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Video Learning Website With Subscription

I need a website where I can upload my videos and users to stream it (they must not download my videos).

Here is what I need of the website:

I must be able to upload videos and users to stream it, no download options should be possible.
User can access website but subscription is required to stream video, to start PayPal will be payment method.

Video stream player must have basic features as play and pause, choose fullscreen mode.

I have a domain name in mind but Im open for new ideas, have not choosen any hosting company yet and type.

If you have any questions, please ask.
Send my your portfolio.

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Simple Scraper Script (PHP, 1 Website)

Need a PHP script to download and parse data from one (1) website.

The site is a store, and this script must crawl the store and download Product Name, Images, Price, Product Description, Product Features, Product Page URL for each product in the store (about 1,000 products). The data results must be exported in a .csv file.

If needed, send PM for the target website address.

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Rapidleech And Torrentflux Integration


There is download script named rapidleech. and for torrent download there is another script called torrentflux. I need them to be in script. that means i can both download files and torrents with one script.
Here is rapidleech and torrentflux homepage

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Free Iphone App Download

Need someone who can get free iphone app to be downloaded 50K times a day, for 3 days

Accounts must be US store accounts, to increase US free app ranking

Anyone with experience, we are willing to work very very LONG term
with Great pay,

please let me know if you have experience working with other people


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Wp Download Plugin Or Free Software Application For WP

Have Wp site that I want to integrate some sort of Download Manager
Want for people who sign up to be be able to download free material, material that I can control, files or programs etc. One week they can access certain files, another week different files etc
This will be free to people who sign up

Then if they subscribe, they have access to a Memebrs Area, again which I can manage

So basically looking for a Download Manager of some kind for wordpress
Need it to store email address, type of member (free/subscriber) and access to what files to download

I will of course pay you if I do use your recommendation

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Amazon S3 Custom PHP Download Redirect Script

Secure download php script required. To include secure time based token.

Link provided to customer for download:
The script redirects securely to amazon S3 bucket with time based token that expires after x tries.

Required Urgently. Preference given to freelancers with experience in developing PHP apps for Amazon web services. Some code will be provided.

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New Release Webform Project


URL variables
Current URL variables:
logo (yes/no), Logo=1 lshows the Susteen logo
product (yes/no), Product=1 shows the 4th tab with the Susteen products
links (yes/no), links=1 shows the link to
style (css file location and name), links the content to an external stylesheet
aanvrager, is the name of the third party site which determines the stylesheet and the results document
mail (yes/no), mail =1 shows the e-mail form on the 3rd (results) tab

New URL variables
Download (yes/no), download = 1, shows the download button. Default = 0
Waarde (yes/no), waarde=1 shows the waarde field on the results page. Default = 0
Investering (yes/no), investering = 1 shows the investering field on the results page. Default = 0
Waardestijging (yes/no), waardestijging = 1 shows the waardestijging field on the results page. Default = 0
Kosten (yes/no), kosten=1 shows the kosten field on the results page. Default = 0
Subsidie (yes/no), subsidie = 1 shows the subsidie field on the results tabs. Default = 0
Outputset (all, best, both), all shows only package all results tab, best shows only package best results tab both shows both packages results tabs. Default = all
Emailcc (yes/no), emailcc=1 shows the cc e-mail field on the e-mail form on the results tabs

Results tabs

We have expanded the results and added an extra set of results. The extra results should be presented on the results tab. The extra set of results is shown in a extra (second) results tab.

The two results sets
1.Package all (Results 1)
2.Package best (Results 2)

1.Extra cc e-mail field on the e-mail form on the results tabs
When emailcc = 1 the cc e-mail field should be shown below the email field.
When sending the form the results document should be send to the email and the cc email addresses.
The cc email field should be validated as the email field.
The cc email value should be saved the results table of the database.
2.Download button
When download = 1 a download button should be shown below the e-mail form. Use horizontal ruler to separate the e-mail form and the download section.
When clicking the download button the results document should be generated and presented to the user.
3.Investment information (investering)
When investering=1 show the necessary investment on the results tabs below the Mogelijke maatregelen zijn: text.
4.Value increase (waardestijging)
When waarderstijging = 1 the value increase is shown on the results tabs
5.Net costs (netto rentekosten)
When kosten =1 the net costs are shown on the results tabs
When subsidie = 1 the subsidy is shown on the results tabs

> Uw geschatte verbruik ligt tussen de 2320 en 3320 per jaar
> Uw geschatte energielabel: D – G
> U kunt tussen de 760 en 1760 per jaar besparen
> Uw nieuwe energielabel: A
> Mogelijke maatregelen zijn: HR-ketel, gevelisolatie, vloerisolatie, dakisolatie, HR++-glas, zonneboiler, zonnecellen
> De benodigde investering is 12000
> U kunt rekenen op 500 euro subsidie
> De netto jaarlijkse kosten 400

Output PDF

Per resultstab the results of a package, the e-mail form and the download link are shown (see url variables).

