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Minor Technical Changes To A WordPress Site

I need some small but technical changes made to my wordpress-based Real Estate site – so strong familiarity with PHP and wordpress is essential.

The changes are:

1. A minor safari compatibility issue – a javascript text input box is not working correctly, it only works when user refreshes the page – which is very annoying.

2. Basic image size issue – when users add images, they display in the post, but some display too big. I need there to be a limit on the size at which the images display.

4. Inside the wordpress admin dashboard, some of the fields related to posts users have submitted have disappeared. I need to be able to see those fields again so I can edit them from inside the dashboard.

4. I have a slider with an inbuilt google map on my homepage – it displays some information, but at the moment it is displaying the wrong information sometimes and needs to be fixed.

5. I would like several basic sliders put on my homepage that display the featured listings for the 4 different post types I use on my site.

6. When search results appear, the Page 1, 2, 3, 4 etc option at the bottom of the page does not work. Page 1 displays ALL the posts, page 2 also displays ALL the posts. I would like them to display 10 results per page.

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WordPress Theme Modifications

Have a multi-author news site built on WordPress, using a theme from

Need relatively minor tweaks:
– Frontpage has multiple content boxes, one box for each category. Each box displays the latest post for its respective category. I need it modified so that each box displays the latest post, as it does now, and 3 to 5 links to earlier posts below that.

– Create and configure additional ad spots. We sell our ads directly to our own advertising customers. We need more spots, and they have to be configured to work with our very standard ad management system. All ad sizes and locations on the page are very standard.

Preferences for US Military Vets, and for US citizens.

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IPhone/iPad Application

Our website currently offers a variety of offers, each user has its own personalized list of products according to pre-selected preferences. We would to add an iPhone/iPad application that will serve as another front-end for our website.

Our website currently supports:
* Registration – Email + Password
* User preferences – Basic preferences are selected during the registration process. The users can modify their preferences in their settings page. Relatively moderate: product categories + location
* Personal homepage – That displays the relevant products
* All products page – That displays all products and allows manual filtering

We would like the iPhone/iPad application to support he following functionality:
* Registration – Same as on the website. Currently, there is an email confirmation step but I am not quite how it should work with an iPhone application.
* Homepage which displays all the products and allows manual filtering
* Personal page which displays the relevant products according to the users preferences
* Settings page which allows the user to modify their prefernces

The visual design should be taken from the website itself (In terms of color schema, buttons and layout)

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Code Search External Database Within WordPress Site

I would like code written that can be placed within a wordpress website that searches and displays content from an external database and displays the results within the wordpress site.

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2 Simple PHP Scripts


I need 2 (simple) scripts implemented in PHP:

1) Time diplay script that displays the time of the server in this format: Month XX, Year. The script should have an option to display the date+certain amount of days. For example if today is January 15, 2011 and the script is set to display +5, the output should be January 20, 2011. The amount of days to add should be adjustable between 0 and 30. I can provide a sample javascript script that you can use as a reference.

2) A script that searches a MySQL database column for a match and displays the information contained in the same row in another column. The term to be searched has to be EXTRACTED FROM THE URL. For example the script sees the keyword in the url, it then looks for that keyword in column 2 of a database. When it finds a match it displays whats in column 1 in the same row, for example "Sample Site Name".

Scripts and the lookups that they perform have to be very quick. You will be responsible for testing and making sure the scripts work properly.

Project price is a consideration.
Only bid if you can complete within 2-3 days after receiving all the instructions. Timelines will be strictly enforced.

If you have any questions about the project please feel free to ask before bidding


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Android Widget Displays Information From A Web Site

We run an eshop, which publishes daily offers each day for a number of cities. We need an android widget, which would parse HTML (or we provide) XML for each city that user selects and display some basic offer details to the user. Widget must than roll offers for each cities in a certain interval.

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IPhone Books

IPhone Developers

General Description : Application for iphone. Displays eBooks/PDF Files/Word documents like iBooks (Apple) – reader style. Application to hold over 1000 books. Each book must be capable to fit >1000 standard A4 size PDF page. Advice required on book format (i.e. ePub/PDF/rtf/Word format which maximises data capability)


Starting with Splash Screen.

Main Menu (Library):
Sorts all Books into 2 categories :
-List of All other Books

Edit Settings to allow for Books to be included in the Favourites List
In Main Menu, has Search button to search for a particular Book.

