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Add News Filter To Existing Metatrader 4 EA Robot

I have an existing robot that i want to add a news filter to. This news filter should be based on the Forex Factory Calender. I should be able to back test with an existing CSV file of past news events. The news filter should be able to:
* select news events that are effecting a pair
* filter high, medium or low impact news.
* select a time not to trade before and after high, medium and low impact news.
* have an extra custom category of news which will be extra high, we should be able to filter on this and select no trading time frames for this.

Anyone bidding for this must have previous experience of adding news filters to robots. You will be required to show my a compiled version of this that is working.

I can provide a CSV file with 4 years worth of news events.

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Customized Events Platform

Objective to create an events platform to allow people to setup events and people to purchase events. The events will be run world wide

The website will provide an events platform for people to setup events and activities at a set price for people to book into each day/week.

Worldwide service accepting US$ (if possible other currencies) via paypal

Min spend $50 per event

People running Event

Peoplecan make the event a weekly, monthly or yearly event, allow replicating the schedule
Must upload the character, type, dates, start and end time, location, meetup, what to wear, suitable ages, number of people, category, cost per person or group, what the trip includes etc of event run on set nights during the week or month (replication).
Event must be approved before being listed on website by admin
Default event programs setup as guideline
Payment to be taken by us via paypal
People paid after the event is finished by us via paypal
People will need to apply and granted approval before they can submit events
Only accept socialites will be allowed to upload events within their specific city
We will have each approved socialites description â how long in city, favourite drink, favourite bars, What makes their city special etc
Each city will only have a set amount of event organisers
Events/Tour to be rated on popularity and rating by people attending the events
Similar to any general event upload
Event to be liked / shared on facebook & Automatically onto Twitter when submited


Customer to sign in with username/password or via Facebook or Twitter
Can accept and pay for set package or event
Service must be ranked out of 5 after service feedback after event via automatic email
Similar to Odesk or freelance platforms
Internal emailing and response between parties, similar to

All Services

Follow up email requesting feedback
Service must be ranked out of 5 after service / or Liked or Not Liked (Similar to

Additional Pages on Sites

Blog submissions from each event organiser on going out in their city
Integration with facebook, twitter and youtube
List of Partners/Suppliers
advertising space on each page
Rules for Event organisers
Rules of Customers
Become a Even organiser, sign up questions
Monthly Poll


To take 20% of sale of every event booked (allocated event organiser 80% of sale in points, 3 days after event)
Refunds if event is not held or not satisfactory (within 3 days)
Approve all event listings
Approve all socialites worldwide
Offer advertising opportunities â focus on hotels, airlines and local services


Focus on high end travellers and corporate, must suit
Part of travel experience


To feature main regional areas; Great Britain, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, N.Z. and Pacific Islands â with major cities underneath them
Each city will feature the event organiser, the packages on offer, blog feed with information about their events, plus 2 x advertising spots
If no Event organiser in the city, request for a socialites to apply to offer events


Built on godaddy server
Must be automated in setup allow for monitoring and approval only
Search functionality on main page
MAYBE â enter trip dates and places and share with friends on social media â side feature!!
Built in Affiliate program, 10% of sale

Building or Website

– will happen in 5 stages over 2 months
– first phase is development of website to allow event orgniasers to apply to setup events
– second phase is build website
– third phase is confirm event organisers, and allow them to setup events
– fourth phase is launch website
– last stage is to complete all bugs and errors after launch
– you will be paid after completing each milestone

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Need Popular FaceBook Events

Hello everyone. I posted this project a couple days ago, but the people that bid just didnt understand. I am looking for popular events that are currently up on FaceBook. Here are the requirements:

-More than 250,000 attending
-Ability to post on the wall (after hitting "Im attending")
-ON AVERAGE about 3-5 posts per minute on the wall itself
-MUST be an event page – no normal pages like "Family Guy" or anything like that
-Must be happening in the future – the event cant be over, obviously.The date that its happening should not yet have happened

Those are the only requirements. I will pay you $20 for each event that you find that matches these criteria.

