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Several Mods Needed For An OSCmax Ecommerce Website

1. Add dropdown menus for sorting by sizes, date added and prices to product listing page (index_products.tpl.php). Sorting by sizes has to be independent of other sorting methods and available size selections may not be the same depending on the categories selected.

2. Show total price amount and numbers of items added to the cart next to the My Cart navigation bar on the top right hand side of the website, i.e. My Cart(1) $20.00.

3. Need a crawler to keep my inventory in sync with the vendors. Each product of different colors and sizes from vendors website has its own unique attribute sku_id listed along with its price and quantity that we can extract and input to a csv file and then upload to the database where the existing table products_stock is used to control product quantity info of different attributes. I notice there are some web crawlers out in the market available for download, so I dont need anything more complicated than those. Any other better idea is also welcome.

4. Add option of view 80 per page to product listing page, currently only one option is allowed and is set to 20 via admin control panel.

5. Change the way search result is displayed. Current setting is one product per row, and I like to change it to 4 products per row just like the way products displayed on other pages.

6. Change the way color and size dropdown menu of product info page is displayed. Current setting will display i.e. "red" and "small" upon entry of the page and like it to be changed to "red" and "size", so customers will be forced to pick the right selection. Also, the available size selection should change accordingly with the color selected.

Some existing contributions might be helpful for this project:

Sort Products By Dropdown-

Quantity for Product Attributes Mod- – Since the total summary quantity does not automatically sync with the sum of attribute quanities, might need a way to reset the total quanitty, so no errors show from QTPro or Stock Report of admin control panel.

What I need for all the Mods except Mod #3 can be found from as reference.

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I am looking for a web developer to develop & design multiple e-commerce websites.

The framework is apache ofbiz.

Need this to be done asap.

In case you do not have apache ofbix knowledge and have good knowledge of java you can still do it as its a well documented system.

I need to select someone asap.


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SEO Needed For Magento Ecommerce Site

I Need an experienced SEO for a Ecommerce Magento Website for ranking in,,, and My given keywords should be be used as anchor text.

Please do not bid if you have no link building experience.
Experienced in Magento platform and Ecommerce sites a must.

– No black hat or Grey hat tactics.
– No spamming, no cloaking, no blog farms, no link exchange networks.
– NO ARTICLE or Directory Sites, No Comments,
– We require white hat techniques only.
– No subdomains, back links must be on a www.
– Links must be from English, French, German, Italin and Spanish languages websites only.
– Links must be permanent and static HTML. All links must be non-reciprocal.
– Link pages and our text links must be visible, readable, indexable and DO-FOLLOW.
– Linked sites must be search engine friendly, established and fully active.
– Pages must be indexed and cached by Google, Yahoo and Bing within last 30-60 days
– Domains must be from different IP addresses and different Class-C IP addresses.
– 20% of the links must be the rest should come from domains .com/ /.de/.es/.fr/.it/.edu/.org,.net
– One link per domain. Additional links on that domain will not be paid for.
– You must build links manually at 1-5 per day and spread them over required days.
– Prefer high ranking Alexa sites.

Spreadsheet should be provided with the following information (to correct errors, if any).
1) Username / Password
2) Link site exact URL (clickable hyperlink), Site Name.
3) Domain / subdomain Google Page Rank.
4) Anchor text used for the link.
5) Link Destination.
6) Date placed

– No black hat and other unethical SEO. spam techniques. Only ethical work will be accepted.
– No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text
– No robots.txt blocking, fake PR, banned by Google, Yahoo, Bing sites
– No use of automated software or bots.
– No links from under construction pages.
– No link farms and link exchange programs or web rings such as,, – No adult websites or with illegal content

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I just need a small poker website

I need a new/ customized poker system

I need good graphics for tables

the designer should be able to make it look as good as any of the popular poker websites
such as poker stars etc

There will real gambling and practice play


bank deposit

The main objective will be to have software that works

downloadable or not

ecommerce a strong asset= continual assistance will be needed as a webmaster
for an extra 300$. MONTH to make sure everything runs smoothly

that is why I can only pay 250$ for this project

125$ upfront

125$ upon completion

Thank you

Paypal API
Software Architecture
Software Testing

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Ecommerce Website Modification

Need Oscommerce experts for little modifications in PHP built OsCommerce website.


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