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[WordPress]Auto Media Embedding Plugin

Task: create plugin Auto Media Embedding plugin for Video URL replace via regex to Embed code for WordPress 3

like AME 2.5 – Media Embedding (Vbulletin)



-Regular expression-
The regular expression to search for.

The HTML to use. :


some requirement:
– easily add and delete function for definitions
– good performence general / example: save the replacement and dont genreate it by every pageload
– Update function. if something has been changed in the embed code then the old posts with this embed can be updated afterwards too .

MAX: Budget: 60$

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I have several videos about my sites and i need them all published on websites online.

pay is 0.10 to 0.15 depending the traffic of the website. where oyu post our videos..

all you need to do is take the embed of my video and post on other sites so people can watch them…

there is no limit you can do as much as you want


only video embed…and not only youtube !

start bidding now !

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Gather Embed Codes From

I am after somebody to go though and supply me with all of the embed codes for specified tv series. Im after a cost per 1000 episodes.

Easy job!

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PHPMotion V3.5 Video Embed & Video Player Embed Feature

Add a feature to PHPMotion v3.5 to allow embedding videos and/or alternate video players from other video hosting and streaming services.

Concept is to paste video embed codes AND/OR alternate video player embed codes from other video hosting services into a form in PHPMotion admin area along with video title, description, tags, PHPMotion category classification, sub category classification, (plus a new data field indicating the source video hosting service or Amazon S3 bucket, etc,) and then have PHPMotion manage and display the video thumbnail and code and/or alternate players as if the videos were locally uploaded files on the PHPMotion server.

PHPMotion v3.5 provides a PowerTool add-on that allows embedding YouTube Videos and it has functionality similar to that described here; however we are interested in displaying videos and alternate video players provided by other video hosting services. (Kaltura, iPlayerHD, Limelight, etc., etc.)

We are primarily interested in displaying secure streaming videos and preventing user downloads.

We would like the option to display externally hosted video files (i.e. stored on an Amazon S3 bucket, etc.) through the Flow Player already on our site (we have commercial license) which has been installed as another mod.

AND we would like the option to display a different video player for videos hosted on remote specialty video hosting services. (iplayerHD, Kaltura, Limelight, etc.)

For example, videos hosted on iPlayerHD (Hi Definition and mobile video hosting) can be configured with their video player and we would like to be able to display their video player in PHPMotion behind the PHPMotion Subscription Manager paywall.

All videos and/or video players would appear in PHPMotion search results, categories, restricted access inside paid subscriptions, etc. and would play in the PHPMotion site.

This video embed // video player embed feature needs to work seamlessly with all existing site features.

We will be selling streaming video subscriptions (no downloads) and we need secure streaming and file download prevention.

Current plans are to host the PHPMotion site on Wowza Media server 2, use RTMP streaming and implement streaming security features accordingly to secure any locally hosted video files. Of course alternate video hosting services will have their own video security methods in place, so we would just be limiting user access to their players as embeded in our site behind our paywall.

Please ask any additional clarifying questions or propose an alternate means of achieving these goals.

Phil D

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Very Simple WordPress Plugin

I need very simple wordpress plug-in.
The plug-in works as below.

If I post the embed code of some video sharing site to wordpress as an article, for instance Youtube, the width and height of the embed video will be automatically changed to restrictive lengths. The length of those will be set via the wordpress admin area. If I set 630 pix as width and 503 pix as height via admin area, the width and height in <embed></embed> that posted as an article into wordpress, will be automatically changed to 630pix and 503pix.

Thats it.

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.NET Personalised PDF Generator Web App – With Embed Code

We are looking for an experienced HTML5 and .NET developer to create a web app with the following functionality

PART 1 – Client
– User logs in (they will need to have an account – managed in Admin CMS)
– It shows how many credits they have. 1 credit = 1 page. Credits are controlled and added to users account in Admin CMS
– They can then choose to upload a PDF document – and tag it with meta data (Title, Date, Keywords, Description, Category, etc).
– The Web App will then upload the PDF using AJAX – showing the user clear progress on screen as it does. It will immediately count the number of pages, and represented this by a thumbnail view of each page in a grid format – with individual loading throbber displayed over each thumb until page loaded.
– When the PDF has finished uploading – the user will get a clear message saying it is complete.
– They will then be prompted with some further actions
[1] Embed – This will provide a unique URL and iframe embed code for the PDF thumbs (see part 2)
[2] Share – This will provide a unique URL and options to Share in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email
[3] Upload again – this will take the user back through the process.

PART 2 – Customer
– The published PDF thumbs will then be available for users to visit the unique url (or accessed within embed code) and DRAG AND DROP the PDF page thumbs they want to download into a My PDF basket area.
– When they have finished creating their Personalised PDF – they can click on the Download button and will be prompted to fill in some details via a form (this can be customised by the User) – and then it downloads. They also have the choice to share their final personalised PDF. You will need to be able to stitch the PDF back together at this point
– In future revisions we will need the ability to embed in user defined hotspots on any of the PDF pages to pull in variable data taken from the form – or added content from the user

PART 3 – Admin
– We will need the ability to add and disable users and user information
– allocate credits to a users account

This will need to be hosted on our Windows 2008 Server.

