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Exchange Server – LTO2 Tape Data Extraction


I have shut my real estate company down back in 2008. I have a backup of my old company server on a LTO2 tape drive. I need someone that knows how to extract that date from the LTO2 Tape drive and copy it to a 500gb hard drive Total data on LTO2 tape is less than 500GB.

The software used to backup the server was

I also need the OST / PST files for each email account extracted from MS Exchange and put into a separate directory on the hard drive.

I will send you the LTO2 Tape and a blank / formatted hard drive via overnight service or an expedited service. Please perform the above mentioned work. Then mail back to me overnight or via an expedited service the LTO2 tape and the hard drive with the data on it. I will pay for all shipping.

The total time to complete must be 1 week or less once you receive the LTO2 tape.

Thus you must have the ability to be able to read the LTO2 with a drive you already have or have access to.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,


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Tutor Active Directory And Exchange Server On New 2008

small server to take exchange for limited users and possible file server , help is needed with setting up active directory and exchange to manage e-mails , project to be complete by Sunday 10th april either by remote or by site visit in manchester england area,mentoring or tutoring for admin role, free tea , coffee and biscuits food etc maybe transport if close to M60

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Betting Exchange Arbitrage

I am looking for a prog to uncover arbitrage opportunities.

I want the prog to run on multiple exchanges, i.e. betfair & bedaq.

The prog must search for standard arbs, i.e. over under / back & Lay

The prog must also search for and uncover more complex arb opportunities using multiple markets, i.e. for soccer : match odds market, correct score market, asian handicap market Etc both back and lay.

The prog should operate on ganes where there are 2 results i.e. Win or Lose and also games where there are 3 results, i.e. Win, Lose, Draw.

The prog should automatically or with a click confirm, place all of the required bets in the exchange, and the amount to be placed will be filtered by the lowest liquidity / amount available for any paticular leg of the arb.

I am happy to place the payment into escrow but will not finalize payment until the prog has been tested by me.

If you have already built an arb prog for betfair etc, I will be happy to test this.

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Exchange Server Set Up On SBS 2008

Have a new server set up running Exchange. But set up is not quite the way we need. We have multiple domains that we need to be able to send email out from. Most users use Outlook. With the current set up all users can receive email from any domain but it goes to one account for that user to check with outlook. That is not at problem but it is a problem that the user cant select any account to use from Outlook when sending the email. We need to get that straightened out. Also while doing that I need you to verify that all MX record and DNS records that would affect email are set up correctly. DNS problems cause bounce backs that we do not need.
I will need you to do this in two stages.
First: Check out the server setup, investigate the problem and search for DNS issues. Then let me know what your plan is to fix the issues.
Second: Once have we agree on a plan of action. You will need to help me make sure we have good back up in case you plan does not go as we hope.(it happens – nobody is perfect) Then make you the changes you proposed.

This is a live server with about 20 active users So we will need to plan with the least down time as possible.

We will probably need to discuss this on the phone or skype. I dont care where you live but I do need you to speek very clear english.


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Need Expert Link Builder


I need to build TOP QUALITY links for my clients, and I am looking for a real LINK BUILDING EXPERT that knows all the secrets on how to obtain HIGH QUALITY LINKS FROM HOMEPAGES OF HIGH QUALITY GENUINE WEBSITES using mailing for link exchange.

I need someone that knows all the secrets on how to obtain the best links from REAL pages, (where do I need to get a good hosting to do the mailing, which type of link exchange websites should I create, what software to use etc.)

To prove you are a TOP EXPERT on the field, please send me a little sample of the links you have obtained for one of your clients. I will offer a good pay and probably a consulting position for the winning bid.

Happy bidding.

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E-currency Exchange Script

i need a functioning e-currency exchange website.

Essentially i would like a clone site of or the software they are trying to sell, anyway, with customizable website, customizable fonts, etc.

Some similar sites that have the same function (automatic e-currency exchange) are listed below :


*Automatic and manual exchange option
*admin can suspend exchange of certain currencies
*admin can add new ecurrency
*admin can adjust commission rates and change text and all things naturally an admin must do
*customer ability to create support tickets
*contact form
*admin ability to create pages [About us, News, Contact, FAQ etc]

e-currencies and payment options needed to be featured: (USD & EUR)

Western Union

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Manual Links Exchange

Hello, I got 8 satellites and 1 primary site. Theme – dating, marriage agency, brides.
I need the following things.
1. Exchange links with the same related sites. 10 links for the each satellite – total 80 links.
2. 3 ways link exchange to my primary website (placing other website url to the satellite and other site placing url to my primary site) – 100 links.
Total 180 links.
Need manual exchange, WITH ONLY RELATED SITES. No profiles or blog comment links accepting.
Only experienced peoples required.
Good luck.

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Content Exchange Site Like

I want a content exchange site or a traffic exchange site Fully functional With user sign up page admin control panel user control panel Similar to or or any one interested in the project can bid for it

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I Have Paypal/WesternUnion , I Need Libertyreserve !

