Please bid along with your previous work portfolio. Thanks

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Make Menu IE 6 Compatible And Style Changes

I have a project which needs to be finished quickly. The menu we are using does not display properly in IE6. It also does not display properly in other browsers, but I am only concerned about IE6, we can ignore all other browsers.The menu is being generated by a series of .jsp files on the server side, so you will need to be comfortable working with .jsp.

I cannot give access to the actual site until the project is awarded, but here is an html version of what we will be working on:

If you view it in FireFox you will see the way it should function, but in IE6 it doesnt seem to work at all.

Again, time is very important. It would be good to have it done in at least two days.

Please contact me with any questions.

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I need a player like

But only admin can upload rss url links…

Or the player like this one

to display videos from different websites and channels (Rss feeds) like youtube, vemeo, dailymotion and more.

It should display latest videos on top

Milestone will be done only when you can show what you have done, before you install to our website

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Website Display Functionality

I would like for my website to display results from our database in time order. Then when one of the results changes in the database, it will appear on the website at the time it was updated, with an option to click or scrollover the result displayed to view the previous results for that specific result earlier in the day. The time would appear next to the result displayed on the site. Looking for someone to write code for this functionality.

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Dynamic Display Banners

I would like to create dynamic banner.
Here are the sizes I would like to start with

This can be done in flash or if you can suggest anything else that works as well.
the banner should be able to get parameters
1. Image url to display image
2. Price
3. Value
4. Discount
5. Title
6. SAvings

Should have 2 additional social buttons
1. Facebook
2. Twitter

This dynamic banner should get the parameters and place them.
You would need to create some dynamic graphics on the banner other then the text I provide.

You can take a look on the google dynamic banners made in flash and do the same.

I would need more of those, the winning bidder of this project will continue with us to the next project

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Help Me Fix Site Display Problem With IE6/7

Ads on my site are not displaying in IE6/7 under some circumstances. It works on my PC and IE6, but not others. Need to determine what in my WordPress and OpenX ad setup is suddenly causing this problem — I had no reports of problems until last week. Details in project clarification board.

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CSS/HTML – Fix Webpage To Display Footer Correctly In IE9

There is a CSS issue with a website in correctly displaying the page footer at the bottom of the page. The same footer appears on all subsequent pages.

In IE9/Safari (IPhone/IPad) the footer appears in the middle of the web page.

The sites use of Quirks mode and doctype may be at issue and may need to have CSS and doctype adjustments to properly put it in Standards mode, so the footer moves to the bottom of the window. The solution should not be a hack but an accepted industry solution and support HTML5.

The web page needs to correctly display the footer in IE9, Chrome 10, Safari 5.05 and Safari (IPhone), Opera 10.x and Mozilla 4.

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WordPress Website Fixes

Hey gang,

I recently transferred several sites over to new servers, but were getting a lot of errors when accessing the sites. The WordPress admins work for the most part, but the content will not display. There is yet another site that wont display at all. Everything that I can tell is transferred correctly, but something is obviously broken.

I made a quick video to walk you through the errors:

In your bid and reply, please demonstrate that you actually read this posting – all generic posts that show no attention to the listing will be deleted.

I look forward to working with you!

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Data Mining Project

Small company is looking to automate data entry process so content can be added automatically in our web site. The ideal candidate must have extensive and advanced knowledge on web scraping and data mining. Candidate will be responsible in developing technology/code/cron/scripts so certain content can be imported and formatted based on our sites needs.

Specifically, we are looking to data mine keyword searches and display the results in our site. Developer must be able to set up cron. This is important because data mine must be set up automatically, multiple times a day.

In addition, this project requires some code updates such as URL updates, update display results pages, etc.

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Ajax Slide Down Do Display Infos

Ajax slide down do display infos when click on a link

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Software Application With Graphical Display Of Variables

I have a bunch of variables that are dynamic and need to be sourced from other applications. The current application to be developed will have to display the end results based on my algorithm in a graphical display. I need to complete the engagement in 30 days.

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Building A Reviews Script

ABSTRACT :The project is to build a Review system that allows visitors and editors to review products.

In the Cpanel:

– Can add new category ( each category contains products ) : The products in each category have a common fields when you want to review them. You can declare these fields when you add a new category. The field vary ( stars , scores , check points … etc )
– Control memberships.
– Editors, moderators, whoever: custom groups and permissions give you the flexibility to control who does what

In the member page:
– Display all reviews by the member.
– Display all devices owned by the member.
– General info.

In the Home page you can:
– Display products by vendors, category or rank
– Display newest reviews.

– Project rank is calculated from all fields from all people who reviewed it.
– Also there should be a ranking for the Vendors.

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Magento – Display Related Items On Category Listing Page.


We are looking for a magento developer who can help us to display an items related items on the category view page so that a customer can tick a box and add them to the cart with the product from the category page without having to goto the product page.

For more questions please get in touch.

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