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Excel Macro Conversion To HTML

I am requesting a Macro file that will process an Excel file with a list of events and provide me HTML code for this list with appropriate formatting that I will then place in my online website.

The list of events is approximately 200-300, spread over 3 columns.
Each event row will have to be parsed for Title, Date, Time, Location, and price.

The Macro should parse each event row, reorganize columns based on a predetermined structure, then generate HTML code for the table that can be manually pasted into my website.

Please pm me for sample of the excel file or with any additional questions.

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Mashup Of WordPress Plugins


I have a site that is using a combination of the 3 plugins listed in the title.

We need a system sort of like oneshoppingcart but scaled back quite a bit. It is possible to mash up these 3 plugins so that:

If a person was to buy one event or another through PHPurchase, they are automatically subscribed to the EFT autoresponder.

Some purchases of events will subscribe to one list, some will subscribe to another, and some to both. is the domain in question
There are two partners, Landen and Emerson who run this.

BrantleyBlairGroup will have one opt in box (free info to capture names)
When a product or event is ordered, those registrations will have their own AR sequence to follow, so for Landens upcoming event the people will get a certain series leading up to that event. If the order a CD or book, well want to have AR campaigns to upsell them etc.

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Multiple Event Counter

I need a multiple event counter build around a pic16F877, the first and second counter must have 3 digits, counters 3,4,5,6,7 must have 2 digits. pic outputs must be in BCD in order to decode data to digits using a CD4543 per counter, inputs debounced and if posible an LDR to control brigthness. PIC16f877 it´s not a must but preferable.

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Event Page

We need to create an event page.

I want it to look something like this:

The file attached is the most recent mockup with the content. Basically I need some type of design behind the title and the colors need to be more on these tones:

the font i was using is but if you find something that works better thats fine.

Then this needs to be made in HTML, including a plug in for twitter stream and a javascript form

Let me know if you can do this I need it very soon.

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Customized Events Platform

Objective to create an events platform to allow people to setup events and people to purchase events. The events will be run world wide

The website will provide an events platform for people to setup events and activities at a set price for people to book into each day/week.

Worldwide service accepting US$ (if possible other currencies) via paypal

Min spend $50 per event

People running Event

Peoplecan make the event a weekly, monthly or yearly event, allow replicating the schedule
Must upload the character, type, dates, start and end time, location, meetup, what to wear, suitable ages, number of people, category, cost per person or group, what the trip includes etc of event run on set nights during the week or month (replication).
Event must be approved before being listed on website by admin
Default event programs setup as guideline
Payment to be taken by us via paypal
People paid after the event is finished by us via paypal
People will need to apply and granted approval before they can submit events
Only accept socialites will be allowed to upload events within their specific city
We will have each approved socialites description â how long in city, favourite drink, favourite bars, What makes their city special etc
Each city will only have a set amount of event organisers
Events/Tour to be rated on popularity and rating by people attending the events
Similar to any general event upload
Event to be liked / shared on facebook & Automatically onto Twitter when submited


Customer to sign in with username/password or via Facebook or Twitter
Can accept and pay for set package or event
Service must be ranked out of 5 after service feedback after event via automatic email
Similar to Odesk or freelance platforms
Internal emailing and response between parties, similar to

All Services

Follow up email requesting feedback
Service must be ranked out of 5 after service / or Liked or Not Liked (Similar to

Additional Pages on Sites

Blog submissions from each event organiser on going out in their city
Integration with facebook, twitter and youtube
List of Partners/Suppliers
advertising space on each page
Rules for Event organisers
Rules of Customers
Become a Even organiser, sign up questions
Monthly Poll


To take 20% of sale of every event booked (allocated event organiser 80% of sale in points, 3 days after event)
Refunds if event is not held or not satisfactory (within 3 days)
Approve all event listings
Approve all socialites worldwide
Offer advertising opportunities â focus on hotels, airlines and local services


