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Dedicated Full Time SEO Manager

Overview of Daily Functions:
Page optimization, link building, content modification, article writing, article submission, blog submission and so on.

More Specifically:
– Extensive consultation to define the goals.
– In-depth site analysis for search engine compatibility.
– Keyword analysis for the most targeted and productive keywords.
– Content modification for effective latent semantic indexing
– Image optimization
– Update and/or modify the site content and internal link structuring to keep the content fresh for the search engines and compatible with the latest search engine algorithm.
– Creating new thematically related link pages
– Integration and upload changes
– Responsive Page Rank improvement campaign
– Maintenance & Placement Tracking
– Manual search engine and directory submissions
– Responsive Page Rank improvement campaign

Reports detailing the following would be expected every month.
– Submissions of (1000+) link requests
– Submission to (1000+) directories
– 20 articles submitted to 200 article directories.
– 100+ social bookmarking posts

Contact: Dedicated contact through email, chat or phone.

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Search Engine Optimization

I have two websites that I would like to generate more traffic to. I would like them to be at the top of google searches within Australia.

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Search Engine Visibility

I want help to increase link referrals to two web sites in my companys portfolio: and

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Fix/intall Xcache And Zend

I have a cpanel that has following error :

XCache requires Zend Engine API version 220060519.
The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer.
Contact mOo at for a later version of XCache.

I need a system admin that can fix this asap.
System needs to have cache install and it shall work together with Zend engine api.

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Expression Engine Developer Wanted

We are looking for a developer who is confident with building templates and creating custom modules for the CMS Expression Engine.

The design has been done and the layout requires content modules on the page to be activated / deactivated which will change the layout itself.

All frontend HTML/CSS will be provided so its just the build of template.

Please enquire for further details / queries.

Only contact us if you have EE experiences and confident with your knowledge.

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Torrents Search Engine

create a torrents search engine where it displays torrents host the seed leech size there should be 2 ads layout the script should pick 1 ad at a time and the page is reloaded it should pick 2nd ad and display it on the same layout . torrents search engine should work like . back end there should be option to add and remove host facebook comment should be there . it should be seo friendly. there should be sitemap generator

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Web Design And Script Installation

I need a one page landing page and script installation for search engine script.

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Property Search Engine

Property Search Engine based on crawling, data text-mining, dynamic navigation based search, AJAX and Ruby-On-Rails
technology that will allow deep crawling of websites to find and accurately extract key meta data for inclusion in the search engine such as price, location and features.
In addition, the search platform would allow for high performance, fast search indexing and querying allowing users to experience an instantaneous response to their search, refined by detailed property features, and retrieve the latest properties on the market.
Front End already has been developed and is up and running.

References with contact tel. numbers and NDA would be required.
Important: No Upfront Payment. All work will be scheduled in stages and payment will be released on stage completion. We would be happy to provide references should you require.

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30 Chinese Keywords To Top 5 Of All China Search Engine

30 Chinese Keywords to top 5 of all china search engine.

All is chinese site and keywords and linkbuilding ..

All white hat and no blackhat .

Using only offpages to get to above top 5 .

If you can do it then bid and you have to be chinese ..

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Need Experienced SEO & Paid Search Person


Im looking for a talented person or a team that specializes in search engine optimization and paid search engine marketing. I have a 10 year old URL that needs a lot of help with search engine rankings in all related key words. The goal is to immediately lift the visibility for my website from small paid sponsorship ads and paid search while maintaining natural organic SEO efforts. There will be no black hat tactics allowed! Everything must be done properly and honorably.

The first goal is to search for a list of websites that I can advertise on as soon as possible.
The second goal is to offer me a strategy for my web site for SEO and for paid search.
Provide and perform a link building strategy.
If you have met all my requirements, this project will lead into many projects!
All payments will be completed by PayPal only.
If youre not experienced in SEO or paid search, do not bid on this project.
Provide a list or a resume of your past experiences

I would like to get this started immediately!

Thank you.

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Image Search Engine

i need to build an image search engine.

1) Crawl the web in a specific website – this can be done using Nutch
2) Create a search engine to search for a specific image e.g. dogs ( it should retrieve all the dogs relevant images)
3) For the relevant images we must parse the crawling results and get the images (description of the images, name of the file etc.)
4) present images with links as googleimages does.

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Search Engine Submission, SEO, Link Building Required

Link Building, SEO, Content optimisation, Search Engine Submission, Keyword Analysis Required for US based Real Estate Site.

Google Analytics already set up. Daily reports to be submitted.

Experienced professionals only. Ongoing work for the right team or freelancer.

Please submit a detailed plan and keyword analysis for consideration.

Bidding will run for only for today and immediate start required after bid acceptance.

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SEO, Search Engine Submission, Link Propagation Required

US Based Real Estate Site requires SEO, search engine submission, link building. First page google search ranking required.

Site is wordpress based. Link will be provided to interested parties.

Proven Experience and References required. No beginners please.

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Product Search Engine

serious job…we need a iphone app. expert that has experience and believes on the project.
product search engine, we cant disclose the project, if no reference is shown or past iphone application experience

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Express Engine Site To WordPress

I am looking for someone who can move a Express Engine blog to WordPress and also make sure all of the redirects work properly.

