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Photographic Application For Iphone

i would like to hire the developer for making the photographic app.

The application consist of different photo effect

*By pressing one button application can turn your shot into a photo from 60s or 70s, a picture drawn by a pencil, oil paint, or done in a Modern Art style.

*Various Lo-Fi effects, Vintage, Bizarre, TiltShift, Sepia, Glow, Grunge, Blur, Textures FX Photo Studio has them all and even more.

*Apply single or multiple effects to one image

*the application manually tune every single effect

*Crop, flip, rotate, adjust gamma of your pictures

*Save combinations of effects to PRESETS and apply on other images with just ONE TAP

*application can also SHARE PRESETS with other people

*Application can share in facebook and other social network places

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After Effects Publicity Spot

We are a publicity company in Canary Islands, Spain. We have a radio spot of 22 seconds and need to add video to it for an event in beginning of May. We will provide you witha detailed script, logos, images etc. We need an experienced After Effects developer that can create catchy, fast video clip. Please send some links with reference material you have created. Attached a copy of the (english) radio spot.

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After Effects Work

Few minutes of video on after effects for use on youtube.
Video is based on a short story and will require After Effects and photoshop skills to make the video. For example, Camera falling down from sky to a particular position, you will be required to get images from google earth and fix them in photoshop to be used in After Effects as layers. After the camera gets to the ground, colors are used to animate the map, which is based on a short story.

All the help will be provided in understanding and only private quotes are excepted as this is not a very big project.


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3 Min After Effects Project

I need a better video than the link below for other product brand.

With creativity and dynamism and audio (some incidental music).
Ill send texts and images.
The winner will need to send me the first video idea 12 hours after this project awarding.

At the end, the project must be delivered in after effects (archive) plus the video.

Ill not consider freelancers bids that dont have examples of previous jobs in after effects.

Good luck,
Criação Virtual

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Effects Library MonoTouch, OpenGL ES 1.1

Seeking a fast effects library in Monotouch C# that uses OpenGL ES1.1 for the use in tile based games and related UI.

You can employ particle effects or clever use of textures and blending.

Show as demos in sequence, where required use a sprite character to demonstrate effects such.

I am familiar with libariries out there and is looking for more than a few days worth of using Google.

Must contain 20+ effects which include the following.

– Lightning effect
– Lazer effects, e.g. shot and beam.
– Force field
– Various pulse effects for position on map high lighting
– Scanner effect on spriite
– Explosions
– Blood and body parts
– Fluid (e.g. water)
– Fire/Smoke/Plume/Clouds/
– UI effects ( highlight texture, sheen, )

Preference but not all necessary towards bidders who show
– Quantity and quality
– An effects library that is fast and scalable in number of instants
– Who can produce a demo (one or two effects) or a video to secure the bid and similar in the first milestone.
– Bonus effects that work on openGL ES 2.0 with shaders

Please contact me if you have questions.

Kind regards.

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Promotional Video On After Effects From My Templates

Hello ! I need 3 videos , but this project is just for one.

I have voice over and need to be created one 3 minute promotional video on adobe after effects. TO make this max easy,i`ve bought arround 7-8 templates,costing me over 200$. They are modern,21`st century looking. I need someone who i can give the templates to , and produce me one great video. I have images and video which can provide and explain where it goes.

I`m low of cash now,but you benefit from the templates,plus additional 30 max to 50$.
Timeline is important here, 3 days max, up to 2 revisions.
Please do not bid if you are not sure that you can finish the video on time and with quality.
Further info will be avaivable to those, who are interested,i`m looking for service providers with high ratings.
If sucsessfull,more videos will be coming !

Happy Bidding !

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FLash Website Conversion To HTML/jQuerry

FLash website conversion to HTML with jQuery

This project is for converting a full flash website with basic fade-in and out animation. The only action scripting it has is for the mouse over effects and button commands.

The website needs to be converted into an HTML/CSS based website with jQuerry animations. The finished conversion should look and feel as close to the current Flash site.

All Flash source (FLA) files will be provided.

Website for conversion:


1. Flash to HTML/jQuerry/CSS
2. Button effects to stay similar to flash behaviour

Project time frame: 5 days

03/28/2011 at 18:18 EDT:


1. Flash to HTML/jQuerry/CSS
2. Button effects to stay similar to flash behaviour
3. Intro page does not need to have audio. Just simple fade in.

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Need Intro Video 2 – 3 Minutes For Conservation Company

hi we are a conservation social networking company ready to launch. We need to tell our story in a 2-3 minute video that will be used as a marketing tool from member to member – on our website and on you tube.
it needs to be a high quality clip – dynamic

we have a lot of images and footage to use.

best suited to some talking – male voice (will provide scripts) and music.

similar to

Some special effects needed – eg rainforests getting destroyed & then rebuilt.

