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English To Spanish Translator / Writer Needed

I have a multiple language website , with English as the main content. It is translated into Spanish using Automatic Translators. Obviously it is far from perfect.

A typical articles is 400 words long. You are required to edit that automated translation / or translate on your own. Added preference will be given to some one who

– Knows about computer processors ( familiar with Intel / AMD , Core i3 , RAM, memory, benchmark)
– Can write an article in English if required
– Optional – should know what is hyperlinking and how to do it.

I would like you to bid for translating 10 articles of about 400 words each. You may also be asked to write original English Article.

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Convert CRE Loaded For Greek (UTF-8) And English

Website is using CRE Loaded Pro – 6.4.1a

Greek language files have been added to website.

Project is almost complete but having issues with conversion to UTF-8 for Greek Language.

Help mainly needed with database and file conversion for Greek language.
This is a very small project for those who are experienced.

Greek/English speaking Freelancer would be a bonus as more similar projects are coming.

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.30$ For 100 Words….Daily Payment!!!!#2

Those writers are needed who can write grammatically correct English and who submit work within the deadlines.

Payment will be via

My requirements are:
1. how many articles you can write in a day.
2. Excellent English writing skills
3. No plagiarism . All articles will be checked through copyscape.
4. You must be able to meet deadlines. I will quit working with the writer who does not keep the promises.

Plz bid with a copy of your samples and previous works. If your articles are online, it will be appreciated if you give that as a sample.

Even if you have no sample, beginners from US, UK and CANADA are welcome to bid. I will ask you to write just a 100 word article so that i know of your grammar.

Those who want a review to boost their profile will find this project helpful.

Pay will be $1.5 per 500 words.

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I Need Native English Speaking Freelance Writers – Ongoing

I am looking for a writer to work with me on an ongoing basis. I have regular work and need a reliable, NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING writer only. With all due respect to all the non-native English speaking writers out there, I really must insist on this stipulation.

I am willing to pay $0.01 (1 cent) per word for all future projects I may give you, but will not pay for anything that has obviously been copied, scraped or otherwise fails to pass copyscape, as well as for very poor quality work. I insist on integrity and adherence to deadlines and for that you will find I am an easy-going person to get on with.

I have work to give out immediately to the right person.

I would like to see some samples of your writing with your bids please.

Edit: I regularly advertise for writers as I have lots of work, but lately the writers I choose as winners seem to do a disappearing act and I never hear from them again after initial contact, despite me having work available and sending them three or four emails. Therefore I will seriously consider not accepting anyone that doesnt have any feedback on this site. At the end of the day I cannot keep on paying fees for choosing writers who dont even have the courtesy to respond to my emails.

Edit 2: I have also encountered writers that are either very slow at responding to emails (12 hours or more), or are unable to do more than a couple of articles per day. This is no good to me at all. I need someone who is timely with their responses and can do more than a couple of articles each day. Thank you.

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Website Translation English To French

We need to translate the website of an Hotel from English to French.

The website of the Hotel is divided in 3 parts (the accomodations, the restaurant and the spa) at the 3 addresses:

We provide 3 MS Word documents with all the text. The translator can see the website to understand the real display. The translation should be returned in MS Word documents.

Number of words for the 3 parts: about 9500

The text is not difficult to understand and to translate but we require good quality translation and good french formal writing.

French native speaker only! Im french so I can check the translation.

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20 Articles On Health! $1.5 Per 500 Words!

I need writers who can write grammatically correct English.

Payment will be via or Paypal, whatever you prefer.
I might select multiple candidates for this project so if you are on the criteria, you will be selected.

My requirements are:

2. Good English writing skills
3. No plagiarism will be tolerated. I am a copyscape premium user and will check the articles for copying…
4. You must be able to meet deadlines.

Plz bid with a copy of your samples and previous works. If your articles are online, it will be appreciated if you give that as a sample.

