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Real Estate Module For Vtiger CRM

I have a project for Real Estate Company. we need to use Vtiger cRM and add to it a Real Estate Module. this module should have extensive functionalities in order to provide matching profiles between buyers and real estate portfolios.
Kindly advise if you have any experience with Vtiger and real estate concepts.
this project is fast track and need to be finished withi 10 days. if you have developed something similar it would be great to buy the solution.

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Real Estate Script Or Website

im looking for a real estate script or website my budget is 30 dollars i have tried most of the free ones but they dont work to well
i want to be able to upload property listing and manage the property.

I have a website template so maybe another approach is to have a freelancer build me a small cms script that will manage a database and embed the database onto the website page – i must be able to mange the listing and add fields as required.
if you can help with this project please let me know. thank you so much .vgd

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Website For Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Website:

Must Have:

– Welcome Page

o Ideas that may be included in the welcome page (I am not set to any of these and am open to suggestions and creative freedom as long as it is approved by me)

Include a search section (mentioned in further detail later)
News-update update
A small information about me and my brokerage

– An information page about myself

– A page for properties that I have listings for (Need a database created so that I can easily add and remove properties from this portion.)

o This page would include a list of the houses with a basic description and would be able to click on them and have a much more in depth description.
o I very much like and they way they set up searching for houses (although it would be on a much smaller scale since I will not have more than a dozen or so listings at a time)
Also like I would like to include a mortgage calculator onto each house that will be able to have fields customizable but by default are set to the house (for example of this please visit

– A very customizable house search option that would search through the database of my listings and that includes but is not limited too:

o City
o Property Type
o Minimum Price
o Maximum Price
o Bedrooms
o Bathrooms
o Square Feet

– Other pages as need and specified by me on a later date

– Finally need a system that users can sign in with a user name (email) and password in order that they can: get on an email news-letter group, save properties into their favorites, etc.

Here are a few websites that provide some inspiration for what I am looking for (these are not personal Real Estate Agent websites and are just examples for the look and feel I would like to go for):

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Real Estate Book – Combination Fiction / Self-help Style.

Need a creative and straight-forward dynamic writer with sorting and research skills to assist me in writing a book on the current real estate market in the US (and perhaps globally as well) and how anyone can use my techniques, technologies and methodology to sell their home and quick and for maximum dollars. Main use of the book will be for a sales tool however I anticipate it could turn out to appeal to a wider audience as well.
Looking for a super-star willing to work on a budget. More projects to follow.

Already have quite a lot of pieces written (needs to be compiled and placed into a good workable order), ideas flowing, and concepts in mind.

The book doesnt have to be large nor drone on and on with meaningless dribble and fluff. It will read like a novel but will be very instructive as well. In the self-help, self development theme.

Format I have in mind is one where we tell a story about a fictitious character (based in large part on my own experiences and lessons learned, deals Ive completed, real live examples, etc) like non-fiction in perhaps every other chapter. Alternate chapters will be instructive much like fiction / textbook / seminar workbook. And / Or perhaps we just add in a re-cap / summary section at the end of each chapter on lessens attained, etc.

Must be filled with statistical data about history of the real estate market place and where weve come as well as references to where were heading and solution therein. Graphs and charts skills will be a big plus as well.

May also want to gain permission from other authors to utilize a few quotes, info and data, etc. and will be adding in many resources like websites, companies to utilize for tools, tips, etc.

While Id like to get the project done relatively quickly Im also not in a huge rush. We can take some time to get it right. Also, candidate must be a good organizer.

Please let me know your thoughts and any previous work product would be great to share as well.

Thank you!

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Backlinks For Real Estate Proj


Please make a proposal for backlinks for

The aim is to improve rank

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Writer For Squidoo Lenses – Native English Speaker Only


I need someone to write articles that I will be using for Squidoo Lenses.

They will be on the following Keyword Phrases.

real estate leads (2 articles)
real estate lead generators
real estate lead generator
real estate lead generating
real estate lead generation
lead generation real estate
lead generation for real estate
leads for realtors
realtor leads

We expect high quality and each article should be approx. 2400 words… You must be a native English speaker and have experience with Squidoo.

This will lead to continued work for the right person and once you become familiar with our industry, you will writing articles much easier.