Please provide examples of work that you have done that are relevant.

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Social Engine 4 Plugin

Im looking for a skilled PHP developer to create a custom plugin for SocialEngine.

This SocialEngine plugin will allow users to upload torrent files or magnet links.
After uploading torrent-file plugin should add it to torrent-client (some command line torrent-client) query.
It should download video files only (other files should be skipped).

it should convert video files to lower bitrate and add them to video section (video plugin), each file a new video post.

Torrent-client should run on a separate server.
Video files should be stored on the same server as the torrent client.

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UI Prototype For Medical Claims Payment Rule Engine

I need to find someone who can build a user interface for our payment rules engine. The back-end of the software is already built, but we need a place where users can enter specifications for the rules. There are about 15 screens that will need to built. We have designs for many of those screens (which I can share), but the programmer will be encouraged to suggest improvements to the screens. The prototype must be fully functional, not just a set of drawings.

The user interface must work on Windows. The UI must store the specifications in a database. I dont particularly care what DBMS you use so long as we can use it without a lot of added cost. Since this is a prototype, we do not have the normal architecture stack requirements. I would like to know what tools you are most proficient with.

Timely delivery of the prototype is critical to project success. We STRONGLY prefer someone who can work in our Needham, MA office. It is very important that you be in close contact with the back-end programmer and project coordinator. We have tried remote/off-shore programmers before with mixed results and are very reluctant to do so for this particular project.

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Various Mods To Social Engine 4.1.1

Im running Social Engine 4.1.1 I dont write code, and pretty noob, so need assistance with the following:

1) Change my domain name. I need to set a new domain name, and also set a list of domains I own as add on domains.

2) Utilizing a plugin called "catalogue/listings" , Ive created a custom name for that page on my site. If possible, Id like to get the url changed to better match my custom page name.

3) Set up an ftp site for me.

4) Use my back up and restore plug in and to take a back up and make sure it seems to be working/doing what i need it to.

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Webmail System With Ready Content Templates


we need an online system where we can include ready email templates. when a new client call us, we must include his contact details (name, mail, address, phone). there must be a send button, where automatically goes a ready mail to him. the mail must automatic include name in this mail like dear mr/mrs xxxx, …..

1. form engine with send button
2. upload / edit email template
3. if possible follow-up date system with remember (can be included in form engine)
4. review / statistic about all sent mails
5. must be with user/admin login to add guys who can send mails

can you send us your bid please and how long you need for this?

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Need Help With Search Engine Optimization

I need some help posting ads and doing SEO for my website. Contact me for further details. Thank you.

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Search Engine Website


I am looking for a developer who can create a search engine similar to with a some changes which will make it differ from its orgins very much. This IS NOT meta search engine.

The site should be clean big an bold and be able to work identical to zhift with the change I require.
There will be modifications need to be made to the algarithm as well.

I need someone who has done previous work with search engines if not forum search engines so be prepared to PM ME PREVIOUS WORK OR DEMO SEARCH ENGINE SCRIPTS.


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Automated Preogramming Using ODIN


I need someone to automate trade entry into ODIN Trade program based on certain condition generators. First step will involve retrieving data from live ODIN progam, feeding this into decision maker engine and finally based on outcome from this engine doing trade entry into ODIN.

We want someone who do this onsite at our location in Mumbai.

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Search Engine Optimization To Drive Up Sales For Webstore

We are a beauty supply store. I have about 5 products that i want to drive up the sales. I need someone that knows what he is doing and can make my productpage come up first on ebay,amazon and storepage. He will know how to write articles that will do this and generally know how to make sure this is done efficiently and continuosly. Its a continuos process and need experience and reliable person or coy.

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[mobile] Mp3 Search Engine

Need a Mp3 Search engine like fullmp3 [dot] mobi .
Only php and mysql (optimization queries)
A PM with your related portfolio will be a plus .

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Strong Magento SEO Skills Needed

To win I need a FULL proposal with a list of fixes.





1 Keyword Density.
2 Meta-Tags.
3 Internal Link Structure.
4 Search Engine Friendly Content.
5 Link Popularity Campaigns.
6 ON-line Competitor Analysis.
7 Current Site Ranking Report.
8 Validation of Website to Current W3c Standards.
9 Inclusion of Robots Instruction File.
10 Search Engine Sitemaps.
11 Manual Submission to High Page Ranked Directories.
12 Continuous Efforts For Maintenance of SEO Program
13 Search Engine Ranking Reports

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Search Engine For Homes

I would like to create a home & apartment,vacation search engine with the capability to search this site & pull every homes listing ,photo,address via google maps and post it to our website.

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Changes To Google Custom Search Engine.

I have a website which is using custom search engine of Google. Currently it has errors because of google changes.

"Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"

Need to fix the errors.

One time project

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Search Engine Optimization,

Please don

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Booking Site

Booking site needed on ROR that can accommodate private rentals and hotels . Same look and feel of with extras features to be discussed in detailed. Must include (uncompleted list)

-Email system
-Social integration (e.g. facebook sign in)
-Booking engine
-Payment engine
-Seller administration
-Referral system

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Datalife Engine Template

I have 2 wordpress themes that should be used to make 2 datalife engine templates.

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