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PHP Auction Script Integration For Joomla 1.5

Hello. I have recently created my Auction website. However, I am having a little problem of figuring out how to
100% integrate my PHP Auction Script into or as "Joomla Component" which can run 100% as Joomla Component without
causing any problems to Joomla engine. Actually, I already know how to integrate php script onto joomla by linking
or page wrapper from the back end of joomla! However, If I use the two method I have mentioned above, I cannot use
my google translator for the PHP Auction Script; since this PHP is not running as joomla component. For this
reason, I really need for someone to integrate this PHP Auction Script into Joomla component, so that I can use any
joomla based plugins or modules freely available from Therefore,can you give me your full company
name, so that I can google it and contact you directly. However, I have tried to write my contact number on this
message, but I think this site prohibits of any contact info sharing, so I have put my contact information in this message below!

Thank You.
[Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin]

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Script For Godaddy Auction

I need some to make me a script that will perform a similar task as this site:

It will go through the godaddy auction site, grab the domains that are in the auction, then pull up various information on the domains.

In order to do this, after the domains are harvested, they will need to be checked for the information Id like to show users.

This information includes (basically all that has) domain, PR, yahoo links, sites linking in according to alexa, dmoz, year created, age history according to, the main keyword of the domain (this is questionable if I will have this), alexa rank.

I will also need a search feature that users can filter domains by (same filter options as dropday).

The script will need to run flawlessly, and it must run quickly like does. That means it cant load all the information (such as alex rank, pr, ect) but must load all the options all at once at some point in the day, then users can access the information.

Deadline is flexible – anytime up to a month.

The most importnant thing is quality. If youve got experience in something similar, please tell me about it as youll have an upperhand on everyone else.

I will only work with a very professional individual or company. I need to be able to talk to you over skype or by phone, and get project updates from you.

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PHP Auction – Script Installation – Minimal Tweaking

Install PHP Auction on my cPanel Website ( Fantastico De Luxe ) with Minimal Tweaking (add logo which we already have and change some theme colors)

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PHP Auction Script Customization

I recenctly purchased a script called BPpennybid and I would like somebody to customize this script for me. At this time I do have the script installed on my server. It comes with a Seat type auction but I would like to change it a bit.

I would like the option where admin defines a limited number of seats and limited number of bids in admin panel. Auction runs for a specific number of hours until all seats are sold. Every user who wishes to participate in Seat Auction must buy a seat before he could participate in that auction. When user buys a seat, they get a pre-defined number of bids for that auction and they are not charged for placing those bids on specified auction. However, they cannot use these bids in any other auction and there is no value for unsued bids, so remaining bids will be deleted after auction ends. If users run out of bids, they cannot buy more or buy another seat.

Also, at this point the script has a few bugs. While bidding the page does not refresh, so you are unable to see who is the current winner of the auction until you refresh the page manually.

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Swoopo Clone Installation, Editing & FIX

I have a swoopo clone, but it need be installed and editing.
Bidbuttler doesnt work, BidPacks page is blank, it is not possible to add a new auction.
The script lokks like nulled.

For more information plz pmb

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