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Video Editing For Youtube Channels

Were looking for a video editor that can arrange music and effects on video shooting provided by us.

The video will be use on our youtube channel, facebook and websites.

All our contents are about muay thai world.

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Video Editing (Adobe Premiere)

Video editor required to edit professionally shot HD footage of small businesses into company profiles/promotional videos for the companies websites.

You would be provided with around 20 minutes of footage, to create a 1-2 minute video. Sometimes a voiceover may be used, and in these instances the audio will be provided to you. If you have royalty free music, this would be an advantage, but if not, it can be provided as well.

You must use Adobe Premiere and you will provide us with the project file rather than a rendered video.

This will be ongoing work for the right freelancer. Please bid for one such video and provide a link to your showreel if you have one.

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Video Editing Software

I need a program designed by a software programmer. This program needs to be implemented into my website where users will be able to upload and edit videos whenever they want. The program needs to be custom and fully belong to us. The program also needs to be able to add features to the video that we offer.

Please do not message me unless you have viewed this website or i will ignore your message. I need a program to operate like if you dont know how to create that program please do not contact me.

Program needs to be finished within 30 days.

02/14/2011 at 19:14 EST:

Web design and coding is done. I just need the program to be created and implemented into our website.

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Need Video Editing Expert

I need a video editor to edit HD Video and give a professional look.

i will provide you with raw Video in full HD quality you need to edit and mix the video to make it professional one.

sample output should be like this .

i am paying $5 per 1 of output video .
i have good amount of work for right person.

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Video Editing

This is my website:

I have prepared several videos I made them myself. Im looking for a person to edit it for me to make them more professional. They are big files, but most of them are meaningless sections because I was using a hidden camera to film the real customers. The meaningful parts are totally around 15 minutes. And I just need it to be around 3~6 minutes. I am not really looking for super cool effect; instead, what I want is a person with marketing/sale way of thinking. I need the video to be able to attract my potential clients to "buy my products", not feeling "WOW it is cool…." So I need a person to watch the video as a potential client and catch the important parts and edit them together. Ill explain more about what my audience is so you will have an idea which part I should keep and which part shouldnt stay. If it is possible, Id love to have subtitle in the video too.

Here is the links of my videos, you can feel free to download and take a look at them.
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8

PS. My videos are not really "official" yet; they were just taken by me with my iPhone hidden. I am having this job as a test water experiment. I am going to attend a trade show on 2/24, and I will display the video there to see if a good video can really provide a good marketing force to my clients in my case. If it really does, then Ill film a series of much better videos and ask for editing again. So I am also looking for a long team relationship because I have several products in line. The person who makes my video this time will most likely automatically take my future projects since we have built a good understanding of each other. Thats why for this testing video, I think I am not taking job for over $100 at this moment. Thank you.

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Wedding Video Editing

I have two hours of raw footage of a wedding that needs to be edited down to approximately 45 minutes of finished product. The footage is DV/NTSC format and already captured to a portable harddrive which will be sent to the chosen freelancer. I need the edit done in Final Cut Pro and to have the FCP project file delivered back with the harddrive on completion.

The structure of the finished video should be as follows:

1) Pre-Ceremony: A montage of the footage of before the wedding, edited to one or two songs. (All music will be provided on the harddrive as well)
2) Ceremony: The ceremony needs to be kept as intact as possible.
3) Post-Ceremony: A montage of the footage between the ceremony and the reception.
4) The Reception/Dancing: A compressed version of the dancing and reception partying – i.e. edit down each song to be about half as long in length.
5) Highlights: A montage of the whole wedding day set to a specific song.

No audio cleanup or color correction is required, just straight editing.

I expect it will take about 6 hours of editing time to complete this project.

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Photoshop And Video Editing Job

ProAD prepares professional quality audio/visual presentations for clients in the business community. The present job requires editing abstract images in PhotoShop and placing them in a specified order in a video sequence. The length of the video to be made is 2 minutes. The images should be animated within the video. Our client has provided an image file which will be forwarded to the selected Provider with specific instructions regarding the image sequence and required PhotoShop adjustments. The Provider must produce a video file that is recognized by ONE of the following software packages: Adobe Primer Elements, Cyberlink PowerDirector, or Corel VideoStudio Pro X3.

