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Joomla Webdesigner For Regular Small Edits/tweeks To Website

We are a UK-based coffee company with an existing Joomla website. We regularly need to tweak it a little bit, so are looking for someone to do little bits and pieces. Most of these take only a few minutes to take care of.

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Small Edits To DVD Cover & DVD Disk

I have a dvd cover and dvd disk that need some small edits.

I have the psd files to make edits.

Simple font changes, insertion of graphics, movement of text etc

Will take 1-2 hours Maximum for changes.

Budget: $20

Must complete within 1 business day.

Any bids above will be rejected.
Please provide sample of work
Must be proficient in Photoshop.
Must make changes till correct.

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Edits To WordPress Site

Fix alignment issues on website and various other edits

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Website Template Edits – Flash Knowledge Required

I have a website template which I need a few edits making to one of which required editing a flash product scroller on the homepage. The edits are listed below:

1. Change the colour of a line of text under the header from red to black
2. Edit the drop down sort the products menu to have a shorter list of options
3. Edit the flash product scroller to do the following: Add a £sterling sign infront of the prices, change the colour of the prices from red to purple, and change the colour of arrow buttons from red to purple.


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Razor Style Edits

Private for vicki.

30$ is more than fair i think. Let me know if not.

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Magento Edits


Weve got a few edits we require to a Magento installation. Current edits are as follows:

1. Enable lightbox on product images
2. Integrate a bestsellers module on to the home page

The above two edits are pretty simple and there are already extensions available on the Magento connect website, however we require a few modificaitons to the already present extensions.

Moreover, we require someone for a longer business relationship. Someone we can turn to for our Magento requirements.

Were looking for a quick close on these two edits.

Do sent your Magento portfolio if you wish to be considered.


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Provide Edits And Customization To Joomla ECommerce Site

We have a site built in Joomla with a VirtueMart shopping cart. We need customization done and some updates to allow further/easier editing made. This is an ongoing postion until our client is satisfied with his specific requirements.

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Minor Edits To A Nonprofit’s Drupal Site

A very cool nonprofit called Peace In Five Years – (currently renaming themselves to the Safe Conflict Project) wants me to redesign their website over the next few months.

First, we are going to make some minor changes over the next two weeks. If you win and successfully complete this project I may ask you to work with me on the full redesign.

Please provide a cost estimate for the following work. This will need to be completed in 1.5 weeks.

1. Add new logo (will be provided up front)
2. Move the main navigation from the bottom of the site to the top of the page above the current list of countries
3. Add Blogs as a main nav link
4. Move the search box inside the main nav on the far right
5. Replace the image on the homepage which is below the counties and to the left of the videos (Image will be provided)
6. Delete "Help" link from footer
7. Remove the "Navigation" and "RSS" boxes from the sidebar and move the rss image to the footer

Please send a separate quote for:
8. Site color change – Change all the blue colors on the site template to a different color. I will get the FTP info and Drupal admin info so you can get a look at admin and code to see how complex that would be.

Thanks and kind regards,


Daniel Moss
Stand Out Designs

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Website Edits

Need to edit a website

Design and color, go through text

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Blog Edits: Add Pages And Content PRIVATE

Blog edit as discussed

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Ongoing Edits To WordPress Site

Need someone to make various changes on a task by task basis. Site is around 15 pages.

Begining tasks are:

From .psd file—
change background color for entire site(CSS)
Graphic changes
navigation and layout changes

– Larger/Bolder fonts sitewide (need recommendation)
– New Nav Bar throughout (see .psd)
– remove page
– New Home page copy ( will provide)
– New Home page video (Center) ( New video to post on YouTube and link to site.)

These are not time-consuming and the site is built but I need someone to take care of these edits.

Please provide previous WordPress projects.
I need a WordPress/SEO expert to help with site enhancements and SEO efforts as well later.

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3-4-11 Additional Edits To Existing Site

This is a project for Shibu at inspirad

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Basic Html Edits To Template /web Design Ecommerce

Looking for someone to make simple html edits to my template, just to clean up the design a little. You will be given instructions how to login to the e-commerce platform and access the template and article files to edit the html.

This is a quick job and Id like to have this done soon. Please, only freelancers with many positive feedbacks apply. Sorry for the inconvenience.

