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WordPress Theme Clean-Up & Change .ftp File To HTML

I need someone to make the following changes to my WordPress website

1. Change a .swf file into HTML to replace an ad in widgets (Appearance Widgets Text) – see Freesytle ad on site for reference

2. Add the Google Analytics tracking code to all pages of website

3. Change "Layback Larry is proudly powered by WordPress and Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS)" etc off of the bottom of the page and replace with Copyright 2011 in black text

4. Take off the ability to comment on the Art page (when you click on a particular painting a comment box opens up with the new page) AND do not let the image open to full view (the 3rd click on a particular painting opens it up into its own page)

5. Have the widgets (ad, facebook profile box, search, categories,etc..) visible when you view an individual post (right now when you click on a particular post the widgets are no longer visible)

I will provide log-in details, .ftp file, Google Analytics tracking code, more info, etc upon acceptance of bidder:

Thank you!!!

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Website Community Oriented (forum, Point System, Etc.)

I need a solid website, community oriented.

Personal account, forum, points system, affiliation program inside.

Please contact me for further info and website examples.


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Looking For Quality Designers For Different Jobs

Hello to all the bidder.

I need someone (maybe even more then 1 person) for long term to design for me things once in a month or so.
Basically someone that I can count on to do things for me in the way I want, someone who will understand my vision.
It is for our business and we have a lot of work (Blog and Websites Design, Brochures, Graphic designs, Work in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator. 3D animation, Animation, Concept Design, Advertisement Designs etc.)

The designs I will need are for printing (Brochures, Business Cards etc) and on the other hand for the web (Websites, Blogs, Banners etc)

For those who think they are capable of doing this, I have a challenge to test your seriousness and quality of work. something that for a good designer will be a piece of cake.

The challenge is:
I have 2 logos designed and ready. I will send you a JPG of them, and you will need to just remake them in Illustrator open file and make it look a little bit different so I will know that you really made it and worked on it and not just copied it, put your touch into it.

Second, to show your skills in Flash, make something nice in Flash with the logo, No specifics.

*Note: For those who have skills in both areas (Illustrator, Photoshop etc + Flash) you have a better chance.
But as I said. People who have other skills are welcome as well to try.

Note 2: The design will include Hebrew in the future, so you will have to have the ability to work with that (I will provide the text of course, but you will have to know to handle Right to Left languages).

Start your Private Message with this: axfg

Note 3: Provide in your PM your
where are you from (to know what times you are awake and active)
and portfolio website or add your works in attachment

Important: I do not care if you are new in or if you have 300 feedbacks. What I care about is your work only and the quality of it. What I do care is seriousness and dedication to details. I will not wait for all the bidders to send their designs. If I like someone, he will be chosen. Those who will be chosen will get 10$ for their effort.

The designer/s who will be the best in our opinion will work with us in the future and the budget for each project in the future will change according to the size and
Good luck!

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Golfer Email List


I am looking for a database of golfer email address in the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.. The bigger the better. Only valid emails. I am interested in as many valid email ids of golf players across the planet, with break up of location mentioning city,state and country. If I can get, average, gender etc. other break ups is additional advantage.
I plan to spend close to 200 US$ for this database, so I expect quality and quantity.
Email ids required of golf players, golf equipment buyers, golf magazine subscribers, golf equipment sellers, golf forum participates, golfers who take golf vacations etc.

Important: I am short on time, therefore will select a person as soon as I am convinced about capabilities.


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Website Build

We need someone who can build a website similar to It will need to have customer log in capability, and parameters will be necessary to match people together. It will be a service based website and whomever builds it will need to make it user friendly on the back-end so that I am able to edit any and all fields, pics, boxes, etc, as necessary. I would like to know how much it would cost to build this site, how long it will take, what type of site it is (php, etc) and have references of similar sites you have built. I selected a budget as it made me pick something, but we are open to all proposals. We arent necessarily looking for the cheapest…just the best fit for our needs.

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12 Vector Objects

We have an ongoing need for vector images, icons, illustrations different vector objects . We will provide a description of object we need and a sketch (or photo for reference). As you see we need simple technical work.