Even if you have no sample, beginners are welcome to bid. I might ask you to write just a 100 word article so that i know of your grammar.

Those who want a review to boost their profile will find this project helpful.

Looking forward to a nice working relation.

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Urgent !!! Translation Thai To English (freelance)

Urgent Translation Thai to English !!!! (freelance)

I will give you the articles that need to be translate to engish (excellent in thai & english language)

If youre interested in this project please contact –

Thank you.

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PHP/Mysql Projects (various) – 30 Day Assignment

I have various PHP, MySQL, Linux projects in my company. The maximum salary is $1000 based on experience. I need someone who will work for one month (140 hours) on my projects. If everything is good, we may continue for more months.

Here are the requirements:

Minimum 5 years programming in PHP, MySQL on Linux.

You must speak English and be able to carry on a conversation through Skype text chat. If you can speak English over Skype voice then you will have an advantage.

Accept PayPal or Payoneer for payment

You must be capable of working during the USA business day.

You must be reliable. If I hire you to work for a month, you must be available. You would be expected to be available on Skype during the day even if you dont have anything to work on at that moment.

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Urgent !!! Translation Thai To English

Urgent !!! Translation Thai to English

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English – Portuguese (Brazil) Article Translation

Make your bid for a total of 100 articles in English to be translated into Brazilian Portuguese with aprox. 550 words per article, to be delivered within 30 days. I am willing to pay U$ 1.00 per article but feel free to bid the price that suits you best.

Please bid only if you agree with the following:

1. You are a portuguese language native with outstanding Portuguese language skills, capable of writing Brazilian Portuguese.
2. All translated portuguese articles should have no grammar errors, and be 100% true to the original english source article.
2. You are fluent in English.
3. Capable of translating AT LEAST 5 articles PER DAY (25 articles per week – 100 articles in a month). You should be sending the articles on a daily basis.
4. Able to KEEP to deadlines.
5. Before picking the winner, it will be asked for you to translate a sample article.
6. All work produced is done on a work for hire basis and the copyright of it will belong to me after payment.
7. Please only bid if you are in good health and have a reliable Internet connection.
8. Please only bid if you can start working on my project immediately.

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English To French – Financial Planning Article Translation

I am currently starting to develop french language blogs and am looking for native french translator(s) to translate English articles (that I will provide) into French.

This initial job would be for three articles in the 500 to 600 word range relating to the financial planning industry. Subsequent subjects could vary widely depending on the niche targeted.

Although I have chosen one at random the project budget option dont cover what Im looking for, which is a quote on a per article basis in say the 500 -600 word range. Articles exceeding that can be subject to a negotiated price on an as needed basis.

Bidders should be able to clearly demonstrate that they have the skills to do the translations.

It should be noted that I am bilingual and as such will be reviewing any samples of work presented as a native french speaker would.

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Seeking singer for 15 short songs.

15 short songs (average :20 seconds each.)

You will be responsible for singing:
3 part harmony and 1 short lead part).

Technical note:
1. You must have access to a professional microphone and software (or recording studio) in which to record the vocals. Looking for the highest quality audio output possible. No 16 bit audio tracks.

2. I will provide separate tracks that are "guide/rough tracks" where the parts are sung for you.

3. You must be able to sing in English Language. Accent is not a problem, but if your lyrics/singing is not intelligible to an English speaker/fan, that will not work. So your accent would be fine (if you are an English as a second language speaker) but your lyrics must be clear and precise.

4. You wont have to clean noise from you vocal tracks that will be done on my end.

SUBMISSION: Please include link to sample of you singing. I would prefer hearing your singing without the addition of effects. I will not consider tracks that include auto-tune. Tracks as simple as you singing to a guitar or keyboard accompaniment would be awesome as Id be able to better determine whether your have great vocals or a great studio/engineer.

The completed songs will be used for several album projects Im working on. Youll get textual credit in the album and music videos.

I retain all my copyrights and publishing rights to the songs. This will be considered a "work for hire".