Heres what we are looking for in regards to quality…

You must also understand the importance of SEO and keyword density. You must also have a good reputation on GAF or you wont be given consideration.

Payment will be one Milestone paid in full after all the articles have been received and we are satisfied with the quality… If you write the articles and the quality isnt up to our high standards… You will have to dispute it through GAF as I wont release the payment. Also, grammar and spelling is important. If we find mistakes in the articles, you will have to start on a completely new one and forfeit the one with the mistakes to us.

We can be tough, but we are also very fair and have kept many good freelancers busy with consistent work.



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Bali Real Estate & Travel Content Writer

We are looking for approximately 3000 word of copy that is Bali real estate, Bali holiday related, must be original and be consider as if it were written by real estate professional. Thus, I prefer to have someone with a real estate/travel copywriting background. The article can range from 300 words to a 1,000 of text per topic, whereas the amount of subjects will not exceed 8-10. We would like to receive a quote based on 1000 words per copy of text.

An example of the topics we may require:
– Real estate company overview, current property market, services provided, holiday villa rent, information about Bali, things to do in Bali, etc.

– This project is only for writers who reside in United States or Canada (English must be your primary language), subject topics must be intelligent sounding and make sense to real estate consumers.
– We will own all rights and copyright to the articles submitted.
– Writer must be easily accessible, answers emails in a timely fashion.
– No team bids, this project is for individuals only.

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Real Estate Branding

I am a realtor who is looking to create a brand for the team my husband and I are forming. We are thinking Cunningham and Company but we are open to suggestions. We want something simple, clean, crisp, friendly and that can be easily tied into the Remax brand. We will use the new branding on our new website that we are getting developed and all other correspondence and marketing. We would like something in full colour but that can also translate to black and white.

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Real Estate Research And Details Needed

Need some research done on Australian residential property market,
Just really need someone who can find the owners/vendors direct contact details such as name phone numbers and email addresses.
Dont want any Real Estate Agent details, if the properties are listed with the real estate office just need the details of the actual owners.
Need the property owners details for Every house that is listed for sale and for rent on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Southern Highlands.
Not a real complicated project but need it done.
So actual owners details and contact details, the address of the property and maybe the type of property and asking price, thats all i need done.
Everyone interested please bid


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Dynamic Real Estate Website

High Level Overview
The Project consists of 3 section: 1)a dynamic web site(Flash and video work) 2) a CRM that is integrated with the website 3) email Marketing campaign that is also integrated with the website.
Website will include:
– A robust Video training and sales clips that will cater to real estate agents and clients (Buyer/Sellers). The website will educated and sell to the end-user on Real Estate Process and provide them access to dynamic data that Company wishes to share through content and/or Video. Said data includes access to a real-time listing of available and Marketing content.
-Custom lead forms
-lead capture forms integrated with CRM and Email Campaigns

CRM will include:
-Contact Manager
-Contact Groups
-Import and Export contact data
-Pipeline management
-Document Management
-Task Management

Email Marketing will include:
-Automated Drip email Campaigns
-Track and report Email Activity
-View who opened and clicked through the emails
-Compare results from all the email campaigns

Project Users

Senior Admin
The core operator and controller of website. Has master control over content
and all other users of the site.

Junior Admin
Secondary operator with rights assigned by Senior Admin.

Guest User
A general end-user with access to all open areas of the website

Registered User
In addition to access to all open areas, the Registered User will have access to
restricted areas of site, register for events, can make use of the IPHONE
application and more.
Project Components
Web site Outline
The web site will cater to all 4 user groups. It will custom designed and
developed in PHP with a My SQL database. The website will be driven by a
secure, web based a dm ins trait ion panel through which the Admin users of
the site can manage it.

Said website will empower the users in the following way:

Senior Admin related functions
1. Manage the websites navigation structure, including add and remove
2. Manage the websites users: both Junior Admins and Registered Users.
3. Manage the sites open and registered area content.
4. Upload real estate listings*. The website will also pull real estate Lists from third
party sites and add them to the real estate List automatically.
5. Manage and create events that end-users can RSVP too.
Junior Admin related functions
6. Upload all videos for training and sales
Can do any of the 4 points described above that the Senior Admin provides
access too.

