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Ebook Re-written

I need a writer who have experience and knowledge about affiliate marketing only.

I have 3 eBooks about affiliate Marketing with range from 26-38 pages which I need combine the contents to be a new ebook.

Everyting in a new ebook needs become unique and new word. I not accept if you copy and paste any part from original ebooks.

The new ebook must minimum 60 pages (14000 – 15000) words. For this job, you need to make some research about the affiliate marketing. Its easy for freelancer who have knowledge and experience with affiliate program.

Im looking for people who have a good command of the English language (with good grammar) and who can re-write the ebook within 7 days.

I will pay you at the maximum $100 for a 60 pages ebook. Please dont bid more than $100. But we will accept if you put below than $100.

You need to make sure that each book flows nicely and is fun to read and upbeat.

It cant be written in a article type of way where you just give facts and ends up being boring. You need to keep it light and fun. Add a few of your own phrases if you need to to keep things smooth.

You have to put some of your own character into it so the reader feels you (figuratively).

PS: If you think you can do this and would like ongoing work, please re-write the attached sample.
Then send it to me so I can evaluate you for continuous work.If you dont attach the re-written document which I have attached, then I wont be able to answer.

Indian English simply will not do. Phillipines and american writer preferred

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Creating Sales Funnel For WordPress Site And Blog

I need help creating a sales funnel for my WordPress static web pages and blog posts. Website URL is

What I have already done: I have already set-up this WordPress site with several static pages loaded with content, a couple blog posts, installed an SEO plugin (have loaded and activated with title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords), and I have E-Junkie order buttons installed on each static page ( I also want to be able to offer my eBook from my blog posts.)

What I am looking for: Professional with copywriting, web design, programming skills, that can create a sales funnel that maximizes several ways for the prospect to purchase my eBook from my WordPress web pages, blog, and from several choice eBook retailer sites.

This will entail.

#1: Setting-up eBook with several retailers like Amazon, Createspace, Lulu, Kindle, Smashwords, etc. to offer my eBook

#2: Setup a system to capture leads from web pages

#3: Help writing excellent content for autoresponder series of emails for maximum response

#4: Link those emails through a no cost low cost listing service to my website

#5: Offer any suggestions to improve sales beyond what I have mentioned above.

Note: The work will ensure my website and blog is optimized and the sales process is fully functional and automated.

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Ebook Writer Experienced With Building Blognetworks Needed


Im launching a domain finder tool soon, and I want to give buyers a free report. I need a writer for the free report

Im looking for Ebook/Report writer who is expert or has experience with building high pagerank blognetworks for getting linkjuice.

I need a 25-50 page ebook writting on this topic. I need advanced up-to-date stuff on the topic. e.g what domains are the best to take, internal/external linking for max linkjuice, common pitfalls, etc etc.

Ive got some information you can use for researching to create the ebook.

Native english writers please.

If you are interested, please list or pm me your price.

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WordPress Theme And Site Creation For Ebook Promotion


I need someone who can help me to create a basc wordpress theme for a ebook promotion.

A mockup of the design is attached.

I will also need some help with creating the site in the wordpress theme.

Provider should be able to demonstrate portfolio of previous work in the area

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Promote Free EBook On Blogs And Social Media

Pleas read the project description carefully as templated bids wont be accepted.

The project goal is to promote this ebook:

You need:
– research appropriate blogs and send out personal (!) emails
– promote via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon (not spamming but sending targeted (!) messages).
– your creative ideas (please list in your bid)

In a nutshell, it should be very focused and efficient promotion. No spamming in any way.

– Please dont bid over $80

– 7 days

The successful outcome of the project:
– Reviews and posts about the book.

P.S. To stand out, please include the similar projects youve done and their outcome.

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Write Ebook On Dangers/risks Of Preservatives In Skin Care

The requested ebook will form part of the promotional funnel for sales of a line of incredibly high quality preservative-free / paraben free skin care products on line. The ebook is expected to be 25-40 pages in length and focused on educating the reader on the risks and dangers associated with common preservatives used in skin care products and why they should use preservative-free and paraben free skin care products.

The contractor will have written several ebooks successfully used in online product promotions and will have done other online or direct mail copywriting. familiarity with the skin care industry is an asset. Please include a sample e-book if possible. This is not required but is highly encouraged.