Requirements :

* You have to be the owner of your artwork and by selling it to us you agree to transfer all the rights to us.
* You must not have bought these images from somewhere else.
* The illustrations needs to have all vector curves closed and we prefer images not created by autotrace function in Illustrator..unless its been tidied up and looks great.
* no logotypes with company names etc.
* no images that can be seen as a copyright violation, Illustrations of Disney, Pixar etc are not useful for us.We want your work not reproductions of others. Also we can not use caricatures of existing celebrities.

* saved as .ai or .eps and deliverd as .zip file.
*No raster textures
* Ofcourse no sample images allowed from any existing stock site such as shutterstock or the many vector stock websites available. We constantly search the internet and are well aware of what is out there such as vector tutorials and existing vector stock CDs, website etc. No false submissions please ! We will check it.

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Custom WordPress Design

I would like a custom wordpress template designing.

This would include the home page: to include a full screen image (which changes) and a simple menu layout.

I need a section to display products in categories (similar to a portfolio sections).

All other pages can be the same i.e. plain white with same menu bars etc.

I am a basic user of wordpress and am able to use the features for adding content etc. I am able to add other pages such as About Us, Contact etc.

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Forex Trade Manager

What I am looking for is the following:

A Forex Trade Manager which does the following:

A stand-alone interface, similar to which places an expert advisor in clients metatrader accounts and thus sends the clients trading position (P&L, trades etc) to a stand-alone software in real-time where I can monitor multiple accounts, see their current P&L, trades etc.


If you have any previously developed software which has these capabilities please let me know.

This is an urgent project so please bid fast, and tell how long it would take to complete the project?

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Writers Needed For Muslim Magazine

We are looking for several writers to write 8 articles on one or more of the topics. Each article should be 500-700 words long and needs to have an Islamic perspective as you will be writing for a Muslim publication. Articles should include lines from the Quran, hadith of the Prophet SAW, or sayings of saints/scholars, wherever relevant.

The topics available are:
1) Motivation & self-help articles – being a better person, & a better Muslim
2) Health – particularly Prophetic medicine. Eg, benefits of honey, olive oil, hijamah (cupping) etc
3) Family – parenting, marriage etc
4) Spiritual/Religious – Articles explaining Islamic concepts of redha, taubah, taqwa etc. Personal reflections are welcomed.
5) Youth/Popular Culture/Art – be attuned to matters concerning youth, their entertainment etc. Include reviews on current movies, plays, music through a Muslim lens.
6) Islamic Fashion
7) Islamic Travel & Food

If your writing is impeccable and entertaining and you possess good work ethic, this job may be long-term.

8 articles for $40

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Serious/Fast Native English Writers Needed – 2

Hi there, I am in need of a native English speaker or speakers who is/are specialized in niche/niches such as writing normal articles, medical writing, technical writing,financial writing, fashion writing, Product reviews etc etc . I have a starting budget of $1.5 per 500 word article in the start and will considerable increase if our working relationships sinks well. . You should be good in writing and researching and too much dedicated to my project.

My last projects had only few time wasters like ghostcowboy etc etc.. Such writers avoid bidding on my project please.

I would prefer people with relevant English knowledge, flair to write, need at least 5000+ words to be written in 24 hours deadline. No worries if youre new to freelancer but you must have some samples available to show your writings worth and it should be copyscaped fast.

I will not accept vague applications, please make a clear note of your skills and experience and answer my questions below :

1. Will be able to write 5000+ words daily in 24 hours deadline?

2. How many days in a week will you work – 5/6 ?

3. Can you accept payment through PayPal or GAF ?

4. Are you willing to take up this work as your full time work ?

5. Are you serious on this project and how long willing to commit. ?

answer all this and in case if your not serious in this work and cant give proper work and going to waste time.
Please skip this project. Am looking only for serious writers and not for time wasters. Bid along with an sample.

Thank you.

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Real Estate Book – Combination Fiction / Self-help Style.

Need a creative and straight-forward dynamic writer with sorting and research skills to assist me in writing a book on the current real estate market in the US (and perhaps globally as well) and how anyone can use my techniques, technologies and methodology to sell their home and quick and for maximum dollars. Main use of the book will be for a sales tool however I anticipate it could turn out to appeal to a wider audience as well.
Looking for a super-star willing to work on a budget. More projects to follow.

Already have quite a lot of pieces written (needs to be compiled and placed into a good workable order), ideas flowing, and concepts in mind.