We will provide all design elements.


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Modify An Existing Scritp Site

Please take a look at my site before you decide to bid (

Im currently running a website which index and embed videos from many different sources. It automatically generates and embed code from many popular site like youtube, dailymotion, veoh, sevenload and megavideo using the direct url to the videos. You can use the same method or create your own way of embed code, as long as it work with my current database Im fine.

I want to be able to use embed code from these sites:
Flickr Video
myspace video
facebook video
Metacafe ( used to work but broken)
Yahoo! Video

My site has been modified by many people therefore, it happens to have invalid code ( unnecessary) that i would like you to eliminate too.

There are also a few more minor problems that need to be fixed

1. If you visit my site, you will notice the url is not very seo friendly. I need an .htacess file for that.
2. The rss feed is working but when a user click on my feed, it does not lead to the right path… is also broken due to invalid url…(can be fixed with .htacess too)
3. Create a sitemap for my site
4. I need a search box for my site ( it has a quick search but missing the search box)
5. User need to login before posting comments (enable avatar)
6. Auto generate thumbnail ( currently resizing image which make my site look very unnatural)
7. Create tags

If you are interest or have any question, please pm!

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WordPress Customization – Simple PHP Project (1 Day Or Less)

I am looking for someone to alter the PHP for this WordPress theme:

The edits required are:

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Embed Flipbook In Flash


The project is to embed a flipbook in a flash file application.
A sample of this flipbook is It consists of html, xml, jpg, swf, js file types and opens with the html file. Also note that the flipbook is generated from a software so we have no source codes.

We will provide you with the flipbook and the flash file application (.fla).

The deliverable should be a flash file (all source files delivered as well).

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Embed Video Recorder/player

Would like to have a video recorder/player embedded on a website that people can record themselves.

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Html5 Embed Pdf With Parameters On UIWebView

We need to develop an OFFLINE pdf viewer in html+javascript on UIWebView(iPad), that is compatible with iPad Safari.

The application has to use html5 &lt;embed&gt; tag and parameters to define:
– pdf file name
– pdf page height and width in px and %
– pdf page zoom
– page number to be opened

&lt;embed id=&quot;mypdf&quot; src=&quot;my.pdf#page=3&quot; width=&quot;1000&quot; height=&quot;600&quot;&gt;&lt;/embed&gt;
&lt;embed id=&quot;mypdf&quot; src=&quot;my.pdf#width=100%&amp;page=2&quot; width=&quot;1000&quot; height=&quot;600&quot;&gt;&lt;/embed&gt;

Jquery command to open page number 3:

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Embed Shoutcast Stream Flash Player

I currently have a shoutcast embed code on my website:

i would like my own player embeded below the navigation bar. Which will be used to listen to my shoutcast stream.

This does not have to be a redesign of a new flash player it can be a JW player or any other ones that are available.

I will not pay more than $30

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Embed RTMP Live Stream In Facebook Page

I have a 24/7 stream already going out, but need to know how to embed it in our company FB page.


Show me that you can do it and we can do a deal quick!

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I need someone who has used and has experience using commission junction & wordpress.
My budget is $10 for 1000 to 1500 embed detailed product posting.

Basically you search the item, find it, copy the embed code and paste it on my wordpress website.
Super simple and easy to do. Must be fast since I have alot of work to give the embedding winner.

Once again budget is $10 for 1000 to 15000. Please bid only $30 first. Id like to have multiple freelancers working on many websites.

Must also know how to use wordpress.

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Picture Sharing Embed Box

For a picture website, I need someone to create an embed box that allows visitors to easily share pictures on other websites.

The box should be the same as the "Get Image" box on this page: (click on the big orange button to see what I am referring to).

The box should be 571 pixels wide and about 100 pixels high. I have to be able to change the content, size, and color of the box. The box will be featured on in the blank space at the bottom of the picture page (see attached .jpg file).

There is one difference between the box on and the one I need. Instead of the "Alignment" feature, I want a feature that says "Get code for:", with radio buttons that say "Website & Blog", "Email & IM", "Forum", and "Direct Link". When one of these radio buttons is clicked on, the share code should change appropriately (for examples of picture sharing codes, go to

For an experienced programmer, this should be a very easy task. The compensation for this small project will be $30.

If you are interested in this project, I hope to hear from you very soon. If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Thank you,


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Video Embed Script – MODEL BELOW

Hi guys iam looking for one script that allow you and members post and share videos with communoty, i want something like this website:

let me know if anyone can do my work thanks guys…

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Embed Jw Player On Facebook In A Joomla Website

I have a joomla website( were i have installed the component: Music Collection for Joomla ( This component is using jwplayer 4.5.230 for playing songs and has a bookmark system for posting to facebook and other social networking sites.

You can see a demo song here:

I want the bookmark system to be able to embed the player in to facebook (Now it submits an image and a link if you click on facebook link above)

I have bought allready Facebook It and Tweet It from and also i have bought JW Player Plugin Advanced 1.6.0 ( but couldnt make ti work!

This only! Please submit only if you understand what i am talking about!

