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Joomla Webdesigner For Regular Small Edits/tweeks To Website

We are a UK-based coffee company with an existing Joomla website. We regularly need to tweak it a little bit, so are looking for someone to do little bits and pieces. Most of these take only a few minutes to take care of.

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Small Competition Website

A small 5 page competition website will need to be created which

will allow users to fulfil the following tasks:

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Small Project 3

Small project

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Simple And Small Project Of Website Creation.

OK, so i need you to build a website very similar to already existing one. Basic requirements below:

1. I need a site similar to (it is like groupon site). Administration is NOT necessary in my site, it can be static, because i will only have few permanent offers.

2. Website has to be in Lithuanian language, so i will give you full help with a translation.

3. You will need to make little modifications to page layout, logo, color scheme.

4. It should have subscribe to newsletter option, where emails are saved to a DB or .txt file.

5. It should have countdown clock, which resets and starts again every 48 hours.

Before bidding keep in mind that some more minor requirements might come up during the project, so also you need to have patience and finish everything on time before website can go online.

Before you bid i would like to discuss more about this project via private messages.

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Small Project2

Small project

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Virtuemart Fixing Small Bugs And Administer Website

I have a site to be launched within two months selling tshirts. I have a few small bugs but mostly would like to find an affordable knowledgable company who works with Virtuemart and all aspects of ecommerce. Templating, SSL certificates, Joomla, design work, and custom scripts for it. Please provide hourly rate. I expect it will start at about 5 hours per week. You will start with fixing all small bugs, then customizing the final layout, then you will add products to inventory, and finally test, test, and test orders to make sure everything works smoothly before I launch my advertising campaign. After that it will be adding products, installing SSL certificate, and administering the site as I will have EVERYTHING done by you. You will be administering the site completely.

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Need Just A Few Small Items Done On My Website

I have just a few small items I need taken care of on my website. I need someone to complete these items right away and they must be done in the time frame you bid with. Communication is a necessity and I will expect updates and I am available for any questions whenever necessary. Please write the word "zebra" in your bid so I know you read my entire description below and if you would like to know the url of my website, I will provide it via the PMB.

1. Users have the ability to upload a profile picture (whether a photo or graphic). Right now, some look really warped/distorted. I need this fixed.

2 We have 4 membership icons that are supposed to show next to a persons usernames in their profile pop up and in the message center when they are leaving messages. They did used to show but do not now.

3. I need an adjustment to the index page. There is a section that highlights completed jobs that I want removed and replaced with job description text. Each description will have an icon (which I will provide) and should be expandable/collapsible if a user clicks on a link. If a user clicks on the link to open the description, the area that opens will contain a graphic along with a block of text. This must be done well so website design experience is a must. A similar set up is needed on another page but this area does not need to be expandable/collapsible at that location. They will each need a tick box or select button nearby however. This part of the job MUST be thoroughly tested BEFORE being applied to the live site.

4. I added Paypal API as a skill but actually, I do not want the API even touched. We are already set up. The only thing I require is for our merchant contact information (merchant signature) to be edited so that the receipts users get from their Paypal transaction will reflect the correct information.

5. Finally, in the message center, users are defined as one of two types. At present, our system is labeling them the same ( for example "programmer and programmer" instead of "programmer and Project owner" so one must be edited.

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Small Change In Website


Right now i have a website in PHP, OS commerce based.

I want to have an extra layer added in my menutree.
So A, AA, AAA instead of A, AA.

Should be not more than 1 hour of work for an PHP expert.

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Website Translation Work Into Several Languages

We are looking for translator for the following languages:


This is a small project. Please contact if interested.

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Very Simple Research Save And Small Edits Project


I need the Home Jersey 2010-2011 Edition:

1) Find the clubs
2) Save their Home Jersey 2010-2011 Edition (BACK ONLY NEEDED)
3) Edit Jersey to Remove Number (#) and Name

Tip: Search for website that are selling Soccer Jerseys

Simple Project but large quantity and here is the list of LEAGUES, i need ALL TEAMS (usually 20) in each league;

Premier League (20 teams in UK)
Ligue 1 (20 teams in France)
Primera Division (20 teams in Spain)
Serie A (20 teams in Italy)
Bundesliga (18 teams in Germany)
Allsvenskan (16 teams in Sweden)

National teams:
All teams that are ranked in the top 100 of FIFA link:

IMPORTANT: Total amount: 214 Jerseys that you must find, save and edit, Quality of jersey must be good and size must be as big as possible but minimum of 600px

please make sure you bid for all 214 jersey and include this "214" in your bid

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Website Changes – Small Project

