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W3 Validation Of

I am using a rocket theme but I have some problems w3 validation for It uses the Gantry plug in, IDX Broker, and IDXpress, among several others. I believe the plug ins are the main culprits of the errors, and not even sure they can be gotten rid of. HOWEVER, other individuals using the same plug ins dont seem to have as exetensive amount of errors on their pages. Need someone who can clean this up and fix the errors.

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Install Web Admin Script And Check For Errors

I have a web manager script that I would like installing.
It does come with instructions but these are in Italian which are no good to me.
Also I would like the winning bidder to have a quick look over the script when installed to make sure everything is running properly with no errors.
Should be a fairly easy job for someone to complete.


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Joomla Template CSS Modifications ( Errors)

We need a joomla template to be corrected.

This template has been adapated from a Yoo template, by modifying backgrounds, colors and adding a menu with background images.
However, we have a lot of errors
* When displaying modules on (left or right) positions,
* Errors with this image background menu ( float on right on IE). Menu images only appears for a somes Menu IDs (so i have to modify ID in database)

The template need to be cleaned, tested and then be fully functionnal on major browsers

I can send template files by MP and an URL to see somes troubles

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Fix Some Website Errors

I need a Developer for a long time relationship.

You can show your Skills with this Job.

Fix a few Errors on a Website:

#1 Show Members on Mainpage – sort by Latest Login with Images first

#2 Usersearch

#3 Check Website for Errors and Security leak – cause we have a little Hacker Problem

you can take a look on camz36 dot com 3=e 6=d

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Build Dailydeal Website Like Groupon,"Fix Tech Modi Errors !

Coders for dailydeal website like groupon, living social also """"""" Fix errors made by Tech Modi that designed our dailydeal website —

We have a dailydeal website created by Tech Modi we received full source code rights" We have many issues with errors from this Tech Modi site and they refuse to fix the issues, take the money and run type of company.

We are now looking for someone that REALLY DOES KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.WHEN BUILDING A DAILYDEAL website… Someone Legitimate —

If you have experience coding dailydeal sites send your resume. Looking for part time and full time staff for Daily Deal website. business – work all year round, constant pay. CASH4CODERS thats are user name.

Your response MUST contain links to dailydeal sites you have created successfully.

>>>>>>>>> Must also be highly experienced in the managing of the email platform part of the dailydeal site
Need experienced company to take over working with us. Used Techmodi and they just left us with a lot of errors. >>>> If you work with tech modi Do Not Apply… we lost months and money with Tech Modi so looking for legitimate coder with proof of work and links to dailydeal websites.
Tippr, Living social websites, group buying websites, groupon, tippr. livingsocial techmodi ,

We tried tech modi TechModi – tech modi, they were not able to create a successful dailydeal website.

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Website Tester Must Be Living In America

i need someone to test a website for usability and spelling/grammar issues. There are roughly 42 pages to check with a small amount of text on average.

– Freelancer must have a US cell phone
– Freelancer must live in America
– Must provide report on usability
– Must deliver a report on ever page that contains the following information
— If there are any spelling mistakes
— If there are any grammar errors
— How long it takes for the page to load
— If there are no errors

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Part Time Expert Php / Mysql Coder

We are looking for individual expert programmers with exceptional skills in php and mysql and able to work at least 3 days per week to fix errors and bugs in existing websites.

we are looking for someone who has minimum 3 to 4 years experience with complex websites:
– php
– ajax
– java script

companies please DO NOT apply, only individuals.

you should be able to read other peoples code and understand the logic to fix errors.

If you are php expert, committed, and looking for long term work, please submit your bid for 12 days work / month.

You should be good communicator, good english, able to be on msn all the time you are working on our projects, fast, accurate and committed to delivery deadlines.

Thank you for your time, and happy bidding.

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Changes To Google Custom Search Engine.

I have a website which is using custom search engine of Google. Currently it has errors because of google changes.

"Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"

Need to fix the errors.

One time project

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WordPress Website Fixes

Hey gang,

I recently transferred several sites over to new servers, but were getting a lot of errors when accessing the sites. The WordPress admins work for the most part, but the content will not display. There is yet another site that wont display at all. Everything that I can tell is transferred correctly, but something is obviously broken.

I made a quick video to walk you through the errors:

In your bid and reply, please demonstrate that you actually read this posting – all generic posts that show no attention to the listing will be deleted.

I look forward to working with you!

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W3c Optimize + Fix Few Explorer Problems In Joomla!!

Hi i need to do optimize to my site in w3c
its based on joomla, right now it has
xhtml – 121 Errors, 4 warning(s).
css – errors (108)

and i have also few IE things to deel with.

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JQuery EXPERT Needed – IE Errors – Root Them Out And Resolve

We have invested a great deal of time developing a website framework using jQuery and jQuery UI as primary methods of achieving browser compatibility while enjoying the cool effects of that framework.

We have spent the time to insure that our site validates according to W3C requirements of 4.01 HTML

However, when launching with IE8 and presumably other IE browsers, we get blocked solid with errors that seem to have to do with the jQuery versions themselves.

