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URGENT! CMS Issues And CSS Fixes Needed On Existing Site

We have an existing site that has a CMS. It has issues with layout and style, and also doesnt look the same in all browsers. Currently the shopping cart layout is not correct so customers cannot place orders, therefore the need for urgent fix! I have been told that it could be an issue with the CMS changing the html code but not sure.

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Change Our Existing Flash Site To A HTML Site

We are looking to take our existing shop at [Removed by Admin]and create the same shop but in HTML. We are changing our website and shop because we want a search engine friendly website. Please have a look at our shop and tell us what you propose, the changes you feel necessary and why.

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Informational Site – Copy And Redesign Existing


1. a redesign version of the following site:
2. Ability to add text/images and videos to the site
3. Two language support (english/russian) with a switch button
4. domain and hosting is with yahoo

looking for a good site design, flash is a plus

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Add Features To Existing Shopping Cart (for Dharmin007)

This project is to add the following features to a cart system already in place designed by dharmin007.

The drop down of items that is currently pulled from the database needs to be put in alphabetical order.

Once a user has submitted their order, they need to be brought to a thank you page with the option to either enter their email address and have a copy of the order emailed to them or click a different button and download the order.

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Inno Installer To Modify Existing To Work With And SDK

I have an existing inno installer that I need modified to work with a new SDK.
The current installer works with an outdated version of the SDK, I need someone to update the installer to work with the changes they made to the new SDK that makes an external DLL call.

For the right person this is a quick fix and should only cost $30

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OsCommmerce Add-on Charity Donation

I need someone to fix and re-package an existing oscommerce add-on that allows a shop owner to donate some of the sale proceeds to a list of charities, groups and associations. Most of the work involves putting all the previous existing contributions into one updated package with an easy idiot proof installation guide. In addition, the shop-owner must have the flexibility of being able to offer different donations amounts (% or $) to different organisations on the list.

The existing addons to date can be found at:

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12 Vector Objects

We have an ongoing need for vector images, icons, illustrations different vector objects . We will provide a description of object we need and a sketch (or photo for reference). As you see we need simple technical work.

Requirements :

* You have to be the owner of your artwork and by selling it to us you agree to transfer all the rights to us.
* You must not have bought these images from somewhere else.
* The illustrations needs to have all vector curves closed and we prefer images not created by autotrace function in Illustrator..unless its been tidied up and looks great.
* no logotypes with company names etc.
* no images that can be seen as a copyright violation, Illustrations of Disney, Pixar etc are not useful for us.We want your work not reproductions of others. Also we can not use caricatures of existing celebrities.

* saved as .ai or .eps and deliverd as .zip file.
*No raster textures
* Ofcourse no sample images allowed from any existing stock site such as shutterstock or the many vector stock websites available. We constantly search the internet and are well aware of what is out there such as vector tutorials and existing vector stock CDs, website etc. No false submissions please ! We will check it.

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Add News Filter To Existing Metatrader 4 EA Robot

I have an existing robot that i want to add a news filter to. This news filter should be based on the Forex Factory Calender. I should be able to back test with an existing CSV file of past news events. The news filter should be able to:
* select news events that are effecting a pair
* filter high, medium or low impact news.
* select a time not to trade before and after high, medium and low impact news.
* have an extra custom category of news which will be extra high, we should be able to filter on this and select no trading time frames for this.

Anyone bidding for this must have previous experience of adding news filters to robots. You will be required to show my a compiled version of this that is working.

I can provide a CSV file with 4 years worth of news events.

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24 Hours Sample Work

Hello were looking for two individuall developers to do 24 hours work for us, as a test employeement.

If you complete the tasks your assigned and with good quality youll be hired for much much more work.

Youll be working on an existing project and help an existing team of developers to complete assigned development/design tasks.

Skills required:

– MVC.NET 3.0 (C#)
– NHibernate
– MSSQL Server 2008
– Object Oriented Programming
– Domain driven design
– Test driven design

– Good design and usabilitty knowledge is a great plus (improvement suggestions are more than welcome).

Please state the number of years of experience you have in each skills, a sample project youve been coding before (code required, for review.) and your hourly rate.

Richard S.

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Upgrade an existing PHP site on cloud server, tidy and improve the UI, add an interface for device detection and login for new users.

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Script To Insert Data In Joomla

I have a mysql database with titles, article content and category structure information (few levels).
I need a script to insert it automatically into my joomla website using either an existing extension script or to modify an existing script or to write a script yourself.
End result should be the joomla site with content listed like in a directory with all the menus and articles inserted.
Need coder with the following skills:
Would need a coder with the following skills PHP, Mysql, CMS, Joomla, K2, and template, Rockettheme, Yootheme.

