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Remove Letters On Brick Wall In Photoshop

I have 3 photographs of a car in front of a wall. There are big black bold letters against a white brick behind the car. I need to REMOVE the black letters from the white brick wall, while still keeping the pattern of the brick. It is very important that we still see the pattern. There are also elements in front of some of the brick, such as smoke, which must be matched and blended.

I need these three images done FAST. So anyone working on this will have to start immediately, come on Skype to discuss with me and be finished within a few hours.

Please provide a few images of your work removing elements from photographs for the job. The final folder with the images to download is about 500mb. (they are very high resolution.)

Thank you!

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Iphone Game Artwork (splash,menu,background,icon)

Artwork needed for an iphone/ipod hangman type game.

The following assets are needed in PNG format:

Splash Screen 960×640
Menu Screen 960×640
Game Screen 960×640
Icon 512×512
Icon 114×114

Menu Screen needs the following elements:

[Title] (TBD)
Easy Game
Hard Game
High Scores

Game Screen:

see attached file for mockup of the game screen elements.

Please provide all assets in svg or psd format.

Communication is very important – please put the sum of two plus two in your reply so i know you have read this.

Please only bid if you have done similar projects and provide examples of work.

This is a small project, but I have many other iphone applications that need design work – would like to develop a good relationship with designer that can create sharp looking assets for games and other iphone/ipad applications.

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WPF Design Elements For Industrial System

We need a designer to provide us with graphical elements for a technical user interface. This includes:
Buttons, Icons, color schemes, type font and sizes but also ergonomic input guide lines for the layout of the interface.
The UI is mainly used for monitoring and control of production line equipment.

The user interface is programmed in WPF. Providing WPF elements would be best, but imports from illustrator are also possible.
Ideally the freelancer is based around Berlin, Germany.

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Add Form Fields To PDF

I have 9 sets of 4 PDF documents that need to have form fields added (36 PDFs in total)
These are simple forms and have many repeated elements that will make adding fields easy.

The final forms are for offline filling and do NOT need to be submitted by clients.

Please bid on the entire lot of PDFs taking into account repeated elements. A sample of the PDFs can be supplied by PM if required.

Thank you.

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Index Page – Artwork .PSD Mock

First Project – Mock .PSD Home Page Artwork – Website Development company – $150.00

Finish off .PSD artwork under instructions ( to be delivered in formats of .PSD / Microsoft word and JPEG /directions from owner and present .PSD /JPEG mock artwork. Other design elements / Ideas are welcomed.

Samples of the artwork / instructions etc will be emailed only at the bidder

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Freelance EXT JS Form

Looking for a freelance Ext JS expert. I have a basic Ext JS form layout that needs to work with a MySQL database.

I am looking for someone with great feedback and communication. Id like to see examples of your previous Ext JS work.

Here are some details on how the form needs to function:

-The form will need some Ext JS validation on individual form elements (required fields / number validation / etc).
-Some form elements will need to be disabled based on the selection of other form elements.
-I have 2-3 simple javascript functions that will also need to be incorporated into the form. One of the functions builds a URL to an external website based on form elements. Another calculated an amount based on form elements.
-Once the form is validated and submitted the information needs to be stored in a MySQL database.
-The form data will be loaded from MySQL by passing an HTML GET variable to the form.
-When the form is loaded, if data is loaded into form elements inside a FieldSet, those FieldSets will need to be automatically expanded.

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Private Project For DevWorkshop (Phase 2).

Private project for DevWorkshop.

Stage 2.

* Admin elements functioning
* Client side elements to be developed

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Web Widget Programming

Looking for programmer to program widgets that are to be placed on a website. These widgets provide a unique way to present information for our readers to see. These widgets should be simple yet intuitive to use, but provide necessary information. Widgets should also be cross browser compatible and be self sustainable, meaning they dont require any other element on the page to function. They should have elements of javascript and php, jquery if necessary, and any other elements needed to make the widget function.

03/03/2011 at 17:01 EST:

This job is a springboard to more projects we require programming for in the future. It helps us gauge how well you work, and if successful, we have other diverse projects as well that require this skillset.

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Vector And Logo Creation

I need someone to make vector graphics out of the picture I put together.

all elements are at least 0.06 inches (1.5 mm) wide
all spaces in between elements are at least 0.04 inches (1 mm) wide
the design is not larger than 11.8 x 11.8 inches (30 x 30 cm). We recommend a size of 8.86 x 8.86 inches (22.5 x 22.5 cm), which fits on most of our products.

