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Need To Send 100,000 Emails To Inbox.

You need to provide the addesses and send emails so that at least 100,000 hit inbox without bouncing.

I will provide the content of the emails.

Must have experience in Bulk emailing.

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I Need Native English Speaking Freelance Writers – Ongoing

I am looking for a writer to work with me on an ongoing basis. I have regular work and need a reliable, NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING writer only. With all due respect to all the non-native English speaking writers out there, I really must insist on this stipulation.

I am willing to pay $0.01 (1 cent) per word for all future projects I may give you, but will not pay for anything that has obviously been copied, scraped or otherwise fails to pass copyscape, as well as for very poor quality work. I insist on integrity and adherence to deadlines and for that you will find I am an easy-going person to get on with.

I have work to give out immediately to the right person.

I would like to see some samples of your writing with your bids please.

Edit: I regularly advertise for writers as I have lots of work, but lately the writers I choose as winners seem to do a disappearing act and I never hear from them again after initial contact, despite me having work available and sending them three or four emails. Therefore I will seriously consider not accepting anyone that doesnt have any feedback on this site. At the end of the day I cannot keep on paying fees for choosing writers who dont even have the courtesy to respond to my emails.

Edit 2: I have also encountered writers that are either very slow at responding to emails (12 hours or more), or are unable to do more than a couple of articles per day. This is no good to me at all. I need someone who is timely with their responses and can do more than a couple of articles each day. Thank you.

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Marketing Via Premium Site And Chatrooms

As you can see I have very good feed back and references.

I need some reliable people to help me.

The tasks are to log into premium accounts that I hold and contact members from my account. This can be done by sending a number of emails a day or via the chatrooms.

In the case of emails, I will supply the template
For chatroom work I will explain further what is needed.

I propose that you bid for sending 500 emails.

Thank you

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Targeted Email List

We need someone who can harvest a targeted email list. What we want is an email list of flat roofers across the southern USA. This has to be targeted so you cant just simply type "flat roofer" into your email spider as it will grab so many unrelated emails. Whether its done by hand or not doesnt matter to us, as long as the list is targeted. If it is targeted enough, we will avoid being labeled spam.

We need this list in one week. The list should be greater than 1000 emails. We will not pay for any or unrelated emails.

looking to spend about $25 in total for a direct targeted list of 1000 emails


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Email Marketing Campanign 500.000 Emails


We are looking for an experienced and serious bulk email marketer.

We want to send 500,0000 emails.

We will provide the list and also the template.

Within the list there will be 50 email adresses of our own, so we will now if youve done the job right.

– emails must reach the inbox.
– a complete transmission & statistics report must be provided.

Please give us a good price for this campaign.

Happy bidding!

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Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

Im looking for someone who can facilitate a mass email marketing campaign to auto dealers. I have a list of 40k in names.

* You need to be white-listed. Your account/ISP etc. can not be considered a spammer.


*will want an html based email as well, must be created.

* Emails MUST go to the inbox and NOT to the junk or spam folders.

*Must create a gmail account which will forward on to my personal email notifying me when someone is requesting more information or would like to schedule a phone call.

*If done properly so all emails reach the inbox this campaign should last about month.

*Multiple ips must be used to ensure that the email is not blocked or sent to spam.

* You should be able to send these on a given date and time.

* You should be able to provide reports, including opened, read, bounced, click-throughs, etc.

* About 50 random emails in the list will be used to verify – you need to be able to deliver 98% successfully.

Looking for a long-term partner.

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Create My Weekly Store Emails

Can you create a weekly email template that will capture attention and generate sales for a childrens clothing boutique. We constantly have new merchandise coming in and need to reach our customers with great photos and descriptions. All photos will be provided as well as files of past newsletters and emails. Must be very familiar with working with Aweber. Please show me some past work. Kid oriented not necessary, but some apparel knowledge would be preferred. Need to have the ability to update the photos and text.

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We Need Good Fresh Emails From Australia! We Can Pay Good P

We need good fresh emails from Australia! We can pay good price, they need to be good list!