Hi , I have paypal & Western Union money , I need Libertyreserve funds .

Need someone who can exchange money regulary . Send me your Price rate ,
Need to exchange big & small amounts .
Serious providers Only .

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Email Delivery Campaign

Project involves going into my microsoft exchange account and sending emails to a list I will provide
entire list consists of around 12000 names. Emails will need to be sent daily in batches of 500.

Please note this cannot be done automatically each email will need to be manually input.

Budget is $30-$75 depending on how many you can do per rate – looking for best quote as there will be ongoing supply of new jobs.

Payment will be made every week

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Swap/Exchange Website

Looking to create a website that enables users to search for and exchange certain products which I will disclose upon communication with me.

Simple idea. Must be within budget.

Looking to get it started by the end of this month, then finished by 15 April.

Maximum Budget is 100$

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Traffic Exchange Needs Update & Fixed

Traffic Exchange Needs Update & Fixed

I have this traffic exchange script and I need it upgraded to work with globals off and I need to get it working as a stand alone traffic exchange.

This exchange was part of a group of exchanges but the script writer closed business and it all fell apart. So now I want the exchange to work right and to work in my cpanel hosting with globals off..

I think most like to work in there own hosting but if needed I can setup a test hosting account to work in.

I attached the script so you can see what it is you are bidding on.

It has an error on the home page.

Admin is working

user and password: admin

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Textbook Exchange Website

I would like to create a Textbook exchange website where students within the same university can list the textbooks they have for sale


1) Sellers must be able to post their exchange by logging in with their Facebook or Twitter.

2) Once sellers have registered, there must be a wall post "(NAME) has joined where students in (UNIVERSITY) can list their textbooks for exchange/sale"

3) When sellers list their books, there must be a wall post on facebook stating "For sale: Biology book by David 5th Edition, £20, Brand new, for second year biology students taking plant biology module BIO12345" and attached a copy of the front cover of the book.

4) I will provide the domain name and will rent a shared server for you to upload, so you need to know the how to use FTP.

5) On the actual website, all available listings must be sorted according to the following. University-> Department -> Year of study
This way buyers can browse directly to books relevant to them.

6) The book listings must not be in gumtree styled where people just post indiscriminately and you end up with a forums of 100 threads. The listings must be similiar to Amazon style where there are products already established and sellers simply register their books against that listing.

7) All listings should expire in 14 days and there has to be an auto-email feature to ask the seller if he/she wants to extend it. This is to prevent sellers leaving their listings up there despite the books already being sold.

8) Buyers should be able to navigate to the book they are looking for and if there are no sellers, they should be able to register their interest so sellers can contact them to sell their books.

9) Similiar to Amazon, sellers should be able to upload a book if it has not already been listed.

Please show me your past works of website creation. And also show me a website on the internet which you think its format and style will be similar to this idea.

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I Need A Phpfox Community Website

I need a website running the latest version of phpfox or something similar. That website should also have oscommerce running in case the users want to sell products. One of the most important thing I want the design The template to be really nice really colorful

The purpose of that site will be for people who want to exchange items. The website members will be part of a community and they can post messages and talk about what items they want to exchange.

I want tthe site to have space to do advertisement ads for future offers..

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Create An Exchange Website

We are looking for developers who can develop site similar to or model will be a bit different.

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Any Adult Related Website LInk/Banner Exchange.


My web site has a pagerank 2. I have an online adult novelty store mainly carrys high quality Japanese sex toys and other high quality sex toys, and we receive about 5 hundreds visitors daily, 70% of them are male because the site is very special on male sex toys.

I am constantly looking for new perm link exchanges. If you are interesting in link/ banner exchange and have a website, such as Hentai website, porn website, anywebsite that is related to adult stuff. Please pm me for the detail.

Please remember that this is not about traffic, its about the link.
Play fair!

Thank you

03/12/2011 at 1:57 EST:

The Website must from USA, Canda or Europe !!

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50 – PR4 / PR5 Links – Must Include At Least 15 PR5 Links

Delivery time 14 days
. Sites must be submitted for approval prior to adding link – on approval we will give text and link urls to add

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Online Options Betting Exchange

We require an online betting exchange that will allow
bettors to bet on all cricket(WCC World cup/IPL etc)
events worldwide.

The exchange has to be functionally a recursive, real time betting
web service in php and JQuery/Python. Capable of streaming real time
sports data from 3rd party exchanges using their APIs
and external event feeders such as enetpulse.

Bet placements will be simplified and metaphorically
represented as a bettor

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Traffic Exchange System Script Like Zaparena

I am looking for a solution similar to, the solution should have the exact features as zaparena.

I will only make the payment after testing the solution. Also if you have done something similar in the past then it will be helpful for us to select the bidder.

Some basic requirements are:

Section for Publishers
Section For Advertisers
Voting system like digg
Facebook and social sharing feature

If a bidder is interested then we are also ready to share some part of the revenue that this solution will generate with the winning bidder for lifetime. This option can be negotiated on certain conditions.

