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The Vetbook

I need a web-designer with good .php skills to make my site database driven.

I am a final year student at the Royal Vet College-London. I have been creating a website using google sites where fellow final year students and new graduates can up-load a photo and their CV. I collect the data using google forms but to display it on the site I have to enter it manually. I have recently purchased domain and linux hosting with MySQL databases.

I would like my current site to be recreated (or a similar looking site) on this new domain and hosting. I also want the site to be dynamic database driven so that users can enter their details and photo and they automatically appear on the site in the relevant sections and users are able to edit their entries themselves.

The form on the Sign Up! page shows the data I want collected, but I do not want the users email, surname or phone number to appear on the site, as these need to be accessible by me alone. Each user needs their own page with their CV and photo on. People searching for vets need to be able to filter through all the vets on the site by:- the locations theyre looking to work in in the UK; the type of practice (small animal/equine/farm/mixed/exotic); other parameters.

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Joomla Mobile Template Edition

Configure the mobile joomla component to make site workable on mobile phone.

Configure mobile joomla component to make mobile joomla template to work on browser.
Currently the template is visible on mobile phone but not on the browser and redirects to main domain.

We currently have mobilejoomla component installed
Main Site:
Iphone Domain:

My budget : $50
Want to complete as soon as possible.

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Social Engine 4 – Domain, Cpanel And Video Upload Issues


– Determine how to change the domain name on root directory and cpanel
– Next, confirm that the cpanel is operating normally/reflective of the actual live website
– Check that the meta data, keywords, site title are correct for the new domain name, will show up in google search

– In core SE video plugin, uploads time out too quickly. Need to set higher value, perhaps.
– Getting errors when trying to upload directly within the "listings/catalogue" plugin… "the subject may not be set twice"
– within the pages plugin, the videos just cue for processing but never process – this one i may have to get the dev to solve.

Ive noticed in a couple of places, a subdomain that is part old domain name, part new…. not sure what relevance it has but i have seen this in the context of my websmaster contact address. Want clarify this and if its causing errors.

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Statistical Analysis Mysql Dataset

I need a statistics expert that can conduct the analysis of data in a mysql database and produce reports on an ongoing basis.

1) download the latest dataset from this page (use March 29 2011)
2) follow the instructions to extract the file and populate the database
3) run queries and produce reports in excel

This job will be ongoing however I would like to start with a small project with some clear reports to asses your skills and to find the right fit.

Please provide a quote on the work of getting the dataset, setting it up and produce the following reports:
– a histogram of first view document complete page load time
– a histogram of first view start render times
– what % of sites use CDNs for the root domain ie: or any other domain that includes the root domain (ie: or
– correlation between the letter grades given for Keep-alive Enabled, Compress Text, Compress Images, Cache Static Content, Combine JS/CSS Files and Use of CDN to first view document complete page load time

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SEO For Guaranteed Google Top 3 Position

We are looking to improve the SERPs for 2 keywords on a clients website.

The keywords are link exchange and backlinks.

The domain is currently a PageRank 5 with similar very competitive keywords ranking in top 3. The domain is currently on page 4 for both of the target keywords. If you want to know the exact domain please PM before you bid.

We are willing to discuss making minor adjustments to <title> and other on page SEO elements.

Project requirements
-ONLY White Hat Techniques
-Googles quality guidelines must be followed:
-Backlink pages must relate to our sites topic: SEO and Web Design, Internet etc..
-Link pages and our links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow.
-Links must be permanent, static html links.
-One way links only, no reciprocal links.
-No forum signatures
-No robots.txt blocking. No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text.
-No links from under construction pages.
-No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, etc.
-No banned sites, porn, gambling, violent, illegal sites, etc.
-You must be able to write properly, using complete sentences, proper grammar, be creative, responsible, and professional. Garbage articles are unacceptable (NOTE: If doing any PR, we MUST approve them).

We need a weekly report from you showing improvement on placement and OffSite SEO activities. Preferably with a list of links built.

We are willing to discuss paying milestone payments, but will not pay the full agreed amount until a top 3 result is achieved. We are willing to pay a monthly fee for you to maintain the top 3 position. Please mention your payment requirements in your bid.

We want a bid per keyword with following info;

1) Cost to get us There.
2) Time Frame.
3) Monthly Cost to keep us there.
4) Methods you will use.

If you are interested in working with us please send a PM with the following sentence: Please provide me with the domain name (in case you need that) or if you are ready to submit a bid please go ahead and do so in the format outlined above. This is to ensure that you have read the brief and understand what is needed.

If you have any general questions please post them on the project clarification board.