Along with your bid, please provide ONE example link that abides by the conditions above. I will review it and respond with any criticism, and if its perfect, Ill be needing as many of these as possible from you. Ill pay you for the example link as well if it abides by all of the conditions above.

Thanks, and I look forward to your bids!

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Event Website Needed

We need a new website created for an events business. See as an example of the type of site we are looking for. The site needs to consist of the following pages:

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Google Calendar Add Event Thru Excel Visual Basic

Simply would like to have a Microsoft Excel version 2007 workbook that has a worksheet which adds calendar events to Google Calendar. The calendar events created on Google Calendar should be able to create an event with all Google Calendar options available. The worksheet should have cells which allow for the modification of all google calendar options and which allow for different google calendars to have events added to them. All code shall be without any passwords and made viewable and editable. No code shall use keystrokes.

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Restaurant Website

Develop a duel purpose website for the Botany View Hotel and Darley
Street Bistro.

The website must be visually attractive, highly functional and
provide both establishments with a user-friendly solution for their

The site must have clear navigation and enable customers to click between
the venues (including DSB

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Graphic Design/Layout For Hotel Website

Take existing inputs e.g. photos, hotel logos and create a high quality functional website design. Some of the key elements of the website are detailed below. Essentially this is a high quality CBD gastro pub/bar with a high quality (but good value) food offering with one the best chefs in the city. It is an historic building and recently refurbished hence the need for a new site.

The site will become the backbone of all the marketing effort and needs to be user friendly and contain all relevant information including menus, upcoming events and promotion, news articles/links and a gallery. Getting the feel right is important. The build of the website can be put together separately (we have someone) but being aware of SEO principles is also useful.

Working in Australian timezone is important to help coordinate all the elements you require (e.g. text and photos) and must be able to provide reference sites/clients.

Item Requirement Comment
Home Page Introduction of Venue
History Page Hotel history, archives
Menu Page Food menus/chef bio
Drinks Page Wine list, beers lists cocktail etc
Events Page Events Callendar/ up coming events/Promotions
Gallery Venue look and feel/ special occasion
Blog/feedback Customer feedback, customer details extraction Link to Facebook page
Contacts Page Rest bookings enquiry , function enquiries, general contact details


Location Use Comments
Bar Food and Beverage, casual dining, after work drinks, celebration drinks,

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ColdFusion + ICal Needed

I need a UDF or cfc that works something like this HOWEVER I need this to be a full feed whereas the calendar will contain any number of events. So the page would query the events, then using cfcontent, call the cfc and output all the events that were returned by the originating query.

Not sure how to best word it for you – I need my outlook or google calendar etc. to use the page as its live calendar feed.

So when I enter in the feed address it would read something like this –

I really dont know any better way to explain it to you so please ask questions before posting your desire to do this.

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Create A New "invite All" Script For Facebook Events

Today Facebook changed the Invite Friends system for events.

I am looking for somebody to create a javascript or Google Chrome / Firefox extension (like Toogle All) to invite all of your friends to an event.

Please look at the new system before you apply for this job and see if you think it can be done.

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Event Website

We would like to get a bid on a website project. I will describe the project below.

We need a site for "events". Ideally it would be similar to "" but without all the advanced features.

The site will need to have:

– User submission of events. Required fields would be Title, URL, Date, Category. Optional fields would be Description, image, URL type, tags. Events need to be approved by the admin before they are displayed on the site.
– A dynamic calendar view of events on the front page. This could be monthly or weekly. Monthly may work if there is a nice way to display all that data. Weekly view like what is available at "" is preferred (i.e. AJAX style). There should also be some way to select only events from a certain category or categories and have the calendar update dynamically.
– Commenting should be possible for these events.
– User accounts. Users should be able to see what events they submitted in the past (but not delete them). They should also be able to add events they like to their favorites and track them. Email notification when an event is coming up might be nice as well.

