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Selling Premium Domain

I want to sale this domain

Help me in selling this domain.

Price to sell:- 485$

04/03/2011 at 11:47 EDT:

Price Bidding can be started with 85$.


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Selling UK Domain

Task is to find a buyer for a UK domain ( Price for domain is as much as you can sell it for, because you will get bonus (% of selling price). Any additional info in PM.

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Selling Websites To Newspapers And Magazines

We offer newspapers and magazines out-of-the-box publishing solutions for online and print. You can see our suite of solutions to be launched in 2-weeks at EzyPublishing dot com.
We are looking for sales agents around the world to sell this solution to professional and novice newspaper and magazine publishers.
Our core product is our proprietary CMS which sells for $595 + $99 monthly fee to cover hosting, upgrades and support. We will pay you a very high commission of $400 for every sale! You can then upsell other support services to these customers and earn ongoing commissions. So one customer will be worth around $1500 – $5000 per year to you, year after year.
Our model is world-first and we only want the best. You are welcome to sell into your country/language, as each site has a translator.
The sales strategy is simple. Find bad looking newspaper or magazine websites. Send them an email we will provide. If they show interest, send them a link to online demos and tutorials we will provide. If they want to know more, forward their contact detail to us and we will run an individual demo. Additional payments made to sales agents that also run the individual demos. 80% of prospects become customers after our individual demos.
How do you know which of your leads becomes a sale? Easy, we will tell you. And if you still have doubts, you can easily follow up with your lead, because you will have all their details.

DO NOT apply for this job if you have minimal online sales experience. Our reputation is more important to us than the next sale and we are only looking for the best! Our compan is already the largest supplier of websites to independent newspapers and magazines in Australia and we want to take this success abroad.

Please treat this bid as a potential sale opportunity. Any bids with spelling mistakes or confusing text will be ignored.

Your bid amount will be what you want for each sale. I have mentioned what we are happy to pay for the right person.

Good luck!

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