The right candidate can look forward to a long term relationship with a potential for a lot more work.

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Configure Magento Domains

I am looking for an expert in the domain configuration and Magento.

I have a Magento website (multi store with two stores)

and a website design tool

We also have domain which is currently running.

Your job is to help me configure a subdomain of to point to the Magento website so that users see in the url instead of

The server we use is Goddady.
** you may not use iframes

I will provide more if you have questions.

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Google Keyword Tool Domain Generator

There will be list of keyword. Script will take on of the top, google keyword tool returns list of searched terms, script will take them and check them if they are available as .com domain name. Names which are available will be saved to .csv file with local monthly searches and average cpc. There should be also config file where can be set Minimal local monthly searches and average CPC. Script should use rotating proxy servers to bypass captcha. Proxies can be used also for bulk domain check for instance by GoDaddy. In the worst case there can be Dynadot API used. Script should run continuously. It should have ability to pause/stop it and than start it again from last keyword checked.

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Selling Premium Domain

I want to sale this domain

Help me in selling this domain.

Price to sell:- 485$

04/03/2011 at 11:47 EDT:

Price Bidding can be started with 85$.


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Domain Registration And Setup


This project is for registering two domains and setting up free hosting and one index.html file, so when someone will go to domain name, this html file will open.

1.You will register two domains. You will pay for them with Paypal

2.You will setup free hosting by your choice and setup DNS or forwarding for the domains so when Someone will go to the domain name provided index.html will show.

3.I will provide You with simple html file, that You will put on the page.

You will get payed all costs of domain registration + 15 USD.

Only Serious bidders.

Thank You

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Developmet Of Domain And Hosting Control Panel

This project is for the development of new control panel as mentioned in the subject. for which we require 4 individuals(students and persons intresting in creative works)

All resources will be made available by us and a charge of USD 50 provided to each indivdula

A premium of 10% (on net profit) to indivduals would be made.

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Move My OSCommerce Site From One Domain To Another

Domains are hosted on the same server. jut move them, including move the SSL.

04/01/2011 at 18:09 EDT:

domains and SSL need to change and be configured.

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Custom IFrame Menu Bar For Top Of Website


I have several wordpress websites that I will link as 1 big website.
This does NOT involve any coding of the websites.

The websites will be separate websites on main root and some on sub domains.
I want users to be able to navigate from one site to the next easily using a iframe
bar that will be added to all the sites

Main Site | Sub Domain1 | Sub Domain2 | Sub Domain 3 | Sub Domain 4 | Sub Domain 5 |

The iframe should be seen no matter where I click on any of the sites. it should always stay.
I should be able to edit it easily also. I would be best if i could edit it dynamically and only need
to edit once, but however it needs to be done is fine, even if I have to manually edit all of them each time.

I expect to be able to insert easily with a line of code. No major coding needed. Only small icon with links to each site.

If you bid more than $50, Ill assume you didnt read and only SPAMMING me, so I wont even
waste my time contacting those who do.

If I have not selected anyone, its because they have not shown me they can do it or their
communication is poor or they have a SPAM bid more than $50.

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Adsense WordPress Website Making $10 To $20 A Day Or More

Hi everyone,

Project Overview:
I am looking for someone who can create an adsense ready profitable website or blog that makes $300-$600 per month.

PLEASE note I am looking for a website which will bring constant clean white hat organic traffic and revenue on the long term (a year at least).
So all of the blackhat, fake traffic and click bidders please do not bid.

Domain and hosting:
Domain name is drug store related already registered. Its a nice domain name for this topic.
Domain is already hosted, and we are capable of installing wordpress and can install any template requested.

Website terms and conditions:
Website should be developed in wordpress.
Content of the website should be suggested and written by you. You will be responsible for writing the SEO optimized content, fully configuring and updating the website. Remember its drug store related website. (Not illegal drugs)

Site must follow the following:

– Legal content, can be related to vitamins, health or any drug store related content.

– Contain unique content with at least 50 unique posts/articles that are not published yet.
– Must contain related images to niche topic
– All copyrights will be assigned to me in writing

– Must be original and SEO applied
– SEO Marketing as required
– Unique organic traffic (no bots or traffic buy sites, please use white hat SEO which will bring traffic on the long term).
– You will be asked to provide details on the strategy used to get traffic

– Must follow Google

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Domain Hosting Service From Atsoftpk

Website hosting.

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A Domain Registration Website (PHP, Mysql)

This is a repost for project number 987465 to increase BUDGET for the winning bidder which is avijitsum2 from INDIA.

I need a site similar to rohost dot com. Functionality, not webdesign. I have my own templates and I will provide you with them after you finish up the php/mysql coding.