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Video Editing

This posting is strictly for video editing and does not require camera work. I am looking for a proficient freelance editor to edit a series of online videos. This will become an ongoing project once we have established that we communicate well, and that you do quality work and understand the requirements of the project. I am not looking for slick and polished videos. I dont need high production values. It doesnt matter if the videos look self-produced. But sound quality, basic editing, good transitions and good cuts are important.

Video footage consists of actual one-on-one client sessions (taped with clients written permission). Videos have been shot with a tripod. A few were shot with an HD Flip camera, most of them with a Kodak Zi8. Some were shot at too low a volume. I want to know if there is a way you can enhance the sound of the finished product without compromising picture quality.

This initial project consists of cut/copy and paste editing a 40-minute in-session video into 2 basic "how-to" training videos (19 minutes and 13 minutes long) and 3 online videos (approx 2

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Need Video Commercial Editing For Youtube Use.

Need a professional who can video edit commercial for youtube.
We will provide 10 to 20 minutes of footages and video and expect you to edit it and make it looks nice (adding effects, transitions etc) and bringing it down to 30-60 seconds.

If we are happy with you we will do an average of 5-6 videos a week with you, on an going basis. We will pay $20 per video as we supply all the footage and all you need to do is edit. We will start off with 1-2 videos now. You have to be able to complete at least 3 videos per day. We will show you examples if needed.

Communication has to be excellent. You must honor the contract. You must also meet the deadlines set out to you and mutually agreed on. We will not pay up front, rather work through escrow and release payment once completed and satisfied.

We expect professional high quality work and communication.

We would like to start asap.

Please message me with examples of your work.

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Project For Hikingbike

Project for Hikingbike

Video editing.

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Round The World Trip Video Editing


we have about 1TB in HD movies taken when we traveled the world. The video was taken by a backpack mounted Countour HD. Quality is therefore variable and many parts need to be straightened/tilted first.

We need you to produce a 2hr long movie that highlights the best sections of our trip. We will provide a quick story book but it will be up to you to be director 🙂


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Video Editing

I have 15 minutes of testimonial videos from customers that I would like to be edited into 4 smaller videos and 1 larger video containing all of the information. The final product will incorporate my logo and contact information into all videos along with captions, transitions, and overall have a very professional look to it. If you cannot provide a demo or samples of work you have done in the past, please do not apply for this job.

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Video Editing Of Party Videos Required

Dear freelancer,

we captured yesterdays new years party on a Sony HD cam and would like to publish a nicely made video with story and video overlay texts and some nice effects.
For that we are looking for a talented innovative video editor who can do this kind of work.

The video needs to look innovative and nice (taking out of the video footage maximum possible). Please respond with your expirience and example video which you edited. Videos telling a story preferred.


01/01/2011 at 6:58 EST:

The footage existing is around 1hr and we would expect two videos ready for youtube publishing of
a) around 20 min with best scenes with story and interviews etc.
b) a one minute teaser with highest possible energy

The language within the video footage is english.

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Adobe After Effect Video Editing

Dear Freelancers,

I bought this 6 Adobe After Effect templates :
I would like you to edit all the texts and to translate them (example : merry christmas => Bonne Année 2011)
No change on the video, but all texts must be replaced

Would you please give me url on your portfolio where I can see what you did with Adobe After Effect


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Video Editing

I have filmed against a green screen our spokesperson talking about our product. What I need is for someone to add the animation I supply. Animation is simple, pictures of my product and wording that I will supply. I need someone who is experienced and NOT EXPENSIVE! I am on a very tight budget for this one. The finished product running time will be about 1:15.

Really looking to find someone who is creative and can add their artistic flair to it, making our boring industrial product more appealing.

I CURRENTLY HAVE TWO DIFFERENT PRODUCTS. SO THE BID WILL BE FOR TWO ~1:15 VIDEOS. Final outpitted product will be for the internet, not sure if it will be flash or mp4, will decide later.

This will be an ongoing project, I will be introducing one new product a montjh, so , it will be a monthly project.