Check all of the curves in your design and close them by using the

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Create A Joomla 1.6 Template From Our Design

We will supply a wireframe and all required website elements. We need someone to create the joomla 1.6 template and css and perhaps create some custom modules. Basically we need it ready for us to insert content.

The final design is still being approved, but I can supply you with samples so you get the general idea.

This is to be a very simple design. No e-commerce. There will likely be some flash elements. There will be a newsletter signup and a contact us form.

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Ipad App Interfrace Design

I have an app in the iOS store and I want to redesign the user interface.


I only want a handful of pages and interface elements. I have sketches and only need a designer to complete the mockups into fully functional photoshop/ illustrator files.

Here are links to give you an idea of the elements I am looking for.

IOs apps I want to copy

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Flash And Action Script Pro Needed For Intro Page

Escrow payment only (Milestones)
Release only once project is finished and after you sent us an invoice.
You need to show us regular updates and the time frame must be met.

What we need:
A flash that is similar to the one on following page. (it doesnt need to be exact the same, you can design us something similar that is the same fun to use and not boring).

I am just talking about the first page with all the images that are flying into the page.
NO menue, NO subpage needed!

Basic functions:
– It is just an intro page before you enter the real website.
– It is a car dealer that sells some models (also citroen), but not affiliated to it.
– Elements should be dynamically loaded by XML file. That is important to add more elements.
– All elements are loaded according to the XML file and if you click, you will get forwarded to a specific subpage of the normal website.

Elements can be:
– static image
– another flash (animated)
– a video (you need to be able to view a video within)

Please note the different sizes of the images, that this is possible (colums, rows)
But as mentioned, any other idea (that is first presented graphically and then agreed on) is very welcome, as it shouldnt be a clone of that.

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Experienced Photoshop Professional – UI/Graphics Design

We are looking for an experienced graphics designer to finish the project. We are working on graphics design for iPhone application and the main design and layout is already there. Basically, we have 8-10 screens where some elements require some additional tweaking, some fonts changed, table item layout revisited, few minor elements added (no major design work, general elements)

We will provide:
PSD files that you have to take and modify.
Instructions what needs to be changed/modified/added

Again, there is no major design work required and all modifications are minor but we will insist on revisions until we are 100% happy with the result.

It should take no more than 1-2 days for an experienced designer to complete this assignment.

You are required to understand the basics of the iPhone UI design, iPhone UI elements and we require that you have previously worked on iPhone UI design projects. Please make sure you can demonstrate your experience through your portfolio.

Please bid only if you have all the mentioned skills and please quote j05 with your bid or your bid will not be considered. Successful candidates will receive a link to the proofHQ account where they will be able to review all the comments provided for the current state of the design as well as the list of the tasks that still needs to be done. In response, we are expecting an estimation from you in number of hours required. Successful candidate receives the job and start immediately.

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WP Css Changes Fast Job

I need someone who can change the colours and a few elements.

Its pretty simple – no major design just some minor changes of colour, buttons, menu bar & footer area
– put social media icons and a few other elements.

Ready to finish this weekend and Im online now to start.

Using StudioPress theme.

Best bid & reviews will get this fast.

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JQuery Conflict With Other JQuery Elements

We have a conflict with three jQuery elements on a one page.

lightview.js (light box type)

easySlider1.5.js ( slider left to right)

fadeslideshow.js (image bank fade )

All three elements wont run together.

Need a conflict fix.


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Database Clean Up

I need someone to take an existing database of ~ 10K records and that have certain data elements missing and fill in the missing elements. For example, full address is shown, need someone to add company name and phone number of for that record.

In addition person will need to pull data from web to build a separate database of Optometrists. Data is in on the web in HTML format. Needs to be pulled down and replicated in Excel. Website were this data is housed is found at and is searchable by state. This data may be useful in appending the first list, so project should start with this effort.

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PSD Designer / WordPress Developer

Looking for a designer thats able to mixture up some basis design elements into one neat looking design. The design then needs to be ported into a WordPress design. Basic elements already available, more information available upon request.

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HTML5 CSS3 Drag Drop

Need a simple/small drag and drop <ul> elements.

Need to be HTML5/CSS3 and the drag/drop should be smooth and mobile compatible – TOUCH (JQtouch, JQmobile).

Drag should animate other elements to take place. No drop target. Just rearrange elements with animations.

Project should be compatible with PhoneGap.