The book doesnt have to be large nor drone on and on with meaningless dribble and fluff. It will read like a novel but will be very instructive as well. In the self-help, self development theme.

Format I have in mind is one where we tell a story about a fictitious character (based in large part on my own experiences and lessons learned, deals Ive completed, real live examples, etc) like non-fiction in perhaps every other chapter. Alternate chapters will be instructive much like fiction / textbook / seminar workbook. And / Or perhaps we just add in a re-cap / summary section at the end of each chapter on lessens attained, etc.

Must be filled with statistical data about history of the real estate market place and where weve come as well as references to where were heading and solution therein. Graphs and charts skills will be a big plus as well.

May also want to gain permission from other authors to utilize a few quotes, info and data, etc. and will be adding in many resources like websites, companies to utilize for tools, tips, etc.

While Id like to get the project done relatively quickly Im also not in a huge rush. We can take some time to get it right. Also, candidate must be a good organizer.

Please let me know your thoughts and any previous work product would be great to share as well.

Thank you!

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Linking Building: 40 Links (at Least PR2)

Links from Sports sites with a Google PR2+.
Links must be strictly from: Sports Pages/Blogs. Preferably NFL sites (American football)

* ALL backlinks must be DO FOLLOW… All links will be checked.
* Free one-way manual links, one link per domain.
* Page should not be excluded by robots.txt.
* Link page must be search engine friendly.
* Links must be static HTML links. No redirects, JavaScript links, hidden links or links on any site that seems to have incurred a Google penalty
* Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo within last 30-80 days.
* You must agree to replace any links which are removed within 12 months after placement.
* Domains must be from different IP addresses
* We reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable.
– No article directories, link farms, forums, spam sites, web rings or adult sites, or link directories.
– We reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable.
– Links that are not approved will have to be replaced by service provider.
-The page where you will put my link should not have more than 40 external links! (this is very important)


* No contextual ads sites, scraped content, mirror sites, popups, intrusive advertising, NO SPAMMING, etc.
* No link from: ARTICLE or DIRECTORY SITES, FORUMS, comments, torrent sites, from guest books, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, Free For All websites, hacker, gambling, ping sites, etc.
* No fake PR or sites banned by Google, Yahoo, Bing.
* No links from "under construction" pages.
* No sites which ask for money later.
* No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages.
* No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, session IDs, etc.
* NO black hat or Grey hat tactics. We require WHITE HAT techniques only.
-*No link farms and link exchange programs or web rings such as,,, etc., no rented links, FFA sites, adult & porn sites, pharmacy sites, illegal websites, hate-based websites, violent websites, cracking or hacking websites, no blacklisted or spam sites, links from "bad neighborhood" sites (e.g. link farms, porn and so on), ping sites, etc.


You will need to produce a weekly report with the following:

1. URL of page where link is located.
2. Google PR of the page where my link is located.
3. Anchor Text used for the link.
4. IP of link page.


Milestone Payment will be made for every 25 links verified.

I will check the following:
I will verify All links are DoFollow and that the Anchor text is correct.
I will verify the domain PR of each link page.

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50 PR3+ Backlinks

50 PR 3+ one-way permanent backlinks required for a photography/consumer electronics website.

Links must be made by a real person and not using automated software or black hat or grey hat methods – we wont accept links made using any illegal methods.


– Links must be from Google PR3+ pages
– All links must be Do Follow
– Free one-way manual links, one link per domain.
– URLs must be live as soon as you create them.
– Page should not be excluded by robots.txt.
– Link page must be search engine friendly.
– Links should be from relevant consumer electronics/technology/photography etc websites
– Links must be static HTML links. No redirects, JavaScript links, hidden links or links on any site that seems to have incurred a Google penalty
– Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo within last 60 days.(Ping to make it happen)
– Links must be permanent, You agree to replace any links which are removed within 6 months
– Domains must be from different IP addresses
– Maximum of 10 links per day
– Maximum outbound links from the page must be less than 15.

Not permitted:

– No spam websites, scraper sites, mirror sites, popups or purely advert-based sites
– No adult websites
– No links from forums, comments, torrent sites, link exchanges, hacker sites, etc
– No sites that have been banned by Google, Bing or Yahoo
– No coming soon, placeholder, or under construction sites
– No sites that will later ask for a fee
– No nofollow or noindex links
– No javascript redirects, flash sites, etc
– No black hat or grey had methods – only white hat methods will be acceptable.