Open a File (Book):

Displays the file contents of the book.
When tap middle of book, displays menu buttons at the bottom/top of the Book:
-Table of Contents (See Note 1 Below)
-Adjust Font Size (increase/decrease)
-Adjust screen brightness (Slider)
-Search contents within the book
-Lock book rotation
-Bookmark Page – at top
-Library (Menu) at top

When tap middle of book again, menu buttons at bottom of Book disappears. Top of ebook displays Title of Book.

When tap a particular word in book – displays a Menu with the following options
Insert Note : able to insert Notes
Highlight : Highlights the word/words selected in Yellow

*Note 1. When Table of Contents button activated, displays the following:
table of contents of Book (full feature link to contents in Book)
-Bookmarks Lists – bookmarks automatically saved
-Notes Lists – when input notes, must be able to save notes.

General Requirements:
Full Apple iPhone features utilised.
Complete instruction to update Books (will contain revisions each year) and include /delete books.
Modern Design.

Other suggestions welcomed.

Schedule – Project completion within 21 days from award.
Please PM apps developed for eBooks for Apple Store.

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Webpage+advertising Upfating

The project is for advertising on LCD/LED/PROJECTION screens, which are located in the customers shops. I need a wep-page from where its possible to upload/edit/manage the ads running on customer displays+ a little informational page. If someone is interested of doing continues work on designing moving ads for displays, i have a lot of work to offer.

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Joomla + VirtueMart Minor Changes

I have a website posted on demo address: and I need some minor changes to be done.

1. On product category layout page there is a bug with "add to cart" button – only the first item is added to the shopping cart no matter on which button you click. Need to be solved.
2. I have installed AUP component, and I need the coupon field from checkout steps to be modified to allow shoppers to use points instead of coupon codes. Shoppers should also receive points based on total amount paid for an order.
3. VirtueMart registration form must be modified to allow the use of 2 forms: one for individuals and one for companies. The switch between the 2 forms will be done from a radio button using a JavaScript (similar with the one that displays the login form and registration form on VirtuMart checkout steps.
4. On home page there is a module (Top 3 – Cele mai votate produse) that displays random products. When you click on a product you go to another product page (ID + 1) and the last product displays an MySQL error. Must be fixed.
5. On product category page I want the "Sort by" field to be replaced with a filter that filters products based on category, and sort by price ascending/descending and older/newest products.

MOST IMPORTANT: If you are busy with other projects or you are not sure how to solve the issues, please dont bid. This project was also awarded to other 4 freelancers and none of them delivered it. Also, I am not willing to create a milestone payment before I see some results, because I am already in 2 disputes trying to recover my money from freelancers that werent able to fulfill the project. I dont want a 3rd dispute.

If you know VirtueMart, then you can complete this project in 1 day.

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Help With Css And Custom WordPress Theme

I have a custom wordpress theme. Much of the work is complete, but there is an issue with the display of the header in IE 6 and older versions of safari. The site is here:, and this page: is an example of one that displays incorrectly. I need assistance with the style sheet and/or the order of the tags so that the sidebar displays correctly in those older browers.

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Stopwatch For Questions

I want the following capabuilites on a web application:

1. user create, login and password forget – (email , password, description fields during sign up)

2. users will have ability to select a stop watch time (like 3 minutes ,etc) . and say GO
3. there will be a stop watch (pausable) , and question text box will appear (user answers the question) , clicks on next.
4. Ajax – no page reload and user gets next question (timer is still running)
5. Once all the 10 questions are over, and user clicks next.
6. Next page is displayed – page displays with time taken on each question in a table manner.
7. The above is saved to the user profile . User can view anytime.
8. User can again start from step 2, and the information is stored again.
9. Overall summary page displays all the different times.. for user repeated steps 1-6.

I want simple layout, no css etc.. just basic code.

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CAD Design For Products Display

I am looking for a long term contract designers that can come up with new ideas to design displays. You can get ideas from many places. Cost will base on each design and how complicate is involved.

For example these websites have many displays you can design.

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HTML Page That Calculates DB Data And Displays It

We need to add small functionality to our web site that displays a table of weekly events count.
the development is quite simple – we will provide a data table structure and you should implement the logic we are asking and build a simple HTML page from it.
Detailed design will be sent to those appropriate.

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Joomla Site Corrections

We are getting ready to launch a new site built on Joomla, but our previous developer is no longer available to finish the last touches. There are a few bugs that need fixing and a few more customizations that are left to be done on the Real Estate component that we have installed (
Here is a list of the changes that we need made:
1. Media manager has a problem from the admin side. Cannot upload images / files
2. Front page slideshow displays cursor on image, but there is no link. Cursor needs to be removed.
3. Install / Fix Weather Module
4. Advise on and install an easy to use E-Mail Blast Component
5. Properties Component
a. Page title is not showing up on the Listings Page
b. Featured Properties Carousel

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Freebase Data Source App

App needs to pull data from the database – can refer to the web site for details including API. iPhone-specific iPhone sample app available with Freebase objective-c framework ( (, which can be used as a starting point.

