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Earn Money

write and earn money…

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Data Entry Typing Work Capthca Work

this is online data entry related to captcha work

server is fasttypers dot org

for every 1k entries = $ 0.9

weekly payments

payment methods = gaf, paypal, wmz, libertyreserve

# If you have 20 wpm 95 % accuracy

# working 8 hours daily

# Timings IST 12:00 A.M to 8 : 00 A.M (GMT + 5:30) {CHECK YOUR LOCAL TIMES}

# CAN EARN UPTO minimum $ 0.9 per hour, minimum $ 7.2 per day, weekly minimum $50.4

so people who have more than 30wpm can earn upto $350 per month

so happy bidding, if temas bidding we help u a lot.

Teams if u have good team u can earn a lot,

*********************************************************HAPPY BIDDING*********************************************************

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I Need A Seller For Ebay Or Other Plattforms (20% Comission)


I am looking for ebay sellers who can sell my services in ebay and other plattforms.
I want to sell my own marketing packages and blog designs in ebay and other promotion sites. My services are valued in 300 $-600 $ altough may be we can sell other cheaper or more expensive products. You will earn 20% commission per each sale. If I earn 500 you will earn 100 . All payments and transactions will be done by paypal and all communication will be done by email, facebook, msn or skype …..

Please, only professional freelancers with experience. Please, provide me details about your experience.

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I Am Looking For Ebay Parnter Sell Cycling Clothing On Ebay

Hi. I am the manager of bobosport outdoor gear company,china. and we have our website(but cant display in here)

I am looking for one or two friend who can work with me sell cycling clothing on ebay or on other site. we have good quality clothing and nice price, so we trust we can get good business on ebay.

I want my partner like this:

1.You should be honest to me and buyer.
2,You have good experience on ebay.
3.You have enough time to work on ebay and treat buyer well.
4.You can work with me for a long time, i am not interest working with a partner one or two month.

estimate sales monthly around $10,000~15,000USD. I offer my price to you, you sell on ebay higher price(125% or higher). and you pay ebay and paypal fee. for example:

my price is $30 plus shipping fee $13, total $43. you could sell on ebay $45 plus shipping fee $13, total $58. after you paied ebay and paypal around $6. You can earn $58-$45-$6=$7 . Or you can earn more, depend on your selling price and you sell a lot of items, And we can sell 10~15 sets per day . so, i estimate, you work with me could earn $2000~$3000USD per month. and if you have two ebay account. you will earn double amount money.

my policy to customer:
free exchange. 100% money refund if buyer dont satisfied with clothing.

After you sold it, you should forword buyer information to me. i will ship package in 24hrs. You can track package on china post online website.

please write to me or reply me your ebay ID.

thank you


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Blog Site On Blogger Which Earn 5-15$ A Day

im looking for a adsense blog site made on that earn 5-15 $ a day.

What is important?

– earn 5-15 $ a day
– have to be adsense optimizied
– the traffic have to be 100% human (no bots, paid traffic )
– should work for 1 year
– every post have to be unique
– includes 50 posts (not published yet)
– ALL copyrights belongs to me
– you can choose the niche but no adult,pharma violence or gambling

I have an Adsense account which you should use and i will get the domain from you wish for the site. Also the blogger account will be mine.

Payment :
– I will pay the amount of bid only after I see constant income. I will hold the payment for 30 days untill we are sure. No partial payments done. When project gets finish, you will be paid in full.

For Bidder:
* Cheap is good, but quality remains an advantage, because there are many offers after this (guaranteed).

Thank You, Happy bidding.