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New Feature For An Existing Android App

Want to add an "add user to favorites" to an existing application. Take a look on the Google Market. "Rate my SelfPic"
Will provide source code to finalize the bid to few selected service providers.

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SERP Rank Tracker WordPress Plugin Development

I need a WordPress plugin developed that will track search engine rankings. I am going to give you an existing FREE plugin from the WordPress Codex that I want to emulate but I want to be CLEAR, that 100% of the code in the new plugin must be unique. I do not want to copy ANY of the existing code but I Want to use it to demonstrate the functionality that I want to emulate.

The plugin in question is SEO Rank Reporter. I would urge you to install it on an existing site of your own that gets some traffic so you can see how it works. I want all of the features that this plugin offers currently, plus the modifications below.

Admin Settings Change: – Need a setting in admin to track Google in the various countries. For instance if a user is in Canada then they can select Google CA to track rankings on….etc.

1. All current pages need to be built and emulated as is with minor modifications. These are the basic outlines of the project, more may arise during the project, but this should get us very, very close to the final product.

1a. Rank Report Page needs to be titled Rank Tracker – This page is going to display the keywords that the site owner is actively trying to rank for. It will display keywords that have been added to the tracker.

2. I would like to add columns that shows rank in Yahoo and Bing as well as Google. This would apply to all pages that have a table displaying data.

3. Add Keywords Page needs to function very similar to existing but see notes below
a. Add columns for Yahoo and Bing as well as Google so user knows which SE is sending traffic.
b. Add column for google cache date
c. Add column for PR of the URL on the site.

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Duplicate Existing Joomla Website

Duplicate a Joomla website from existing website. From there on, improve the website by:

1. Remove and edit website contents.
2. Improve website layout and design.
3. Insert advertising banner.

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Advertising / Sales / Marketing Letter Needed

I need an ad writer or advertising / sales / marketing expert for the following:

A professional written letter (full page 8 1/2 x 11) with design to sell a website to potentials clients.

My target market is new entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.

We know, there are thousands of website companies out there, so we need to be the one that stands out. What would inspire a business owner to redesign his existing site? What would inspire an entrepreneur to come to us for his website to be developed? Why us? Thats your job, to inspire someone to choose us other than our competition.

If the client already has an existing website, I want them to upgrade to what Im offering.

The advertising will be used as an insert in a small local advertising print magazine.

I will provide more details upon request.


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Magento Custom Product Copy To Existing Products

we have a customized product with customized options. Those extra options we need to copied/add into other existing products.
We pay when the job is ready.

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Jquery Pagination

Need to implement Pagination in a existing Script. Need it done Today or Tommorow.

Items Required:

1. Implement Pagination
2. Keep Structure of Existing Code.
3. Code in a way that the Variables of the Pagination is Editable through source of a Config file.

Low Budget is 30$ seeing as it will implement easily. Does not need to be custom solution just implement a existing Pagination source.

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Design WordPress Theme Similar To Existing HTML Site

I have a content-rich HTML website which I plan to replace with a WordPress platform.

I can set up the platform etc, I want a WordPress theme which is similar to the existing site.

The existing site is at

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Increase Adsense/Affiliate Profits, Minor Content Edits, SEO

I am seeking someone who can provide SEO my existing website content, do a quality check of existing content, and increase revenue to around $50/day for an existing technology/gadget website created in WordPress. I launched the website about 2 months ago and Im looking for someone to help take my site to the next level.

Here are the job specifics:

– My website provides news, reviews, and lists specifications of different phones/tablets/computers, etc. I need someone would can do a quality check and correct any minor misspellings or any errors within the articles and specification tables. You do not need to write any content, simply make edits to the existing content.

– Preferred candidate will have great SEO knowledge/experience and can optimize my website for search engines. White-Hat SEO techniques only. You must provide proof of existing websites you have optimized that are profitable.

– The goal is to reach $50+ per day total in consistent AdSense revenue and affiliate revenue like Amazon Associates for example. I need guidance on increasing revenue and traffic long-term (12+ months). Traffic brought to the site must be unique organic traffic and cannot be driven using paid traffic sites or traffic bots. You must also provide proof of AdSense/Affiliate revenue to show you are capable of reaching $50+ per day.


I am offering to pay $300 for this initial project. I will pay in full upon content edits and SEO being complete and income reaching $50/day for a consistent 45 days. Partial payments will not be given. If you are successful with this initial project and revenue stays consistent, I will provide long-term work and will increase pay for future work.

The project details will be e-signed between both of us to ensure revenue is reached and payment is sent.