PM me for a example.


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URGENT Design Cover Of Automotive Show Guide

I have all of the elements that need to be on the cover but I need a cool design and I need it in two days.

This is for the cover of an automotive speed & custom show. Please provide samples of your previous work.

Dimensions, logos and photos will be provided. Design elements can be added to make the cover look great!

02/10/2011 at 14:02 EST:

Finished product to be delivered as a high res pdf or png file. More than one design can be submitted and we have final say on design choice.

This could lead to more design layout work for automotive magazine. No design credit will be given on product.

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Website Design (not Coding)

I am a website developer, with limited design skills. As I am building my freelance career, I want to have a website which I can show to prospective clients, emphasising my skills and giving them confidence in my abilities.

You need to give me the designs, I will do the code.

I need page designs in PSD for:
* Homepage
* Blog
* Portfolio
* Contact Page
* Skills list

You need to be able to design elements which are flexible enough that I can keep making changes while keeping your design looking good. The designs need to include elements which show my ability to use jQuery(UI), code in semantic HTML 5, CSS 3, following accessibility and SEO best practices. In other words – I dont want a Template Monster like site.

You will need to be help me with things colour schemes, typefaces, etc.

I like sites which are a bit cartoonish, with personality – e.g., I love really strong typography – big typefaces, great readability.

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Masage Booking System

We are looking for someone to build us a booking system for our website which is currently being designed.

The booking form is to be interactive and simple to use so will need various eyecatching elements for which the design will be provided.

The key elements are:-

– location with map

– choice of therapist with option to see details of therapist

-time and duration with option to book within the hour

– style and focus

-members login for fast preference settings

-payment gateway using paypal

The choice of therapist, time and duration and style and focus need to be interactive for each individual therapist. All data will be sent to one email account. Some Javascript also needed on various elements.

Also will be an option later to make the application mobile friendly.

For example of what we are ideally looking for see

We will offer 25% up front to start coding the project. Serious bids only apply. Please send URLs or your projects portfolio. The website should be delivered in HTML and CSS.

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JQuery Tmpl + Animation

I need to combine the two functionalities used here:


The goal is to use the animation code from page #1 and place it in page #2.

Note that the JSON data that is being loaded in #2 is just sample data. In reality, this JSON feed will have a variable number of items. In the current example, the JSON feed always has 3 new items. In reality, it could have more or less. This means that the JSON will have to be loaded first, then the length of the JSON will be determined, then that number will be used to remove the elements at the end of the <ul> list, and finally the new <li> elements will be prepended to the <ul>.

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Private Project For Hash

Create 3 sample banners in 3 different sizes.

You will be given:

1. Master Banners.psd with all of the layers inside.
2. Text.psd with all the layers inside.
3. Click Here buttons with all of the layers inside.
4. Shades with all of the layes inside.

You can provide your own images that fit the Home Inspector market. Please use shades and layers when it makes sense and makes the banner look good.

Please create 3 banners that can be used online. The banners should be simple and the message should make sense. I will provide you with a few messages that you can use, and the banner should tell a logical story and make people want to click on the banners. The banners must be VERY VISUALLY APPEALING like the samples you sent.

Make sure you create in .psd and send samples in .psd. I ONLY have Adobe Elements and only can make edits in elements. My clients can only make edits in Elements, so the layers must be there and the images must be reusable by my clients.

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Java Senior Developer / Architect

IT: Enterprise J2EE / Spring / MyEclipse / GUI / Birt / Webservices Senior Architect / Experienced Developer immediately sought for ongoing advice and application development.

We are migrating an existing Win32 multi-user (&gt;2000) Oracle database case management solution for a Public Sector client to a Java SaaS orientated architecture using the existing database structure.

This is the first Java project that the company has embarked upon and we immediately require an experienced Java architect or developer to define the elements of the solution and to support inexperienced Java programmers with solution architecture.

The work will initially be office based and we are looking for someone to attend on a flexible basis for up to 4 hours per day 3 days per week but will evolve to include ongoing project work around application development.

The ideal candidate will have many years of Java development experience across a broad range of system elements from Gui design, Reporting Solutions to Webservices integration.

The Location of the Office is Watford, Hertfordshire.

We would look to negotiate an initial rate of &pound;20 – 45 per hour with a view to the outsourcing to yourself of more complex elements of the development in the future.

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Elegant Design Is Needed For Existing Site

We have a site:

The layout is almost good. The page looks bad. We need to redo the page.