We have seen templates out there like "Events" by Templatic for WordPress or jCal Pro for Joomla. Something like those may be used if desired as the foundation.

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New Joomla Site

I am interested in creating a site similar to same structure (2 or 3 columns, title between menu and body of the website, very friendly with social networks -share on FB, add to Twitter, like, tweet, delicious, etc under the picture of each post) and same look (clean, minimalist).

+ a very good search option in the site

+ search for events after a few criteria (kind of an advanced search option), which implies the existence of an up-datable database

+ community option: viewers could build a profile to get followers and follow, manage the events to go to or went to (likes/dislikes)

Design and functionality are equally important!

Thank you


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WantTickets XML Integration WordPress Plugin


We have a club site built on WordPress on the Thesis wordpress Theme. By default we utilize The Events Calendar wordpress plugin to post our events on our website. we want to integrate WantTickets XML into our website.

We need to have it check for new events from WantTickets XML every 60 minutes and create a post automatically with the data presented in the xml file. If there is a new event thats on the XML file and hasnt been added to the website automatically already ,it should do so, and if there is a post for that event already, it should skip it (dupe protection functionality).

This is urgent and would need to be completed in no more than 4 days. I apologize for the short notice. Bidders will get more information, documentation and so forth regarding WantTickets XML and more detailed needs of the project. We would need full documentation for the plugin as well so we can wrap our head around the structure. Thanks

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Create A New "invite All" Script For Facebook Events

Today Facebook changed the Invite Friends system for events.

I am looking for somebody to create a javascript or Google Chrome / Firefox extension (like Toogle All) to invite all of your friends to an event.

Please look at the new system before you apply for this job and see if you think it can be done.

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Facebook Application

It is intended to be a Facebook application that connects people with pets. People will create profiles similar to the Facebook profile for people but for their pets


Pet owner

* Pets (many)
* Events (many)
* Facebook account
* Calendar
* id


* Name
* Owners (many) yes, a pet can be shared
* Photos (many)
* Wall
* Birth date
* Sex
* Race
* Breed
* About
* Status
* Relationship status
* Wish list
* Friends (many)
* id


* Name
* Owner (many)
* Description
* Products
* Location
* Contact
* Photos (many)
* Wall
* Events
* id

Have many formats for invitations and could have formats for different kind of events: Park meeting, b-day of a dog, b-day of a pet owner, some contests, etc

* People attending (many) you can invite people though FB
* Date
* Location (the location could be real or in the internet like a skypemeeting or chat meeting)
* Description
* Creator (many)
* Forum / Wall / Scrapbook
* Photos and videos (many)
* Facebook event related to the petbookme event
* id


* Send text, photos, videos
* Messages can be directed to someone or just posted


* Photo tagging
* Sharing with other users
* Privacy options


* View profile
* Edit profile
* Privacy options


* List products
* Profile
* "Buy" page
* Followers (users)
* Wall
* Events


* Day / Month view
* Create events
* Manage events
* Invite people / pets to events

Wish list

* Sharing
* Adding products from store

Feed / Main page

* Information from friends, groups and stores
* Notifications from wall

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Android Operating System Layer-2 And Layer-3 Signalling

I would like an application that on an Android phone, can record the following events;

1- The GPS, LAT and LON locations.
2- The Call events, (i.e. call made, call terminated, call dropped, handover).
3- The Layer-2 and Layer-3 signalling.
4- Other messages which are part of the call events, such as the Handover, Signal strength, the neighbours signal strength, Location Update, etc.

It would also be good to show some of this on the phone screen.

Download the map on the screen from Google or bingmaps.

Have a seprate file, that can import certain other layers, such as cell sites, POI, etc.


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Steppingstones Ministries Website Design

We have a basic website. We would like to have a much better design created for us that will both increase our functionality and the appeal of our website to attract more traffic.