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Translators For English,French,Spanish,German,Russian,

We are looking for mother tongue translators for English,French,Spanish,German,Russian for a continuus translation job.

Please provide us the language you can translate, references, evidence of your nationality and CV/professionale profile
We need each article to be translated within 1 working day from submission
Provide us the quotation for your service, considering is not gonna be a spot translation but a continuus job.

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Need Writers For A Special Project

Hello Bidders,

I am looking for quality writers who can write articles from 150 – 600 word articles that are totally free from any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Articles may vary depending on the topics I will be providing. I will be asking you to write on particular topics that may need SEO wherein I will be providing the keyword or free writing that allows you to express your ideas using the titles as the main subject.

All articles should be original and unique and must pass copyscape.

Rates will depend on the number of words. Maximum offer is $1.50 for 500 – 600 word articles and lowest will be $0.50 for articles that falls on 150 words. There will be no negotiating prices. Either you agree to the ad here or you dont.

I will be looking for 3 – 4 candidates who can offer me quality writing and are ready to take the sample test based on the topic I will be providing.

You must be a native English speaker or write English Extremely Well. Even if you are a Native English Speaker you must not write English poorly.

All articles will be checked for plagiarism and grammar. If your articles do not pass then you will be asked to rewite them so they will. If they still do not pass then I will deduct the copyscape fee (.05 per search) or any proofreading fees (.50 per 500 words) from the price of the article.

Deadlines are important. If you miss a deadline without giving me a notice of 24 hours for large orders or 4 hours for short orders then you will no longer work for me.

Please DO NOT send me samples of your work unless I ask you for them.

Happy bidding everyone!

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I Need 5 Wellwritten Articles In English, Norwegian, Danish


I need five articles written in the following languages:

* English
* Danish
* Norwegian
* Finish
* Swedish
* German

You will get a few keywords and our website to see what we are all about. The articles will be used for pressreleases and to submit in article directories and databases. They should be very seo-friendly using keywords, bold, underline and so on. Please send me one (1) example of your earlier work to check.

In your bid, describe wich languages that your bid means. The articles should be approx 500 words each.

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English Work Related To Macbeth

You need to be familiar with the story "Macbeth" in order to do this task for me. You need to re-read act 3 and find all of the irony (literary device) from the text and explain why it is irony. You must have Skype and must be able to do it within the next 12 hours from the post date of this project.

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Spanush To English – Charity & Agreement Documents

Translation of several documents relating to a UK based charity into formal Spanish for our Colombian offices.

-Agreement to licence promotional music
-2 x one page information sheets charity
-2 x three page sponsorship documents


Many thanks.

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25 Articles (500 Words) Every Week – PHILIPPINES ONLY

Ongoing Simple Article Writing Job:

I am looking for 25 to 30 Articles written per week (I will give specific details of the article subjects in PM).

I will give you 25 article titles every week.
You write the articles.


– English Speaker Only.
– NO Grammar mistakes (will not pay for articles with any mistakes)
– Must be on time – 5 articles put in shared Dropbox folder every day. I do not have time to revise or correct mistakes.
– Passes Copyscape (you must provide proof each article has been passed)
– Over 500 words each.
– 2% Keyword Density (Specific Keyword Used 6 Times In The Article)
– We will be submitting to article directories so these must be high quality English.
– Easy To Understand And Read With PERFECT English!
– Each article to have short two line "summary" at start. This does not count in word count.

This will turn into a LONG TERM Project if the quality is very good!

Please include the work "WOW" in your bid so I know you have read full description.


1. Please provide examples of your written work.
**If you dont provide this I will NOT contact you.

2. Send me a message about why you want this job.
I will send you a link to a Google form to fill in to give me more details about your skills.
**If you do not fill in the form, you will not get the job.

This is to filter out the professional serious providers who want the job and are able to follow instructions.


This will turn into a LONG TERM Project writing articles for us every day (Mon to Fri) if the quality is very good!

