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3 Way Link Building | Using Only My Email List

ALL PRICES MUST BE "PER LINK" and under the following terms.
I do a lot of link building and I need to very best price possible. I will not pay more than $1-$5 per link.

I need someone to do 3 way link building using my email list of 1,500,000 Realtors. Here are the requirements:

1) You must obtain the links ONLY from responses to my email list
2) The links must all be PR1 or higher and from a page with less than 100 outbound links
3) You must put the 3 way return link on one of your websites and maintain the 3-way links on your website for at least 1.5 years.
4) You must be willing to obtain links to as many pages on my website as necessary for the same price. You will have to send slightly different emails for the requests for each different page and proportion the ammount of emails you send for each page.
5) You must have experience and references
6) You must have your own 3 way link sites to place the return links on
7) You must have quality email sending software and send the emails from you own email account(s)
8) You must send me a report of all of the links to my site and all of the return links

The website you will be building links to is

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Domain sales


I have a list of .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, .us and few misc domains that you need to promote and sell. you will get $5 each on selling them. This should be easy selling, as the domains are quality and the prices are deeply discounted.

Happy Bidding!!!

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