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Grab EMails And Send Emails For Us!! Long Term Work

WE are looking for a professional with atleast 2 years of experience who can send 100k emails daily and have his own USA email lists of Youngsters .
If the results are good and inbxoing ratio is good we will hire you for a very long term work .

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USA, Worldwide Verified Emails For Sale

Good day all,

My company now offers Email addresses for businesses to further reach out to the masses by selling our list of verified email address.

Interested parties please PM me. Thank you.

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Mass Email Sender

hello i have a list of opt in investor emails i paid for from a site im searching for a sever where i wont get blacklisted i need to send 20 million emails out. please help

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Data Base Of PET Owners (dog / Cat) Emails / Contacts Needed


We need a email data base or contact data base of USA PET Owners ( owners of Dog, Cat, Fish, bird and other pets )

Preferred email data base . ALL pet owners must be from US ONLY !

We also need ( optional ) email / contact data base of pet business , pet manufactures , pet supplies vendors etc.

Pet Owners from Facebook and Twitter also welcome !

Please provide info and rate how many emails/ contact you can provide .

thanks and good luck with bidding

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I need someone with the ability to not only scrub my email lists on a regular basis for syntax, spam traps, etc … but also actually send test emails and delete bounces and any addresses that mark the emails as SPAM.

This would involve scrubbing approx 15,000 new emails a week.

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Targeted Emailing Campaign

We are looking to start an ongoing targeted email campaign to generate leads for our new software product. We have already written all the content for the email campaign but need to find someone who can help us compile lists of relevant companies, their emails and actually send out the emails. This is not a one time job. If you are diligent and can come up with innovative ways to build relevant lists of company emails, then we will continue working with you indefinitely.

Candidates who can be online via Skype for a brief period of time each day will have priority.

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Extract Emails From Website

Your job is to extract company emails from finnish yellow pages.

Both sites contain same data. You can search companies by industry or keywords.

I have tried to extract emails myself using email extractor softwares, but results were unsuccessful. It seems that the site has protection agains this.

Your job is to find solution how to extract all the emails.

The total number of emails is around 100k.

Before bidding try if you can extract emails or not.

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Need Email Lists From USA, Canada Or UK

Need USA, Canada or UK Targeted EMAIL LIST
Were looking for service providers who can deliver email lists from USA, Canada or UK

You will receive payment after the emails are verified which is after 2 weeks.
No delays..

We are looking for someone who can provide us with real people email lists from the mentioned countries. We can have more winners. Leads must be from the USA, Canada or UK only. You will be paid ONLY if all of the emails are legitimate.


*Only unique and confirmed E-mail Addresses and Names
*No fake Emails
*No duplicates sign ups
*No fraudulent sign ups
*Supply emails in excel sheet.

Yes 100% Real People
Yes 100% USA, Canada or UK emails

If you break any of these rules the CPA network will detect this and we will get banned.
We will have to terminate your services (without pay) if you fail to adhere to these rules and conditions.
If you accept and understand these terms, in your pm you must state that you agree to the terms listed in the job posting along with any other information you want to provide.

Advise timeframe and price based on number of emails as follows:

10,000 emails
100,000 emails
1,000,000 emails

Also post the country email list you bid for: USA, Canada or UK

Include the words "email list" in your bid subject to confirm you have read our requirements.

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Internet Markerting & Information Collection

We need someone who can harvest a targeted email list. What we want is an email list of flat roofers across the southern USA. This has to be targeted so you cant just simply type "flat roofer" into your email spider as it will grab so many unrelated emails. Whether its done by hand or not doesnt matter to us, as long as the list is targeted. If it is targeted enough, we will avoid being labelled spam.

We need this list in one week. The list should be greater than 1000 emails. We will not pay for any or unrelated emails.

looking to spend about $25 in total for a direct targeted list of 1000 emails

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Customized Direct Mailing And E-marketing

We are soon launching a new site that will be a revolutionary advertising tool.

