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Compleate Private Branding Solution

I am looking for a Designer that can implement the compleate private branding solution .

We need Design something mixed between the original site but to be funny and usefful like with Pictures for the destination Ideas , facebook share and like buttons.

For more detailed information You can make a registration in

and see how the site can be build verry eassy here. Just putting the codes in the Header and Footer fields. The project is verry eassy.

You are invited to see this link

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Eassy Writing English.

Alright I need eassys written about 10 of them, 2 of them before november 1st. They must have perfect grammar and look great you need to do research on them yourself and now I will provide you with the topic alright now please tell me how much you are willing to get paid for 10 articles, so if you want 5$ for 10 thats 50$. NOTE: THEY CANNOT BE PLAGIARIZED, After I have made sure they are original I will transfer you the money. Thanks.

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