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Custom Prostores Web Design Needed

We have several stores in several channels. We have an ebay store
and want the design, home page, category landing pages to match the ebay store. We have and will provide graphics from the ebay store. We will set up shopping cart functionality and import products and categories from EBay but require the winner to also build the following funtionality that we have in our other prostores site (PLEASE REVIEW THIS SITE FOR FUNCTIONALITY BELOW)

1. Google analytics
2. Google check out
3. Amazon check out
4. Fast loading SEO firendly home page
5. Geotrust Button
6. Payment Methods buttons and Icons
7. Google translator
8. Facebook "like buttons" on all products and pages
9. Breadcrumbs functionality
10. Fly-out left nav functionality

On all the numbered items above I can provide access to the code used to create this functionality in our enlightenedexpressions site so you can adjust and re-use in the new site. Please read this specifications carefully and quote both time and bid

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Ebay Api – Upload Product File And Images

We have a simple excel spread sheet and images of approx. 300 products that we need to have uploaded to our eBay store. We have the free use of eBays File Exchange software to upload listings easily and efficiently. Images need to be uploaded to eBays eBay Picture Services (EPS).

So basically two very simple things: 1. upload product file via eBays File Exchange AND 2. Images need to be uploaded to eBays eBay Picture Services (EPS).

I presume you know how to do the above and worked with similar simple projects.

Thank you,

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USA Ebay Sellers Wanted


Im looking for an ebay seller with no listing volume limits to sell an inexpensive information product on ebay.

If interested, contact me for details. Thanks.

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Ebay Seller Looking For Products

I am a Ebay Seller with 450 feedback and my accout is over 5 years old.

I am looking for new products to sell. I can list as many items necessary per day.

Please contact me if interested in working together

I live in Australia

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Ebay Sellers Wanted — High % Per Sale -300$ Per Day

We are looking for productive eBay sellers. At first you will be listing around 1-2 items daily , after a certain period of time you will be listing more . Some of our sellers are making $350+ a day.

—-Youll need an eBay account with a decent amount of Positive Feedback. You will be listing on eBay US & UK and sometimes Canada .
—-Your eBay, Paypal & Amazon account must be more than 6 months old. Preferably more than a year old.
—-You must have a valid, working and completely unlimited verified Paypal account which has been used often for transactions (So payments dont get held). You must not have any sending or receiving limits.
—You should have the time in the day to answer customer questions, list items and create sales reports.
—-You should be experienced in selling; I will provide listing descriptions, images etc.; I will answer your questions but you must be able to follow simple directions and think for yourself.

—–Auctions will be BIN (Buy-it Now).
—–You will receive 10% per sale; you will be selling more than one item per day.
—–We will pay eBay, Amazon & Paypal fees.
—–Shipping for items is free.
—–You will send a sales report at the end of each day; items will be posted the next working day.
—–Your eBay, Paypal fees & commission stays with you when you pass on the payment.
—–Items will be shipped once I receive payment and tracking numbers will be provided with most items.
—–Support questions will be forwarded to me and I will write the reply to send.

Please include your eBay ID in PMB with your bid.

This is commission based Only , so your bid is just to start communications and to get started .
Thanks !!!!!

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EBay Sellers Needed & Wanting To Sell

I am US based with a product that everyone seems to want or own. This business proposition applies to eBay sellers. Here is what I am looking for from sellers on eBay:

– Good feedback status
– Previous experience in eBay sales
– Good customer care
– Verified PayPal account without limitations

Amazon sellers also welcomed.

Our project includes:

1) Full listing support- professional item descriptions, title, gallery pictures and everything else needed for eBay selling

2) 2 different commission options for the seller on every paid item

3) We will cover all eBay and PayPal fees.

4) The job itself is simple – its basically data entry & customer care- the rest is pretty much our part of the responsibilities. It will take appx 1hour a day if done correctly. Please consider that we need to be able to contact you daily via Skype/MSN/Yahoo or e-mail if for only a few moments.

5) This project is fora long-term partnership so if after the first month both sides are satisfied we can increase commissions upon an agreement.

We are a USA based company and once we start our partnership I will send you my contact information so you can feel secure about all your business sales.

Payment Methods: Will be discussed upon working together. We are flexible to work any way just so both parties are comfortable and feel safe.

I will provide you with out products once you feel your interested in knowing more. These products sell anywhere from 100-300.00 per item and every item always sells. you can make a substantial amount of money depending on the amount you want to list.

PLEASE provide your eBay ID if you decide to contact us.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Ebay Listing

We need a person who will make some listings.
Must have paypal and ebay account.
Must have good photoshop skills.
Please send your info to review it.

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Graphics Designer Required To Create Template


We require a template made for us to use on our eBay store search result picture.

Please PM for more details.


