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Finishing Link Exchange Tool (60% Of Work Is Already Done)


so i had a programmer, who was creating link exchanging tool, basically what it does is:

1. you put in keywords that your site is targeting, for example mattress, beds, mattress toppers, beds
2. program goes and scrapes google & yahoo and gets urls from each site.
3. goes on whois, and searches for email and name
4. sends emails to all site owners, asking for link exchange
5. creates one fake page as you can see here:
or for google, , so that the site owner will think that you have link to him, but in fact that site will have noindex on

its more to it… but this is basic principle…

so the last programmer, have some things to sort out, so he cant finish this project, so im looking for new guy


it is almost finished, but it needs finishing touches,

such as:

ability to upload files on domain via ftp
use of proxies, when its gonna scrape search engine
scraping of search engines
it needs some sort of verification process, so that pirates wont be able to pirate it easily
whois scraping for email and name

those are some of key features… whole list of features, can be found here

on that link, you will also find exchangenator.exe, that is the program as it is now… it is written in C# language, and i have source code.

like i said, core of the program, email sending is already finished… so new programmer dont have much work to do, just those finishing touches, that you can find in that .rar file

i need this done as soon as possible, the one that will win this project and successfully complete it, will be hired for longterm job, because we will be adding more and more features in each version as the program grows bigger and bigger…

AND ALSO, the one that will get this job, will have to sign confidentiality agreement, something like that

"I (ur name) agree that i will not distribute this source code to anyone, or use it in any of other softwares or any other way, except for completing this exchangenator project. ( ur signature & date)" you will have to write this down on paper, and take a photo of it, and send it to me, or scan that paper and send it to me.

this is to ensure that you wont run away with program and source code, because its almost finished

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Paying $15 Per Link. Ongoing Work Available.

Paying $15 for every permanent link going to my website ( from high PR and/or high traffic humour websites.

We will start with 2 links ($30) then work from there if your quality of service is acceptable.

Link must be on the homepage of the website.
I will accept the link to be on a page that is 1 click from the homepage, but must not have more than 5 outgoing links on the page.

Must be from humor related websites with a high page rank and/or high traffic.

Links must be permanent for atleast 6 months

I am looking for quality for a good price.


This will be ongoing work if done well.

Thanks, and happy bidding.

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Link Building

I have a budget of $190 USD.
Please specify how many links you can do for my budget 😉

The topic of the website is World War II history.
– Links must be permanent
– Forum links are OK, but make sure that the forum is on topic
– Directories are OK, but must relevant
– Comment links in blogs are OK, but make sure that the blog post is on topic 🙂
– English language sites only

Report on progress using a Google Docs spreadsheet

Also, I have an article which can be submitted.

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100 High PR 6+ Permanent Quality Backlinks

I need 100 High PR 6+ Permanent dofollow Quality Backlinks within 7 Days.

no spammed links, no farms – no more than 50 links out, only english sites, one link per domain & one per IP

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3 Way Link Exchange

For neon green

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Link Buyer Or Link Exchange

I want to buy links from sites in medicine and health with PR4 or higher. Sites should be in English.
priority to .ORG or AC suffixes.

I preffer a footer links or Homepage link, but open to suggest.


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