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Create Magento Template Based On Existing Site

We want the design from the following site recreated as a Magento template/theme for our Photo Webshop:

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Looking for developer or team to create iphone and android apps for existing website.
current site is web based however this must be a download able app and have an app look and feel.

Existing site data will remain in tact except for some css changes to make the site look better .

You will be responsible for APP graphics/navigation/install and overall function.

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Website Needed (Fiverr)

We need website very similar to

1. System of with perfect back-end.
2. Payment type – All available online payments in Russia (webmoney, yandex money, cyberplat, paypal etc. SMS payment integration)
3. Social network integration. (All russian Socials – vkontakte, odnoklassniki, etc.) and main Foreigner socials.
4. Multilingual support.
5. Must be visible whois online
6. Russian language skill is very beneficial but not mandatory.

You can use existing scripts as long as you know how to make additional features and check existing script for weaknesses and warez.

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Copywriter Required For Single Membership Site Sales Page

To save time I need an experienced sales copywriter familiar with the I.M. Online Income Niche to create the following…

1. High converting single front page sales page for a brand new membership site launching on May 1st.
2. Ad copy for the same (Title 50 Characters, Ad body 150 Characters)

Existing bare bone copy is available to work with but needs to be intensively re-written to really capture the emotion.

You will have an existing portfolio of verifiable work for consideration.

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Convert Existing Site Into A Joomla Site

I want to convert the site into a Joomla site. I have installed Joomla at and I have the login stored for it.

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Add Search Function To Existing Excel VBA Userform.

I have a userform in excel and I need a search function added to it.
There are about 20 fields and it has a start & end date and time.
There are checkboxes, text fields, and dates that need to be searched on.

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Convert Existing Flash Banner To Adwords Accepted Banner

we have a set of banner, 4 sizes
we need to convert each of it to 3 formats, flash, gif and jpg which acceptable by google adwords (regarding to animation, filesize, etc) (so total is 12)

link to existing banner will be provided upon request on pmb

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Extending Magento SOAP API To Support Order Creation


We are looking for a developer to extend / customize the Magento SOAP API to support Creating Orders via One Page Checkout or equivalent.


We have an existing custom web application that already has user membership functionality, amongst other things.
We are willing to create corresponding user accounts on Magento (this functionality I believe is already available out-of-the-box via the existing Magento SOAP API / customer.create), however we want to be able to simply point our users to an <a href> link to the one-page Magento checkout, while logged into our existing system.

This would allow us to utilize the Magento SOAP API so that our users can make purchases via Magento, without having to rebuild the existing site around Magento simply for this ecommerce requirement.

Note that out of the box Magentos SOAP API contains an Order API, but its available methods do not include a way to create orders. We are looking for a skilled Magento developer that can build an extension to the existing Order API to support creating orders via a one page checkout or equivalent.


1. Code to extend the Magento – SOAP / Order API to support creating orders via one page checkout or equivalent.
2. Proof of Concept PHP SOAP client code that invokes the newly created SOAP API methods for creating an order.

Other Notes:

A. We will not be able to provide our existing web application code, due to NDAs. However we will be able to provide relative information in regards to how our code will be invoking the extended SOAP API methods.

B. We can also provide remote access to a clean Magento installation during development, as well as all the necessary user credentials.

Thank you for your time.

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New Content For Existing Websites

Dear freelancers,
for this project I need a highly motivated freelancer doing this project of introducing some content to my website.

You receive some website content in word format to be introduced.

the project is very simple and can be finished in very little time. It should be finished within 1 day.

The max budget for this project is USD 30,–

Please only bid if you have more than 10 feedbacks here on freelancer and a high completion rate.

Thx for bidding

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New Content For Existing Websites

Dear freelancers,
for this project I need a highly motivated freelancer doing this project of introducing some content to my website.

You receive some website content in word format to be introduced.

the project is very simple and can be finished in very little time. It should be finished within 1 day.

The max budget for this project is USD 30,–

Please only bid if you have more than 10 feedbacks here on freelancer and a high completion rate.

Thx for bidding

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New Content For Existing Websites

Dear freelancers,
for this project I need a highly motivated freelancer doing this project of introducing some content to my website.

You receive some website content in word format to be introduced.

the project is very simple and can be finished in very little time. It should be finished within 1 day.

The max budget for this project is USD 30,–

Please only bid if you have more than 10 feedbacks here on freelancer and a high completion rate.

Thx for bidding

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Design A Personal Site/blog

I am in need of someones help to bring the design of an existing personal site/blog together. Someone who can do the color scheme, the font and overall design with all the existing elements. I would like to give the site an edge as this is for a yoga site.

The site in on WordPress, so someone who is familiar with this and has a good eye for design. Simple job as it works with what is already there.

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