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Quick Enhancement Of Flier – Design Layout Skills Required

This is a small quick job for someone who wants cash today. Its to redo or enhance the layout of the attached file.

I want the first page only enhanced – not the second page with the mind map.

View the attachment and tell me your price.

Then complete and submit back to me as PDF or JPG

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Photo Enhancement

I need about 5 -6 photos to be edited in photoshop.

Only play with colors to make more vibrant and colorfull

They will be used for printing

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CRE LOADED- Malware Clean-up And Security Enhancement.

Our CRE LOADED site is being prompted with a "Reported Attack Site" warning from google.

We are seeking an experienced developer that can fix this malware issue, clean the site of all hack codes and then secure it so that the vulnerabilities are removed.

With your bid, please let me know exactly what you will do and what you will be implementing to accomplish this task.

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Image Enhancement

Hey all,

Looking for someone to make our images
Look more like these images.

If you can do this, please provide me a sample.
Payment via GAF escrow.

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Website Enhancement

I need a better layout for my current website: better fonts, better line arrangement and so on.

Graphics is not important because its a professional site. As long as the fonts are clear, links are easy to follow, paragraph layout are easy to read, it will be ok. Color suggestions are welcome.


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Visitors Conversation Enhancement

Visitors conversation enhancement:
Removing Obstacles & Creating Visitor Momentum Toward Action.

My web site ave. is 900 hits for 1 sale
My store has ave. 181 hits for 1 sale.
You get paid when my web ave. is 360 hits to 1 sale.
I will change prices to with in 15 % of store price with shipping.
My web is 3 months old, selling soy and Aromatherapy finished product, and also jewelry & fashion extras.

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WordPress Website Enhancement is build using wordpress and IP board integration. Host on AWS

The following enhancements are required. Please provide quotes based on Part 1 & Part 2 as separate milestones. Indicate relevant experience and portfolio.

Freelancers preferred .

Part 1 Enhancement

(A) Auto Translation

Entire website is translated into 3 languages. When users of a particular IP visit the site, they are auto redirected to the relevant language page.

Yes 3 languages is enough. remember different people of different ip should auto be directed to that language .

So Japan –> Japanese

China, HK, Taiwan —> Chinese

Spanish —> Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, United States (New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela

New post or post that are modified would have to be updated on the various languages as well.

Note: You must propose a suitable solution / workabout. Google API have restrictions.

(B) Integrate and find a suitable credit card processor instead of Alert Pay

Alert Pay does not allow direct credit card payment. Propose an alternative.

Part 2 Enhancement

(A) Video Upload

In the mean time if let say we just do the video upload function based on the mockup i gave you .

1. Can it be something like this : Play only 5 seconds. Then it says only premium members can download. And just tie in with the existing premium membership system. How much would it cost.


What if we do it as we just upload and show only a thumbnail. How much would it cost?

– Since hosting of videos is very costly.

– Is it possible for an uploaded video

to have an auto watermark + Several screen shots are generated from the video to be displayed. e.g

(B) 2 tier navigation bar. I.e The navigation bar would be edit to accomodate 2 tiers e.g Celebrities —> Asian , Western —> Singapore, Hongkong etc…

(C) Have a "+18 mature content" of flagging certain post like youtube. So that if admin or more than 5 users flag a post mature. the post would auto require login + a setence that says "I conformed i am ….. " probably would copy and paste from youtube. before the post content can be viewed .

Also for some post . we are going to have this "mature content" notice that requires a user to login before he can view. Images from thispost also would not be displayed on the homepage front end or homepage.

(D) Simple redirect of domain (I would do the redirect to the server) but i need you to update the links as well as logo. That is site would change to Gay Movies Review. So logo update which should be managed by include files so that it is easy to update across the site. All links have to be pointed to the new domain

We would still keep AGF domain and either point to as a permanent redirect. or ….. it is not possible to point to a folder can it? e.g

Point www.gaymoviesreview to

(E) The next and back button for the gallery

just like in the rest of the individual images

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Expert IOS Developer For Well-specified 3-day Dev Job

We do have a fully and detailed code enhancement job for an existing iPad application. All enhancement requirements are perfectly specified and easy to understand (textual description, screen designs, process flow chart, API description).

You can make you own assessment when reviewing the specifications, but you can safely assume it is a 25-30 hrs work package. Expected to be completed asap, latest Mar 20.