I am aspecially interested in the shopping cart system. I myself am a webdesigner but Im skilled in graphics and less in coding.

Customer should be able to do:

1. check for domain availability.
2. if domain unavailable return unavailability message, if available the domain is added to the shopping cart in the same page.
3. once domain added the user has the following options for it: (a) select buying period from 1 to 6 years if domain extensions: com, org, net, biz, info (if domain extension is .ro the buying period will be lifetime or if the domain extension is .eu the buying period will be only 1 year).
4. next the user can select for the domain 2 webhosting options: WebStart and Webpro.
5. in the bottom of the shopping cart (left side) user must see the online EUR currency ( i already have made a script for that, you just need to implement it, I will attach it it to the project ). in the right side of the screen at the bottom, the user should see subtotal, under it TVA (which is 19% from the subtotal) and under these two the TOTAL.
5. the user must be able to buy more domains at the same time and also she shopping cart must have an X (delete) option for each domain if the user decides not to buy it anymore.
6. last but not the least the user cannot be able to buy just domain registration, webhosting option must be mandatory.

After choosing domain name(s) and webhosting option(s) the customer hits "Continue" and he is redirected to a page where he is asked to login if he is an existing user, or he is asked to register if he is new. Like here:
If he logs in his personal details are printed out and he is asked to hit the "Place order" button.
If he is registering he will have 4 register options: (a) Individual (b) Authorised Individual (c) Juridical Person (d) ONG
( just check out the functionality of rohost dot com and you will figure it out regarding these 4 registration options).

Once order placed, the details go in mysql. Then, in an admin panel the website admin will log on and check his order. After the domain will be bought from the national domain register the website admin will log on the admin panel and hit an "ok" button which will make active & visible the domain in the customer users account.

Customer account:
1. username is the first domain bought and the first password will be generated. the customer will receive an email with the username and password but also an activation link available for 60 mins. If the link is not clicked the order automaticly is deleted from the mysql db after 60 mins.
2. customer must be able to change his password once logged.
3. customer must have also a section where he can se his personal details witout having the option to changing them.
4. customer must have also an order history section.
5. website recovery button (a field where he inputs his email address and once he clicks the send me my password he received an email with his new generated password).

The website must also have a "Domain transfer" section. The shopping cart will work the same as the Register domain one but this time there will be no webhosting options here. Rest is the same.

I want a config fill where i can input/edit:

1. for mysql: hostname, user, password, database name
2. price per year for: .com .org .net .biz .info .eu and min-max years range for buying.
3. full price for lifetime domain names with the .ro extension
4. price for webhosting (start and pro)
5. price for domain transfer which is the same for all.

I wont pay anything until Ill get the source code to test it and debug it.

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Remove License From My Script

I purchased a groupon script while ago and its licensed to my domain. However I changed my domain and the company is not responding to my emails about changing my license to new domain so I need this license to be removed

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Domain Registrar Script

1) Have a look at
2) I am looking for a script which has the same functionalities (checking availability of domainname, if free registering them, making account, manage domains, transfer domains from 1 account to an other, whois lookup, payment intergration (eg. paypal), premium domains integration, free domains suggestions, advanced registration options like bulk domain regsistration, limiting search by number of chars etc etc)
3) Full administration of regisered domains in myaccount with CNAME, A, MX, NS records
4) possiblity to anonymize whois record against yearly fee
5) integration of affiliate software where referrer gets paid percentage of domains sold from him

thats all to start with. once this is done and the site is live there will be more tasks.

Thank you – for more questions please pm me.

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Buy A Domain For Me.

I need someone to buy a domain name for me.

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Script Installation And Hosting

I have 200+ websites with contents of various fields. I need professionals to install the scripts into my hosting server and host all my websites using my domain. I need all the 200+ websites as a subdomain. Eg.,,, etc. The main domain "" should contain a list of all the subdomains.

I also want my adsense scripts to be added to each and every page. adsense scripts will be provided by me.

I want professionals to complete my task within short duration. Bids less than $100 will be entertained.

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Transfer Content To New Domain.

Transfer all content over to new domain. Also redirect old traffic to new domain as well.

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Sell My Domains

I have three .asia domains that might be of good use to websites and people who are involved with outsourcing tasks to Asia (like, for instance).
I dont have the time to find buyers for these domains.
Pay will be as follows:
If a domain is sold for $100-$250 – you will get $15 + 3% commission.
If a domain is sold for $251-$500 – you will get $30 + 4% commission.
If a domain is sold for $501-$1000 – you will get $30 + 4.5% commission.
If a domain is sold for $1001-$2499 – you will get $50 + 5% commission.
If a domain is sold for $2500 or more – you will get 7% commission.

