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IPhone Dynamic Questionnaire App

Need a dynamic questionaire app that ideally does the following:

1) has a reusuable view for top half of the view that contains a scrollable text label or similar that is read only for a question.
2) a answer type can be defined of the following:
a. free text (single line)
b. larger comments text (multiple lines and scrolling)
c. numeric value
d. picker view with a fixed list (only can select from list given)
e. picker view with "other" option where if required answer is not provided an other option may be selected and added to the list
f. picture selector (existing pictures) or capture a new picture
g. date/time picker
h. yes/no picker (segmented control)
i. signature (capture signature and save jpg, png, or similar)

idea is I would read the questions from a text file which would have the text to populate the question label (#1 above) and also the type of question which would load the appropriate view (#2) and contain any required values for picker select lists, etc.

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Sketch Up Dynamic Sunroom Model

We are a manufacturer of sunrooms.
We require a dynamic Sketchup model to draw sunroom designs. Options to include: colour, standard & custom window & door sizes, standard & custom wall heights, single slope & A-Frame versions, configurable roof pitch, glass or solid panel options. There are many dynamic aspects to the model. We will supply 2D CAD drawings.
Preferably the user is presented with a series of menus to choose width, height, colour, roof slope, etc.
The idea of this project is so our dealers can provide 3D models for their clients, and be able to preview how the sunroom will look on their clients home by overlaying the model on a digital photograph.
This quote is for the dynamic model, after satisfactory completion, we will post a new project to add bill of material & cut list.

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Dynamic Banner- Flash Or Other Tech

Flash banner to show our company services

1- will load and run fast in the page
2- Very sophisticated and very attractive

other ideas will be very appreciated

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NRTA Website

NRTA= is name of TV/Radio

The concept of this website is to publish NRTA content on website. The contents of this website are; video clips, photos and text.
This website is not only bound for Afghanistan visitors, the target is visitors all over the world who are interested to use this website.

NRTA website areas:
This website will have Admin and User front end.

User front end:
Front end area will contain 12 pages static and dynamic pages as following:
1- Home Page (dynamic)
This page will have blocks for
Latest news (grab latest news from news area)
Latest video clips (grab latest news from news area)
Latest photos (grab new photos as thumbnail from photos page)
Informational block (static data, if added)

2- About Us (static)
This page will have text about NRTA, static data added by admin.

3- News page (dynamic)
This page is for news; categories of news, news will be added from admin area.
List of news in this page, each news with short text and thumbnail (if added) and link read more to read full story and in full story page have comments box for visitors. (Enable, disable, edit and delete news and comments (approve by admin) from admin area)

4- Photo Gallery (dynamic)
In first page have categories list (thumbnail and text) and after clicking the category loads another page having pictures of this category. Comment box (approve by admin) and admin area to upload photo, delete, edit, or disable and enable a picture.

5- Video Gallery (dynamic)
Same as photos gallery to have category with thumbnails and text, comment box but the video clips from youtube, admin will add link of video from youtube and will appear in video page.

6- Programs Page (static)
In this page to have schedule of Radio and TV programs.
Two blocks one for TV and one for Radio.

7- Jobs (dynamic)
Page for job, jobs will be added from admin area and will show here as list. And read more link for details page

8- Web mail
No page, but a link to another website.

9- Term of use (static)

10- Privacy

11- Contact us
Contact form and above block to have text there.

12- Articles (dynamic)
Articles page to have list of articles and read more link to read full story

13- Share point for Files (dynamic)
Only can be accessed with username/pass. A place to share files like File Manager.
This share point will have videos, photos and others categories/directories.

Admin Area – back end:
A place to edit and control all contents of above pages.

1- All text field should have advanced editor to add content in it both source editor/Rich formatting with necessary formatting bar.
2- Comments list to approve, edit, delete and disable/enable buttons.
3- Photos and video clips; add, edit, delete and disable/enable buttons.
4- Article and News; add, delete, edit, disable/enable.
5- Edit About us page.
6- Edit Privacy page
7- Edit Term of use page.
8- Edit contact us page
9- Jobs; add, delete, edit and enable/disable.
10- Edit Programs page.
11- Upload/change logo
12- Website settings; Title/ meta tags and more.
13- SEO friendly and separate meta tags for 12 pages.

Other features if needed to add.

Language Support:
Website will be in three languages;
Dari left to right layout
Pashto left to right layout
English default right to left layout

For each page and content there should be 3 blocks to add content for every language separately, even data for meta tags.

Search Engine:
To have search engine to search for content in page.

Statistic block in front end
Number of articles
Number of videos
Number of audios
Number of photos
Users online

Add captcha to prevent spammers

Includes latest, news, photos, videos, articles and jobs

All thumbnail and graphics will be provided by us, if needed during design. The overall theme should be theme of Media.

And some minor things at end if needed.

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Pay Per Click Dynamic Website

We need one dynamic website which can work on Pay Per Click base.

No upfront will be given for this work. Payment after checking of full functions of website. You must provide all codes after completion of work. If you also like to work on revenue share basis, you are most welcome.