Main screen:
– Current list of 5-selected names (

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Need A Betting Software Made ASAP

I am open to ideas on this one, but I basically need some type of betting software made that will help bettors…this is targeted towards UK (so more so horse racing, soccer, cricket, etc. based..)

Here are some ideas, please let me know what else you can think of:
– sometype of betting calculator
– Something that helps users keep track of what races were won, what were lost, etc.
– Something that displays bets, events, odds, etc.
– Something that displays arbitrage opportunities…
– Or something that displays betting tips extracted from some sites I know that display betting tips..


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Subscription Form Floating From The Bottom Of The Page

Please visit this site and wait:

After some time mailing list subscription form will float from the bottom. Need similar JS for my site.

Requirements for JS:
1. Ability to check if user is logged in to vbulletin 3.6 forum (cookie), no form for logged in users in the current session and in the future
2. Ability to set delay time in seconds before displaying the form
3. Ability to limit frequency of the form displays in days, ie every 90 days
4. Ability to set the overall limit on the number of displays, i.e. 3 times

I can provide the form design myself, or if you have designer skills, I can provide image and text requirements too.

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Joomla Carousel Component

The work required is to create a joomla component that displays a vertical carousel with relation with mysql table, clicking on an element of the carousel that displays a banner and text on the current record

The setting for the frontend and backend for records management

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Three Web Pages Plus Simple Database

First Page (html) allows user to enter a numeric code, and press submit. There is no error checking. Just basic web page with some content and a single input box and submit button.

Second Page

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Fixing An Error In Sphinx – EASY CASH For An Expert

I have installed Sphinx on my site and done the configuration. When I make a search in shell it displays the result. To use it in my site, I have copied sphinxapi.php and home directory. Then I give reference to it as “include(sphinxapi.php);” it displays a list of errors. I need an someone familiar with sphinx to sort this out for me.
I also have a test page to show you exact error list I get. Contact me and let get this done quickly if you want to GRAB this EASY CASH.

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Fix Virtuemart Product Filter

We have virtuemart on our site as a catalogue. The Mathematics section under Products displays all of the products, not just Mathematics products. We need it fixed so that it only displays products assigned to Mathematics.

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WordPress Quick Fix

I recently changed hosts from Godaddy to Hostgator.

After the change, my picture slider no longer displays the images correctly, it just displays a small red x.

I need someone to fix the issue not only for the existing posts but for any new post in the future.

To see what I mean visit:

www thegiftpimp com

I will not pay more then $20US for this small fix so keep that in mind before bidding.

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Rush Job For Stanxp

This project is for stanxp only.

Website details to be provided.

* Add a (php include), ad rotator in the side navigation. I have the php script but I cant get it working.

* Check the existing code for security vulnerabilities. Let me know what they are, and fix them. I noticed that you did a previous job with a similar request.

* Reformat my admin page (only) so that it displays at 1024×768 screen resolution. The page is currently a mess.

* Add an edit feature to the admin page. I have a data column that I need to edit without logging into PHPadmin.

* I need a lifetime counter added, to include current and deleted data. Deleted items are currently being subtracted from the count. I need lifetime.

* Correct code (or css), so that site displays in the top center of the browser window at higher resolutions. It currently displays at top left. Im fairly sure that its a css problem.

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Need Some Javascript Tweaks To Template

Hello All,

Our Joomla Page needs the following changes done.

1. The rotating banner at the top – change the URL that it points to
2. This banner displays poorly in IE 6.0. Either fix it so that it displays well or adjust the template so that IF IE6 is used, the site then displays a FIXED banner (no sliding/scrolling) – but that randomizes with each page reload (this was the previous display method).

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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Hitscounter Site Development

How much would it cost to develop a site like ? its a users online hits counter site. it provides a copy and paste line of code you paste on a site and it displays number of users online at your website.

one of the site that this counter is on is

it look like its done in javascript, but there is also a noscript section which displays the stats on a image if javascript is disabled

please quote for design + development of a site similar

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Self-Booting Multi-Node Video Display System

We are looking to build a windows OR linux-based information display system that can be installed in schools, shopping malls and communities, etc. We are in need of a developer for the software that will drive the system.

