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Rewrite 70 Article


I have 70 articles that need to be rewrite, 10 per day. PAY $1.00 PER ARTICLE

I will give you the articles that need to be rewritten, you can use all text or part of it. Final article must contain 500 word, be at least 85% unique from the old ones and pass Copyscape. If an article has many spelling, punctuation errors and does not pass Copyscape I will not pay for the article until it is fixed and resubmitted.

Please attach a sample of your previous work for my reference. Also, TEAMS WITH ENOUGH EXPERIENCE AND NATIVE WRITERS WILL GET FIRST PREFERENCE. However beginers can apply too.

Thank you.

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Article Writers For My Team

I am looking for a content writer with the very good writing skills.

Please submit your sample article while bidding and let me know whether you are ready to write a sample article on the topic given by me.

The rate I can offer is $1.5/500 words for new articles and $1/500 for rewrites. So, please do not bid if you are not agree with the rates. You will only be paid if your articles get approved and if its rejected, you have to entirely rewrite it.

Please understand that deadlines are important and if you have reasons for not meeting deadlines, please do not bid.

The articles once paid for would be under my ownership.

Please do not bother to bid if you are not willing to work for long time and interested in writing just one or two articles.

Happy Bidding,

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Spin Phrases Within My Article – $30 – Easy Work II


I have a 500 word article that Ive partially spun (Ive spun each sentence so each one of them has 4 alternatives)

I want you to go in and change as many phrases within each sentence as possible. Each spinned phrase needs to have 4 alternatives total.

Youll be paid $30 and I need it in 48 hours.

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Spin Phrases Within My Article – $30 – Easy Work.


I have a 500 word article that Ive partially spun (Ive spun each sentence so each one of them has 4 alternatives)

I want you to go in and change as many phrases within each sentence as possible. Each spinned phrase needs to have 4 alternatives total.

Youll be paid $30 and I need it in 48 hours.

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Easy Job To Edit Old WordPress Content

I need someone to edit my old wordpress content.
My website
I need to change my video with newest videos from youtube or other website (you need to search by your self).
After got the code, you need to put bit code on youtube url first because I want to exclude related videos (code will given).
Then, copy paste youtube url and delete my old videos with yours.
Then, put, my affiliate code at bottom. Select categories and add tag keyword
If needed because movie description have more review,
I need you to put movies thumbnail on left/right side article.
Then, click "read more" tag (before videos) then the last step please click star rating.
Finished. Just need around 30-60 second to finished.
Totally easy and just copy paste only.
I have 10,655 post pages there. I want to start asap.
Would you please give me your bid.
I will consider the cheapest and fastest to finished.
Thank you very much.

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Article Rewriting – Easy Work $1 Per Article

Project Details:

Articles must pass copyscape
Must be well written and exhibit proper spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.
Must sound written by a native english, please do not bid if you cant write fluent English
Articles must be 450 words

Bids will only be considered with a trial article rewrite…
All other terms and requirements will be discussed if you are hired

We pay:
$1 for the first 100 articles
$1.2 for 101-200
$1.3 for 201-300
$1.4 for 301-400
$1.5 for 401-500
$1.6 for 501-600
$1.7 for 601 and more

Thanks and goodluck

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Rewrite An Article

I need someone to rewrite all 7 articles on this website:

Its a really easy job but I need someone who knows how to write well and follow ezinearticle guidelines.

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Easy Article Rewiting Job (Trial) 1.20 Per Article

Hi and Thanks for visiting.
I am looking for professional article rewriters. I will supply you with all of the articles to be rewritten as well as all keyword phrases.

I will need a minimum of 25 articles submitted for my approval from each candidate PER 7 days. This is just min.; you

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Article Rewriting – $1/article – Easy Work

Looking for US English speaking writer. Weve 30 articles of 500 words to rewrite.You must send me at least 7 articles per day. Bid over $30 will be ignored

I will pay $1/article total $30/30 articles

Bids will only be considered with a sample rewrite.