We need some minor changes to a website.send pm for details

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SEO Project For Small Website – White Hat Top Rankings


I would like to improve my websites revenue as much as possible as I know it can do better with a good SEO strategy. It is niche, sells single software and only does a couple of sales per week
– SEO required for my website to reach top 5 positions. These keywords have to be high traffic keywords, not low level ones which I could easily rank on myself.
– I want to be getting 2000 – 10000 plus people to my site per month initially and substantially more later if possible. I need targeted traffic so I can convert to sales.
– My site gets approximately 500 visitors a month. I can show analytics stats to the winning bidder
– 1 % of 2000 visitors is a conversion of 20 sales. Do the math, you can see I need consistent visitors to my site.
– Help me choose the best keywords to optimise my site for
– Review and update on site SEO. My site only has 5 pages
– I want to achieve at least 2 sales per day initially, however would like to ramp this up to 7 sales per day and more if possible.
– I want excellent rankings for the keywords we choose.
– I need to substantially increase my back links from relevant sources and high PR sites to enable my site to rank better in the search engines
– I have a PR of 0! I want this increasing over the coming months
– I know SEO is also an ongoing activity. I have budget so we can talk more about what you can also do for me moving forward with regards to what it will cost ongoing, and what results I can expect to see for my extra investment.
– I have a number of websites and the successful bidder will receive more work from me if they do a good job. The site in question here is very small and niche operated. PM me and tell me what you can do for me, and what I can and cannot expect.
– Weekly update on progress

When you bid, we need following information in PM:
– Tell me how you can meet my expectations
– More detail the better
– What SEO strategies can you use (backlinks etc and other)
– How many visitors can you consistently bring through SEO onsite and off site?
– Can you guarantee results?
– What experience do you have in substantially increasing visitors?

– What you can do with my site to make it 100% SEO friendly and rank high on google for related keywords.
– How long will it take me to see good results and more sales from this SEO activity? At least 2 sales per day and ongoing up to 7 sales plus per day in the next couple of months.

Links building should follow:

– No black hat and other unethical SEO Spam techniques. Only white hat methods
and ethical work will be accepted.
– Backlink pages must relate to our site topic
– Link pages and our links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow.
– Links must be permanent, static html links.
– One way links only, no reciprocal links.
– No use of automated software or bots.
– No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, etc.
– No link farms, link exchange programs, and web rings.
– I want organic traffic, however happy for you to look at my adwords account and advise
– No banned sites, porn, gambling, violent, illegal sites, etc.
– Prefer high ranking Alexa and Google PR sites
– no more then 50 links on a page
– In your PM, please start with : Project: KLSM so I know you have read all of my post here.

– If you need to add more pages to my site for any links, that

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Small Design Project – Website Buttons

Im looking for around 20 small buttons/ icons to be designed for my website.

This is a quick job, not much design required as they will all be pretty similar, but need someone who will understand my requirements quickly and turn them around within one day.

Please send me examples of past icon/ button designs you have done for websites.

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Small Banner Design Project For Jewelry Website

Hi Freelancers,

I need small help with a few conceptual banners we need made for a site launch. We need to design 3 promotional banners, and 3 category icons/banners. Heres a link to the website:

The three promotional banners belong in the slide on the top. What we need made are:

1. Product of the Month for November – It will be of the Hollywood Necklace. The price is usually $110, Ill do it for $90… $20 savings. (Does not include shipping or tax)

2. Staying current with HALE by becoming a Fan on Facebook. Posts are made every day and new blogs are shared, etc.

3. Fan photos – submit your fan photo of your Hale here. Potentially using polaroid photo style on photos that we have.

The three category banners we need made are:

1. Neck/Back/Body

2. Head/Hand

3. Ankle/Arm/Ear

Heres a few example photos you can feel free to use as a way to show me your work. Im looking for stuff VERY simple and VERY clean/elegant. I really like the promotional design we have currently on the first slide, and following suit will likely help you win this project.

With these photos (a few examples given):

Feel free to shoot me a comment for more instructions.



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Volusion Experts Needed For Small 7-item Doll Website

Have you done work with Volusion before? If so, we are looking for someone who is very familiar and has experience working with Volusion.

Our wordpress site is complete, but just need someone to basically do a basic setup of Volusion. Our volusion site does not have to match exactly that of our WordPress site, just need basic colors to match and maybe graphics. Very simple.

Our website is and we will simply add "Buy Me" buttons to the 7 items we have to direct to our Volusion shopping cart. You will just need to create/set-up the shopping cart for the 7 individual dolls and make sure the Volusion site has an eye-pleasing design.

