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Email Marketing

I want someone to assist in bulk target marketing, the max bid should not be more than $30. Target Markets lies in UK, UAE and Pakistan. Please mention in that amount how many inbox(not junk boxes) your campaign may reach.
Thank you.

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Email Marketers Needed!


I need email marketers who can do bulk emailing to their optin third party list of people which have previously ordered stuff online. Example: Someone who has a very large subscriber list of millions of people in their aweber auto responder which have previously ordered products online through places like Clickbank, Ebay, Commission Junction, Amazon etc. And agreed to receive 3rd party promotional offers when they ordered.

(Your bid price should be per million)

You must have good inbox rate and there will be beta testing before award of this project to you!
Your list should be targeted 80%+ deliverable optins or double optins or people which have previously ordered stuff online. Yours mailings must be compliant and in accordance to the 2003 CanSpam act. And I must not get a bunch of spam complaints. Also your mailings at the very minimum must get a 1% track-able open rate. If you do well I have several promotion offers which I will need 1-3 million sent out on each campaign daily! Im looking for a long term business relationship so please only experienced email marketers with good list and high delivery rates apply.

Thank You

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Bulk Emailing – No SPAM should go to Inbox


I need a provision to send bulk emailing through my server.

I have VPS server.

The program should send the email to Inobx only to all the recipient domains.

I take low bids.


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