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Images Redesign

Will provided mobile phone images 20 in total, would like the following:

Add appropriate background to appeal to customers
Add product name, font must be in same design

Home page rotating image 10 total, of the above products

Images on the home page that must be designed, these images will fade in and out and will be larger than the images above.

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AutoParts Ecommerce

Create Ecommerce – (copy from AdvanceAutoparts) only these American car brand : Chevrolet, Ford , GMC, Dodge, Chrysler, Hummer

All car parts from the last 10 years.

pretty much I need a copy image from – Parts and Description.

all content should be ready for Ecommerce.

Let me know if you need more info

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ECommerce Simple Shop

I need a website designed to sell a certain product. It will start off only selling 1 product, but will be available in different colours and sizes. The site will need a login for customers so they can monitor their orders and be notified when there order is shipped. The shopping basket should also allow customers to use Discount codes which I can make up. I need to have a login portal to check on orders and also be notified of any orders by email.

This will be using Paypal to check out so must be compatible. But I would also like to have other payment options when I have sorted my online merchant account.

The customer needs to have the ability to change the currency. I will be registering domains in,, and .com…. as I will be mainly selling to UK and Australian markets. Depending on the customers delivery location, delivery will need to be automatically calculated

I would also like affiliates to be able to link to my products and have a way to monitor this to see the amount of sales they have driven.

The site will need to come high in google rankings

Graphic design ability is very important for this site, it must look extremely professional!!

I will let the winning bidder know of other similar sites, but this site must be much better quality and easy for people to use!

Please send me information of what you can do, you must also provide links to similar projects you have completed (ecommerce ideally) so I can check the quality of you work.

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Image Upload Script Fix

Need to be able to upload multiple images for products in our Custom CMS

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