We would like to contact potential customers that could be interested in having a testing period for free.
The contact will be estabilished through direct mailing and phonecalls, Facebook and online marketing activities.

We are looking for someone who has strong comunication skills in writing customized emails. The list of customers to contact will be provided by us. The area is USA.
The job consists in preparing and sending personalized emails explaining the concept and do follow up. Side activity will be to write posts on FB groups, blogs and all relevant sites, "creating interest" around the concept: in this way the potential customer might be knowing the concept before receiving the email.

Beside the project bid we will pay per each customer that will join the trial period and start to use the site.

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Uk Gumtree Ad Poster


Im looking for a UK classifieds Ad Poster who is interested in this high money earning opportunity.

You should be experienced and familiar with UK ad posting (eg. Gumtree), and be able to post successfully tens of ads every day, must know how to create new email accounts for this purpose, also set-up so all reply emails are forwarded to single email I will give you.

You will be posting services – computers – website design section in all UK (Free) UK regions starting with major cities in UK. Ads must be posted at different times of day i.e. 2 ads per week Mon and Wed for 50 UK regions making 100 ads per week.

You must be experienced Gumtree ad poster.
You must be able to set-up numerous email accounts
You must set-up automatic email forwarding to our email account
You can use same email identity for neighbouring Gumtree regions
You must allocate random local regional postcodes
You must make use a dynamically changing IP that generates UK IPs
You must rotate titles and ad content and must be well written
You must upload 3 website template thumbnail images for each posting
You must vary the thumbnail images
You must supply a spreadsheet of ads successfully posted

We offer a web design service

You are bidding for posting first 100 ads in 50 Gumtree cities in 1 week. All ads must be verified and approved and generate emails from viewers. All incoming emails will be forwarded to our email address.

Please note that you will only be pay for ads that have been successfully posted and remain live for at least 7 days.

Please only bid if you can demonstrate experience of this kind of work and have positive reviews for past work. This will be continuous work each week!

Please place the words UK Gumtree in any message or bid reply.
All bids must be for first 100 ads only although this will become a continuous campaign for 50 weeks of the year

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Email Marketing



Im Looking for a service providers to deliver Bulk Mailing of >1.000.000 contacts.

1. I need providers who can do atleast 80% inbox delivery and are knowledgeable about all of the issues that can arise from sending huge volume of emails.
2. When biding please inform how many emails can you send by day our by hour.
3. A Test drive will be high valurated.
4. If you receive "REMOVE" request from the email recipient, you must immediately remove that users email ID.
5. I need someone who can provide good quality service and be flexible and know the issues about Bulk Email Marketing.
6. Im looking for long term business relashionship.

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Bulk Emailing 50,000 Daily USA START NOW! List Needed

Hay there,

Im Looking for service providers who can deliver

1) Scrape Craigs List for emails in any and all categories for consumer email databases
Must be able to separate by geograhic area ( by USA STATE (by zip code preferrably)

2)Bulk Mailing services for the above Email Database List.

I need providers who can do atleast 80% to 90% inbox delivery and are knowledgeable about all of the issues that can arise from sending huge volume of emails.

Should be able to show a Test drive.

**Top Priority **

1)If you receive "REMOVE" request from the email recipient, you must immediately remove that users email ID.
2)All campaigns are ****CAN-SPAM*** act complain

I need someone who can provide good quality service and be flexible and should know the issues when dealing with Bulk Email Marketing.

Needed ASAP Start Tonight —- Please send your skype name

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Gather Local Emails From Online Classified Sites

US COMPANY looking for someone who can acquire local email addresses from online classified sites such as Craigslist, Kijiji, Oodle, backpage, classifieds.myspace, etc.

I can pay $.005 USD per legitimate email. (basically, if you provide 30,000 emails in a month – I will pay $150 for the month)

Must be able to acquire current email addresses from current local ads on classified websites. Would preferably like to work with somebody that can supply upwards of 1000 unique emails per day.

