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Prooduct Review Back-end Editor

On our web site we have the ability for visitors to enter reviews. but we dont have a way in the back-end to edit these reviews or approve, delete or edit them.

its a simple table that contains
productID, summary, review, users name, rating(1-5), active (boolean)

we want a simple user interface made with classic asp and jquery, to list all the reviews and when one is clicked on the user can edit the information and approve it and the info gets updated in the data base.

please dont bid over $100

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Domain sales


I have a list of .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, .us and few misc domains that you need to promote and sell. you will get $5 each on selling them. This should be easy selling, as the domains are quality and the prices are deeply discounted.

Happy Bidding!!!

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