Please only bid if youve worked with Volusion before. Upon approval, we will provide access to our account.

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SEO For Small Niche Website

We require an experienced SEO expert with proven results to help us achieve top #5 rankings for at least a dozen keywords on one website.

In your PM – please tell me what methods you use and explain how long the rankings will last for.

The website is

The keywords we want to rank in the top #5 for are:

"how to make diaper cakes"
"make a diaper cake"
"making diaper cakes"

and so on…

We are looking for white hat methods only. And will work with you long term on a retainer to maintain good rankings.

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Small Project For Ichurakov

Hello Ivan. As discussed. Thank you.

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Private Project For Masood Ahmad

I need a script to post advertisements to some classified sites. I need to see a demo. Payment via escrow.

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Small Project For Wolfee

10 plus 10 tipps to be delivered via e-mail. makes 66 dollars, all in all.

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Aspdotnetstorefront Developer


We are looking urgently for a developer who has experience and is familiar working with the aspdotnetstorefront shopping cart.

It is for an existing website. It is a small project for now. There will be more in the future.

Thank you.

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Reframe The Page

Refreame my wordpress page suchthat looks and feel will be good.
small project.

[Removed by admin]

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Product Entry – Small Project

Small project to complete entering product data, new products and images on our website.

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Phase 1: Stock Market Portfolio Tracker

We Need to develop a online stock market portfolio, the user portfolio table would be as follows:

(1)Stock Name —>(2)Qty & Avg Price—>(3)Invested amount & Date—>(4)Latest Stock Price—>(5)Prev Close —>(6)Todays gain(Value & %) —>(7)Overall Gain(Value & %)—>(8)Current Value

User should be able to add stocks, edit stocks and Sell stocks (If he decides to sell then he is taken to a form where he can enter sell price, commissions etc.. once entered this data goes into transactions head where all his buys & sells are listed.

Other points:

1)The application should be portable in Joomla and should have the user sync as per Joomla (Packing the app as a Joomla component would be preferred)
2)Data should be from Yahoo finance or from Google finance.
3)There should be two leader boards for users having maximum overall gain % and Maximum Daily Gain%
4)Should use Ajax for ease of use to the user.
5)We should be able to change the data source as & when we require. (Needed as we would migrate to paid data source later)

This is a small budget project, but on successful completion, other projects on the same vertical (Stockmarket) would be offered to the winning bidder, so we would prefer bidders who have experience in making Stock Market related apps, (including Charting, Technical indicators etc..) Please send your past works demo for evaluation of your financial market domain expertise.

p.s: Please note that a commercial extension from (demo at is available which is about 60% close to our requirement, please do have a look at it to get the basic feel of the concept.

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Small Project

I need a myspace application to send a messages to a myspace user using oauth, the user youll be sending messages may be not be on the user friends, could be any user who accepts receiving messages from anyone.

1- The user will be redirected to myspace to log in.
2- The user will be prompted in myspace for offline perms.
3- Once you get the access token for the user, you can make requests in his name, so given an id, you only have to send a message to this user, assuming you have permissions to do it ( Dont assume the user is friend of yours, need to send a message to every user in myspace who accepts receiving messages)

Ps: very quickly& low bid.

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WordPress Expert For Small Project

Weve built the following site in wordpress and I need the events section that is on the homepage to function exactly like events section on this page

So basically someone can click on the words "July 9, 2010 Market on Main" to open a new window or go to a new page that will have more information about that particular event.

Secondly, when someone clicks on the "July 9, 2010 Market on Main" payment they are prompted to register then once they register they are directed to "pay now". Once they pay then the "Whos Coming" page will automatically be updated with their name on the event they paid for.

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Project Manager Needed

Experience project manager is required for a new IT project which leverage existing IT platform to develop a new search engine.

The project will be all remotely controlled. Successful applicant will involve in defining the right team, budget, time line, and manage the whole team remotely.

The applicant will have the following requirements:
1) System and web development project management experience in successful projects
2) Successful in managing projects which are under budget control and meeting the time line at the same time
3) Experience in chosing and managing a small team
4) Well verbal and written communication skills in English (and Mardarin a plus)

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Small Project For Ashwin

Contact form and fix navigation bar to show correctly in both PC and MAC platforms.

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Software Developer SMALL PROJECT

Function: I will provide a web address and it will contain a download link.

I need a EXE file which will do the job like it will autometically open the website and click on Download link till that part it will not be visual. then it prompt user to install.

got my point,

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Again A Small Project For Pratistha Only

As Discussed.

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