If you are a reliable and experienced IOS developer we can send the detailed specification package upon request immediately. Before code is sent a simple and standard Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed (NDA will be sent with the specification package for you to review).

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Flex Programmer Needed

We have developed a Flash widget that makes use of a XML file for manipulating the data.

We have to add some enhancement to this Widget, So it can have the following features

1. Resize automatically to fit the space where it is embedded.
2. Changing menu type based on XML
3. Modification in display of the content.(re-styling)
4. Different format/design to be implemented for this widget – PSD will be provided.
5. Enhancement in Embed Code generation.
6. Other minor modification tasks.

We need flex programmer to help us with this. Please leave holding bid as time required for this project is uncertain at this stage. This project only for bidders with more than 6 reviews please

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I would like to update my website, drive more traffic to my website, and add more custom buying options for my products.

Websites I like:

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2 Websites Enhancement Or Development Drupal & Other

Needed 2 website development or enhancement. One needs imrovement based on the drupal has to make similar to
and 2nd one needed development like example site

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SEO For My Male Enhancement Site

Very simply put, I wish for one of my site to rank for the main KW, and if possible other related keywords.

My sites on-page SEO has been done pretty decently, so now all I need are good and high-quality white-hat backlinks.

KW: how to make your penis grow

My goal is very simple – to rank on 1st page and preferably top 3 for all 3 major search engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing).

Tell me what you would do to achieve this, how long you will take, and how much you will do it for.

Please do not apply if you do not have experience with SEO, or just know the basic.

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Enhancement To The Flash Tool – For Atlantrix

As per our discussion. new modules for the flash tool.

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5 Banners For Male Enhancement Program

I want you to design 5 jpg or gif banners. I am looking for a very creative person with experience in banner design.
There will be a lot of explicit images . I can pay you around 30$ and i expect the job to be done in 1 day. I will give you ideas and some material but you have to be really creative. Please link to your portfolio.

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Writing Skill Enhancement For Aspiring Writers

This project allow you to enhance your writing skill equipped with your knowledge to organize your office in a reliable manner. Given your skill in writing, you will be effective in giving transcription or in giving a good customer service via phone or through internet.

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Website Design Enhancement

Seeking Programmer/Designer to help create and implement html layout improvements on an on-going basis.

USA based only.

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Male Enhancement Articles Needed Asap

Looking for 5 articles on male enhancement topic between 300 and 500 words each, $1.5 per article. If i like your writing style and quality, i will bring you on board for larger quantities!

I will provide you with article titles, and you will need to write the articles.

All articles must be written in perfect English.
Articles should be delivered by email.
Correct spelling or grammatical errors.
Articles must be written manually, sound natural, and be easy to read.
No software allowed.
I will own the full copyright once I purchase articles from you.
Each and every article MUST PASS COPYSCAPE and dupefreepro
Payment will be made after submission and review of articles.
Payment will be made via PayPal.

Please bid !

Thanks !

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Keywords/Seo/web Enhancement

Just quick little project adding a few keywords and meta tag.

Then also replicating one of our staging portfolio sections to add another region in the portfolio which includes back end for uploading images etc.

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PHP Based VirtueMart Component Support And Enhancement

I am looking for a PHP programmer who would be interested in performing ongoing support and enhancements to a Component written in PHP for Virtuemart which is an add-on to Joomla.

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Landing Page For Male Enhancement Program With Adult Images

I want you to desing me a web page for the text i will give you. The product is a male enhancement program , so their would be plenty of before/after pics , so people who cant tolerate explicit pictures need not bid. I want an impressive and simple design that converts, i will provide you with the text and resources. This is a simple job , so bids around 70$ will be considered. The page would be a review of a male enhancement program. Quick processing time will be appreciated. A Link to your portfolio would be great. There will be adult images , so if you are comfortable only bid then

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Landing Page For A Male Enhancement Program.

I want you to desing me a web page for the text i will give you. The product is a male enhancement program , so their would be plenty of before/after pics , so people who cant tolerate explicit pictures need not bid. I want an impressive and simple design that converts, i will provide you with the text and resources. This is a simple job , so bids around 70$ will be considered. The page would be a review of a male enhancement program. Quick processing time will be appreciated. A Link to your portfolio would be great.

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Audio Quality Enhancement

I have an audio-track (about 80 minutes) from a video that was made of a wedding over 20 years ago. The audio quality is very poor and Im looking for someone to electronically enhance it, to the extent possible. [I dont have very high hopes, but it would be nice to be able to make out what was said in some of the speeches.] I currently have it as a WAV file (1.7GB), but could convert to another format if thats easier.