Functions we would like include:
being able to post and archive newsletters,
being able to add, edit and display upcoming events we have scheduled,
havind a merchadise list,
good calendar of event,
being able to sign people up as members to include in our mailing lists,
being able to download that member list into another software package,
being able to pay for events, including discounts like couples discounts and military discounts, and
being able to accept donations online for credit cards as well as payments.

Our current website is designed in Microsoft Expressions 3.0 with php and mySQL databases.

Please provide your estimate for this project as well as example websites you have created.

Thanks and God bless.

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WordPress Events Multiblog

I have a website which I want to set up with wordpress. I want it to have multiple blogs with each blog post from all the blogs showing up on the front page in a magazine format. With widgets as for recent posts and recent comments and most popular articles all across the blog.

The blog is pretty much for event promotion. So each promoter has their own blog and there will be an events section and a photos section.

I have event espresso purchased. I have a network theme as well and access to the widgets I need. I just need to make the front page look more appealing.

Also facebook and twitter integration is also my goals.

I know this is pretty simple however Im having trouble putting it all together.

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Drupal Event Website

Looking for someone with an impressive list of sites that they have created in the past. The should be only a list of websites that are event-based or conference-based. Its OK if you have other types of websites in your portfolio – but if you send us mixed links, please highlight and emphasize the ones that are event-based types of sites. Thank you.

Some Good Examples:





Looking for ONLY those freelancers who can do three things, and do them very well:

1) Design the site for mobile optimization (should be designed for standard laptop/computer browsers as well; but main focus is mobile browsers/devices: Android on all devices, iPads, iPhones, etc.)

2) Are excellent at Drupal – expert at v.6. Learning v.7 actively. (We likely want to build on this platform/CMS)

3) Has experience doing event/conference types of websites and can prove their experience

Also, as a bonus, is if you can also develop mobile applications. This is not a requirement, but if you do, please let me know in your reply. It will help your chances in winning additional work down the road, thats all.

Thanks. Happy bidding! I need responses ASAP.

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Replicate HTML Site Using WORDPRESS As A CMS

Existing site is a community information site built in Dreamweaver.
Brief is to convert it onto the WordPress platform with the following features:-

– As far as possible the new site is to look like the old one, in terms of colouration, heirachy, content etc.

– The main purpose of the site is as a listings site for local events and information. This brief is to set up the basics of the site (menu, theme, plug ins, post types etc) as a framework.

– All of the existing content DOES NOT need to be transferred over as that will be done later by myself, I just need the right plug ins installed.

– the site will need a plug in that will allow events to be listed and searched by various criteria such as date, time, age, venue. This is a new feature of the site.

– Site will also need a business directory that can display name, opening hours, address, tel no etc for each business

– A ratings module is to be added so that readers can rate and review any of the listings. This will be a new feature of the site compared to the old one.

– The Home page should show a list of this weeks events that can be collated from listings from other pages.

– An existing theme is to be found that is as close to the original look of the site as possible. I own usage rights to the Headway theme so that could be used.

– The current forum, which is on PHPbb3 needs to be transferred over to the new site.

– Links to Facebook and Twitter need to be integrated, and ways to do this suggested.

– Applicants must be UK based.

– Please do not bid to do this work using any other CMS. I want this site to be on the WordPress platform

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E Ticket Website, Like Ticketmaster Or Livenation

I am looking for a online ticket website to be built sites to take in consideration when designing are seetickets .com ticketmaster .com the major professionals.

i want it fully php/ajax with facebook, google and yahoo intergration for customers buying tickets so they have the option to login with there account.

we will be having different promoters adding there own events i would like each to have there own admin background to manage there events check prices add artwork etc.

tickets will be diatrubuted by email only with the unique codes on it

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Digitally Savvy, Social Media Marketer

The Position
We are looking for a freelance Social Media Marketer to work on the digital marketing strategy for a series of small to medium enterprise seminars and manage the strategy

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Homepage Design And Posting Events

-Need someone to help design ASAP.
-Need design in two days.
-Looking for someone who understands how to use various graphic softwares, provides quality work, and one who
makes good recommendations.
-Need someone to post events for new york into the new york calendar.