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Designwork – Ebay Logos And Banners

I have some graphic design work I would like to have done:

1. redesign 3 of my outdated logos.
2. Banner adverts – flash (5 rotating adverts that will promote products in my store)
3. HTML Click graphic that will link areas on the graphic to section within my ebay store

Notes: All 3 logo are clothing & shoe related, and must be original artwork, to my design brief. The logos need to be able to fit an ebay shop design size (all info will be given in due course)

This is a simple project, and I am looking for someone with experience of ebay design work (with example of past projects – ideally clothing / shoe related)

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Design Ebay Store To Sell Handicrafts

I would like to set up an Ebay Store for my handicraft items. You can view them in

A brief info on my products:

They are exclusive wall hanging items that are handmade. There are many design varieties each with sizes and colors to choose from. Since my crafts are positioned in a premium level Im the sole seller of the exclusive range of tapestry on my website. I have a lot of literature and content on the tapestry that supports my seo and sales.

What i would need is:

Design a template for the wall hangings.
– I would like to incorporate brief literature (how the tapestry is made, history.. etc) to support sales in the template. you may make it as links or write up as excerpts. I will provide the content

– input upto 20 products for auction / buy it now. There will need to be many pictures for each product in the template.

I already have an Auctiva account / feel free to suggest integration.

If interested pls outline what you will offer and the minimum price you can accept.


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Ebay And Paypal Accounts Wanted On Loan

Hey Bidders,

I will keep it simple, i am looking for people to loan Ebay accounts and paypal accounts on a commission basis, i sell televisions and mobile phones, i need as many accounts as possible as i need maximum exposure.

I do not need to be questioned, if you are interested drop me a line so we cantalk further,


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EBay Template Fix

As you can see my reviews are GOOD. I respect your work! Another provider was not able to come up with a code to fulfill my needs. In the following link you will see the eBay template life. What I need is the ability to insert a table (in the attachment ) with information about my products on the white area (container)of the product description on ebay . The table looks like this on my website: is the one under "detail description" it has a flash and other information.

the same table needs to be inserted on the eBay template.

by the way this is just a test product on my website….

The problem is that when I insert the table(HTML code) on the product description (container) eBay template (white area) everything gets mess up, however the container accepts regular text as you can see on the eBay link.

Previous freelancer had all the src files (pictures) stored on his server, I downloaded them and are included in the Attached file along with the code for the product description table and the eBay template code.

This is a no brainer for someone with the HTML knowledge.

Send me questions if you have any before you bid

first milestone payment is $10, do not ask for more!

I need this done in 48 hrs

Just to let you know. the whole template looks good on any HTML editor (including the table with the product description) but when is uploaded on eBay is when it gets mess up! so I will provide an eBay account for the developer to test the code multiple times before I make the final payment.

Clear instructions about how to change links on the template must be given!

New freelancers with not feedback are welcome, payment will be released at the end of the project.

Bid if you are sure you can do this job "fast"

Max I am willing to pay is $40

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Ebay Templates Needed

I currently sell on ebay and my listing description template needs a new look. Im looking for someone to design a new template (2 versions, same layout, just different colors for 2 selling accounts). Listings are fairly simple, description area, shipping info area, payment info area, 2-4 pictures (is it possible to do a light box or zoom effect?) and a banner across the top.

Please submit examples of similar work.

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WordPress Themes And Plugin Like

I am looking for someone who has used this Wishlist membership plugin and has experiance setting up membership sites using this plugin

I need someone to set up my web site with this plugin and create the error page, registration page, etc and get it all working correctly with paypal subscription button and aweber.

I am only looking for someone who can create this themes and plugin for acution and shopping cart

i want to look my site like

my site is :

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Cross Between EBay And

I am looking for a database like eBay has Where a customer can post a product and anyone looking for that product will be able to match through the information entered by the user. Also looking for geocaching, ecommerce through Paypal, web 2.0. I will need a NDA signed and I can give more details once it is signed. Will also need a resume.

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Internet Marketing For A Furniture Business

We are a UK based Furniture Retailer and currently sell via our website, Amazon and Ebay.

On amazon our monthly turnover is around £7000 and on Ebay it varies between £5-6k.

However, we could do without the charges Amazon and Ebay charge us for each sale and to maintain the shops and would like to increase our sites sell.

You can surely guess from the turnover that we are selling in a niche with high demands. We achive this by making sure that our price is the lowest.

We have are now investing heavily on our E-commerce site and working on SEO and Link building.


I am looking for Affiliate type Internet Marketers who will bring in genuine customers and I will pay 5% for each sale you achive.

The price of each item varies and starts from £70 upwards.

So there is a handsome earning potential for the right candidate.

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I need someone to bid on some items on ebay for me, these are items I am selling. I will give you the item numbers and price to bid. I will need this done on a regular basis and will $5-$10 each time.

PM me if you are interested, need it done now and will pay now.

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EBay Store Designer And Coder Needed!