Here is a sample:
Every day, a large number of online websites are being established with different purposes. You are also eager to have your own website, for fun or making money online, arent you? If this is the case, then the initial process to start with is to get a web hosting service. Web hosting service is a type of internet hosting system that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own websites accessible through World Wide Web. With a myriad of web hosting services available out there, without careful comparisons it will be hard to find a good service that would be conducive to your website development.

If you are not able to fulfill the following terms, do not bid.

– Rewritten articles must pass Copyscape and have no more than 6% duplicated content on Dupefree Pro.


– You must include keywords and be familiar with keyword density (use Dupefree Pro for this.)

– RATE OF PAY IS $1.00 USD PER ARTICLE. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. I do however, believe in rewarding quality work. Meaning if your articles meet my expectations repeatedly, I will give you bonuses and a pay increase.

– I will pay you within 24 hour after you send me articles.

– Accepted Articles, or those in which you are compensated, become my property and you may not use them for anything, even as samples. If I do not accept your article, you may use it as you wish. The review process can take up to 48 hour after being received. Please make sure you are aware of this. We will let you know when we have received your submissions.

– Articles must be free of spelling or grammatical errors, and must be written so that each paragraph is meaningful and contains personality. In other words, it must read like it was written by a native speaker.

– Articles are at least a minimum of 500 words. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTION TO THIS.

– You must send me at least 7 articles per day. I will pay you within 24 hour after you send me articles.

If you are dependable, we will ask you to stay on for long-term services.

If you understand and accept these terms, feel free to place a bid or send a PM. I encourage everyone who is interested to apply.

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Mod Rewrite Rules – EASY – NEED ASAP

Need someone to help me with small job. Show me how to setup modrewrite for 301 on pages like the below.



I used below and it failed.

RewriteRule ^funFacts.shtml#benefits$ [R=301,L]

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Rewrite 1 Single Article 60 Times – 1 Week To Finish $30

I have an article that needs to be rewritten 40 times each rotation will be unique
copyscape, good grammer, natual writer

this article is on laptop ac adapter.
be creative to present the article.

here is the article

each article with different title and different sub headings and offcouse content

so 40 times you need to rewrite and you should be accommodate to allow revisions.

if you guys like, send me 1st rewrite for consideration.

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Web Researcher: Find And Rewrite Home Remedies

***Excellent English an Absolute Must***

We need two writers to find and re-write home remedies and herbal remedies for different diseases. It

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I have simple requirements. The articles must be informative, non-plagiarized and they must be grammar-perfect. If you can not do these things then better not bid because these things are very important for me.

I want you to start with ONE GOOD ARTICLE A DAY for my blog.

I will provide you the topic and link and you should be able to rewrite it in your own words and the content should be 100% unique. I will check this with help of dupefreepro.

You must be able to communicate with me well using some method of communication.

We will start with 5 articles and if you are good this might turn into a long term opportunity. Both individuals and teams can post for this bids. Successful completion will result in more work.

Minimum payout will be after 15 articles. I will pay after 5 articles to show that i am into fair business.

If you think that you are good enough and agree to my terms and conditions then start bidding.

PLEASE ATTACH SAMPLE of your work else your bid will not be considered. If you have read and agree to the terms and conditions write “Understood” in the PM else your bid will be ignored.

So to summarize:

1. Specify your background and where are you from.
2. Whether you agree to my terms and conditions
3. specify your mode of communication
4. Availability hours in GMT
5. Your expectation per article
6. Attach a sample Article to show your skills.
7. Are Ready to rewrite a sample for me? (If i use it i will pay for it)
8. Turn around time to rewrite one article.

I need quite a few writers so if you are good there are chances that you will get an opportunity.

I am sorry I am tight on budget so I expect the rates to be a maximum of $1.

Happy Bidding !!! And let me know if you have any other queries.

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Article Rewrites – 50 Articles – Part Time Work Avail

Looking for writer to rewrite articles. Most of them are reviews for different products.

– each articles should have around 400 words.
– the articles must be unique
– it must pass copyscape
– some writer just replace some word in the articles. they don

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