Anticipated Milestones:
1. Approve Research Plan – this will include a limited review of published scientific results as well as consumer advocacy information and health authorities. In addition, the company marketing and educational materials should also be reviewed. We would like a copy or bookmark for all research reviewed online.

2. Complete Outline – this would include a full outline for the book with summary bullet points for each section as well as completed drafts of 2 sections to review for style

3. Full draft – complete first draft of the ebook

4. Revisions – We expect up to 1 major rewrite of the book and up to 3 minor revisions of the document (no changes to structure – i.e. a rewrite of a couple sections).

Please provide a breakdown of your quote by milestone.Add to Project Description

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Facebook Application – Creation

Like, Share, Get

Add the App from the App Area

What the End Product Is

Facebook Page – Page
First thing that shows up is the Reveal Tab if they have not pressed Like. This gets them to Press Like.
Once they like the page. What shows up is at the top a 520px x 240px Image which is the ebook and text or something in a graphic
Below the Image is a Share to Unlock Button. They press share and a popup comes up to share the free Ebook Details.
Once Share is done then the image above stays but the share button turns in to the name/email request to receive the ebook in there inbox.

Admin Area

Allows you to:

Add URL of Reveal Image
Add URL of Ebook Give Away
Add Share Title
Add Share Image
Add Share Description
Add URL of Favicon
Add Page Name
Add Optin Code


There needs to be licensing of the software based on an email address that is kept in a database that is able to be updated when users join a program.

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Reasearch For An Ebook

Researcher for an ebook
We are looking for a researcher, an enthusiast, to do an extensive research on two kinds of fish.
This may later turn into, along with e-book writing, p/t or f/t job for the right candidate. We need the researcher ASAP!
1. You will be responsible for locating and gathering content from various sources on the Internet relating to both topics of interest ( for chapters that we will send) and to keywords.
2. You will also need to:
a. create a list of additional keywords/keyword phrases during the course of research
b. submit an excel spread sheet containing a detailed and organized list of all content
c. you must provide religiously all your sources
d. the candidate we are interested in will need to make a short research on a topic given (not paid) unless he is awarded the contract – then the total fee will cover the short research requirement
e. download pictures for the points talked about in the book ( make sure they are not copyrighted)
f. be very neat and organized with great attention to detail
g. have great editorial skills
h. meet the deadline!
i. provide us with 300 pages of research data on the topics given; not less
j. please write; " I accept the terms" to show you have read and understood what I wrote
If you also have an e-book writing experience and can prove it, please indicate that you may also be interested in writing it later. ( separate bid)
REQD to attach:
1. your resume
2. cover letter
3. references
4. sample of work
5. your availability schedule

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Cleaning Ebook

I have writen an ebook and I want it to be edited. It is about 3-4 pages long.
The book is about cleaning.
Can some one come back to me as to what it would cost.

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Website Page Graphics And Ebook Cover Design


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An IPhone/iPad Ebook Reader

I need an iphone ebook reader. The primary function is to display content from text, html or epub source. The final content format has yet to be determined but I prefer something simple. For ease of reading, the app should support iOS functionalities such as zoom, scroll, page turning etc. The app will need to support in-app purchases. Therefore it will need ability to browse through available books for purchase.

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Ebook Editor/ Copy Writer & Proofreader

Ebook Editor/ Copy Writer & Proofreader

*24 Hour Deadline. Need ASAP!

*70 Page Success ebook needs to be edited and made cohesive throughout with the message.

Will be used as ebook download and for print.

*Need strong writer with perfect English grammar.

*I need someone with good writing skill to merge topics together, take out duplicate points and make like a mainstream book. Your creativity would be welcomed.

*You must be able to write perfectly in US English and pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

*You can ask questions and start bidding with a sample immediately. I will choose a winner today.

* The 70 Page ebook should be of high quality success and motivation material that is provided in the draft.

* You must be able to write with perfect grammar.

* Bids Without sample are not able to be considered.

* Bids over $39 are not able to considered at this time.

Thank you!

03/16/2011 at 14:28 EDT:

$39.00 For Project!

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WordPress Theme + EBook Graphics

This is the first of several very-similar projects, so we are seeking an ongoing relationship with a capable and talented designer, with good work ethics, good communications and a strong sense for aesthetics.

