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Ebay Snipe / Sniper Script

I am looking for someone who has already built an ebay snipe script / site.
I like the idea of . Using the same ebay user name and password for the login to the site is nice.
The snipe system must work with ebays affiliate network aslo must be comfortable with ebay API.

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Programing EBay Live Feed

I have an ebay store.Looking for a person to configure a live automation of my products inventory
update to 2 existing opensource sites and allow visitors to order directly form the sites or tack ebay orders made from the sites.

Installing paypal, google checkout, API

I want to see examples of this type work your have done in past.

This is a very small project and should not take much time so dont make a biggie of it in your bid or dont expect a reply.

Mush be able to do this now.

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