Please include links to examples of your work…need another done also after this.

looking forward to seeing your work and bids.

thanks so much, Luci 😉

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Sound Effects For Online Slot Games14

Looking for someone to create custom sound and sound effect and music for online slot games and animation . You must have worked on this type or project before to be awarded the Job. we will like to heard demos of your work .
Go to and under the video slots tab choose the Game Gold Diggers that s what you need to be able to do or please dont bid!!

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After Effects Video Template Modiified

I have purchased the After Effects Theme:

I want it updated with these updates:

I have the graphics for my products so all you have to do is take the graphics and insert them.



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Photo Shop Expert Advertising Specialist For Custom Ads

I am in need of a Photoshop guru that can make nicely design thumbnail ads of my products. An example will be given of the job. These are only for thumbnail sized ads. All images are provided all your really doing is copy and pasting these images and throwing on nice text to make them look good. Also some shadow effects and blending effects.

Please only apply if you are in Australia and will be able to work at our office for $18 an hour. Applicant will be on a casual basis to work with us.

Please message me your previous works.

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We Need Proven Graphics Designer/Artist For E-book Website!

Please view immediately below the example "Sales Letters" simple website.

The above is a classic example of a Sales Pitch Page.

I personally own the following site: and my desire is to completely re-work my site so that it is structured exactly like above "Sales Letters" site template. Obviously I would be using my own words, fonts, pictures and orange/grey color schemes.

The Sales Letter site would serve as a strict GUIDELINE (almost like a template where I replace the content with my own) but it also needs numerous improvements, improved fonts, change of color scheme, different pictures and words, more bright dynamic colorful banner, footers, animations, flash, etc):

I am seeking a VERY TALENTED and CREATIVE Graphics Designer and Illustrator who could turn by banners and pictures into a high-resolution, brilliant, colorful, vivid, professional, jaw-dropping focal point!
You would be responsible for:

1. The creation of a new dynamic glossy banner/footer for homepage, including but not limited to illustrative art text effects, glossy/3D effects, high-resolution, possible vector graphics and animation/flash based on my general ideas with creative input from you. Molding a beer bottle into the B in

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Need An After-effects Artist For Epipheo Like Video

To see rell:

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App That Integrates Sound Effects With Live Calls

I need someone to program an app that integrates sounds into a phone call. The functionality would be as follows: someone would open the app, make the call through the app, and click a button that incorporated sounds directly into the call so the recipient would hear them or even set a timer for the sounds to play.

I would provide the design, and the sound effects, Id just need someone to code the rest and make it available for the iPhone and Android.

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Need An After-effects Artist For Epipheo Like Video

Urgently looking for an after-effects artist and illustrator to help me with a epipheo like animated video we are currently making…the artist who was working on the animation has some family issue and will not be able to complete the job…please bid only if you can do this job in maximum 4 days and have a decent experience of working on similar videos…please send me a message on my pm for any questions….thanks

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Golf E-Card

E-Card for a father that loves playing golf. Can be a birthday or just a fun card.

Must include these effects and I need it by Friday 3/18 6 am EST

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Sound Effects For Online Slot Games13

Looking for someone to create custom sound and sound effect and music for online slot games and animation . You must have worked on this type or project before to be awarded the Job. we will like to heard demos of your work .
Go to and under the video slots tab choose the Game Gold Diggers that s what you need to be able to do or please dont bid!!

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Sound Effects For Online Slot Games22

Looking for someone to create custom sound and sound effect and music for online slot games and animation . You must have worked on this type or project before to be awarded the Job. we will like to heard demos of your work .
Go to and under the video slots tab choose the Game Gold Diggers that s what you need to be able to do or please dont bid!!

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Image Editing

I have furniture set images, and I want changes in that images like the suitable color of wall, suitable flooring tiles, and want to add some interior objects like – Lamp, watch, Wall paintings, mats, flour pot etc. I want higher quality work, images should be look realistic, and original, must be have 3d effects, color sense.

20 Images want to be edited,
I will prefer those designer who can edit 1 image for sample

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Sound Effects For Online Slot Games

Looking for someone to create custom sound and sound effect and music for online slot games and animation . You must have worked on this type or project before to be awarded the Job. we will like to heard demos of your work .
Go to and under the video slots tab choose the Game Gold Diggers that s what you need to be able to do or please dont bid!!

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Flash Developer To Add More Effects

We need a flash developer to add more image and text effects to the existing slide show. need to start it on 15th of this month.