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Video Editing

Editing video

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Video Editing

A 30 minute video of an interview from 2 camera angles needs to be combined and broken into smaller 1-2 minute segments. Needs to have titles and call outs added.

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Video Editing

THis is a 30 second video with a person talking. We Need a video editor familiar with Final Cut Pro or similar software to edit a short 30 second video. What we need for the editing is this:
Part way through the video, we need a panel to appear from the side, moving the video over, and then words inserted on the panel as the speaker says them. Then have the panel disappear and the video go back to normal for the rest.
+ open to suggestions

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Video Editing Audio Only Urgent Project

I have a video for my website 2:30 in length and need the existing audio on the video to be removed and another audio track to be added to the video. I will send you the mp3 audio track.

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Business Video And Editing Project – NJ

We are producing a series of short video clips for our website that feature customer reactions to our all natural healthy food products. Customer reactions will be filmed at an in-store demo event at a large natural food store in NJ.

We are looking for someone who can provide a professional appearance through two 4-hour taping sessions and then editing the footage into around 8 – 12 short vignettes featuring people of different ages, ethnicity, gender, etc. Our food product is an all natural healthy product, so we would also want to include some dialogue from the demonstration person explaining the features and benefits.

We are looking for responses to be unscripted and authentic (the product is great and we will receive many interesting reactions).

The purpose of these video clips is strictly for online marketing. They are intended to help entice people who are interested in trying our food product to get a sense of how other people felt about it when they tasted it.

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Video Editing & Background Music Matching


I have a 2 hour video that has to be edited. it is a local fashion show. the 2 hour video has to be converted to

project 1.
convert the 90-120 minutes to 35 minute version
4 nos. of 3-minutes videos

We need a map to be incorporated with some cities flashing in red/ yellow
project 2.
Also have video & sound as separate files that have to be synced

Give me your quote in total and in private please give me a split up of the various videos.

Also mention what technologies & software you will be using for this.

Your bid should include the answer for this 1+4=?


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Simple Video Editing 4 Minutes

Ask me thank you!

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Simple Slideshow Video Editing

This project is a start to a long term video marketing campaign. Im am looking for a quality slideshow video editor to help produce short promotional videos for our project. Following this intial test production, we will begin a launch of a major video campaign producing between 100-200 videos.

Video production software is your preference, but special consideration will be given to those with Mac IMovie. I am familiar with many of the features and production capabilities of this program, which will improve our work together.

For each video series you will be provided the folowing materials/information:

1- All pictures for the slideshow
2- All music
3- Voiceover
4- Specific pictures for intro and closing slides (you edit to add title and text)
5- Titles/text for intro and closing slides of all videos in the series
6- Notes concerning all videos in series

From the information provided above, you will expected to complete the following tasks:

1- Recieve .zip file for video series via email or download from our website

2- Edit intro and closing slide pictures to provide space for title/text/url as appropriate

3- Create first video
* Insert intro picture slide
* Insert title/text provided on intro slide
* Insert pictures for slideshow
* Insert closing picture slide
* Insert title/text provided on closing slide
* Select/add appropriate slide transitions
* Add music
* Add voiceover
* Compile/export video for delivery

4- Create additional videos from first video
* Insert title/text provided on intro slide
* Rearrange pictures in slideshow
* Insert title/text provided on closing slide
* Select/add different slide transitions
* Add new voiceover
* Compile/export video for delivery

The process is as simple as creating the first slideshow video and then duplicating it using new title/text/voiceover. All materials will be provided for each video series. This is simply editing. I expect all bids to reflect this.

Once a video series .zip has been provided to you, you will be expected to deliver a minimum of one video per day. If you work quickly, you may provide more or all videos, but you must deliver a minimum of ONE PER DAY.

This test production will be for 8 videos. You will recieve the .zip video series materials once project has been awarded.

A milestone of 25% of bid will be placed for each video series. Once the first video is delivered and approved, the remaining 75% milestone will be placed. The milestones will be released for each video series once the series is completed and approved.

I have produced these videos myself and it takes me less than 15 minutes per video once I have collected all the pictures, written the text, and created the voiceover. Since all of this is provided, I expect that you could produce approximately 3-4 videos per hour of work. Therefore, I expect bids between $5-10 per video.