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Earn $23 To $25 Per Referral With Your Own Personal Link

Please do NOT send any PMs all / everything is on the site
Milestone(s) are MUTE you are simply paid for each action
You will merely receive a "THANK YOU" and nothing more

CLICK "Join" NOW and receive your own referral link similar to the one listed below


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Earn $25 To $35 Per Hour Viewing Ads

Earn $25 To $35 Per Hour Viewing Ads

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Hello All…

we are looking for eBay sellers from worldwide to sell our items on eBay and any other site they prefer.

we are wholesale dealer with popular items like sunglasses phones clothes electronics and more.

we need good and honest sellers for our company who is not in hurry to make lot of money in once but we can

assure you with us you can earn a good money.

the commission on each item varies to 1$ to 200$ sale more and earn more.

we will ship the item and provide tracking code before you transfer the funds to us.

there no special requirement for this job all you need is good eBay account and pay-pal with no limits.

kindly bid and contact for more details.

thank you…

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We are selling qlink night shift admin pannels for cheap rates.
pm for more details.only serious buyer dont waste your and our precious time if you are not in postion of buying anything.
Note freelancers this is not a job but a captcha job giving admin pannels.
Type "QLINK" before your bid and pm ,if you have read above info carefully !

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Female Webcam Models Needed: Earn $5000 Monthly

Ignighters Inc an adult modeling agency is in need of females who would like to earn a full-time income at home.

Are you open-minded? Sexy? Internet savvy?

What we are looking for:

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Get 100 Contributors And Earn 20%

We need sales person with good experience in commission basis marketing, one time project, not full time.

Only serious persons respond to this.

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New Data Entry , Earn $5000USD

Good Chance For you ,

please bid now , Easily you will earn $5000USD

See your PMB ,

Please bid now

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New Data Entry Project , Earn Daily $20

Hello ,

This is new data entry project .

off line on line data entry project for new freelancer,

daily earn $20usd,

please bid now

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Adult Webcam Models Needed: Earn $2500 Monthly

An adult modeling agency is in need of males, females, and couples who would like to earn a full-time income at home.

Are you open-minded? Sexy? Internet savvy?

What we are looking for:

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Female Webcam Models Needed

We are looking for "anything goes" adult webcam models for adult and fetish private webcam shows. This is a work from home and set your own hours job.

-> You need to be over 18.
-> You must be female or a couple.
-> You need a computer, Internet connection and webcam.
-> Models from all countries.
-> Previous experience is not required.

Pay is exceptional. You will have the ability to set your own rates and can easily earn over $2000 with private shows.
Our best models earn over $5000 a month working no more than 25 hours a week.

Openings for nude and non-nude model are available (you will earn much more as a nude model).

The application process is in three stages:

1. Interview
2. Audition
3. Approval

Payment is made monthly via PayPal.

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Adult Amateur Webcam Models (male Or Female)

We are looking to hire adult amateur webcam models for private webcam shows at one of the lagrest company in the business.

Follow this link to apply:

– You need to be over 18, and you will be asked to send copy on your ID to prove this.
– You can be male or female.
– For the job you need: computer, Internet connection and webcam.

– We are accepting models from all countries.
– You dont need any previous experience.
– You dont have to look like a supermodel nor pornstar.

The payment is very good. You can set your own rating and earn up to $80 per hour for private shows!
You can easilly earn over $2000 a month just by working 20 hours a week!
Our best models earn over $5000 a month.

You can become nude or non-nude model, although you will earn much more by beign a nude model.

After applying, if everything goes well, your account will be approved in less than 24 hours and you can start making money.

Payment is made via: PayPal, Check or Payoneer (downloadable debit card)

Follow this link to apply:

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You can earn by placing our blog link in other websites..
You can place our link in Yahoo answers or as comments in others blog posts..
You can earn 1$ each for placing our link in Yahoo answers or putting links along with your comment on others blog posts.Please note that if you are placing our link in yahoo answers or as comments in others blog posts,never just put the link.Try to put the link after your comment(like,your post is very attractive..more information is there in …..)