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We Need To Create A List Of Musical Effects. Effects Such As

We need to create a list of musical effects.
Effects such as – an explosion, broken glass,
Fire, shooting … And a lot of other sounds.

All sounds should be granted to me under this license – Extended Royalty Free


Ill give a full description of all the sounds I need.

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Neil Harvey

I need somebody to do gunshot flashes (muzzle flash) and a bullet wound to the head with blood spray. Preferably somebody who has experience with bullet shots.

I will be providing an MXF file .. you will render the effects work and send it back to me. I want somebody who has been doing this for a while ..

So in total: Approx 1 head shot. Approx 8 muzzle flashes (flash of gunfire).


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After Effects Animation Music Video

We are doing a music video in green screen we need animations like a brush stroke or a particle that interacts with the singers body like flying worm going behind or around the legs and hands .

we also looking for a person that we work closley with about other ides .

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Customize Videos With After Effects

Need someone to work on existing video templates using after effects. Just text changes required for most.

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OFDMA Implementation Using LAbview

1. Implementation of OFDMA model (Labview plots)
1.a Transmitter
1.b Receiver
1.c Channel Effects
2. Base-station implementation (Labview plots)
2.a Transmitter
2.b Receiver
2.c Synchronize with other base station
2.d Channel Effects
2.e Users Definition
3. Thermal noise and fading effects on LTE OFDMA signal (Labview plots)
4. Modelling of inter-user interference (overlay): Labview plots

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Motion Graphics Template Adaption For Promo

Creation of a brief motion graphics promotional spot of 30-60 seconds, through the adaptation of an after effects template, found here:

The template will be used to create charts for the first 10 or so seconds of the promo. The remainder will consist of visuals outlining our companys service offerings, relying on strong typographic layout and motion. Some basic imagery (icons) will be provided to work into the piece.

We need a competent motion graphics artist that can design sleek (tech savvy design) and impactful motion graphics that are compatible with the visual and animation style of this template to fill out the rest of the promo piece. The actual content to include will be provided upon reward of the winning bid. A particular service offering should be highlighted with subordinate or supporting points outlined below or after it. Obviously, the creativity of the motion graphics artist is important in accommodating various content lengths, the style from the template and their own design inclinations. While consistency with the template is important, it should not just be copied or imitated. We need a motion graphics artist to give this some flair.

Upon completion, .aep project file should be delivered.

Please provide samples of relevant work.

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2D Animation How It Works


I need a video animation in 2D. The videos reminds you about How it works for Groupon Customers.
I will provide with Logo, Pictures, voice over (in swedish) and text for your understanding in english.

Please see the quality and style I am asking for.
The groupon version has a bit to many effects, but only a bit. So i need something in between.
The other one is to boring.

From You I need:
The voice over will be just over 1 min so the video must be a bit longer
Sound effects to the video
Back ground music
project in a format for the web as a format where I can make adjustments

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Need A Custom Alert System Made Quickly!

I need to create a simple Alert System to be made quickly! Software to run on both PC & MAC.

Heres what I am looking:

1. An Innovator.
2. Someone very experience in Video Effects.
3. " " " " Sound Effects.
4. Someone who takes pride in their work & makes polished looking product.
5. Someone with 300 hrs. in Odesk.
6. 5 Star Rating.
7. Someone who is available to discuss the project detail on skype.
8. Please some previous work done.
9. Skills: Adobe Air

I will give you more info after I have review your application.

Thank You,

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Need After Effects Project Edited.

I uploaded the After Effects project to I need you to change the 9 blue boxes with text in them to be replaced with 9 different 2 second videos that I will give you. I need all the effects and camera movements to stay as they are currently. If you can do this, how long will it take you and how much would it cost? If you can do this fast and cheap, I will be more than willing to pay in advanced if you have a good reputation. Thanks in advanced!

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GUI For A Web Application

I am looking for a creative graphical designer to design and build an amazing web application. The project is well defined in a detailed Word spec and a wireframe in a PowerPoint presentation (that will be send to the winner).

The design should be graphically very appealing, eye-catching, intuitive, clear and clean, easy-to-navigate with a great UX and style.

The outputs should include:
1. An amazing looking design with borders, backgrounds, transitions, effects, icons, buttons, symbols, spinners, hover effects, message boxes, etc. as needed.
2. A static implementation using HTML+CSS+PNGs
3. An interactive implementation using jQuery and jQuery UI for transitions, effects and populating from static JSON.

The application contains several design templates:
1. A form with 5 steps
2. A general layout with menus and place holders
3. A large display area with information and navigation to be re-used several times
4. Many smaller forms and display areas.

The output will eventually be a functioning skeleton of the webapp

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