Guest related functions
Can view the open area content and request access to restricted area

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Wanted Craigslist Poster Post 500 Ads Weekly

Need Professional Craigslist poster to post in the real estate section 100 ads a day.
I will only provide you with the ads your are in charge of pvas, etc.
Daily excel sheet proving all ads are live
Will not pay for ghosted or flagged ads.

I have been posting for over a good while and I need some one I can build a long term relationship.

place your bid for 2000 ads a month on the real estate for sale section consider we will post 100 ads a day.

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EMarketing Support

We are a Spanish company starting market positioning in China. A big part is web based.

This is a part time project. Within some weeks we will post a full time project

You have:
– You are living in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou
– University degree (economics, business administration, marketing or similar)
– Fluent in English (or Spanish) and Mandarin Chinese as mother tongue
– Experience in real estate business: minimum one year
– Your competences have to be focused over the client
– Your like the treatmeant with people.
– You own internet connection, computer…
– You should know Office (Word, Excel…)

What we will go to ask you:

– Answer to phone calls from clients, hopefully Chinese people, to give them information about our products (Real Estate Properties in Spain)
– Answer to emails from clients, hopefully Chinese people, to write them information about our products (Real Estate Properties in Spain)
– Presentations in person to interested clients. Sometimes.
– Updating of some parts of our webpage.
– Translation from English (or Spanish) to Mandarin Chinese
– You should spend in these works a variable time (between 2 and 10 hours/week)
– When business grows we will ask you for working more time but with increased salary. (new project)

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Fix Real Estate Program

The site is :

1) replace content on the front page with content to be supplied.
2) fix display of records to be in ascending sequence and make alterations so that it works when you input a MAX.
3) garages & lounges are overwriting each other.

MAXBID = $40
thank you.

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FSBO Real Estate Site

Looking for a FSBO real estate site similar to but cleaner and more crisp in design. Full CMS needed.

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Real Estate Vendors Needed, Seller Sourcing Needed

Hi I own a Business which specialises in Buying Residential Real Estate(im Not a real estate agent) on the Gold Coast, Australia.
I also work within Brisbane, Sydney and The Southern Highlands(NSW). And occasionally Melbourne and Perth.

I currently am looking for the services of somebody who can have all of these people with properties for sale on the Gold Coast and other the other major areas to be Contacting Me(need them to contact me as with my work load i wont be able to contact all of them personally) which i will then finalise the deals myself but i need to contract out the services to someone else because as of now i am currently to busy to be sourcing these sellers/vendors myself. How you get these vendors to contact me is totally up to you. Sometimes the more creative, the better.

I also work within the For Rent/Lease market which i rent the properties and buy them in the future, but i dont need to go into much depth on here(i can give more info if needed once you bid)

I need someone who can have all these people who are selling and renting their properties to contact me so that i may work out a situation which best suits their needs, And i need the people who are the owners to be contacting me, not the real estate agents as they Always wreck the deals. Need as many people contacting me as you can possibly get (1000-2000+ if possible)

So everyone please bid and if you need more info on what the job entails i am happy to answer any queries (not to sure what the cost should be for something like this so bid whatever you want and we can discuss it)

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Real Estate Rental Site WordPress

Looking to build a real estate rental web site in word press.
looking for someone that has done this before.
the site will work like this:
able to post new properties by my company or associated agents or other private people
property search features and include cities in canada and USA
show featured properties and below have a list of all listings.
also below all listings a classified plugin would be cool too.

looking to spend about $150 hoping to find someone that has already done a project like this and can just modify it.

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VBulletin 4.1.2 Theme/skin Development For Real Estate Site

I am looking for someone to skin/template my fresh installation of vBulletin 4.1.2

The site is a real estate forum. We have a color combination in mind already, and example websites for the layout will be provided for illustrative purposes.

The logo design has been completed.

Keywords: vbulletin skin, vbulletin theme, vbulletin template, vbulletin customization, vbulletin design, theme vbulletin, psd vbulletin, vbulletin designer, vbulletin skins, skin vbulletin, vbulletin expert, vbulletin psd

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MLS Integration

I need someone who is familiar with RETS/IDX and the MLS to integrate an MLS data feed into an already designed real estate website similar to (familiarize yourself with before bidding).

I want to integrate photos only into a map based real estate search website. Photos only will be integrated into with current website data.