Kind Regards,


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Diamond Website To Be Translated From English To German


Following website needs to be translated from English to German: (Please provide the link to the winning bidder)

Please provide me:
– Your CV with similar translation work.
– Your best rates
– how long will the translation work be done.

(Posting of contact details is not allowed in this site as this may result to account suspension by Administrators)

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Need 1-2 Good Article Writers For SEO And Other Article Topi


I need a 1-2 good article and website content writers – for Long term work

DO NOT bid if you are not a native English speaking writer because your bid will be ignored, no matter how good your English is and what you say.

You can be a native English-speaking writer from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India for example.

Native English Speaking Writers ONLY!!

Article topics are varied – from SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing to Furniture, LED Lighting, real estate, travel, and many more

Lots of ongoing work!
Reliable payment every week!
Start immediately!

* Im looking for fast and reliable writers
* Turn-around within 2-3 days maximum (10 ARTICLES)
* Error Free Articles, PERFECT grammar, spelling, sentence structure
* 100% Original Work, no plagiarism tolerated, Copyscape checked (Copy-paste and modifiers – please dont waste your bids)
* Able to write on any and all topics
* Daily communication through Email/MSN/Yahoo/Skype is a must

Most articles/content will be 550 – 600 words. You will get a keyword or topic/theme and then you write an article about it.

Please attach an article you have written as a sample -preferably on a SEO topic

Good writers delivering quality work ON TIME will get more work and bonus.

The Website Content / Articles should always be 100% original, means no plagiarism, no cut – paste and modifications from other sources.

Always write in your own words. I will check this with Copyscape. If you fill the article with gibberish and fluff, I wont accept the article and you will have to rewrite it all over again.

If this happens more than once, the work will stop.

Payment is every Saturday/Monday via Paypal/Freelancer

BIDS without a message and samples will be ignored.

Freelancers without feedback will have to provide a sample of 300 words on a keyword I provide.

To start please just place the minimum bid OF 30$, I may choose more than one writer.

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Serious/Fast Native English Writers Needed – 2

Hi there, I am in need of a native English speaker or speakers who is/are specialized in niche/niches such as writing normal articles, medical writing, technical writing,financial writing, fashion writing, Product reviews etc etc . I have a starting budget of $1.5 per 500 word article in the start and will considerable increase if our working relationships sinks well. . You should be good in writing and researching and too much dedicated to my project.

My last projects had only few time wasters like ghostcowboy etc etc.. Such writers avoid bidding on my project please.

I would prefer people with relevant English knowledge, flair to write, need at least 5000+ words to be written in 24 hours deadline. No worries if youre new to freelancer but you must have some samples available to show your writings worth and it should be copyscaped fast.

I will not accept vague applications, please make a clear note of your skills and experience and answer my questions below :

1. Will be able to write 5000+ words daily in 24 hours deadline?

2. How many days in a week will you work – 5/6 ?

3. Can you accept payment through PayPal or GAF ?

4. Are you willing to take up this work as your full time work ?

5. Are you serious on this project and how long willing to commit. ?

answer all this and in case if your not serious in this work and cant give proper work and going to waste time.
Please skip this project. Am looking only for serious writers and not for time wasters. Bid along with an sample.

Thank you.

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Classifying English Words


Weve nearly a 89k long word list consisting of nouns/adjectives. They are all words determining objectivity (they show a sentence is positive or negative). Currently we have 7 levels through -3 to +3 (and 0 for neutral words).

I need someone to classify this 89k words into 7 different text files with a given format. So in the end for the most positive words will be in a txt file named 3.txt. Words with less positive influence is categorized into 2.txt and so on.

There is an ongoing project called SentiWordNet ( and the winner can also use this to help him/her categorize the words.

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Mobile Site

Please respond to this job only if you speak fluent english and can type and communicate well in english.

This is a fairly simple project.