Willing to pay 30 max.

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Events Website

Interested in creating a calendar of events for the South of France. It needs to be elegant and easy to use. I searched for templates that I liked. It will be easy to create if I purchase the templates and we just add whatever needs to be added or if you are interested in creating a new template based on what I like and making it more creative.

This link shows flash that I like. I dont have to have all of this just maybe one flash picture…the picture turns into information once you click on it. I also like the top links effects. ( I like the idea of the layout maybe we can change the color scheme.. but with all the events information and pictures of nightlife, yachts, martinis, basically anything having to do with French Riviera image)

It would be nice to add an actual calendar.. so far I like the options in this one… (calendar of events)

I would like this to be completed in 2 weeks maximum.
Thank you for your interest=)

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Phpfox Mod – Private – Only For Sehut To Bid On

When you view the profile of a user there is a block on the left of the profile that lists meets Im attending. (meets/events that the person whose profile it is will be attending)

This list all the events that this user will be attending INCLUDING events that have been posted by himself (when someone creates an event/meet/ad they are automatically assumed to be attending)

I would like this list of events to ONLY show the events that have been created by the user and NOT ALL the events that he will be attending.

All that needs to be done is apply a filter on this list to only show events that have been created by the person whose profile it is.

In summary :

The event..profile block to just show events created by the person whose profile it is.

The files that need changing are in /module/event/include/component/block

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PHP Events Calendar Needed


I am looking for someone to write a simple scrip for Events Calendar List to my website.

Please check before bidding so you understand my needs.

I want to insert events from my admin page and display on website in four languages. Thats why the admin should be extended to this possibility.


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Need Backend System For Dating Site

I need a backend system/CMS to support a soon to be launching dating site which details events single people can sign up for. Below is whats required:

* User registration/login ability
* Simple and PRIVATE user profiles consisting of a few fields that are editable by the user
* Ability to insert new events and event details which will automatically go live on the site upon entry
* Email notices to users
* Payment system – Paypal, credit card, etc
* Ability to edit all content on pages, as well as title & meta tags for SEO purposes

Preferred language is PHP.

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Data Input For

The project is to fully input 50 golf tournament and events into the website at The golf tournaments and events should be primarily from California but may also include events from Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. The contractor should research the 50 Title and URLs for events and submit them for approval before entering into website. There are three pages of information to enter about each event such as name, description, type of event, location, fees. Once the contract has been awarded the contractor will be provided with instructions and details on creating events.

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Word Press Expert Required

I have two website and dislike the current calendar templates being used on them as you cannot see what events are coming up unless you click through one month at a time which clients will not do.

I like the look of this style of template where the events are listed in order though my work is not around sports so the theme is wrong. The symbols on the bottom right of each event are not relevant to my business and I would instead want images that symbolise:

On NLP4Kids
an adult (course for parents)
a pencil (course for teachers)
a child (workshop for children)
chair (Interviewing)
a certificate (accredited training)

On People Building
a head (NLP training)
a swinging watch (Hypnotherapy training)
an adult (course for parents)
a pencil (course for teachers)
a child (workshop for children)
a certificate (accredited training)
a star (this event is FREE)

the symbols can be as plain and simple as on the sports website example and the words in ( ) are what I want to pop up when you mouse over the symbol.

I want this calendar but built into my wordpress themes on and

Please extract the current events from the calendar and save them on a words document
Create the new calendar like the sports example one but in the People Building theme and style
Create the symbols I have described and make the pop up text say the words I have put next to the images above in ( )
Re enter the calendar events you saved on the word document earlier.

Please extract the current events from the calendar and save them on a words document
Create the new calendar like the sports example one but in the NLP4Kids theme and style
Create the symbols I have described and make the pop up text say the words I have put next to the images above in ( )
Re enter the calendar events you saved on the word document earlier.

