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Simple Professional Website Style With Database

I need a site that is simple and professional. I have a few sites for references.
Also, the site needs to have a data base that allows people to create simple profile.
Finally, users need to be able to send those people in the database, emails of pictures they designed.

Its going to be a cool site and I can give more details to see if you can finish the job.

Also, I would like to see your portfolio.


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Database Clean Up

I need someone to take an existing database of ~ 10K records and that have certain data elements missing and fill in the missing elements. For example, full address is shown, need someone to add company name and phone number of for that record.

In addition person will need to pull data from web to build a separate database of Optometrists. Data is in on the web in HTML format. Needs to be pulled down and replicated in Excel. Website were this data is housed is found at and is searchable by state. This data may be useful in appending the first list, so project should start with this effort.

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Secure Database

To design and build a database that holds clients personal details securely.

The database needs to hold names, address, previous address, payment history and a few other fields. The main part will be that the database has to integrate into a main sales website for members to access it but also be flexible enough for (Widgets or scripting) to be placed on other sites for their clients access also.

Hope this makes sense! Any questions then just ask.

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Database And Web Scraping Project

Scraping and developing IP-database

We are looking for a programmer for doing the following:
1. Scrape 4 regional Internet registry (RIR)
2. Add additional information from
3. Develop a function for doing who-is lookup

Each of the steps are described in detail below

Step 1
Worldwide there are 5 regional Internet registry (RIR), please read more here:

In this link you can find Country IP ranges by Continent: The problem is, these ranges does not contain sub-ranges. Today we have data from Ripe. The job is to scrape AfriNIC, ARIN, APNIC and LACNIC on all sub-ranges, in total we estimate there are approximately 3-5 million sub-ranges.

a) Take first IP from the range and do a loop. Which means, increment last range by one IP-number, for example +1 =
b) Store the following data: inetnum, ip_from, ip_to, organization, isp, country

Step 2
Take the first ip-number in each sub-range from Step 1 (and also our Ripe database) and add additional information from ippages:

We will purchase a subscription for high-performance lookup. Lookup subscribers have access to a separate server, to provide consistent, fast lookup results

The data to store is:
area_code, org,org2, city, city2, country, country2, country_name, country_name2, eu, eu2, ip, isp, latitude, latitude2, longitude, longitude2, ipv6, ip_long, registrant, postal_code, zip_code, zip, host, host_name, domain_name

Step 3
We do not expect that web scraping in Step 1 will find all sub-ranges in the world. As we today have a web analytics solution we will ad-hoc collect ip-numbers that does not exist in the database. For these

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Database / Web Optimization

Database / Web Optimization to allow for faster website loading .

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Website And Email Database

I have a spreadsheet of approx 2,000 australian based companies from through-out australia.

I need someone to do a google search for each entry and record a website and email address (if there is one at all – in some cases there is not) for the business or company.

I need this completed ASAP.

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Website Redesign, Database Development & Integration

Our company proposes to use the web as a medium to communicate with its prospective audience i.e. patients and establish internet as a medium to communicate with its existing patients and other stake holders. The website will be used to communicate in detail the services offered, highlight patient achievements and share news and information.

The website will be developed to facilitate business development on one side and streamline some of the operations by creating a system that will ensure easy flow of information, recording of transactions and providing reporting that will allow the management to have a better visibility of the business activities.

The website will have a comprehensive and easy to use Content Management & Reporting system that will allow for easy management of the website. The detailed functionality of the website will be discussed in a planning document, which will be made available to the winning bidder.

The website will be divided between front end that will be used by all external users and a backend that will be available to the company to manage the website and perform other reporting functions etc.

The website will have the following key modules that will be accessible to various users depending on their roles:
Front End:
1. Site Content
2. Contact Information
3. Candidate test
4. Patients, Doctors, Facilitators and Staff &Site Administrators to Login
5. Medical Forms and Facilitators Forms
6. Slide Show of patients
7. Search function

Back End:
1. Site Administrator
2. Client Serving Team
3. Site Content Management
4. Patient Management
5. Report Management
6. Messaging
7. Contact Management
8. Activity Management
9. Search Function
10. Task & Schedule Management
10. File Management

We have a technical staff who will supervise and take charge of the website redesign project as well as provide development expertise. And after the website development work is done, we will take over the website content management and maintenance work.

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Website Database Work – Need Quick Turn Around

The first page we will discuss is the "Lady Application Page" is will have about 20-25 form boxes that will need to be entered by us. The titles for each of the boxes we will supply as well as what we want to limit the person to be able to do in each box for example if we are asking the persons sex we want to be able to either choose Male or Female. This page should also allow me print an invoice for the lady, the formatting of this invoice we can get into at a later time, but keep it in mind.

The second page will be the "Live-In/Out Page" this page has similar requirements as the first page but the questions/answers will be different from the first page.

The third page will be the "Day workers Page" this page has almost identical questions and answers as the second page but should be maintained as a different database.

We would like to add a reminder based on a time and date to be emailed out a given email address. For example we want to enter in simple note and have it emailed at a set time and date. On the main page a simple box with a few lines called "Upcomming reminders", I think thats self explanatory.

One the 1st page we want to be able to assign the "Lady" either a person that was entered into the Live-In/Out Page or Day Workers page. To understand this its sort of building a profile for the Lady, who we sent her and for how many days she had that person employed there.