1) we need all elements still stay at a page
2) you can change color scheme, styles etc. to make it look more elegant
3) You can add elements if necessary – better buttons, texts, forms, blocks, frames.

Then well have the whole site to be redesigned inside with you. Itll be project #2 created privately for you. Please if you feel you can do it, do a mockup. Well pay $10 per each try to everyone. The best gets the whole project.

When bidding please also indicate:
1) work experience
2) samples of work
3) your country

Thank you!

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E-book Cover For "Last Call At The Tiger Bar"

This is a short story to be sold online. It takes place in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War shortly after the Tet Offensive. The Tiger Bar is a bordello. The principle characters are military intelligence agents stalking a Viet Cong operative. The image must draw attention to the description and provoke a purchase.
The design elements that can be used as source material are the old Vietnamese flag for South Vietnam, bamboo, beautiful Asian women, Huey Cobra helicopters, the U-6 Beaver de Havliand single engine, fixed wing, observation aircraft, camouflage patterns from uniforms of the era. These are source elements and you need not use all of them, just some of them. The title "Last Call At The Tiger Bar" needs to be at the top of the image or clearly readable within it and "A Story by Francis Hamit" needs to be at the bottom of the image. This is a story with lots of sex and violence.

01/27/2011 at 14:39 EST:

Bidders who provide rough sketches have a better chance of winning the job.

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Art & Design


The elements and principles of design are the building blocks used to create a work of art. The elements of design can be thought of as the things that make up a painting, drawing, design etc. Good or bad – all paintings will contain most of if not all, the seven elements of design.

The Principles of design can be thought of as what we do to the elements of design. How we apply the Principles of design determines how successful we are in creating a work of art.


Line can be considered in two ways. The linear marks made with a pen or brush or the edge created when two shapes meet.

A shape is a self contained defined area of geometric or organic form. A positive shape in a painting automatically creates a negative shape.

All lines have direction – Horizontal, Vertical or Oblique. Horizontal suggests calmness, stability and tranquillity. Vertical gives a feeling of balance, formality and alertness. Oblique suggests movement and action
see notes on direction

Size is simply the relationship of the area occupied by one shape to that of another.

Texture is the surface quality of a shape – rough, smooth, soft hard glossy etc. Texture can be physical (tactile) or visual.
see notes on texture

Also called Hue
see notes on colour

Value is the lightness or darkness of a colour. Value is also called Tone.


Balance in design is similar to balance in physics.A large shape close to the center can be balanced
by a small shape close to the edge. A large light
toned shape will be balanced by a small dark toned
shape (the darker the shape the heavier it appears to be)

Gradation of size and direction produce linear perspective. Gradation of of colour from warm to cool and tone from dark to light produce aerial perspective. Gradation can add interest and movement to a shape. A gradation from dark to light will cause the eye to move along a shape.

Repetition with variation is interesting, without variation repetition can become monotonous.The five squares above are all the same. They can be taken in and understood with a single glance.

When variation is introduced, the five squares, although similar, are much more interesting to look at. They can no longer be absorbed properly with a single glance. The individual character of each square needs to be considered.

If you wish to create interest, any repeating element should include a degree of variation.

Contrast is the juxtaposition of opposing elements eg. opposite colours on the colour wheel – red / green, blue / orange etc. Contrast in tone or value – light / dark. Contrast in direction – horizontal / vertical.
The major contrast in a painting should be located at the center of interest. Too much contrast scattered throughout a painting can destroy unity and make a work difficult to look at. Unless a feeling of chaos and confusion are what you are seeking, it is a good idea to carefully consider where to place your areas of maximum contrast.

Harmony in painting is the visually satisfying effect of combining similar, related elements. eg.adjacent colours on the colour wheel, similar shapes etc.

Dominance gives a painting interest, counteracting confusion and monotony. Dominance can be applied to one or more of the elements to give emphasis

Relating the design elements to the the idea being expressed in a painting reinforces the principal of a painting with an active aggressive subject would work better with a dominant oblique direction, course, rough texture, angular lines etc. whereas a quiet passive subject would benefit from horizontal lines, soft texture and less tonal contrast.

Unity in a painting also refers to the visual linking of various elements of the work.

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Add Design Elements To Existing Webpage

We want to add some design elements to an existing web page to give it a "facelift". You will need to implement these changes into the website.

The website that will need the work is

Fast turnaround time needed

Please provide with portfolio.

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