We are building a celebrity fansite, in WordPress (WP). The site is already up using a simple theme, and here is what we need:
#1) Create WordPress theme:
Create custom graphics for the theme, using mostly pics that we provide, but possibly pics that you find on the web of that celeb. (such as in Google image search). Any pics that you find – write down the reference so that we can credit them with copyrights.
This is mostly a graphics job – the theme should look GOOD – very inviting to visitors. Technically speaking – there is not much to do here – just a simple WP theme with one right-side menu, enabling us to use it for Google AdWords (we have an adwords plugin) and/or for providing links to pages in a certain category only.
This last note means: Lets say we have pages categorized in CategA, CategB and CategC – we would like to be able to show in the right sidebar only links from the relevant category – CategA sites will show links from CategA, etc.

But thats all. Except for graphics which should be high-qual, everything else is simple (no need to code forums, shopping carts etc.)

#2) Create 2D ebook cover graphics:
Beside the site design – create a 2D png pic that could serve as the title page of an eBook we are writing.
Provide a copy of the pic with a different eBook name.
(So thats two pics – same graphics with different text)

#3) Create 3D ebook cover graphics:
Simple – just create 3D cover graphics from the pics created in #2 (again – the graphics will be the same – except for the ebook name)

Thats all. And again – This is the first of several very-similar projects, so we are seeking an ongoing relationship with a capable and talented designer, with good work ethics, good communications and a strong sense for aesthetics.
If you are a firm (not an individual) please state whether you will be able to promise us that future projects will be performed with the same team as this one – we want to prevent cases where we do a great project now, but receive a bad team for future projects.

Showing examples/portfolios of quality site designs and/or ebook graphics is a PLUS.

*** ALSO – we will soon have a few projects for creating YouTube videos – If you have Video creation skills (creating slideshows and making a vid from them) and send us examples, that would be a definite PLUS. ***

Feel free to blast me with any questions you might have.

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List My Ebook Package For Sale One Major Forum And Sites.

I would like someone to list my ebook for sale on major websites such as :

Warrior forum
Digital point

And any others they know of.

Please PM me with the cost to do so, plus what sites you know of that you will be selling it on.

I will provide you with the sales text, all you need to do is post it.

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Sell 200 Copies Of My Ebook 50% Commission

I have made one book with the topic name

"PDF Ebook Containing HIGH Pr EDU links" With Fully Guide and With ScreenShot
PDF file containing 15 links to High Pr EDU websites along with full intructions.

All Links are Pr 5-9

I want to sell 200 Copies of this ebook
The retail price for this ebook is = 25$

You will Get Commission of 50%/Sale

Serious Can Bid Here

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Sell 200 Copies Of My Ebook

I am looking for someone to sell 200 copies of my ebook. It is available through the website as well as through I already have a press release and you tube video available. I would like the books sold by the end of the month. The website for the book is

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Epub Ebook Reader Iphone Ipad

I am graphic designer myself, i have a lot of books and magazines.
I have them in indesign and im able to export EPUB format.

So what i need is EPUB reader (ebook reader) source code in xcode, where i can change epub document and generate separate application for apple store. (tutorial would be very nice on how to change epub doc). Result must be one ebook with cover page.

Reader should have:
– 1 cover page screen after which loads epub
– possibility to change font and font size
– search for text in ebook
– remember place where finished reading
– it should look good on iphone and ipad (its ok with only vertical version)

The main thing for this would be price, because my ebooks will be for free and i dont have very much free money to invest.
So you can offer me some already written app with different options if it can make price smaller.
Icons or any other graphics if needed i will make myself.

I think thats all. Please ask me if you have any questions.

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Ebook Writting

This is for LittleVince only.

Rewrite ebook 18 – 20.000 words in french.

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Complete Photography Lighting Guide Ebook Required

We require a ghostwriter to write a ebook on complete guide to photography lighting.

Please give your quote and also your expertise

Kind regards,

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EBook Cover Designer

Im looking for an experienced eBook cover designer with exceptional skills.

This is on-going work and I look someone with real talent.

When placing a bid, please send a PM with your eBook Cover Portfolio.

Thank you.