Additionally to this we want to be able to search for a lady, line-in, live-out, and day worker with any search string we desire.
Also need the option of exporting it to .xls (or .csv would be fine too).

A simple login in page is required.

Lets talk theory for a second….

I entered a new customer on the Ladys page.

I have an existing Live-In/Out entered in to my system.

I want to be able to assign the Live In to the Lady by searching for her name and adding her to the Ladys Page.

or vice versa, if I have a live-in and I want to add a new Lady and link the two I want that to be possible as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. We will be hosting this our selvies as well as will be providing the domain name.

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SEO For Website – Results Based

Project Details:
– My site is currently on the 2nd page for the targeted keyword
– I need an SEO expert to do on site and off site work on my site to get me to #1 for the targeted keyword.
– My site must remain in the #1 position for at least a month after position is achieved
– White hat SEO only

With your bid provide:
– An estimate time frame for the completion of the project
– Outline of work you plan to do to achieve results (Please be detailed, instead of simply saying link building tell me what type of link building you will do, articles, PR, blog, link wheel ? etc)


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Website Structure And Database Creation For Automotive Site

I have an automotive headlight website that has the graphic design complete but I help with the site structure and the creation of a database.

We sell headlight bulb replacements for every make/model of cars. We need a database that would have the following information: make, model, year and the corresponding bulb size for fog light, high beam and low beam.

In addition, we need to be able to access this information (for example from our homepage you click Acura, and that leads to and from there the corresponding models Integera, CL, etc. appears. When you click one of those then it leads to and a list of years.) We want this to be entirely dynamic if we need to make necessary changes to the website.

Here is the website that contains all necessary information:

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Hebrew Website With 30-40k Database Entries

Building a website with 30k-40k of unique entries(each one has about 20 parameters), smart searching system, link-ability between entries and their parameters, option for comments by visitors, designing the website and promoting it.
Good Hebrew knowledge a must.

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Poker Results Database Driven Website With CMS

We need a brand new website to be built around central database of poker results.

A CMS with selection of templates is required for additional pages/areas and a secure administration area for results input is also needed. Editable navigation (2-3 levels) to be included.

The results will be used to generate various leaderboards/tables which will be searchable onsite.
A separate search is needed for player name/online nickname.

The results to be input will be player name, club, game type, tournament, buyin, entrants, date and start time.

CMS is to allow usergroups to be created with tailored permissions.
4 usergroups are initially needed:

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Facebook News Application

I want to connect my application to my website to read videos from my database on facebook

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Private Project For Onketing

SEO to get our website to top 3 results for 2 different keywords

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Website Completion. Database And Functionality

I need a Programmer to complete the website
1-Edit and test the forms ans CSS
2-Allow admin to edit and manage
3-Test and fix if necessary: visitor sign-up, login, logout, blog comments, databases

Although its almost complete, new ideas are welcome.
If you discover something wrong with the site please point it out.

Go through to have an overview of the work.

*** Speed and artistic skills are a plus ***

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Website With Texting And Database History

I am looking for a design/programing of a simple looking website that requires email and texting SMS between 2 members and all communications history saved on a database.

Basic pages for each stage.

Home page
Accessing user interface to exchange messages (SMS and Emails)

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Real Estate Listings To Add On Database

We have a real estate website that lists properties for clients. We are looking for someone to add about 100 listings to our database. We provide the links of the listing we want to see on our website. The person in charge of that projetct will have to input all the information for the defined listings in our Listing Form.

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Website Images Not Displaying Suddenly With PHP PhotoGallery


We have this website which do not have any problem until recently images are not displaying randomly.

These images are still in the pointed folders but it just cannot be display. The backend is using (Version2.2)to display photo.

Please note that some images from the main pages are also not displaying.

I need someone who can solve this issues within 24hours and also give an explain why the error occurs and how to prevent it from happening in the future?

Lowest bids win. Bidder can bid below $30 with arrangement after completing project.

Payment will not given if bidder is unable to solve the problem.

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Update Of Website And Underlying Database

I published an online legal research guide a few years ago. Essentially, this is a 300 page book with internal cross references and search capability. The web site is now driven by an Access database. It is a subscription based service.

I need to create a second edition of the guide and update the website. The plan is to port to MySGL and PHP so that I can more easily manage the site using a Mac. The site will be hosted by a commercial web hosting service. The website will no longer be a subscription service. But I will want to register users, set up user passwords, etc. Ill also want to change the design to allow for ad placement. There will also be a need to create a number of views of the information available on the site, depending on the state in which the user lives, the nature of the record to be reviewed, and other factors. Finally, I plan to add a blog, and will want to be able to easily send out newsletters to users.

If interested, please provide background, rates and estimate for the job in time and cost. Thanks.

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Tuition Agency Website With Database Capture & Joomla


I need a Joomla website with the capability to capture datas from users either registering for become a tutor or as a students/parents looking for tuition teacher.

Example duplicates websites:

Backend should be able to view leads capture


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Website With Texting And Database History

I am looking for a design/programing of a simple looking website that requires email and texting SMS between 2 members and all communications history saved on a database.

Basic pages for each stage.

Home page
Accessing user interface to exchange messages (SMS and Emails)

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WordPress wp-weather widget

I need to extend this widget wp-weather widget to display two cities at once.

I need to display the results for Los Angeles and Sydney.

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