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Website Redesign And Enhancement

Small existing website with 6 static pages, done in concrete5 cms, must be redesigned and optimized for :

Professional Layout (Web 2.0 design)
Multi language structure (Danish and English)
SEO optimization, Link Building
Blogging and Newsletter
Lead capture to
Must be based on proven CMS with ability to maintain website easily by owner (IT skilled)
Concrete5 could be used or replaced.

please visit

Possible future extensions : Facebook site. Webshop + Course Administration

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Bug Fix + Minor Enhancement For Existing Website

Looking for CakePHP expert to fix some minor bugs and add in minor enhancement, the site is 95% completed.
Budget allocated for this task is about SGD 50, expect to be completed in 2 days time.

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WordPress Site Enhancement (adeelarshad ONLY)

WordPress Site Enhancement (adeelarshad ONLY)

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Multisite CMS Enhancement

Enhance a multisite CMS that provides each customer site a blog, video chat, and VOIP service.

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Blackberry-Facebook Api Enhancement

I need chat functionality integrated into . The chat connection must have the ability to stay connected.

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Blog Writer On Facial Beauty Enhancement

We are looking for a blog writer for the web on long term assignment.
You should be "passionate" and experienced on topics related to "facial beauty enhancement".

3$ per approved blog entry of 400 words.

Kindly use the website once and understand the purpose of the web. Then bid along with your ideas or short blog entries which will be useful for our niche. We will choose the bidder who did relevant contribution.

Should be copyscape proof.
May require multiple revision and must be patient with that.
Good soft-skills and communication
Payment using paypal.
I am not very comfortable with milestones and escrows. I am good in paying for quality work. Take time to check my reviews here.

Bid for 15 blog entries.

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Drupal Ubercart And Related Module Enhancement

Drupal ubercart and related module enhancement

1. When Market place ( ubercart_marketplace) is used, as of now the module supports only "comments in text" from sellers ( whose items are listed ) site.

Path -> my account -> selling -> orders

I want the support for adding select control i.e. seller should be able to select the state he wishes to add with the support of calendar fixing the appointment/interview date and time. The states should be configurable ( admin should be able to add/delete new state ). Each state may or may not be associated with calendar – it should be configurable.

2. Changing all the labels all over places in a reference to a "school admission process" ( e.g. "add to cart" should be changed to "apply in the school" OR orders should be changed to "applications received" and so on …. )

It has to be done without compromising security at any label. Please feel free to as me questions should you require any clarification.


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Existing Website Development, Integration, & Enhancement

"Bidders with 0 profile will be ignored"
Existing website requires integration and enhancement: &

The following tasks are required:

1- Insert the module of into, so the first site will be integrated into the second site to work as one portal.
2- Insert a social network/community ( you can use any of the available scripts/clone scripts with prior approval) but should include the following modules: Video chat, video messenger, players, mobile app, desktop app, groups, events, blogs, IP Geolocator, files, media sharing, store and so on.
The script must be integrated within
3- Multilanguage selection bar to be inserted (min. 15 languages including (Chinese, Hindi, Arabic): All tabs/headers/titles to be translated to same selected language (Tools and resources by Google translate are welcomed)
4- Professional mailing list manager script to manage all mailing list, newsletters and email advertising requirements, any script can be used with prior approval
5- Professional Support desk manager for complete customer support suite to handle support tickets and custom projects of clients any script can be used with prior approval.
6- Create a professional admin panel
7- Redesigning the homepage to be classy/friendly/seo

Traffic building:
– SEO integration; comprehensive and complete on-page/off-page optimization (discovery, analysis, structure, content optimization, error fixing, enhancement, meta data, site map, etc..)
– The website must MVC structured
– At least 5 top Keyword ranked google page 1 (to be discussed)(no black or grey hat allowed)
– Minimum 1000 permanent backlinks
– 100,000 facebook fans real accounts, no suspension warning, and no robots)

Additional Requirements:
– Uploading videos/songs/photos (min 1000 different categories highly keyword search; NO adult or porn materials)
– Uploading Articles (min. 1000 divided into all categories: desperate wives, cooking recipes,

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Website Enhancement And Graphic Design

I am looking for a web designer with a background in graphic design to help me establish a brand for a new prepared foods business.

The project involves designing product labels with an existing logo as well as enhancing an existing website with an eCommerce element.

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