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EBook Chapter (1,500

The project is to write a chapter of an eBook that explains shopping cart systems and online order forms. You must be able to provide high quality informative content in an easy to understand writing style. The information is not intended to be used simply for SEO purposes, but as part of an actual marketable product.

1. What a shopping cart is and the basic functions of a shopping cart
2. What an online order form is, and how it works
3. When it makes sense to use a shopping cart vs. an order form
4. The importance of using a secure connection for online orders
5. A list of 5 popular shopping cart systems for use by U.S based merchants (with a brief description of each and links to their websites)

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IPad, IPhone Ebook Reader Additional Functionality

We are developing an iPad, iPhone app for ebook reader which loads ePub files(XHTML).

We already have application code for rendering ePub file. We would like you to add functionalities like

1. Highlight Text with a color
2. Add note any where in the Text.
3. Search Text.

We are using UIWebview to render the XHTML files.

The functionalities should be similar to that in iBooks or Amazon Kindle.

We need you to add these functionalities to our App.

If you have done apps for eBooks, Please provide details and samples of them. We are looking for someone who is available to discuss more about project details on skype and finishes their work in a timely manner.

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Transcribe Written Interview To Ebook

I have a written interview that i needed transcribed into an ebook. I have a four day deadline.

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Experienced Ebook Writers

I need experienced ebook writers to write several 40-60 page how-to ebooks.

Please mention if you have any experience in this field.

I am really looking for someone that is able to write about internet marketing also.

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Mebership Site Content Created From My Own Ebooks

I am looking for someone who is skilled in writing and has an excellent command of the English language; to take my personally authored ebook (s) and break it down into 40 to 60 days of step-by-step drip content for a membership site. I specialize in a specific weight loss niche and need to deliver this content over 4 to 8 weeks of daily content. The right candidate writes well, with special attention on spelling and grammar, and will make the content easy to follow.

The content will include specific diet phases, procedures, meal plans, and an exercise schedule, with most if not all of the content being supplied form my ebook (s) and blogs. I would like this project to be completed within 5 days time if possible.

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Additional Functionality For IPad, IPhone Ebook Reader

We are developing an iPad, iPhone app for ebook reader which loads ePub files(XHTML).

We already have application code for rendering ePub file. We would like you to add functionalities like

1. Highlight Text with a color
2. Add note any where in the Text.
3. Search Text.

We are using UIWebview to render the XHTML files.

The functionalities should be similar to that in iBooks or Amazon Kindle.

We need you to add these functionalities to our App.

If you have done apps for eBooks, Please provide details and samples of them. We are looking for someone who is available to discuss more about project details on skype and finishes their work in a timely manner.

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EBook Reader For IPhone And IPad

We need ebook reader project for iPhone and iPad whith source code..

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Iphone/Ipad Ebook Source Code


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Two Ebook Covers.

Two ebook covers related to blogging and creativity techniques.

These books are intended for an audience of 25+.

Please send PM with a proposal.

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$ 75 Per Sale Need Ebook Sales

Need Ebook Sales.

Pay is $75 per sales.

message me for affiliate link and information.

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Rewrite Content For Driving Instructors Ebook In UK

I need to rewrite content for eBook about how to become a driving instructor in UK.

The job:
– current 41 pages need to be rewriten for copywriting purposes and I can supply you with another 123 pages of useful content if needed to add some more information
– 3 pages – check grammar, spelling and some text editing if needed
– main website – 1 page to check content and some editing
– prefferably PDF format or other

Knowledge about UK driving or driving instructors would be useful.
Thank you

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Ebook Writing En Español (sólo Mujeres)

Estoy buscando redactoras femeninas urgente para comenzar hoy mismo a escribir artíclos que formarán parte de un ebook sobre relaciones amorosas.
Es importante que estén dispuestas a comenzar a trabajar hoy mismo o añana a más tardar. Se valorará experiencia, responsabilidad y honestidad.
Se asignarán diferentes temas a cada escritora y deberán desarrollarlos entre hoy y mañana, luego asignaremos más temas para las próximas semanas.
Les pedimos que aclaren cuantas palabras consideran que pueden escribir durante el día de hoy y mañana hasta las 5 PM GMT. Se enviará mayor información a aquellos interesados.

Pago aprox: $2,5/500 palabras
Gracias a todos!

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