Focus on high end travellers and corporate, must suit
Part of travel experience


To feature main regional areas; Great Britain, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, N.Z. and Pacific Islands â with major cities underneath them
Each city will feature the event organiser, the packages on offer, blog feed with information about their events, plus 2 x advertising spots
If no Event organiser in the city, request for a socialites to apply to offer events


Built on godaddy server
Must be automated in setup allow for monitoring and approval only
Search functionality on main page
MAYBE â enter trip dates and places and share with friends on social media â side feature!!
Built in Affiliate program, 10% of sale

Building or Website

– will happen in 5 stages over 2 months
– first phase is development of website to allow event orgniasers to apply to setup events
– second phase is build website
– third phase is confirm event organisers, and allow them to setup events
– fourth phase is launch website
– last stage is to complete all bugs and errors after launch
– you will be paid after completing each milestone

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Event Video Clip

Hello everyone" i am looking for someone that has skills in Adobe effects" or any software that creates short animation video clips i need to create a 3 min 3D video for a Boat cruise event,I have a concept in which needs to be put together from scratch.There will be an AUDIO/3D ANIMATION and other effects & elements.I am on a very tight budget.I will only look at those whom will forward there profile also previous experiences in this kind of project.

Please note:I will only pay full funds once im happy and project is completed! & i will only deposit 100% of funds to escrow only when project is 95% completed.If you do not agree with my terms please do not BID.


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Need Popular FaceBook Events

Hello everyone. I posted this project a couple days ago, but the people that bid just didnt understand. I am looking for popular events that are currently up on FaceBook. Here are the requirements:

-More than 250,000 attending
-Ability to post on the wall (after hitting "Im attending")
-ON AVERAGE about 3-5 posts per minute on the wall itself
-MUST be an event page – no normal pages like "Family Guy" or anything like that
-Must be happening in the future – the event cant be over, obviously.The date that its happening should not yet have happened

Those are the only requirements. I will pay you $20 for each event that you find that matches these criteria.

Along with your bid, please provide ONE example link that abides by the conditions above. I will review it and respond with any criticism, and if its perfect, Ill be needing as many of these as possible from you. Ill pay you for the example link as well if it abides by all of the conditions above.

Thanks, and I look forward to your bids!

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Build A Spider Or Bot To Scrape Data

I need a special spider, bot or script to scrape records from the following two sites….



You can create one or two spiders.

I need these to scrape records for the entire US in a few steps. NOT city by city.

I need records for: Event Planners, Party Planners, Event Management Companies, DMCs

Business name,
zip code
website url

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Web Scrape For Company Addresses

I need someone who is very skilled at scraping data from websites.

I need records for: Event planners, Event management companies, Event Planning companies and DMCs (Destination Management Companies).

I need: Company name, address, city, state, zip, phone, website url (if available), and email (if available)

I need as many records as possible.

Data must be accurate, thorough and organized in Excel. This data will be used to mail postcards and catalogs.

Please provide a bid for the entire project or a price per 1k records.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Event Website Needed

We need a new website created for an events business. See as an example of the type of site we are looking for. The site needs to consist of the following pages:

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Google Calendar Add Event Thru Excel Visual Basic

Simply would like to have a Microsoft Excel version 2007 workbook that has a worksheet which adds calendar events to Google Calendar. The calendar events created on Google Calendar should be able to create an event with all Google Calendar options available. The worksheet should have cells which allow for the modification of all google calendar options and which allow for different google calendars to have events added to them. All code shall be without any passwords and made viewable and editable. No code shall use keystrokes.

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Facebook Page Tab Application (similar To Sweepstakes Event)

We are targeting to write an facebook tab application to host an marketing event.

Event detail is as below:

1. show our poster, and allow to see detail rules only after they "like" our fan page.
– after they like the fan page, we should provide a button to allow them to join, the event, with some input box. and button
2. Count the score of members, more friend they invite, higher score they get.
3. Allow fans to invite their fans. (further increase the score when their friend successfully attent the event)
4. Allow fans to post share the event to their wall
5. show the score and their joined referred friend to the fans when they click the tab.
6. Log the fans and the referral relationship in backend.
7. request the users email sending permission

We will host the code and mysql database in our server, prefer to use php.