You will need to produce a daily update with the following information:
1. URL of page where each link is located.
2. Google PR of the page where each link is located.
3. Anchor Text used for the link.
4. IP of link page.

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Virtual Assistant Needed

We need a full time VA/designer. And as our VA you must need to meet the following criteria:

* You must have designing experience. You need to be expert in Photoshop and illustrator. And be able to design quality stuff in timely manners.

* IMPORTANT: Must be highly available. Must be able to begin tasks within 1 hour of me assigning them, during work hours.

* Must be available for at least 6 to 8 hours per day.

* Must be fluent in English – Speaking and writing.

* You need to be able to provide various design tasks, layouts, special effects, illustrations, etc.

* You need to be very creative and need to complete small designing task in short period of time. you will need to complete 3 to 5 short designing task per day.

* It will be great if you have good coding skills as well.

* Must be good at forum posting, blog posting, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

* Must be able to communicate me via Skype and email throughout the work day.

* You need to be reliable, etc

* Most important part is that we are looking for individual designers, Not interested in teams at all.

* Bid without design samples will not be considered.

* Payment will be made on monthly basis. Your pay will start from $500 to $600 per month for the first few months. And if you prove that you are a reliable and creative person. Well increase your pay to $700 to $800 per month.

* This is a long term project and we will keep you forever if you are good.

Good luck

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Payroll/HR/Accounting Software

I am looking for a custom installable software for Business Human resource management, payroll and accounting all bundled in one.
Will be more interested in a programmer who already has a working software which could be customised to my requirements.
Software should support following features
1. Ease of Use
2. Compatible with popular book keeping softwares like quickbook etc.
3. Support many employees, may departments, and many companies.
4. Keeps a record or history of past payroll that is used automatically to fill forms.
5. Ability to print tax forms, payslips etc.
6. Ability to support hourly paid staff, weekly, monthly, contract staff etc.
7. Support for hardware time input.
8. Track sick leave, paid holidays, commisions etc
9. Supports direct deposit for banking and payment.
10. Supports exporting of data for various purposes in suitable format.
11. Offers complete HR management and Accounting features

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Marketing A Website – SEO And Link Buidling Etc


We are looking for someone who can help us market our website. We are a retail clothes store who sell premium menswear fashion and need someone who can help us to receive more vistitors to our site. From a little that I know about internet marketing, we need someone who can do social blogging, facebook, SEO, link building, artiacle writing and any other ways to direct more people to our site.

Thank you

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Ebook Writer Experienced With Building Blognetworks Needed


Im launching a domain finder tool soon, and I want to give buyers a free report. I need a writer for the free report

Im looking for Ebook/Report writer who is expert or has experience with building high pagerank blognetworks for getting linkjuice.

I need a 25-50 page ebook writting on this topic. I need advanced up-to-date stuff on the topic. e.g what domains are the best to take, internal/external linking for max linkjuice, common pitfalls, etc etc.

Ive got some information you can use for researching to create the ebook.

Native english writers please.

If you are interested, please list or pm me your price.

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Tony’s Alcohol Disclosing Tabs

Like many other Australians, I cannot drink alcohol nor eat food containing alcohol, for health reasons. I asked my pharmacist if there was a disclosure pill, paper etc which reveals the presence of alcohol in a food or drink etc. The pharmacist said hed never heard of it, but it was a good idea.

I think it may be an even better idea if someone could help me invent the product, and market it. It could also be used in situations where drink spiking occurs. Hence it has a safety aspect, not to mention the health side.

On thinking about it, I said "Why cant I already buy this product?" Simple answer: Nobody has thought of it.

The idea must be worth a bit, but to make a quid from it?

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E-Commerce With Virtual Mirror

Budget: $500 ||| No Upfront Payment ||| Payment per milestone
Payment is broken down into milestones AND ONLY RELEASED when each milestone is completed, It should be uploaded to my server, tested and approved. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We are looking for a high end marketplace & professional ecommerce site for Eyeglasses & Frames.
It must be High resolution and user friendly.
The project will needs to be integrated with Virtual Mirror include prescription order form like the following websites:

Note: You must be expertise in the following:
* A+ for Innovative Ideas & if have developed, designed & programmed such a website before.
* Strong in programming of PHP, HMTL, XHTML, Java script, Java, CSS, Flash, MySql, etc.
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience, 100% SEO optimized from the start and no cookie cutter sites
* Cross Browsers Compatibility Needed for IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Macintosh, etc.
* Create CSS for each
* Security consideration

Server: Linux, Apache, cPanel

To be considered you must send your portfolio or any related work that has been done with your bid.