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In Need Of Very Skilled Web Programmer.

In the works of designing a "social networking" website. Will need a very skilled website programmer/designer. You must be proficient in Photoshop. This will be an aesthetically pleasing sight that must be seamless from iPhone to iPad to computer. It will be dynamic so PHP knowledge is a must. The website will also have the ability to create "accounts" (like a forum, without the forum but pms ect. still intact). They will be able to vote on said user generated content. I am looking to pay by to-be-determined milestones once you accept the job. The site will be VERY extensive. So if you are not well versed in creating dynamic websites please do not contact.

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Dynamic Display Banners

I would like to create dynamic banner.
Here are the sizes I would like to start with

This can be done in flash or if you can suggest anything else that works as well.
the banner should be able to get parameters
1. Image url to display image
2. Price
3. Value
4. Discount
5. Title
6. SAvings

Should have 2 additional social buttons
1. Facebook
2. Twitter

This dynamic banner should get the parameters and place them.
You would need to create some dynamic graphics on the banner other then the text I provide.

You can take a look on the google dynamic banners made in flash and do the same.

I would need more of those, the winning bidder of this project will continue with us to the next project

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Dynamic E-magazine Iphone & Ipad Version

My client is looking for an Dynamic E-magazine with more than flipping effect only. Design will be provided and only simple animation and programming is needed.

Layput Details:
– Total 12 Pages of Layout
– On each page, Image will be flipping within a box and video can be played in a box on some pages
– Graphic on each page will be moving in form of a simple animation

– The layout will be worked as a template for future use
– Admin can use a web platform to replace the images and video inside the E-magazine

More details will be provided after confirmation.

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Redesign Of 5 Pages For Christian Book Publsher

Website redesign consisting of only 5 pages.
Buttons/Menu should look like Flash but not use it. HTML5, XHTML, CSS2 or 3. Need commented and clean CSS and XHTML. Must be multi-browser compatible.
Would like at least 2 unique concepts to choose from.
Output shoud be optimized and sliced
Need 2 week turnaround time once design selected.
PMB – Must be an experienced website/graphic designer. Design portfolio should include unique, dynamic websites not heavily dependent on flash. Would prefer a mockup before selecting designer. Please include revision details.

We are looking for a website redesign for a Christian Publishing Company. Our industry is based in creativity, therefore the redesign should be professional, modern, updated, original, elegant, and creative.

Use the current flash banner and logo as inspiration and color choice for design. We would like to keep the current flash banner unless you come up with something that better expresses our beliefs:o) We love the blue in the logo and banner. We would like to incorporate light

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Plone-Python Dynamic Web Pages

User pages for an existing Plone 4 website. Dynamic content management pages integrated into an existing Plone4 website. See attachment. We are looking for interactive feedback and design input as the project develops.

What I already have:
Already have an existing Plone site with static pages, navigation, registration, and security. Icons and graphics exist but some additions may be required.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:
The pages need to be easy to read and use on desktop browsers as well as remote devices. Tie into Amazon Market Services for commerce is required.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Experience developing data structures, dynamic pages, and mobile views in Plone4 or Zope applications.

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Dynamic Web Site Developement

We are looking for experienced company or freelancer to build a dynamic website similar to this interested bidders must submit thier detailed proposal and time line before 14 march 2011

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Dynamic Dropdown For Joomla Community Builder Registration P

Modify Joomla community builder registration and edit registration page to have dynamic dropdowns. Should be clean and

This would allow users to input select from a table in and based on that would show items.
I have the list of items that need to be in and the items in
This project is similar to: was for country and was for cities based on country.

This could be done by CB Plugin or hardcoded as long as it gets into the database and can be edited later by user.

Joomla! 1.5.20
CB version is : 1.2.3

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Magento Website

We are looking to get a quote for a website configured and customised using a template supplied by us for a Level instrument company. We require the following to be created.

1. Contain brief information about the company on the homepage and a featured articles banner. The featured Articles or Case Study banner would cycle through 5 or 6 case studies with images.
2. Dynamic graphics and images created.
3. Search Engine Optimised
4. A professional, dynamic look and feel which is also very easy to navigate and use.
5. Taking information from existing website and integrating into new website.
6. Embedding items from other website.
7. Multi language
8. Distributor login with variable userprofile based discounts (numberic)

Looking for the website to be up and running within 3-4 weeks.

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IPhone Game Developer (ASAP!)

Need a developer to create a dynamic iPhone game (quickly!)

This will be a dynamic, addictive, quick-paced 2D finger-swipe game.

You should have a proven track record developing quality iPhone games. You should have at least 300 hours experience AND an excellent rating.

Ideally, you also love gaming, have a strong work ethic, are creative, and have a great sense of humor. We would love to built a relationship with a developer who can grow with us as our company grows.

Please respond with examples of previous work or a link to your portfolio. If we like what we see, well get back to you with more details.

This is important: when you reply to this posting, include the word "banana." That way we know you took the time to read the entire ad. Thanks so much!