We are using jQuery and jQuery UI as well as a few of their plugins. We need help determining where the problem is. The site seems to perform flawlessly in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

The site can be accessed directly at You will notice a debugging alert comes up in other browsers but in IE that alert is never reached as it crashes first.



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Create A Widget And Fix Some Errors In A Joomla Site

Create a widget for a articles and bookshop
Fix error 500 in my joomla site.

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60, 400 Word SEO Articles.

I am looking for experienced versatile writers who can write professionally written, concise SEO optimized articles that are free of all errors including sentence, structure, grammar and punctuation errors. We need 60, 400 word articles. Provided keywords must appear 5-6 times per articles. Please be ready to write a 400 word sample using one of my keywords. These must be 100% original. No plagiarism. Work will be checked using COPYSCAPE and Viper prior to releasing milestone.

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Website Errors Need Fixed (Deprecated PHP)

We just upgraded our server from 5.1 to 5.3 and our site is going crazy in a few spots!! We need an extra programmer for the day to help us out!! our site is – please send us a message and see how you can help.

Someone who is good with LAMP – CentOS 5.3 PHP…


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English Into Spanish

I need a translator to work with me on a project, translating English into Spanish.

I need a top-notch translator or do not bid.

No escrow, I will give you the content to be translated, then I review it (I understand Spanish like my mother language), then I pay you in 24 hours after delivery, normally after a few hours if I am online when you deliver.

Spelling errors will not be forgiven, and grammar errors only a very few meaningless ones.

Resuming, if you do a good job, you will get more.

Just bid, I will choose a translator, and then after I tell him the quantity of words to be translated, he will edit his bid accordingly.

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Online Booking Modifactions Errors Fixed

Need someone who has experience with word press sql & php scripting need some modification made to a online booking template.

Change Online Booking Form

Fix form errors found on online forms in IE works in Firefox errors came after last form changes.
redo calander & time inputs on the form and fix date & time entrys into sql for 3rd party reservation retrieval

make site ssl work errors in IE

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Fixing Errors In A Simple Jave Program

I have a simple java program that i cant get to work. I will email a zip of the program and the instructions. the project invloves two dimensional arrays and nested loops. thanks

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W3 Validation- 26 Errors, And 5 Warnings

26 errors, and 5 warnings need to be fixed on home page to pass w3 validation. The look of the page must remain the same.

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Need Text Errors Fixed And Grammar On Flash Site.

Hi need text error and grammar fixed on my flash website, Homepage two spelling errors, service page a few spelling errors, FAQ need pricing added, and solutions grammar fixed. Could be done quickly. need this done ASAP


Looking to spend under $30.00 for this simple project

Thank you

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Modify Open Script And Fix Coding Errors

We have a open script that needs to be modified to add new functions and some bugs worked out of it from a previous coder/programmer errors. This will be done in 2 phases

PM me for details of work to be done, if you have no feed back do not bid

This project should be started quickly and finished quickly, 50% of total project in escrow upon awarding and accepting the work, this will be released only after pahse 1 is done 100% and working on our server, once that is done phase 2 will be escrowed and then released only have phase 2 is completed and work and all work is bug free.

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Fix W3c Errors And Few Other Small Fixes

I simply have a few w3c Errors and few other small fixes.

Roughly 25 errors and 10 warnings

PM me for more project details

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Rewrite 100 Articles

I have 100 Articles that range from about 350-700 words long that must be rewritten to unique content so that it passes a copyscape test. You must use a free flowing style of english writing with no spelling or grammar errors, therefore you need good command of the english language.


All rewritten articles must be:
– unique enough to pass CopyScape
– keyword-rich (2-3%) and SEO optimized
– free of spelling or grammatical errors
– informative and entertaining

Bids higher than $0.50/100 words will not be considered.

Preference given to native English speakers and those who have some good feedback.


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WP E-Commerce Plugin Repair And Newsletter For Blog

For the current site we need someone who

1.Is an expert with the Word press WP e-Commerce plugin and can upgrade our shopping cart. The blog was moved up a directory which caused some errors with the cart now thumbnails are not displaying and the blog has errors whenever we try to Update to gold. need to fix errors so thumbnail pictures display correctly with the built in lightbox on the ecommerce plugin and the shopping cart functions as it should. (It was built and complete and was working 100% functional before the move only thing is it just needed to be upgraded to gold)

2.We have a subscribe button on the blog that needs work. send out welcome email and alert us of new subscription. we have newsletter plugin already installed you can use if it makes the job easier.

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W3 Validation 19 Errors, 7 Warning(s)

19 Errors, 7 warning(s) need to be fixed as shown using the w3 validation tool at

I need all errors fixed & warnings removed so it passes validation without changing the look of the site.

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Fix Website Layout On IE

Looking for someone to validate few web templates (11 templates) which are all running fine browsers other than IE. The site needs some fixing with the CSS and HTML

We are running the e-commerce Opencart. The template are running fine, but we are having issues with IE. We believe the errors are bad tags like "div"s and possibly the CSS.

Please check the sites on IE and you should see the errors. and

I will help you with fixing the errors. I believe within couple of hours all can be fixed.