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Data Entry Earn $5000usd


easily you can earn money , just visit this website :

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Data Entry , Earn $2000USD


Easily you can earn money ,very easy data entry project

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Easy Data Entry – Retype Only Words And Longterm Project

Good morning freelancers

now i am introduce a goood opportunity to do workwith me . u can easily earn 70$ to 100$ per month and it is very easy typing job any one can do this job. new freeelancer also welcome.

your job is only retype the words u see and press enter just it is known as the captcha typing work. and this is my project for the 2 years and i am also select the winner of the project who is complete my target and i am also give them opportunity to do work with me.

my server name is :

so who is ready to do work on the night time and early morning they are place bid here .

who complete 10k in 7 days i am select that people forthe winner ofthe project.payment is done via freelancer.

and alsoplease bid here for the 30$ best of luck


this is the project it is not related with the frst project i am in this project give u only instruction about how to u can earn extramoney. it is not related withthe first project.

this is work only u can earn money only viewing the advertisement on the site and site is 100% pay payment .

i am now tell u step by step how to u earn money by viewing the ads.

step: first u copy and paste this link into your browser

step:2- after opening it u seee the site and u find the register option in the site and u click on it and then register.
in register u select your username and password and email id and for the payment u select the paypal or alertpay u can write any ids of both of this. and then filll all the field as ask,and then press register

step:3- after filling allthe information u see veryfication of requre so u will get the mail from the site into your mail id. and u just open it and u copy and paste the code which is sent in your mail id . and then registration complete

step:-4 after completing register u click onthe loging option and u filll the username which is choose by u and u seee the password option where u fill the password which is select by u and in the secondary option u not type any thing u leave secondady option and then u type the words which u seeeand then press logging . u redirected to into your account

step:-5 after u getting into your account u see in the top your page right side view advertisement option u just click on it and u find some ads and u click on it and u seee red button and u clcick on the red button and new site open in the new window and u wait till the site is not credited amount into yout account when the process is complete u close and clcikon the new ads . u do daillly this work and if u refer may people then u can earn very good money. when u reach the minimum pay out that time u willl get instant money into your account.

ok try it if u like to earn extramoney

and u also bid here for the frist project data entry work. bidmust be 30$

best of luck to all the freelancer.

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Livechat Support For

We are, leader in Ebusiness script in France.
In order to strengthen our system of Livechat on home page, we are going to hire operators that can provide support for "presales"and "basic tech support (no specific technical expertise is required because support calls will be routed to the support system off line) through our Livechat for at least 8 hours per day.

There is a huge undertaking. Often chats are not frequent. But we need the Live Chat is always live.

We offer a fixed $ 100 per month plus 10% of every sale made through the live chat.

The operator will sell the services that we offer in addition to our scripts and get a commission on each sales done.

For example, if operator sells a our Script on Demand service for $ 999 he will earn just $ 99 that will be added to the $ 100 fixed monthly. An excellent opportunity to earn some spare time and without much effort.

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New Data Entry , Daily Earn $$$

Hello freelancer,

This is very easy and simple data entry project,

new freelancer also most welcome,

My project is a long tram ,

Project budget $750USD

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Please contact me via skype: marguritjohn

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Earn US$1,000.00 Within 24 Hours

Please contact me via skype immediately for further information: marguritjohn

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Please contact me via skype for further information.

Skype: marguritjohn

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Are you frustrated with waking up every morning and wondering how you are going to pay your bills. Well the answer is finally here.

If you send just US$2,000.00 you will be able to make a six figure salary for life.

If interested please contact me via skype: marguritjohn and you will get all the information you need.

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Earn $4 For 1000 Word Essay In Just 3 Hours!

Need you to write a persuasive 1000 word essay to the following question.

Will pay $4 for it. The payment will be done via Paypal. More such work if You provide me excellent work this time.

Need to have it done within 3 hours.

Question to write:

"In what ways does participation in extra curricular activities such as sports, enhance the overall experience of students."

Will select someone soon.

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Data Entry Easy Earn


This is data entry easily earn money .

Long tram data entry project,

so we need hard workers ,

easily you can earn money

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So Simpel Data Entry Job & Eran $$$-20 Per Day


this is a very easy & smpel data entry project. no need any exprince for project, just tyeping

& earn. beside you can do work properly, weekly you could earn $$-100-120. so friend just bid $ you lot of earn.

please bid in my project.


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Data Entry Earn $$$$

I need someone to do very simple data entry job.
I have images that I want to be converted into text.

I need someone who has good typing speed and finish the 2k words within 2 days.

payement throught GAF.

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