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We need a site, thats very similar to
It is a location-based/aware dating site.

We already have a complete HTML design, so we just need a backend to be developed (user+admin) and integrated into our design.

Please create an account on the mentioned site and see for yourself, what is expected.
We want a fast, secure and scalable site, based on an enterprise-class CMS (such as Liferay, ATG, etc.), not crappy one (like Joomla, Wp, Drupal, etc.). It can be PHP or Java lang, with a LOT of Ajax.

Most important features are:

– location-basis (see the top of the site, city-set dropdown)
– matchmaking (by location, interests, gender, etc, etc, etc.)
– personalization (see the loggedin user homepage center – my matches, my visitors, etc.)
– user roles & permissions (paying members/free members plans, granular perms, for each and every function, such as Who wants to meet me –> paying members only)
– SMS funcs (payments for memberships, gifts, etc., live notifications, such as alerts, news, members near me, etc.)
– Gmaps (show users near me – live, etc.).

There is also a local business review section, which needs to be added (Lovestruck doesnt have it), but we have PHP scripts for it, so just integration is needed.

Please state your quote and (shortest) time frame.
NO advance payments, or placeholder bids.

Please answer the following Qs, before you place your bid:

– What CMS would you use?
– Your best references?
– How reliable are you?

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Website Devlpt With Online Order Process, And User Area

I need to complete the development of a website. The design is ready, i provide the PSD files.

The website is simple. We are designer. We sell logo designs, website designs etc …So we propose few packages. the customer select a package, go through an easy process of online order, pay via paypal. he receive email confirmation etc…
There is also an user area, where he can check his order, is profile etc …

To figure out the kind of job, go to It will be in the same idea.

You will receive images of the PSD files to figure out the website to be developed.

I need a coder that will work full time on the project from the start to end. No coder that uses to get multiple projects to work on will be admitted.

It is quite easy project, development time should not be so long.

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On-Page SEO Expert

I own an SEO company and I want to outsource on-page SEO for each my clients websites.

You must be experienced in all aspects of onpage SEO and have basic web design experience.

Attached is a checklist for on-page SEO plus add to this list when bidding,etc.

You must be able to work on WP sites, etc…

My budget is $30 for 1-2 websites.

I look forward to your bids!

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Joomla Expert

We need someone to finish an unfinished Joomla project.
It is for a Villa booking website. So far html and joomla have been done.
You will have to finish admin part and develop a search form and set up the database.
The end result should be something like or etc… with a good admin section where we can add new Villas, set prices etc… There will be no need for online payments on this website.
For more info of what is done so far please have a look at clarification board.
Please only bid if you are really good and fast with joomla. We have no time to waist.

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Content Writers – USA EXPERTS – Website, Ads, Articles Etc


Im looking for EXPERT writers for my websites, blogs, ads, comments and tons more. I need someone who can writer with a american style.

I DO NOT want spin content or oversea writing which is horrible.

I want 100% unique content and american can understand it.

Writing good is one thing but writing so it make sense is something else.

Alot of work for this project.

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Build A Website Like

We need a website created and designed similar to
You will first need to investigate on the platform to design the site with. eg (socialengine, php) and tell me how you are planning to use that platform to design the site. What plugins you are going to use, timeframe, what you need from us etc so we know if we can reply on you for such a project.

The website will be using 2.0 social networking funtions plus all the features you see in An example of these are listed below (but not limited to):

Allow charging your user to post
Proximity search
Approval, featured, sponsored
Mapping, Ratings, and Gallery
SEO urls / title
Multiple profiles / categories
Configurable submission types

Main Landing Page:
Slide-show for random featured businesses
Recent activities to capture latest actions related to businesses
Highlight for recent submitted new businesses
Popular auto-generated tag cloud
Popular categories
Popular locations
Sponsored businesses

Browse by categories
Browse by locations (city, state/province, country)
Browse by neighborhoods (regions)
Browse by tags
Alphabet (A-Z) quick filter thru results
Sponsored businesses always on top (easily customizable using css)
Highlight *featured* businesses (easily customizable using css)
Embedded global map for businesses

Search and Filter

Generic search by keywords and locations
Proximity distance zip search (Australia cities and postcodes)
AJAX auto suggest location search
Filter featured businesses only
Extensive sorting options, can easily see top rated, most popular, recent updated businesses etc..