Its an urgent event, hope to get it done in 2 days after bidding period.

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Joomla JEvents

Hi, I need an expert Joomla person, mainly expert in JEvent module customization.
My website is a world-wide event calendar for a specific technology sector.
I need event organizer to be able to upload events (with many custom fields), and that people can done search event by filtering according to these many custom fields.


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Poster Creation For Event For Designbox

Create a poster for music event

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Simple JomSocial Site Enhancement

We have an existing JomSocial wesite that we want to utilize JomSocials Multi-type Profiles to create two types of users w/ two registration pages. We are looking for an individual that we can establish an ongoing relationship with. We need:

1) 3-4 modules added (see below)
2) and two separate registration pages for two User Profile types . Have a default registration with a dropdown of "individual" or " organization" If they select organization they will be redirected to the 2nd registration page.

The site is for organizations to schedual events online. Any individual(user profile 1) can sign up and register an event for any organization(user Profile 2), but that event must be

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FB Event App

As Discussed

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WordPress Custom Post Type


I am looking for a WordPress Coder to add two custom post types with the appropriate columns to my theme (functions.php).


Books Post Type

– Book Title (text field)
– Book Link (text field)
– Book Description (text area)
– 2 x Book Photo (image upload)


Events Post Type

– Event Title (text field)
– Event Description (text area)
– Event Location (text area)
– Event Picture (image upload)


Please only bid if you have worked with WordPress custom post types before as it can be completed very quickly for the right person.


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JomSocial Site Inhancement

We have JomSocial wesite installed and would like to extend and refine its configuration. We are looking for an individual that we can establish an ongoing relationship with. A little background on this project. You have more actual hands on with a variety of Joomla functions and implementations. So please let me know if you have an suggestions or ideas that my be a better alternative to the modules and functions I am thinking of.

We are building a site for organizations to host events online. Any individuals can sign up and register an event for any organization, but that event must be

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Programming And WordPress Skills For Memberships Site

Membership site for a club.
Looking for an excellent programmer with experience and punctual delivery to set up a WordPress site

The work:

Membership site

3 level sign up

Main membership sign up page.

Standard membership.

Possibility to sign up for 1-12 sections under the standard membership for additional fees.

Each of the sections has under-sections that should also be possible to sign up for.

Choice on sign-up to receive invoice by mail or by postal service, by checkbox.

Annual recurring e-mail billing, reminders by e-mail on an automated basis.
By postal delivery to be assigned to the administrator for membership service to print out manually.

Template with club logo and billing information for e-mail and print.

Email confirmation to be sent out upon sign-up. Confirmation Template with club logo and billing details.

Billing is done to account no need for credit card or Paypal implementation.

Currently the club has 1200 members these need to be imported with the current user status, membership id and billing status.

Secure RSS


Events handling.

Each of the sections should be able to create events, choices of open event or closed event for only section members or standard members of the club. Rebate for members on sign-up for events.

Role handling for the user levels and page content.

Administration backend:

The administrator will get a daily updated list of newly signed up members.

The members that have opted for Billing by e-email should be sorted in one field, an option to print these out one by one or all checked by checkbox should be applied.

For the members that has opted to receive billing by post an option to print these out one by one or all checked by checkbox should be applied.

Check-box for to confirm payments as received.

Search field for unpaid members, possibility to bill these manually from admin.

Search by sign-up dates.

Search by names, addresses, membership number, zip-code, city, phone.

Search by sections, by under-sections.

Administration panel for Sections and under-sections editors
Get a daily updated list of newly signed up members for their unique sections.

Search their their section members by date.