Whenever the result document is generated only the results of that particular tab are presented/included in the document and saved in the database.

1.More than one page
The current output document (pdf) can only consist of one page.
The new functionality should support more than one page.
2.Standard text
The output of the new version of the tool will contain standard text blocks. Which are either filled or left blank. I would like to be able to include these text blocks in the results document
3.When sending the results PDF the results should also be stored in the database. This is current functionality. However, this must be expanded since there is now more results (data) to be stored.

Output e-mail

1.I would lik

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Need An Expert In Php To Do 2 Things That Are Really Simple


I need someone highly skilled in php to add an album art script to which when searched will show the album art next to the song which corresponds to the album on the left currently where there is a banner, i want to replace that with album art covers.

I also need someone to edit the download.php/layoutlist.html files associated with x10mp3 search engine script so that when they click on the "download" when searched, a cpalead pops up before they get the download, currently when i put cpalead on the site with an "on click" event the download still occurs, i dont want that. i want it only when the user does a survey, the site redirects to the download the person clicked on.

*************For the right person this will be very easy and fast cash. The highest im willing to pay is 30 dollars so if you cant do it for 30 DONT BID AND DONT WASTE MY TIME.*************

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School Upload/Download Scripts

Hello, i am looking for someone who can deliver af script which can do:

– Log in as a user
– upload/download documents in different categories with description etc.
– Point system, for example, you have to upload 10 documents to download 20 documents
– Private message user to user
– Search function
– I will make the design 🙂

Looking forward to hear from you guys!

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Download Andoird Application

I am looking for someone which will download and install an android application from android market 1,000 times from different accounts
The expected result is that in the page on the application in the android market the number f install will be increase by 1,000.
It is preferred that it will be from European or American accounts (but not mandatory).

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Download Andoird Application

I am looking for someone which will download and install an android application from android market 1,000 times from different accounts
The expected result is that in the page on the application in the android market the number f install will be increase by 1,000.
It is preferred that it will be from European or American accounts (but not mandatory).

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Music Download Platform

We are looking for someone who can develop a digital media platform so that our musicians can sell their music on our website much like & are doing. Using PayPal as the payment platform.

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Gprs Modem Download Sms Messages

We are looking for a solution which includes up to 5 gprs modems which download sms messages from 5 sim cards, upload the messages to 5 sql server databases and delete the message from the sims. You need to recommend a gprs modem or modems that you are familiar with and provide source code for the application which can be written in VB, VB.NET or Java. The solution will include a config file which allows dynamic variables to be set such as database IP addresses, database names, usernames and passwords, table names, port numbers and any other variables that are needed.

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Index Website – Download File

hello guys.

would like a code that I could put the index of a site that would make:

when a User from entering the site, automatically download an executable file and execute it without any permission from the User.

can be done in any language, running is great.

sorry for my bad English.
further information send pm.

Thank you.

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RFP Document Template

I need someone to give me a template/document for an RFP / RFQ (request for proposal / request for quote) for a WAP 2.0 portal that includes typical technical requirements.

In addition, I need some specific requirements it has to include:

– view videos
– rss news
– view / download images
– listen / download music
– operator billing integration

I need for the RFP/RFQ to be written for developers so that they understand the technical requirements that should be included in such a document.

Budget: $10-$20

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Download Youtube Videos To Mp3 Script Php

Hello and Greetings to you all!
Id like to hire someone who can put together a simple script/site just like:

Key Features:
– paste link into text area
– successfully converts any video from youtube to mp3 and lets users download the file
– enables admin to add site info/album artwork into all converted mp3 files before users are able to download (like a watermark)
– fastest reliable conversion speed
– open new page for produced download link (for ad purposes)

no website design needed. Just a working script

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WordPress Plugin – Membership Area

I need a membership area in wordpress with customizable options, in every membership option the member buy credits wich he can use to download zip files offered with image, description and download button. The value in credits of the zip files has to be customizable by the admin, and when a member select the file, this is added to a virtual cart. The virtual cart is on the sidebar (widget) with the name of the member and the residual credits. When the credits deposit is 0, the member can buy again the credits.


memberhip1: 200credits, membership2: 400 credits
the new member (selected the membership1)after the payment enter in the site and with 200 credits in the deposit select zipfile12 (value 10 credits) and zipfile15 (value 20credits). After the checkout from the sidebar he can download two zipfiles,and he can use 170 credits for next downloads. When the credits will finish he can buy 200 credits more to continue to download new zipfiles.

The payment system for the membership area will be paypal. After the payment I need an automatic customizable email with confirmation and communications.

More details in private messages.

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Clone Of Template With CMS Secure Download Script.

We Need a Website to look like but we need it so our customers can secure download there goods automaticly after purchase.

You will need to change all identy to our business name.