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Embed Video Script

I would like to embed videos from mega upload, veoh, videobb etc

i want someone to develop the script and put it on my website so that all users on my website can upload or connect to the movies on megaupload, veoh, videobb etc.

i would appreciated if someone can explain how this is achieved and can also can develop the script and integrated with my website.

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Text-embed System

I need a technology in which: i give to the software a string of text. The software store the string in a database and makes the string embeddable in any HTML page (throught HTML5 technologies or Flash ones).

I need to make embeddable in any webpage a string of text.

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Flembedding Picasa Slideshow Code Inside A Flash Website

Hi Everyone,
I have an existing flash site I manage for a client of mine… and I need a slideshow or gallery embedded into it.
Here is an example of the code from the account.
Can you do it? can it fit inside our CS4 flash site? goto and then click on portfolio. it must fit in here.

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" width="800" height="533" flashvars="" pluginspage=""></embed>

Let me know if you can do it. Cost and time.
It should not be hard for someone who knows their Actionscript.
I will provide .FLA files to the winning bidder.

12/29/2010 at 15:30 EST:

Its AS2 and I just want the code embedded. Exactly as it is.
This should be very simple for a flash expert.
when you bid tell me how many minutes or hours it will take you.

So, you will open the FLA file I send you and add the embed code for the gallery and whatever it takes to make that embed code work inside the flash.

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Embed Flash File Into BigCommerce

I have a .swf file I need to be embedded into the home page of a BigCommerce site (inside of a banner). I will like to see examples of existing flash implementations.

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Quick FLV Embed Instead Of .mov Files

Hi All,

I have eight webpages that I need to embed some FLV files in. I currently dont have time, but it should be about a 15 minute job for someone who has the time. I just need the code changed from the current quicktime files, to the FLV files (Ive already encoded). I just need the code changed and an FLV player implemented.

Heres the website for reference:

The videos are at the top.



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User Embed Function & Thumbnail Rotation

Hello, Freelancers.

Currently my users can upload their own video content fine – my objective with this project is to incorporate the embed function as well, allowing them to place their embedded videos on the site when faced with the upload screen, as well as upload their content to our main site. In addition, we also need a fix for our video thumbnail rotations. They should rotate when the mouse hovers over them, however they currently do not. We will go in to more detail with the right person.

That about sums it up. It should be a quick project, as such please keep your bids in the $30-50 range.


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Hello,I need someone who can embed customized already made Forums and ether new blogs that have themes that I can put my own name on or embed wordpress,I have a ning site with CSS and java and other things,I was told that embedding them should be farely easy and thats what im hoping.

Id also like to have an internet tv that i already have embedded as well,Id ask for MAFIA WARS but i dont know where to get that lol.

I just need someone that can go in and really install these features and make my site look good,I would not turn down any ideas ether.

I need this done like now if someone is availabile.

Thank you and I hope that I get a bid soon so we can get this site looking great.

Again Thank You

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Steams Embed Script

I am looking for a script similar to the one using in where it will have a admin panel so that i can add embed streams to my site as in channels, also should have the feature of adding ads on the channels using admin panel.
Have a browse at and you will have the idea of what i am looking for.

there are readymade scripts available which is fine for me, pls show me a demo.

Bids should be BELOW $100

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IOs App Update

We are offering a short term contract for an experienced iOs developer to add some new features to our iOs e-book reader.

Specifically we need to:

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I have a php promotion website

php promotion websites have a built in feature which allows members of the site to upload/embed a background picture for their member channel –

I want the that background uploading/embed feature plaguarised for the home page – so I can upload/embed a background picture for the home page directly from my PC just like the member channels can

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Planetxtube 3

I have php pro-motion website
I am looking for someone well versed in php & who speaks english well to make the following TWO changes for me

1. Embed a copy of the existing phpmotion "own player" into the template for the MEMBERS HOME PAGES

2. Embed a copy of the existing phpmotion "own player" into the HOME PAGE (Replacing the Adobe player)

The home page embed will be the same as the ADMIN member page (so that is basically a more minor part of the job job)

I like nice neat work and I pay as soon as job is completed and checked

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WP Theme & WP-Polls Plugin Mod

I need quotes towards three things, please provide separate quote for each.

1. First of all I need a wordpress theme. I will provide an outline of the template. It will look something like a magazine but a bit different.

These two modifications below are regarding WordPress plugin: WP-Polls.

2. I need a create poll form basically added onto the WP-Polls, if you know WP-Polls it creates a poll separately and then gives you an id to add to your post. Basically I want an AIO form for this. So a form where creates a poll attached to a post rather than separately. I want this to work outside the wordpress admin. Must be made safe.

3. I Also need an embed polls feature on this. Embed meaning users are able to take an html code of a poll and put it on their site. So that their viewers can also vote on the poll without going to the main website. Example:

If you can provide me your quotes on these three and a bit of information about how many years of knowledge towards WordPress and programming you have and possibly a portfolio of past work (Optional).

By the way my budget is $150 USD.

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Update IOs E-reader

We are offering a short term contract for an experienced iOs developer to add some new features to our iOs e-book reader.

Specifically we need to:

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