Search by names, addresses, membership number, zip-code, city, phone

Back-end Event Handling for the section administrators

Create Events, create start date-time for event, create end date-time of event, choose a contact person for the event by a drop-down-list that should be populated by a list of users with event handling privileges.
Create a sign-up form for the event.
The sign-form should have a check-box for billing by postal service

Send out event invitation to section members, all members or make it a public event by check-box.

Send out confirmation email upon sign-up with billing details.

Create a template for the confirmation-mail with club logo and the sections account details.

Backend functions:
Administrator should be able to:
Edit site settings
Assign user roles for the sections
Assign section-editors for pages and posts

Localization, it is essential that all aspects of user handling can be localized.

Use of existing code, or plug-ins will be OK as long as it is not violating any licensing, copyright or ownership rights.

Proper documentation, full source code and installation instructions.
Working installation on provided account.

Payment is released when the work is done= the site is up, functional and working as expected.

More details upon request.

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GSM With PIC Mcu

We require to communicate GSM modem with pic mcu. It should send given sms/call to desired number on an event and on recieving sms/ call fire an event.

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Posting On Community And Event Calendars

I have several events that need listed on event calendars and community calendars in the US.

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Event Website

We would like to get a bid on a website project. I will describe the project below.

We need a site for "events". Ideally it would be similar to "" but without all the advanced features.

The site will need to have:

– User submission of events. Required fields would be Title, URL, Date, Category. Optional fields would be Description, image, URL type, tags. Events need to be approved by the admin before they are displayed on the site.
– A dynamic calendar view of events on the front page. This could be monthly or weekly. Monthly may work if there is a nice way to display all that data. Weekly view like what is available at "" is preferred (i.e. AJAX style). There should also be some way to select only events from a certain category or categories and have the calendar update dynamically.
– Commenting should be possible for these events.
– User accounts. Users should be able to see what events they submitted in the past (but not delete them). They should also be able to add events they like to their favorites and track them. Email notification when an event is coming up might be nice as well.

We have seen templates out there like "Events" by Templatic for WordPress or jCal Pro for Joomla. Something like those may be used if desired as the foundation.

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Event Info Web Application

I need a web application with the following specifications:

1. Event hosting parties should be able to enter event details.
2. The front page should show what events are happening today, when, where, how much, and what. The front page should also show the upcoming events for the month if there are any.
3. Event could be added by the site administrator as well.
4. Event hosting parties should be able to have their username and password with event addition, modification and deletion privileges(only for their events).
5. Event hosting users can be created at once by the administrator or by the Hosts themselves (maximum users around 1500).
6. Anyone should be able to place advertisements in the website after reading a terms and conditions and accepting it without having a user account. But, there should be empty space for the advertisement to post a new one. Advertisers should send their their contact info using a form at prior to posting the advertisement. Site admin should be able to control or delete the advertisements. Maximum advertisements per page is 10 and they should be shown only in left or right side bar.
7. Every advertisement should expire in a month.
8. One page should be dedicated to full event description.
9. One page should be dedicated to Host Profile.
10. One page should be dedicated to Company Profile.
11. One page should be dedicated to City Profile.

This web application should be easily installable on a php/mysql hosting web server. If there should be a modification, clear instructions should be set up.

If you make this project a success I will give you a bigger project as well.

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Website For Japan Relief – Not For Profit

This is what functionalities needed in website

Japan relief people need a website very urgently

Help Japan

Search for missing/ friends or relatives – Basic Search Functionality

Enter your info.
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name

Table1: Concerned_Person /Parents/ family/friends


Looking for
Enter missing relative or friend info – Basic Search functionality
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Facebook page
Contact Number for your self
Last Information recieved – Txt Box

Table2: Missing_Person

Tabs/ Links for
1. Donation – Paypal Integration. / Checks Address.
2. Event section – Create An Event/ delete an Event/ Time/ Day/ Place/ Donations
3. Discussion section(forum)
4. Admin Section
5. Important Links
6. About US – About your organisation.
7. Items being collected for donation.
1:28 PM

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Online Donations And Members Registration For Web Site

I have an existing Web Site for a charity event that needs to be upgraded to include a Pre-Registration page where people can register to attend the event. Secondly, the site needs a page where site visitors can make an online donation towards the project. Lastly, the site needs SEO work to really make it popular.