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Dynamic Encrypt/decrypt Of Csv And Dynamic MySql Import

Dynamic encrypt/decrypt of Csv and dynamic MySql import

This task is tricky and requires excellent expertise in php and MySql.

Do not apply if you are not a true expert in those fields.

MySql table should be auto generated, and then data inserted in tables.

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ASP.NET MVC Dynamic Form – Existing Project Extension

I have an two existing projects which are incomplete.
1. Allows the administrator to create a form
2. Allows the user to populate the form created in step 1 by the administrator.

I need the field definitions in (1) to be saved in a database.
I need (2) to retrieve these fields.
I need to link these two solutions together.

I also need to ammend the design of (1) and (2) so they are more dynamic – This is, a question can have child questions. I have code for this written in ASP.NET (VB/AJAX) which could be integrated (see my first project – which created this)

Please PM me if you think youve got the skillset necessary to amend the first two projects in C# and integrate the VB.NET code into one solution. I will provide the details and source code for all three projects.

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Dynamic Music Website

I need a dynamic ecommerce music site that has an administrative side that will allow reoccurring billing, scalable audio upload and download features, preview etc. The site will also have to be able to accommodate flv, swf, mov, avi, mp3, wav file formats. There needs to be simple clean looking administrator side as well as the end user interface that can be customized to the end user from the admin side. The site will need to store data. The end user should have access to streaming music and or streaming video with the options to purchase more items at any given time.

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Dynamic RSS Feeds Using PHP, MySQL And Apache

Dynamic RSS feeds using PHP, MySQL and Apache for MediaxxxScript v2.2.1

Hi ,

I want a rss script generator (refer title) for my mediaxxxscript . I would like the script look as an example stated on the below address and similar to its requirements : –

Please reply me as soon as possible . Tq .

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Dynamic Website With Control Panel


Im looking for someone to build a script by php.

The script should be controled by a control panel.

there is more than control panel , one for manager and another for stuffs.

the idea of script is like

each user can add any items

and each user has a profile that show their works or their items that they have posted.

I have more information that I will provied them for those who interests.

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WordPress Menu Styling

I need a dynamic menu to match the style of another dynamic menu on my website

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Update / Modify Existing JSP Dynamic Site

We are looking to improve look and feel on the existing dynamic website. The changes will have to be made only in CSS, HTML and javascripts code.

Most changes will be graphical, and some to layout and style, so you will definitely need to have some graphical creation / manipulation abilities in photoshop and a good eye for design.

We will make available the code and an environment to deploy / test on.

We expect it to take a couple of days to finish, and we need it done as soon as possible (finished within the next 2 days) so if you apply you must be available to start work immediately and not have a full time job.

We are looking for someone to work for a fixed fee or an hourly rate.

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Dynamic And Attractive Customized Shopping Cart1

I need someone young and dynamic who has experience in developing web application on php.Someone who wants to to do something exceptional on his own.
We have to create a customised shopping cart

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Dynamic Website For Social Game

We are a new company looking to hire a creative web developer to build a dynamic, but simple, website as a front-end for an upcoming social game.
He/She must have experience in social game development, flash, Ajax, etc. You must also be or be working with a very good graphic artist.
You must be willing to develop and deploy a dynamic and graphical website for a social game in the shortest possible time.
Evidence of your previous work is required for you to bid on this job.
Successful bidders would be contacted with project documentation.
Happy bidding.

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Linear Dynamic Range Citations

This project will require you to identify 20 citations to published, peer-reviewed articles or treatises supporting the notion that data values are only valid/accurate/precise if obtained within the demonstrated linear dynamic range of the instrument. As much as practicable, this inquiry should focus on linear dynamic range as it applies to spectroscopy and photo detectors.

With your bid, please submit a short statement (one or two sentences, not plagiarized) explaining why demonstrated linear dynamic range is important.

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Dynamic Tutorial WordPress Site

I am hiring freelancer to make a dynamic WordPress tutorial website. Bid only if youre familiar with WordPress, php programming and Photoshop. The design of the website should be similar to and should be designed in css3 with ie6 support. I want an excellent work from the bid winner.

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Dynamic Web Site Php, Press


I al looking a developer who can work with us a long time and be a part of our company as a vertual developer

for now our requairmant is to develop an Dynamic web site so user can add/ambede swf,mp3,flv,jpeg from admin panel

Please show me some of your previous work as well.


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Simple Joomla Website

I need a joomla site made. I have the psds all made. Youll need to chop them up into html/css. Ill pay $100-$125 for this work. It fairly simple if you know joomla. Its only about 8 pages or something around there.

The site should be dynamic in that the client should be able to edit the text on every single page page.

Another dynamic element is there will be an almost rss like feed. Its not really rss, but it will scroll up and down with the latest news.

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Simple Joomla Site

I need a joomla site made. I have the psds all made. Youll need to chop them up into html/css. Ill pay $100-$125 for this work. It fairly simple if you know joomla. Its only about 8 pages or something around there.

The site should be dynamic in that the client should be able to edit the text on every single page page.
Another dynamic element is there will be a page where

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