Thank you.

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Put My Article Into Spintax – $30 To Make Repost


I have an article thats 450 words long. I need you to add 3 more variations of to each sentence and put it into spintax, and then go in and change UP TO 5 words or phrases in each one of the sentences (where possible) in the entire artcile.

There cannot be errors within the spintax or article grammar, and the article must be easy to read and interesting after its spun. Spintax with grammar or other errors wont be accepted.

I am looking for conversational, easy to read writing style with no unusual synonims.

Youll be paid $30 for this.

Thank you!

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Put My Article Into Spintax – $30 To Make


I have an article thats 450 words long. I need you to add 3 more variations of to each sentence and put it into spintax, and then go in and change UP TO 5 words or phrases in each one of the sentences (where possible) in the entire artcile.

There cannot be errors within the spintax or article grammar, and the article must be easy to read and interesting after its spun. Spintax with grammar or other errors wont be accepted.

I am looking for conversational, easy to read writing style with no unusual synonims.

Youll be paid $30 for this.

Thank you!

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Native US Writer Required Please

I need an Excellent writer to write 3-5 articles daily of 500 words.
I will give you work everyday at 8 am L.A. Time and you would have to send it to me at 11 pm(the same day).
This is a long term project for a year.I am willing to pay $4 per article.MONEY WILL NOT BE IN ESCROW and will be paid on every FRIDAY.
However,to build trust,i will pay for the first 3 articles as soon as you deliver them and i have checked them.They should be FREE OF ERRORS, NO GRAMMAR OR PUNCTUATION MISTAKES ,SHOULD NOT BE COPIED FROM A SITE(CHECKED THROUGH COPYSCAPE),in perfect english.If your samples are good but the work delivered is not up to the mark,PROJECT WILL BE CANCELLED IMMEDIAELY>

Work should pass copyscape and should be free of errors and grammar mistakes.Any work that is poorly done,is copied or has errors will not be paid and project would be cancelled.If you fail to meet a deadline,your pending payments will be cancelled so ONLY APPLY IF YOU CAN WRITE 3-5 articles of 500 words A DAY.
You will have to search online so your research skills should be good.

YOu should know about copyscape.Only bid with 2 samples of your work.
You should be a native to bid.Do not bid if you are not from Canada or USA or australia. Please,YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUr BID AND TIME>Work delivered at 8 am and to be submitted at 11 pm LA Time USA.Work is 6 days a week.If you want to work a sunday that is fine too.Also,kindly bid with $250.I am fed up of people bidding $30 and then vanishing after a feedback.
Thank YOU.

DO NOT BID IF YOU CANNOT WRITE OR SPEAK IN THE SAME WAY AS IT IS DONE IN US. Do not bid if you are not in my time zone please or cannot manage the time.

YOU Will just be a ghost writer and cannot show the articles as samples or publish them with your name any where.All rights will be tranferred to me and will not be claimed as your work.

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HTML Site Errors Cleanup.

The project.

I have a website which has few errors when it uploads. The errors are from bad HTML and CSS coding. Like extra divs, no closed tags, and bad CSS tags.

The site uploads fine. The errors are warning errors given the the browser. Also, the site has about 10 different layouts. However they are all about the same. The error in one layout, will be the same on the others. Your job is to look at the site and correct the HTML/CSS errors. The site needs to be tested for different browsers.

This is the site.

Please take a look at the errors and let me know.


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Simple Script For Rotating Image Advert 2

Hi Need a simple javascript or php script installed into site using Interspire webpublisher CMS – that will rotate a small bank of 10 adverts – image with links

I have the Javascript script working but getting errors.

Need to troubleshooting… conflict with CMS PHP if I use PHP

and Javascript also give errors.

I will send the script to you to have a look…

Or you can give me a similar script that will work without errors.

I will install the script via CMS (as you can insert blocks of code into the page template system)

No FTP access will be given.

Just want someone to look at the script or come up with a better one (java script or PHP Script)

Let me install it and view a test page online to see the error. Current script is crashing the page on occasion. Think it is a conflict with other rotate image javascript.


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Fixing Errors In A Custom Joomla Component – Php

We have a component that we had built by a freelancer here on GAF.

It still does not do everything it is supposed to do.

I need someone who is skilled in PHP, Joomla programming, API keys and populating.

The component works about 80%.

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Article Writing

I am looking for a writer to write me articles for my website.

– All articles must be written in perfect UK English.
– 100% manually written . No software allowed.
– Articles should be delivered by email.
– Correct spelling or grammatical errors.
– Articles must be written manually, sound natural, and be easy to read.
– I will own the full copyright once I purchase articles from you. (you may not reuse them!)
– Each and every article MUST PASS COPYSCAPE and dupefreepro

I am looking for the best writer who provide me the best quality of articles.

I will only pay if the articles are unique or CS passed.

I dont have a time to rewrite the articles so I want articles to be free from grammatical errors.

I ready to pay 1.1$ for 500 words articles.
Payment will be made only through freelancer.

Anyone who does not meet this requirement kindly don

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