Also refer: for more idea

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Ebay Motors File Exchange Project

I need someone to make sure ebay file exchange "All listing templates" has all correct fields and will upload to my ebay account, correctly. Currently, missing some fields, so i get error when i try to bulk change items in my inventory. I have about 4600 different items. I want to clean up any bad fields or code, so i can get clean uploads,,, So I can start changing info in bulk, using ebay file exchange. I can provide the ebay PDF. with starter and advanced manual.

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Animated & Eye Catching GIF Banner For E-currency Exchanger

We need a high quality animated gif banner in 2 sizes(728×90 and 468×60) in order to promote a website that offers electronic money exchange services. We will use this banners on forums and blogs so thats why you must be able at our later request to change the size format if we need to.

In the banner must be included:
1. our logo and slogan
2. website link, ICQ, YM
3. The services that will be promoted in the banner will be: exchange, sell, buy Skype Credit, Webmoney, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money using Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer, Debit Card.
4. the words: 24/7 support, fast & safe exchange, maximum discretion, extreme professionalism

we will provide you with the website logo to be included in the banner. We expect at least 3 design samples before choosing the final version.

We want to obtain a clean design, creative, eye catching and top quality banner, so please bid only if you have and idea about the e-currency market and you are able to create a great banner for such a business.

Please bid only if you have 5+ good reviews and if you can provide your banner portofolio, any other bids will not be taken in consideration.

Thank you and happy bidding.

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Programming Exchange Server In C#

This is a quick task to help integrate Exchange Server Calendar into our existing CRM related website. It involves a two-way synchronisation between SQL Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2007. The person must be an expert C# programmer and should preferably be familiar with the usual pre-packaged ASP.NET AJAX components/controls.

Senior programmers with good work experience are preferred. References from previous projects will be sought.

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Configuring Nagios

I have Nagios installed on my server using fan nagios I already have the basics configured and just need someone to install some exchange plugins I downloaded also configure a contact group and configure some definitions to monitor a mysql server. Configure the email notifications

*Must be willing to complete the work the same day
*Must have prior experience with nagios

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Money Exchange (Liberty Reserve)

I will give you $45 here. I want $35 in my Liberty Reserve.

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Reciprocal Link Service

We are looking for a service that focus ONLY on creating reciprocal link exchange.
We have silver jewelry webshop, , and we would like to outsource a service that does only one thing:
exchange links with jewelry website that have an Add URL page .
There are as 13,000 sites – all jewelry sites – that offer link-exchanging. We look for service that create and manage the exchange.

We supply
List of quolified potential partners, checked for thier PR & Relevance.
Excel file that suggests and co-relates :
Plenty of diversified ancor texts to choose from and work with
Plenty of diversified description-texts to choose from and work with
List of page-URLs where to apoint the links to.
A made Link-directory page in our site

We expect
5 reciprocals a day, day-by-day.
weekly report.
100 a month (1200 per year)

We pay
By PayPal.
Each month on the 1st.

Please kindly offer a reasonble quot.

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Need 30000 Clicks Link Exchange On

Hi to All

Need 30000 clicks Link Exchange on Need to invite users for link exchange.
Each day 3000 links. After 3000 each day empty cart.

I have a low budget. Thanks for understanding.


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Ebay File Exchange Help

I need help with ebay file exchange. Im uploading one test product but am getting an error. Need an expert who can identify, fix error and upload product successfully. There is a good possibility of regular work for the successful candidate.


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Need Exchange GAF To Alertpay

I need exchange my paypal to alert pay …ya GAF to alert pay

I need 150$ in alertpay
I can pay extra 5$ for fee

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Ebay File Exchange Configuration

Need a Ebay store configured, Must be familiar with File exchange and the MS Excel 2007 Plug-in for File exchange.

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We need a functioning e-currency exchange website. You can bid higher than our "budget" limit. Do not be afraid.

Essentially we would like a clone site of or the software they are trying to sell, anyway, with customizable website, customizable fonts, etc.

Some similar sites that have the same function (automatic e-currency exchange) are listed below for your review: (clone of


*Automatic and manual exchange option
*admin can suspend exchange of certain currencies
*admin can adjust commission rates and change text and all things naturally an admin must do
*customer ability to create support tickets
*contact form
*admin ability to create pages [About us, News, Contact, FAQ etc]

e-currencies and payment options needed to be featured: (USD & EUR)
Western Union

You will find SCI and API code on their websites to help you.

Extra features:

*must be able to exchange from any currency into the same currency, for example, Liberty Reserve USD -> Liberty Reserve USD.
*site and script must have different language display options (English, Russian, etc) – we will write all text however


Source code and everything will be owned by us, not you, and will be audited by many other coders to make sure the code is good, will not break or be hacked. As I mentioned, we will probably need ongoing code changes which will be paid for as needed.


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