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Bulk Email Delivery

Require series of emails delivered.

You must deliver from your servers.

I require all deleivery reporting –
– opens – date & time
– bounce rates
– delevery rates
– URLs selected within emails

I provide
– sender email address
– emails
– email contents

require delivery of
3 x 1600
2 x 5000
1 x 22000

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Bulk Emailing

I need someone to send email marketing for me. No spam, nothing touchy or weird, I just want to clean an old database to clean up.

You should be skilled in email marketing, have access to smtp server and be able to send bulk emails in a short time (100K a day at least) without compromising the delivery of the campaign.
You should have a clean sender reputation. You must have a clean IP (white list) and a good inboxing rate.
You shouldnt send from an IP in Asia.

I furnish the database (1M emails)
I provide the html e-mails
You just have to sent and export the results to me.

I want an export in .csv or .txt of all contacts that DO opened the emails sent.

Before contracting, you should be able to do a test on a small portion of the Database to check you results and knowledge in emailing.

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Email Delivery Campaign

Project involves going into my microsoft exchange account and sending emails to a list I will provide
entire list consists of around 12000 names. Emails will need to be sent daily in batches of 500.

Please note this cannot be done automatically each email will need to be manually input.

Budget is $30-$75 depending on how many you can do per rate – looking for best quote as there will be ongoing supply of new jobs.

Payment will be made every week

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Oxyclassifieds Control Emails


I have oxyclassifieds script and need a control in the send emails by Ip and email.

The user goes to the site, and can only send 5 or 10 emails by Ip and email for a certain minutes. If he passes, the email will not be send and I will by advised. That

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Qualified Emails For Toronto Canada Deal Site

We are looking for 10,000 + qualified double opt in emails for Toronto, Canada immediately.

These must be emails Specific to Toronto Canada
Emails must be opt in
Emails must be legitimate, No bots

We are looking for a consistent flow of qualified email leads and will continue with this project and the selected freelancer indefinitely.

Please send a sample list of 500 emails for testing.

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Need Someone To Send Bulk Mail

Hi all.
There are 3 task i need someone to do it for me.or do one of the below jobs.
1. i need someone to Browse jobs here and leave a promotion message on project verification board.
2. need another person who can send emails to members in or
3. need someone to send one million bulk mail:
-. We want Inbox Delivery plus 90%.
-.Service Provider is capable enough to provide Open, Link click, Unsubscribe and bounce details as per campaign.
-.Must be experience as Our Campaign is Spam Act. and aware of the facts arise due to high volume of emails.
-.Must have fresh IPs pool and Whitelist Server so Our emails will not end up in Spam.
-.First we will go for testing and then we will finalize the best service providers.
You can bid for One of the three above bids or do altogheter.
please leave me the price seperatly for each bid and time you can finish every section.
i need them urgently, less than 7 days ,,dont bid if you can not do it
no trial..professional only..
ongoing business for the right person
thank you

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I Need Someone To Send Out Bulk Emails

I am looking for someone who is very experianced in email marketing and can send out bulk emails 10k+ at a time and get them into peoples inbox not their spam folder

I would prefer to work with someone who can provide me with a solution that comes with a control panel where i can view inbox/open/bounce rates but will entertain other solutions.

Send me your solution and price to send out 100k.

Please. >>>> Only bid if you are a pro! <<<<

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We Need 1M Active Emails From Social Networks -USA EUROPE

We need 1M active emails from Social Networks -USA-CANADA-AUSTRALIA- EUROPE ONLY!!!!

We check the activity ,then u receive your money.

Best Regards

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Virtual Assistant – Spanish Speaking A Plus

Looking for part time assistance in receiving calls and answering emails between the hours of 8-5pm PST. Must speak fluent English and Spanish a plus! Prefer someone working from home that could take extra calls/answer emails. Currently only 5-10 calls/emails a day.

Must enjoy working with and helping people.

Will provide all training and continued support to answer customer questions. Send intro and summary of your skills/work experience. Provide bid for Weekly rate.

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