General Configuration:
Privacy, public browsing option
Configurable proximity search
Optional configurable for validating of primary fields (summary, description, phone, url, location etc..)
Category and Profile mapping

Listing Types / Packages

Full *ads-like* for available listing types users can choose to submit
Ability to charge user for submission based on types (paypal, credit cards, etc)
Define different durations, or never expires
Optional Auto approval triggering
Optional auto mark business as featured
Optional auto mark business as sponsored
Ability to limit access (all, none, custom) to profile sections based on types

Claimable Listings

Ability to claim existing businesses
Admin can easy to manage and process user claims
Can specify which owners business can be claimed by others
User can view submitted claims and its status.
Manage Submitted Businesses

Easy overview of submitted businesses
Manual approval, featured, sponsored entries
Quick search to filter and see what you want
Update transaction requirement, expiration, type, and many more
User-Level Customization

Permission control: no access, view only, or view/submit business
Permission to logo upload
Permission to album / photos gallery upload
Permission to mapping
Permission to custom styles
and various of other settings
Business Page

Clean format and layout
Sponsored and Featured highlight (can easily customized using css)
Embedded mimi map with popup to bigger map
Rating stars and who rated
Support commenting with privacy setting
Mimi uploaded photo gallery

Most of these features can be found in lugins for socialengine and phpfox. (
Let me know if you know or have a better platform for this project. I believe and are using the same platform/scipt but i am not sure which script. If you can find out that will be great.
At the end of the day i want this site to perform and fuction exactly like

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Graphic Designer Needed Urgent

Skilled Graphic Designer Needed for some touch ups, wedding photo editing, logo designing etc.

specially we need to know you are skilled and ability to work in long time in future

please show your skills online that you have done in past and recent works using photoshop, Illustrator, corel draw etc.

Bid this with the time that you need to do this job(all you need to be fast)

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Require 25 Backlinks For Guitar Website

I need someone to help build 25 quality backlinks to my website – which is focused on guitar lessons, instructional guitar products, guitar tools etc.

I want these backlinks to be picked up by Alexa and similar, so take care to make sure this happens.

*** Please read the following before bidding ***
* Must be able to communicate/type intelligently in fluent English.
* Tell us why you are the most relevant bidder for us to choose. Canned bids/responses will be instantly rejected.
* Proof of all generated links is required.

Please do some research before bidding and provide us a brief sample of the blogs/forums etc which you will be posting on for these keywords. The actual website in question to be promoted will be revealed to shortlisted bidders. Thanks for your time!

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Custom Pic Montage Script- Website

ok so I would need someone to create a scipt which allows users all over the world too upload images to a set grid… however users can upload over each others images and such and replace pictures.

The website becomes a moving image box almost and anyone can upload pictures etc…when highlighting over a small picture it will appear larger"see pic" etc… and users will have the choice to reupload over that image etc …..

ITs hard to explain:

You would for one need to contact me via PMB to discuss it further

also………. the project ammount is low at current however could be increased or long term payment can be arranged Depending on quality and confidence I have in the scripter.
It is probably best created in pearl

I am looking for someone who will be willing to help throughout the entier stage and perhaps web deisgn and implementation will be needed.


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ECommerce Website – Inks

I have recently bought an online business. I have a template website, but its awful. I have full ftp login details etc.

I want a completely new website designing and uploading to my domain.

I have a couple of ideas regarding the look of the site but am open to suggestions.

The website may also require a database building as part of the navigation options.

It have an SSL server setup and required this to be integrated into the site, along with the ability for users to register etc.

Im sure its a pretty simple ecommerce site for an experienced developer but I have no idea where to start.

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Make Change To My Sales Copy, Squeeze Copy,etc.

I have changed my sites offer, as well as name of site, I need someone create one squeeze page copy and one sales page copy by using the copy files in attached.

Detail guideline is in attached file, please download it.

I need an experienced copywriter to do this job, if you are not very good at copywriting, maybe you cant do this job.

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