Payout is only when a deal is finalized & executed, to avoid scams.

If youre interested, please leave a message, and detail your experience in this kind of activity.

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Oscommerce (set Up Ssl, Blank Image Problem On Sub Domain)

Oscommerce (set up ssl, blank image problem on sub domain)

and simple nice theme, language setup.

and explain to me about how to seo setting

using teamviewer, remote control plz.

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[I BUY] Real USA, UK, CA, AU Traffic


I want to buy a traffic of the following MUST charachteristics:

-real visitors
-USA/UK/CA/AU only
-10k, 20k+ a day availability (not interested in 10k a month)
-iframe frienly
-adware autoinstall friendly

Options welcomed:

-expired domain traffic
-parked domain traffic
-banner traffic
-iframed traffic
-any other options



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WTB PR6 Hidden Text For Adult Site! Accepts Blackhatseo

I am looking for .edu and .gov TLDs with HIGH PR6 or more… I want to lease/rent a link hidden in the html code… It must be a sitewide hidden link/URL….

I can afford $30 or below per domain per month (will pre-pay for 6mos) the cheapest and highest LINK juice will get my attention…

If you message/bid on the project:




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Webbased Tracking Software – Modules

I need you to rebuilt a listener that will open a specified port (eg.8000,8080) and receive data from the port. The data will be gps gprs data. The data will be then inserted into the ready Mysql tables. There are not many tables for it which is approx less than 20 tables. Currently, there is a program (listener, converter fr hex to ascii) build by the previous programmer but it is in exe files so if u can retreive the source fr the exe will be good but I doubt so. If not, rebuilt another module/gateway and integrate in the db.
Currently the webbased tracking software is lock to a domain.and I need you to unlock the domain to be used into other domain. For more information on the software, visit, account and password: demo to get a feel of what you will be expecting. The realtime is all the live data needed and the db table that need to be inserted.
Pls check the gprs protocol in attachment to get a feel. Successful/potential bidders (can be a few) with my budget will get the download the software to further study.

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Personal Website

I have two websites I would like built. Both are personal sites and both are small projects.

Project 1.
This is a personal website that will act as a resume and a place to post personal work. It is partially (and poorly) built and I would just like it fixed up. Its URL is:

Project 2.
This website will primarily act as a blog, but I dont want it to just look like a blog. I would also like there to be a couple of click through pages. Im open to suggestions on how they are presented. I have purchased the domain name ( and am going to have the domain hosted at the same location as the other domain.

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Multiple Domain (site Views) In Magento Webstore

I want to configure one webstore with multiple languages (siteviews) on different domainnames. – dutch language with preservation of the .nl domainextension withe english language with preservation of the domainextension.

and so on. I think you can easily do it with domainsettings in htaccess.

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Monetize Domain Name

I have a domain that I would like monetized. The domain name gets about 40,000 searches per month according to the google keyword tool. If you feel you can do this simply and at a good price please send a PM and let me know what your ideas are to do this. I am thinking affiliate programs/ adsense. You would then research the best programs available. I need this domain to generate traffic and money quickly.

I will PM the domain name to applicants. Please only bid if you have experience.


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We have a premium domain – for sale. We need a seller for this domain. Please advise if anyone can sell this domain. Please bid your sale price and commission required for the task.

We have a fully developed website domain (part of our global network that provides information services in wide variety of topics across the web)- The Reference Book. We would like to sell this domain at a good price.

You can review the contents of the domain at –


The site includes a huge collection of videos and articles from different universities and how to do videos.

examples- WordPress, Youtube, Google, Yahoo and other news and aggregated blogs.

The site is fully indexed in the online search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL) &amp; the blog search engines at Google Blog Search, Msn Blog Search and also has an inbuilt search engine onsite.

Please bid only your fees for selling this project and in the PMB quote the price at which you can sell this domain. The bidder has to arrange the sale and find the prospective buyer for the domain.

Fees for the agent is not an issue if we are getting the good price.

Currently we do not have any major advertisements on this site. However we have placed one ad code few days back but we are not promoting it so we have never targeted at the revenue generation on this site from Advertising.

The unique features of this site are-

1- A good Domain Name
2- Already Indexed By Google.
3- Currently has two systems- a-Fully Developed Blog Platform, b- Complete CMS Based Portal.
4-Site is indexed in major search engines.
5- Content will be provided along with domain
6-You can check the value estimates of The Reference at the below sites –

Please suggest at what amount you can sell it. We are looking for the best deal.


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