Do you have the experience to do this?

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Real Estate Agent Writer

We are an email marketing firm specializing in real estate. We require an experienced real estate agent who can create compelling ad copy for our real estate clients and prospects on an ongoing basis. Our target audience is usually real estate agents or real estate investors so your experience with either of these types of professionals is highly valuable. You will create ad copy for any of the following:

– market real estate agents services to our residential and commercial For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or For Rent By Owner email databases
– market real estate agents services to local renters seeking a new rental property
– market real estate agents

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Email List Of Canadian Real Estate Agents

I need to get a 2011 list of names and email addresses for all Canadian Real Estate agents. After the data has been captured I need it in an excel spreadsheet format so I can manipulate the data. Need this project to start as soon as possible.

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Mortgage Broker Writer (US/CANADA ONLY)

We are an email marketing firm specializing in real estate. We require an experienced mortgage broker who can create compelling ad copy for our mortgage broker clients and prospects on an ongoing basis. Our mortgage brokers

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Website Design For Real Estate Website

This project is to design a front end for a website using an already existing script; please see If you are to bid on this project then you must visit the Real Estate Scrip website and test all the demo areas before you place your bid. According to the developer of the script, the front end design can be changed and adapted by accessing templates/CSS code from the admin area however the logic part (the PHP code) is encrypted so you will not be asked or able to make any changes to the code or add new features. I require design implementation, once I have purchased the script from the mentioned company, such as a flash/rotating image area on the home page, social networking buttons such as Twitter and Facebook with Like feeds as well as an overall eye catching and professional design. I am able to provide a logo and images for the main home page flash area.

I currently have an online bespoke real estate website which is under construction and I would like the new website to be visually similar in terms of the top banner and flash images; please see to get an understanding of the corporate feel.

This is a simple project and Im looking for an experienced designer to complete the design work within 7 days. You will have to download and install the script on your machine in order to do all the design work and integrate this within the script. I will award the project to the person who offers a competitive price, communicates well and fast and also have a good track record and portfolio in website design.

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Internet Research And Data Entry Required

Search the web and compile an excel spreadsheet with all real estate agents names and email addresses in south east queensland. Excel spreadsheet columns to be "email address" , "First name" ,"Last name".
List to exclude Ray White Real estate agents and Harcourts real estate agents.

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Real Estate Site With Drupal 6-7

I want to built up a Real estate site using drupal interface.
The selected candidate will give the further details and how to work on the site i.e wireframe.

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Real Estate Management Website

The major function of the web application is to manage the real estate life cycle, contacts and task for a real estate company using MSSQL thru a DOT NET website/application.

Required major functions:
-Administrative Dashboard to administer the site and database
-Strong reporting with graphs, sums and categories
-Membership and roles
-Offer submission site per property
-Property Status page
-Occupant status
-Repair/preservation & Bids
-Listing information
-Marketing report
-Offer tracking
-Closing status
-File dropbox

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Real Estate App

My Company is wanting to create a smart phone app that deals with realestate listings. we want this app to have details like sqaure feet and a virtual tour with the agents voice. We would also like to develop a web site with the same kind of features.

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Real Estate Appointment Setting Call Centre Needed

We are looking for the call centres to dial in US and set appointments for real estate company.We pay a per appointment fee of 15$.The quality appointment means an appointment where the customer picks up the phone when we call back and confirms he is looking to know more about our services.Good American accents preferred.

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Apartment Search Engine

Project Detail

I would like to create a meta real estate search engine with the capability to search the entire web for real estate listing including to pull every homes listing and vacation listing via google maps.

The purpose is to allow users to search thousands of real estate websites from one place and get the best relevant results, and connect to the original source of information by the link. Search by USA cities, map, zip codes and Price ranges

1. Search categories: Homes for sale, Homes for rent, Foreclosure, with options to add more if needed.Market: main market USA with expandle to international territory.


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USA Real Estate Agents Washington DC Only

I need USA Real estate agents data only from Washington DC if you have please bid on this project

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Mobile Sites For Real Estate

Mobile platform for real estate.

Agents register on the website, load their listings.
User search property with their mobile phones.

Similar in features like this site:

Multi Lingual


NOTE: Low Bid with Experience given priority.

Various Bids are Welcome.

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