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Ecommerce Site For Single Product

I need an e-commerce store/site that is only going to be selling single product.
A one page wonder that informs and sells. One click purchase.The lack of any
hyper-links except the form submission button shortens the sales funnel to
its absolute make it easy for the customer to buy the product.

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Profile Site Only For Fans Of Product

A very simple way to have thousands of people log in to their personal profile and the abilitiy to share that profile with a url. It could for instance be done like which could be used in signatures and everywhere where a user want to show and share his love for music.

The profile itself would be partly a form with a number of fields, some obligated to fill in, others optional and some free field text to describe one itself. A photo/avatar needs to be part of the form.

The site needs a short introduction on the home page and an automatic counter for each profile made numbered sequentially (it needs to be an honour to say I was one of the first hundred etc).

The access to your profile should also be by this unique number, so leading to john-smith.

Harvesting the profiles should be made impossible. Of course you can blindly type in …./1 etc but protectionn with a gotcha and a limitation of the number of request in a certain time frame from the same IP is needed at the minimum.

The profile itself should be password protected.

Parts of the profile should be visible without problems, but only other members of this profile network will be able to see the full profile. They should get the option to enter their own profile name or number or make a profile on the spot.

Counters on the number a profile is viewed need to be visible and the option to have multiple photos in your profile is needed.

Easily manageable system a requirement and easy access to underlying database should be provided.

No need for payment modules so far planned. Ad space will cover the cost.

Basic design with more options to be added is no problem. Drupal preferred but not needed, it´s just that we are moving to drupal for all our sites and shops. Please respond soon with a portfolio and a description of your approach

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Drupal Business Directoy

Im looking for a Drupal developer who can help me get started and build my new site in Drupal.The site content will be business directory and I would like the site to have similar search functionality as or

– search page
— location
— name
— category
— sub category

– search results
– refine your search
– sort

– business profile page
— name, address, company info
— rate and review business

– edit business profile
I would like existing business to be able to log in and edit their business listing

– add new business profile

Im a PHP developer myself but I never worked in Drupal yet and I dont feel like reinventing the wheel by building the site from scratch. Im not looking for finished project but rather for someone to build the core functionality listed above.

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Scrape Site For Product Price Info

I need to get the product price from

the fields are:

category, gender (men|women), brand, product name, Size description, our price, retail price

example from:

fragrances | women | Calvin Klein | TRUTH perfume | EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1.7 OZ | 29.19 | 45.00

I need this info for all products on this site.

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Enter Business Into Database

I need to enter 250 locations into a database. I will be pretty much entering them the same way you would enter them into It will be interesting bars, restaurants,etc into a review site.

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UK Based – Product Mailing – Send Out Orders –

I require a UK based freelancer to post items as they are ordered through Amazon and other websites. All costs (purchasing, packaging and posting) are covered.

You will be required to post books and cds as they are ordered, you will do this by entering customer details on a site or posting material I supply to you.

Please bid how much for 20 items.

Any questions, use PCB.


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Website Content (internet Marketing Product Review Site)


I have a website ( which needs all generic pages filled with quality and informative content. It is an internet marketing product review site.

pages that need to be written:

– FAQ page.
– About us page.
– Earn Credits
– Scams page.
"Guaranteed Traffic" scams page.
"Limited Time Offer" Scams page.
– Write 1 blogpost like "Just Launched" or something.
– Advertise page.
– Terms of Use page.
– Privacy Policy page.
– What is page.
– Product owners page.

and some more minor things.

I need a skilled NATIVE ENGLISH writer with experience to do this job for me.
Please show me some of your work in private message.

do not waste my time if you are a beginner.


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Implement Jquery Carusel In My Site

I have liked 2 jquery carusel. I want to implement those in my product site.
I will give details to winner bidder.

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Product Reviewers Required

We Sell Various Software Packages, You Will Be Required To…

1) Download the product from us (in some cases due to the size of the product we will post a cd or dvd to you)

2) Review The Product In A Highly Positive Way In The Form Of A Sales Letter.

3) Include At Least 10 Screenshots From The Software Package.

4) Deliver The Sales Letter In Plain Text Format Fully Spell & Grammar Checked With The Screenshot Images To Our FTP Site.

You Will Be Paid $20 Per Review Sales Letter Completed, You Will Be Required To Provide 1 Review Before Payment As An Example Of Your

Work (You will be paid for this if we believe it is of high enough quality).

This Project Will Be Ongoing For The Right Person.

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Site Sample Product

As discussed on PM. Thank You.

06/10/2010 at 16:26 EDT:

As discussed on PM. This is a minor change in skill.

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Product / Concept Animator

We are looking for an storyboard/animation artist/motion graphics who can produce modern, simple, effective, professional-looking animations for placement in the homepage of an interactive advertising agency. it should reuse elements/products from campaigns, and put them into fluid motion. sometimes animation, will be just introducing text with large font sizes. check out site for ideas of animations we need. please submit samples of your work. you must be creative and be able to identify what elements can be used to develop into animations.

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Need 5 Product Review Pages

Im looking for a fluent English speaker/writer who has prior experience with HTML, who also has excellent internet research capabilities, or had experience with Chris Rempels Conduit review sites.

What youll be doing is researching a given list of products and assessing their performance based on a pre-set method that Ive developed for determining accurate, unbiased conclusions.

Your research on each product will be summarized and professionally portrayed on a sort of

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