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Gather 5k Google Images From My List And Add My Watermark

Here are the details for this project:

1. I will give you a document list of 5,000 titles
2. You will take each title and search in google images for this phrase exactly
3. You must not choose an image from the first row of results given by google images
4. The image must not have any other watermarks/logos/branding from another site/company.
4. The Image bust be relevant to the title of what you searched. (Use common sense and when in doubt contact me)
5. Image size must be no smaller than 300×300
6. You must add the watermark I will provide to you in the lower right most corner of each image.
7. You must save the image file as the exact name of the title from my document list that you searched for. Save them all in one folder.

Lowest Bid with Positive Feedback that can do this quickly wins.
If this is done well and done quickly I will have another 45,000 images to find just like this.

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Prostores Product Entry

Required to enter data from google products to our prostore with images. Required 100 products of televisions data to be entered.

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