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Private Proxys Needed

Need private proxys since my paypal is not verified…..

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CISCO 1841 Re-Configured

I have a cisco 1841 router with WIC 1 DSU-T1 V2 installed in slot 0.
However we moved our offices and now have a Time Warner Business Class cable modem service which arrives as ethernet from their modem.
What I want to do is use eth 0/0 as a DMZ port for web and mail server and use eth 0/1 for NAT and DHCP for work stations. There is 5 routable IPs in which 4 have been dedicate to servers (mail and web) that would be in the DMZ zone. The last one can be used for the NATed and DHCP stations.

Thanks, Bart

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Problem With Non US Letters

I am having problem with my hosting system.
What i am using is this system
Plesk servers see here
The problem is if i enter information about the client into WHMCS with none US characters like ÆÐÞÖöðæþ
I get error when i need to activate the client in plesk.
If i chance the no US letters to US letters all works fine
If i enter the exact same information with none US letters(ÆÐÞÖöðæ)into the plesk manual there is no problem.
So i need to fine out what is happening when the WHMCS sends the information over to plesk.
And if possible fix it.


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