I have a template that I would like to add to my ebay store, but I need someone to help me code it so its functional on ebay. Will also need some minor graphic adjustments on my template, but it is mostly just coding. Access to the store will not be available, so be to have extensive ebay knowledge

Bidder must be experienced with ebay design. Will send my template for interested bidders. Thanks.

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EBay Sellers Needed – Online Selling


We are interested in Working eBay/Amazon Sellers who can sell our Products Worldwide. We have Great Variety of Products and Offer Worldwide shipping for better sales.

We are working as Manufacturers and Drop Shippers and have Great Products to sell Online. Amazing Commissions and our Unique Way of Working will really help you and us to have Mutual Growth.

Interested candidates are required to provide us with their eBay id or other selling Platform names along with experience.
Highly Motivated and Dynamic Professionals are welcomed.

Further Information will be provided after we receive your BIDS!! Hope to have Great Online Professionals.


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Need Worldwide Ebay Business Sellers

Need ebay business sellers.
-with good feedback status
-previous experience in ebay sales,
-good customer care
-fluent english
-verified paypal account without limitations

Amazon sellers also welcomed.

Our project includes:

1)Full listing support- proffesional item descriptions, title, gallery pictures and everything else needed for ebay selling
2) Pay 3 US $ for every item You sold
3)we will cover all ebay and paypal fees.

4)The job itself is simple – it is basicly data entry & customer care- the rest is pretty much our part of the responsibilites – so it will take about 1hour a day if done proffesionaly.Please conosider that we need to be able to contact you daily via msn or e-mail.
5)Items is Geniune i dont want you sell other seller items when u start this project.We need the trusted business sellers

6)This project is for long-term partnership so if after the first month both sides are satisfied we can increase the listings numbers which will increase our mutual profit.

Please provide your ebay ID if you decide to contact us.

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Need Ebay Buyers’ Email List Or Seller’s Email List

i need ebay buyers email list or ebay sellers email list . can anyone provide?

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Looking For Seller On Ebay Or Amazon With Great Feedbacks

in need of people who are fast reliable and can send a daily report of all auctions in an organized matter.

All fees from ebay, amazon and paypal fees are paid by me
We pay you 5%-10% commission pay per item
knowledge of selling on ebay and or amazon required (sellers for other websites are also welcomed)
Must be able to receive and send money through paypal with no limit!
good standing feedback
all items are shipped directly from our warehouse brand new and sealed!
We will ship out the item only after payment has been made to our account. Our handling time is extremely quick. We ship within 24-48 hours.
Tracking # with delivery confirmation will be provided to you and all customers for all items shipped
Need seller with more than 25 positive feedback

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Looking For International Sellers

Hello everyone,

My company is looking to team up with quality eBay international sellers.

Applicants must be fully qualified:

– Account at least 1 month old
– 100% Feedback
– Honest
– Communication at least 3 times a day.

We are offering dropshipping of iPhones and other electronics and your profit should be about $50-$100.00 per sale.

Please bid if interested, looking to begin right away!

Lets make some money together!

Thank you,

Anna S.

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EBay Auto Lister For Collectors

Colnect is a website offering unique collectibles (coins / stamps / banknotes / phonecards and more) catalogs. These catalogs are unique and built by the community. Collectors on Colnect can manage their personal collection as you can see on collector profile pages on Colnect.

What we need is the ability to offer collectors to automatically list items they have for sale on eBay. Obviously, they should have an eBay account and a Colnect account for it.

Here are the scenarios:
1/ From a single item page on Colnect there should be a "list for sale" button which would request additional details (mainly specifying an items condition, price with shipping and possibly other details available on eBay sales not present on the catalog). The script will then fetch the catalog information from Colnect (including pictures and all data fields) and open a sale on eBay which will include the link to the item itself on Colnect.

Heres an example single item page:

2/ A collector should have the option to open a sale for a complete list of items such as:
In that case information and links for all items should appear in the sale.

Please write specifically if you have previous experience with automatic eBay item listing and if you believe all can be implemented via JavaScript or if youll need some backend (in that case PHP would be the choice).

Mind that before listing the script should check if the user has permissions on Colnect to use the auto-listing (a URL will be provided and the result will be a numeric code and possible message) and after listing it should be logged by a call to another URL.

Thanks for reading and good luck bidding 🙂

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EBay Listing Design And PHP Code For OsCommerce / EBay

We would like you to produce a php page that will generate a BRILLIANT eBay friendly HTML code so that we can quickly and professionally list products on eBay.

The PHP code will extract data about a specific product from our osCommerce catalog and create a great looking code to paste into eBay. Hence you shall need:
1. Great design talent to produce a great looking eBay product listing. It should also cross-sell items/us within eBay rules.
2. Enable us to add extra details if required.
3. Be easy to use and have a way to select the product / info.
4. You will need to be familiar with osCommerce 2.3.1

Deadline for this project is within one week.

Please provide:
1. Previous experience, design examples.
2. Previous eBay listing code examples if you have it.
3. Pricing info

Message us if you require our website address.

Thank you!

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