List of edits to be completed:

1. Currency Widget – move to Top Navigation next to "help" link, to the right

2. "View Cart" – Add graphic image of shopping cart next to link (maybe, maybe not, depends if top nav is full after adding currency widget)

4. Contact Us page – straighten the

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Edits To Home Page Design

I have a home page and need some edits made to it.
These will then be given to a programmer.
They are fairly simple but I still want my page to look good.

03/03/2011 at 6:43 EST:

Actually, there are another two pages that will need to be edited too, so please add that to this job.

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Edits To Web Design Template

I have purchased a template but need help making edits to the template such as changing colors, adding photos to the flash component and also making a few layout edits to the template. the template can be found here:

Turn around for this project is 3-4 days. project is needed by Sunday March 6th. Please review the template and its specs and make sure that you can work with this template before bidding on this project.

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New Idea Page Style Edits

Private to Madhav.

Get the styling as in the image I sent.
Add the q/a you added before.
New Idea icon if the post is new or has no comments yet or something like that.
I will get information about the share plugin and let you know later.

Im assuming 30$ is even good for this.

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Website Edits Joomla Template Using PHP

I need to Edit a website (Posting of contact details is prohibited by Admin)
We need to upload to FTP Server for (Posting of contact details is prohibited by Admin)
We need to make edits of the Phone Number
We need to upload new Pictures to Showcase section
We need to Update Portfolio section
We needto fix some broken links.

I can work with you by yahoo messenger and I am ready to start immediatly.I will assist.

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Edits Needed To VirtueCart In A Joomla Site

We need customization done in a Joomla site to streamline the shopping cart. The current cart is VirtueMart – we are willing to change to a new cart as long as all products remain and do not need to be added into the cart a second time.

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WP Theme Re-build & Edits


I need someone who can take an existing theme, apply that html to a new theme.
Apply html to theme templates (need 2 pages applied)
Minor changes in CSS, header
Need new navigation

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Need 5 Hours: WP CSS & Design Edits In Studio Press Theme


I need someone who is online now and willing to work for the next 5 hours to do some theme edits, add some images to the theme, move and edit widgets and edit CSS in a plugin.

You must be able to work while Im online today.

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Groupon Clone- Minor Edits To Word Press Plug In

Need somebody to help with some minor edits to our current website and that is already up and runnning. Its a local city blog that is now adding a Weekly Deal section. We are using a 3rd party vendor that will process all of our payments. It also creates the code for us to enter into our WordPress plug-in. We are looking for someone who can successfully edit some of the CSS code for us so that layout is how we like it. The template code given is close, but off in some areas. Can you help?

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Minor Edits/changes To Existing Python Website.

Hi, I need some changes and edits done to a DJango website. All the changes are pretty easy and quick for a pro. I need this ASAP and can pay $50. If done today, I can pay an additional $30-50 as a bonus for quick accurate, error free work.

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Financial Database Edits

Editing of financial services database

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Php Edits For Existing Web Site

Project for George

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Edits To Nonprofit Website (CSS And Drupal)

I have a website that is built and complete, but that needs a few design tweaks to it. Should be fairly straightforward (famous last words, I know!), mostly font changes, spacing, some color swaps, swapping in a new logo file, etc. Its a Drupal site so ideally want someone familiar with Drupal with enough CSS skills to make the necessary changes. If things go well, this could lead to ongoing work.

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ActiveCollab Edits

Need a developer to make some simple edits to an activeCollab install

Need to remove Checklists page in Projects and replace with another page

Replacing with a page based off of a excel spreadsheet

If you have never used activeCollab then do not bid

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Flash Website Template Edits

I have a flash website template that needs the following edits:

1) Replace logo and colored boxes on home page. (I have already created the psd file with all of the modifications)

2) Replace the default sound effect with different .wav sound file

3) Activate/Setup the existing RSS Feed link on top menu bar to work with frontpage news items

I have already created a PSD file with the changes that I need. I just dont know how to correctly save the changes as a SWF file and upload back to my website. Please be experienced in flash website design and please bid appropriately … I have more future projects to offer if this is done well.

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Magento Template Edits

Hi there,

We have a Magento template which we require updating slightly.

The work is relatively simple for anyone with relevent Magento experience. It will involve adding a few boxes into the template with the corresponding admin controls in the back end.

You will require some sort of messenger to do the work .

Long term work may be available should this be completed quickly and efficiently.

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