The winning bid will have to create an online software that can convert html to optimized mobile websites great for all phone platforms but especially ready for android and iphone.

I will give more details after the bid.

The program must be ready in 5 days (tested and ready).

I have a great website for resource as to how to accomplish this quickly and easily.

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200 (Ezine) Articles

I want 200 articles written in good grammetical english. Articles should be 500-600 words. Articles will be posted on Ezine articles. Hence you can take articles from ezine and rewrite with good english and grammer. Send your bids immediately I want the articles asap.

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Translation From English To Vietnamese

I have a 2 page text I need translated from English to Vietnamese.

I need someone who handles english very well but whos mother tongue is Vietnamese.

Please quote the word translate" in your bid or I will not choose you.

Please show some proof of previous work if you can.

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20 English Texts Rewrite

I would like a medical article rewriting (30 texts) and some website pages

I will require one-two article a day to be rewritten. The article must be written in good and correct language. The articles must pass copy scape

Please bid for 30 articles
I will pay 1$ for an article

I make payments at
1. 10 articles completed
2. 20 e articles completed

If you make a bid, i would require a small 350 word article to be done as an example of your work… i will provide the text in English

Good Luck!

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Copywriting Website Content 4000 Words – Needed Today

Hi there,

We require a professional copywriter to provide us with website content on several key subjects including Finance and Property. You must have fluent English and be able to provide a well gramoured set of copy each time. No plagorism will be tolerated, and all content will checked on Copyscape prior to payment.

We have roughly 4000 words needs immediately with all the information ready to provide to the successful winner. Please dont bid if you do not have fluent, grammatically correct English – our budget is $10 per 1000 words.
Kind regards,


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English to Dutch translators are needed. Translators must be native Dutch and experienced. The work in our hand is a manuel for some mechanical tools. So please bid if you can handle such translations. A background of mechanical engineering would work very well here.

Word count of the documents is 6000 words. So please bid accordingly.


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$4 Per 1000 Words! Urgent Articles! Instant Payment!

I need writers who can write grammatically correct English.
I need these articles written as soon as possible…So you must be online most of the day and respond quickly to emails…

Payment will be via or Paypal, whatever you prefer.

I might select multiple candidates for this project so if you are on the criteria, you will be selected.

My requirements are:
2. Good English writing skills
3. No plagiarism will be tolerated. I am a copyscape premium user and will check the articles for copying…
4. You must be able to meet deadlines. I will not tolerate generic excuses and require the work on time every single day.
5. No milestone payment

Plz bid with a copy of your samples and previous works. If your articles are online, it will be appreciated if you give that as a sample.

Even if you have no sample, beginners are welcome to bid. I might ask you to write just a 100 word article so that i know of your grammar.

Topics will be similar to:
Personalized Glassware
Thermal paper
Private investigation
Leather bags
Sandal repair online

I will pay as soon as i receive the first article, so do not worry about payment…

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Bangla To English Translate Writer Needed

I am Find Some Who Translate Bangla to english article every

Payment method 1000 word 3$

Payment weekly

No Milestone payment

and bid 34$ (For Checking you Read or not )

Happy biding !!!!!!!!!!

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English To Mexican Spanish

Healthcare environment safety, slides presentation. Not very technical, about 7500 words.

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Translation From English To Arabic

Translation from English to Arabic, 5 to 7 articles daily – 150 words each.
Upload the translated article to the CMS (wordpress).
I need a quotation on a monthly basis.


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Phillipines Or Native English Writers –($1.5/article)

We need articles writers who can deliver at least 7 articles on daily basis. Do NOT bid if you can NOT fulfill this condition. All pages MUST be 100% Copyscape pass and all MUST be grammatically perfect.Each article of 400-500 words. At the moment, we need nearly 500 articles, so multiple writers will be selected.

You MUST remain online or keep checking your mails so that we know you are doing the task.Payment via Freelancer.
Start bidding with samples…This job opening is ONLY for those who have very good English!

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