In essence, video files (or also properly-formatted image files) would be placed in a certain protected folder and a central server at each location would download the files on a regular basis and distribute the files to all of the display nodes at a particular location

1) An installation can contain as few as 10 or as many as 300 networked displays, each with an independent CPU and hard drive. each is a complete self-contained computer.

2) Video content would be downloaded to a central server and distributed to all of the displays at a particular location

3) The video displays would all need to be synchronized to a central time server on a regular basis

4) The video displays would need to boot up automatically when powered on and be turned off from the central server

5) The central server would regularly download new content on a regular basis which would be distributed to the other displays over a local area network

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Scrape Html Data And Create Csv File

VB.NET (ASP.NET) Application that scrapes and displays:

list price

listing agent

square feet

agent email


agent phone


agent fax

property type

zip code



from a particular website, navigating through several pages, scrapes the information from html, displays the data for add/edit/delete, and creates a csv file with it.

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Thermoforming articles $4.00

Seeking writers who are experienced in writing original articles on general subjects. The following terms and conditions apply:

1) As a writer you will ensure that the all content provided is written with proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Each paragraph must be high in quality and have meaning; the ideas and concepts are not to be repeated within that particular article. All content must be 100% copyscape proof and will be examined thoroughly for plagiarism. If the contents are found plagiarized, of poor quality or both, payment will be forfeited and writer will be terminated with immediate effect.

2) This project will include the keywords (noted below) that you will provide as much knowledge as possible about the subject and ensure that all information is accurate.

Thermoforming Markets Articles:
Cosmetics: Clamshell, Blister, Box Insert, Trifold Clamshells, Platforms, Transport Trays
Defense: Components, Enclosures, Trays, Bezels, Control Panels, Transport Trays Clamshell, Blister, Box Insert, Shields

Defense: Unmanned Vehicles, Aircraft components, Radomes,

Medical: Clamshell, Blister, Box Insert, Trifold Clamshells, Platforms, Transport Trays , Static Dissipative Packaging, Conductive Packaging, Housings, Enclosures, Bezels, Control Panels, Transport Trays, Shields, Work Stations, Test Kits.

Electronics: Static Dissipative Packaging, Conductive Packaging, Housings, Enclosures, Bezels, Control Panels, Transport Trays, Shields
Food: Tubs, Trays, Containers, Shelf Liners, Shelf Displays, Point of Purchase Displays, Transport Trays

Industrial: Work in Process Trays, Enclosures, Lids, Covers, Transport Trays
Retail: Displays, Clamshells, Blisters, Trifold Clamshells, Point of Purchase Displays, Promotional Packaging, Specialty Packaging, Transport Trays

Thermoforming Materials
Commodity materials
Polyvinyl Chloride
High density Polyethylene
Low Density Polyethylene
Co Polymer Polypropylene
Homopolymer Polypropylene
Specialty, Engineering, Composite, and high heat high performance materials
ABS, Acrylic, and PVC alloys
UHMW Polyethylene

3) You will meet deadlines whenever required.

4) You will strictly comply with instructions and specifications given.

5) Reliability is a must; excuses are unacceptable. Please do not bit if you have issues with power failures or other obligations that would limit your ability to provide the articles in a timely fashion.

6) All the copyrights to the articles submitted by the writer immediately become my sole property.

7) Payment will Fre Lance escrow, if you are unable to be paid through escrow or do not agree with the compensation amount, can

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CSS Menu not displaying correctly in IE

Okay i have designed a CSS menu with help from for the structure and css coding. When i view the site locally on my computer, it displays correctly in both Firefox and IE. When i upload it to my store in the left column, it displays and functions correctly in Firefox, but looks messed up in IE.

My guess is its a conflict of the menu css and perhaps the store front css file OR its a margin issue where it is used to counting pixels from the screen border rather than starting from in the middle of the page. Make sense? i dunno. Anyways it seems like a fairly easy fix, but its frustrated me for too long now and i just cant think straight.

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osc / javascript pro

I need someone who really knows what theyre doing to help me troubleshoot a script problem Im having with oscommerce.

I have a tooltip addon that displays product info on mouseover.

The problem is only occuring in ie8 (not sure about ie7).

The product page displays fine… everything works… but once you click on product and go to product page (which is fine)… if you hit the browser back button it throws an error (Internet explorer can not open the site…blah blah blah… operation aborted).

Im guessing this is a possible bug in the tooltip?? I dont know 🙂

Please note…
I make no payments of any kind upfront.
I pay in full upon successful completion.


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