If you bid above $5 per video, I expected added production creativity in the form of advanced transitions, animation of titles/text, or other special features which you can submit through PM with your bid.

All bids should be at price per video. Example: 8 videos x $5 per video = Bid of $40

DO NOT bid over $10 per vidoe or $80. It will not be considered.

Please submit examples of your VIDEO WORK through PM with your bid. Bids without example work will not be considered.

Finally, these videos will promote adult dating sites and other adult materials. The pictures associated with these videos are professionally-taken images obtained from of a sexy, intimate, or provacative nature. If you are not comfortable dealing with such images, PLEASE DO NOT BID.

Any questions concerning this project, please send a PM.

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Video Editing


I have about 6-10min of video (screen capture) 300mb to 600 mb

I need someone to edit this down to 1-2minutes. (This video is to demonstrate my website)

I will provide all the videos and comments.

You will need to add effects and cut video to be shorter and faster.

Tell me

1) Price
2) Time to complete from today.

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Video Editing Project

I am purchasing a video from
and need some graphics add to it.

The graphics are located at
The dice and the attached statement.

I would love the statement to come in separately and the dice to roll into place.

Then finally I need the whole thing in a format that I easily add to the web page in place of the graphic that is there.

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Graphic And Video Editing, Highlight Shots, Rotoscoping

We are after someone to help us with some graphic and video editing and creation.
The project will consist off –

1. Animating (rotoscoping) existing product footage to highlight features of our garments – approximately 30-40 seconds seconds of footage from 3-4 different angles and the shots are panning (moving) (similar to what you see in infomercials where features are highlighted)

2. Create slide (video) from static image we can supply you in adobe indesign format (some minor graphic work needed) with text editing showing certain features – this is an image of a business man showing backpain – the backpain would need to be animated/rotoscoped – approx 5-10 seconds.

3. Create slide (video) from static image of fireman (we will purchase from istockphoto) showing stresses on the body from wearing all the gear (animated), you will need to manipulate this graphic so they look the same (blue background) as the businessman backpain image- approx 5-10 seconds.

4. Create slide (video) from 2 static images, one of a golf player with animation and another of a person playing golf (no animation)- approx 5-10 seconds.

5. Create a template (graphic) that we can insert some slides of images (3d renders of our garments we provide you) with animations. The template will have our brand ghosted in the corner and will be the full screen height. The images and content for the slides we will provide to you, you will need to insert and animate with some rotoscoping (arrows around our 3d renders etc) – around 30-40 seconds.

You will need to be available on skype and this job is urgent and needs to be completed within a 3 days so there will be a bit of fast communiction needed. We will supply raw files were needed. I am unsure of the format I can supply the video for rotoscoping in at this stage so only bid if you can work with all footage and supply me with footage in return in any format I need.

Thanks for bidding.

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Video Editing

We need to edit the video please contact me for more details

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Video Editing

Project1: I have some video clips and want to add sounds and music to it. Based on this sample project, I would have many such
clips and need you to complete within a time frame.
The length of the clip would be from 5mts to 15mts. I would like to give my 1st sample clip which is about 5mts.
Project2: I have a song cliping and that needs to be in the voice of a toddlar or a kid male and female. My sample needs to be
with male and female both, so that I can check the quality. The language of the song would be : 1. English(American), 2.
Spanish, 3. Telugu. Each song clipping would be of 30seconds and all 3 languages put together it makes up about 1minute.
Pl contact with your best quaote. These are not being commercial purpose and are purely personal, and cannot pay very high, those who charge too high, need not contact.
Best regards,

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Basic Video Editing Project


Im looking for someone to help me with a short video.

I would like you to use this video: (I own it) but replace the sound with a new audio file that I have (voiceover).

The video is currently is 1 minute and 48 seconds and the audio file that I have is 1 minute and 10 seconds so you will need to shorten each of the segments (not the first one)

Also, in the video there is a thin green stripe on the right hand side… I dont know why this is but you will need to remove it. I also have a logo that I would like you to use in the beginning and the end of the video with some type of motion.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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