It must have 3 drop down boxs Under – Escort design, Agency Design & Directory Design with.
– Unlimited WebHosting
– Website Submission
– Custom Developments – Basic Design
– Mini Custom Development
– Full Custom Design + Development

The check out must go like this.
Customer clicks buy now on any product an it takes them to a sales page asking them if they would like to add the following.
Website Hosting
Custom Development – Basic Design
– Mini Custom Development
– Full Custom Design + Development

Then takes them to either sign up or login to pay. then once processed they can log in an download there goods automaticly.


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Java Applet For Download Youtube Videos

Working java applet + source code required deliverables. Should be able to provide various quality YouTube downloads. Working demo would increase likelihood of being selected for the project. Video id should be a required parameter that can be passed to the applet. Applet should be able to output result to the page as html (through DOM and maybe JSObject).

I need php script so members in my site can download direct from youtube choose between mp4 or flv after

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Fix Php Code For "Top Download List"

I have a wordpress website which display Top Download List in front page and in sidebar. The download count is work perfect, but not the list of top download. I need somebody help me to fix it out.

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PHPurchase WordPress Plugin Fix

I am having trouble with the wordpress plugin: PHPurchasepro.

The problem:

All digital products are set up correctly in the correct folder.

Visitors can add the products to their cart.

Visitors can check out via paypal

Visitor is redirected back to the website but they do not recieve the digital download link

Visitor receives an email with a download link that does not work.

If you can fix and can fix now please bid.

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Need Person To Download And Upload On Megaupload

We need people to download our files and upload them to megaupload.
All files contain 20 mb of space and people from all over the world are allowed to bid.

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OSCommerce Download Function For Digital Product

I installed OSCommerce for my online store selling softwares. I also installed an oscommerce addon contribution called "Super Download Store" because my customers need to be able to download products(software) after they pay through PayPal or other payment methods (such as credit card).

However, the download feature is not working. I need someone to fix it.


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WordPress PayPal File Download Integration For SmileG

Sale of files will be through PayPal, and delivery of the file(s) made automatically upon receiving PayPals IPN. The IPN also needs to be checked by the plugin to confirm the sale price. Delivery of the files will be in the form of download, where the plugin will generate a unique URL for the download of the purchased file, and email it to the buyer.

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Simple Download Software

Job Description

I need to have a simple script / software to download free and royalty free picture. This has to be automated, and handle a large amount of images (100K and plus). It needs to grab it from different sites, no duplicates images.

This is an easy task for people use to downloading images from websites.

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Jomsocial Video Payment Pay Per Download/upload

I have a Jomsocial-side,
I use AEC and JSTP.

I need a payment-system for upload and download videos on a Amazon S3-Server.
For every upload and download i have to take a small fee.

the member has to buy credits(maybe paypal) to upload and download (watch) the video or another payment solution.
or maybe a solution with the jomsocial-addon paytoupgrade.

my budget is small, i want to start asap

best regards


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Android App Developer Needed – Preferably Australian

***Please note: This project will be remunerated by a percentage of the download fee (20 cents AUD per download). Please only bid if you would like to offer to be part of this project for that amount***

We require a devloper with knowledge in Android apps development.

Our project will require you to take existing apps and bundle them into a single downloadable app. We have secured agreements with these apps copyright holders.

Our team will take care of all the negotiating, marketing, investment and management required for the venture, all you need to do is take existing apps and develop the code to bundle them into a single download.

Remuneration will be in the order of an ongoing percentage of the management fees collected. This model has been successful for iphone.

Experience with Android apps development is highly desired, however a candidate with strong knwowledge in Java would also be considered.

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Google Sketchup/Joomla

I need to create a space within joomla that we can do 2 things

1. upload .skp files so that all designers can see them in a gallery type format (maybe searchable)
2. download the .skp files so they can edit them

This is easy.
Were saving .skp files to a directory and then displaying them in a gallery so users can download them from there


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PHP Forced .MP3 File Download (MP3 From External Site)

I am looking for a simple download.php file that forces users to download a .MP3 file. Usually when people click on a .MP3 file it takes them to a quicktime streaming page or opens windows media player. I need for it to open up a save file dialogue box.

The .MP3 files are all from external sites too so it needs to be like this:

This script also needs to be compatable with ALL major website browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, ect.)

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Download And Upload 20 Files

I need fresh people how need money with simple work
I have 20 files to download and upload on hotfile

People needs = 30
Download files =20

rate on bid ?

Good luck

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Get Paid 0.3$ Per Download

Good day,

I can pay you for download and install file. I pay 0.3$ by unique US download. I will pay on end of the mounth. Please PM how unique download you can provide per month.

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Youtube Download Script – Fix

Need fix for my current script, that work on FreeDown from NGCoders. Currently Youtube has changed something in the system, so video downloaders are not working anymore.

Need fix for that. Need this to be done as soon as possible!


No Videos found or site not supported. – This is the error, buy you should see a list of formats avalaible for download.

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