You must be professional, work fast and have a good idea about design.
It is not essential for this project but for later projects a knowledge of kajabi, infusionsoft, HTML and squeeze page design would be beneficial. Please tell me if you meet this criteria.

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Facebook Calendar Application

Id like to make a facebook page with a customized application. Basically its an event calendar that anyone can add to (so long as they have liked the page). The calendar can be sorted by anyone by date, country, region, city, event type, etc. There will be a world map as well that places a colored pin on the site for each event. The user can change the date or range of dates to see what events are happening at that time. They can click on the pins to get info of that particular event. As administrator, I will be able to edit or erase events when necessary. Once the event completes, it will auto erase from the map/calendar/etc.

Lets get the bidding started!

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Google API Mod For PHP Website

My site is written using phpfox (a CMS similar to drupal and Joomla)

The site allows users to enter details of forthcoming events (date, time, event type and location)

I have installed a pre-written mod that marks the location of the events on a GoogleMap

I have a problem……….

The existing mod shows markers on the map for EVERY event in the database (even if the event is in the past). So as more users add more events the map is getting full.

The website allows for users to select a geographical area, time or event type to filter only certain events.

I wish that ONLY these events that have been filtered from the database to be shown on the map.

I have a working site and a GoogleMaps API. The system works great at the moment apart from the fact that too many markers are placed on the map and I wish only to show markers for selected (filtered) events to be shown.

When a user browses events, he can filter based on several criteria, and these filtered events are shown OK on the website. But the markers on the map dont relate to the selected events.

eg. I have 100 events in the database

A user selects only to show events happening in the next 7 days

The details of these events are shown on the website OK…but the map shows 100 markers that represent ALL 100 events in the database, not just the filtered results.

I think it is not a difficult task to update the code so that instead of marking ALL events on the map, only the filtered results are shown.

A knowledge of Google API is essential
A knowledge of PHP is essential
A knowledge of phpfox would be useful

Someone who has knowledge of all the above could probably do the mod in about 10 minutes!!

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CMS Based On DotNetNuke Branding, Design And Customization

We require a web designer (a developer might be needed) to complete the development of a customized CMS based on DotNetNuke. The website will be hosted on (Hosting plan details here on GoDaddy, Economy Plan ).
The web site will bring together elite editors, executives, analysts, entrepreneurs and guest speakers on a live presentation site. GoToMeeting is the platform that will be used to provide and record the sessions (Dont worry about this now, no integration required).
We need to develop a web site similar to . Generally, there are 3 parts in this web site.

1. Upcoming Events (Where end-users can click Register and get redirected to the registration page of GoToMeeting, there should also be a social media bar from which end-users can share or tweet about the event.)
2. Past Events (Where only registered end-users can watch and download past events)
3. Topics ( Classification of all hosted events based on tags, check for more info )

The web site will be based on DotNetNuke, we need a very attractive design for the web site with Flash or Silverlight components for the banner (Silverlight is preferred but Flash is OK). We also need two logos for the web site that will be used for marketing purposes on social media and other web sites.

To be considered for this project, you must send us (along with your bid) a list of DotNetNuke websites your company has delivered so we can review your skills in each area. We require all source files for this project on the completion day.

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Restaurant Website

To develop a website for a restaurant to include Home Page, About Us, Menu, Sport Events, Offers, Contact Us, Gallery, News and Reservation

The site will have a mysql database with the following features:

1. Home Page: The content to be editable from CMS

2. Menu Page: The content to be editable from CMS.

3. Offers, News and all pages need to be possible to add in CMS.

4. Sport events: Possible to upload information about sport events to the sport calender in the CMS.

5. Reservation: Customers can book a table by registering or without registering. If the visitor registers they will have access to news letter and recipe and promotions

6. Online newsletter template to send to registered visitors

7. Gallery: Upload Pictures to the website from the CMS, need possible to upload many image in one time.

Most importantly the site should be very SEO friendly

If you have expirence about similar project please send us that too

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