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Online Betting Exchange

We require an online betting exchange that will allow bettors to bet on all cricket (WCC World cup/IPL etc), Soccer and Special events such as "Will Radioactivity from damaged nuke plants cause 5% dip in GDP of Japan in 2011-2012?" through Binary options.

The exchange has to be functionally a recursive, real time betting web service capable of streaming real time sports data from 3rd party exchanges using their APIs and external event feeders such as enetpulse.
Bet placements will be simplified and metaphorically represented as a bettor

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Website Event Calendar

I need an event calendar written in PHP with a very simple admin for them to enter events into. The front end will show on the contact us page and not be editable at all from the viewer standpoint. Dates will be highlighted to show something is going on and mouseover will display popup with info.

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Event Brite Clone – Online Event Registration

We are looking someone to developer a online service similar to:

EventBrite (
Regonline (
TicketLap (

Basic Client (events organizer) Functions:

– Create a Event (Dates, Places, Categories, Draw Dinamic Seats Map, Price, Attendees Form Questions, Extra Options…. )
– Create Special prices and packages (ie. groups)
– Edit a Event
– Create a basic personalized website with shopping cart
– Track Sales
– Track and control Payments
– Track and control Attendees
– Local Control Access to event – (small software that run local that will synchronize to remote main event database)
– Send email marketing

Basic Attendees Functions:

– Buy a ticket per day, per category, chooice seats, by one or more ticket in the same time, manager and track status of payment, print online ticket with QR and Code Bar

Basic Software Owner Funcions:

– Create differents payment plans (Fixed Value, % of Ticket Price)
– Create differents users admin levels
– Track all Clients
– Track all Events
– Track all Payments
– Track all Attendees


– Affiliaded Program for the Software, and also as service for the clients (events)
– Integrate with Paypal
– Get ready for other third party payment in diferents countries
– Get ready for translation

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Simple SEO & Event Calendar To Existing Site

I have a new site that I designed that needs some help with SEO. Nothing complicated, just want to get it showing on google search.

Also I need an event calendar written in PHP with a very simple admin for them to enter events into. The front end will show on the contact us page and not be editable at all from the viewer standpoint. Dates will be highlighted to show something is going on and mouseover will display popup with info.

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Outlook 2007 Help Needed For Private Individual

I run Windows XP Pro on a Dell notebook. Have used Outlook Express 6 for years, and want to convert to using Outlook 2007 so I can stop using Outlook Express. I have Outlook installed and running fine (for the most part), but need some help in making the transition.

(1) Import Palm Desktop contact list into Outlook so that all existing Palm Desktop contacts and their data will display as Outlook contacts.

(2) Import all Outlook Express message history and message folders, and all Outlook Express address book entries into Outlook.

(3) When I create or schedule a new, one-time event in Outlook, the program almost always makes this a recurring item with the event scheduled for all day regardless of the time parameters I actually entered. I then have to open the item (series), remove the recurrence. and re-enter the event date and time details. What is causing the recurring aspect of the initial event creation, and how do I avoid the initial recurring aspect of this event creation?

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Video Editing

I am creating a video promo for an event. I have several clips I want to use.

Here is the basic I have created. I am not happy with it.

The clip needs to be slick, crisp and easy to follow and foremost cool. Its going to be a 30-40 sec clip.

I need to see if you have created similar promo clips first and you must finish within 48 hours.

I could give several text to animate such as "Shop", "Savor" and "Party" and the event date.

Budget: $40

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Android Event Tracker

I am looking to create an app with the ability to track items/stories and give reminders and/or warnings of upcoming stored/entered events. An app able to countdown to days and/or times selected with full screen reminders and a simple widget to display upcoming selections. The application will need the ability to show videos and pull information from an outside feed for content updates. Ie: stories, links, articles and pictures.

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