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Needed: VERY Experienced Online Classified Poster

Post real estate ad for properties for sale by owner and for sale by agent in the appropriate city.
I will provide HTML or login for retrieval of HTML for properties. No need to go back and delete or change old ads due to price changes.

Post real estate ad for real estate services in appropriate city.
I will provide HTML for ads with target cities. These ads will rarely change.

All titles of ads will contain Long tailed key words relating to our business or the property detail and location.

Sites where ads are to be posted: Craigslist, Backpage, and Kijiji aka Ebay Classifieds, Yahoo Classifieds, Google Base, Windows Live, Myspace Classifieds, US Free Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Adland Pro, Usfreeads, Oodle, Adpost . . .
and anywhere else you may have access to. Please let me know and what the benefits of posting are. I am looking for sites that ads will syndicate and feed to other sites. If any of the sites above do not take HTML, I will need to know which ones do not. Keyword hyper links or text needs to link back to either the property or the service the ads are referencing.

Rotate the Title of the Post. Examples will be provided when each HTML is given for the week.

Post all ads around 10:00 am US Central Standard Time 7 days a week. Ads Must be Hand Posted (No Automation or Spamming Software).

Please Bid Based on 100 posts for a Week to be paid once a month. If this system works, this could become a permanent job.

You must send me a Daily Report via Email of all ads links posted and their links, so that I can verify that the ads are active are not Ghosted, Flagged, Removed, or have otherwise become Inactive. You will not be paid for such ads. You will also not be paid if I do not receive this email report daily.

The post must also be searchable. (Show up on Future Search Results).

The Ads must be live otherwise, you must repost.

You must monitor your posts to verify that they have not been Ghosted, Flagged, Removed, or otherwise become inactive. If so, you must repost them.

You MUST have your own Accounts and the ways to get the job done.

I am Ready to Start Immediately. Please use

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Director Of Communications Needed To Fill Big Shoes

In need of a top notch political strategist and director of communications to start ASAP.

Must be an experienced communications hack and an industry expert in fixing leaky taps.

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Copywriters Needed!

Hello Freelancers,

Im looking for talented Copywriters for my Copywriting business. I have a big business
with many customers, truth is, more than I can handle.

Im currently paying $100 per sales letter.
You can complete a sales letter in a few hours of work, so it should be profitable for you.

Also, Im providing you with a template that you can work with, so its even easier.
Ill provide all the info for each sales letter, including a questionnaire that my customer is filling out.

Ill be happy to hear from you if you have some good samples to show me.


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Craigslist Poster Needed Must Be Experienced

We are in immediate need of a Craigslist ad poster that can
do 25 ads per day for us in Metropolitan areas of USA (No posts to be made in CA, AK, or HI). We are looking for someone that is experienced in Craigslist posting. You must provide your own PVAs, phone, proxies, etc **you can use clad genius if you would like**

Please PM us your price per live ad as well as how many live ads you can post per day.

TOTAL Daily Postings: 25 in 25 different cities (No posts to be made in CA, AK, or HI)

I will provide you an excel spread sheet with the titles and html ad codes to use.

This is a continues job and based on performance workload will increase. The more sales we make the more we are going to need you to post ads. So you need to be good at what you do.
Please contact For more details.

The ads is pre-designed already, we just need people to post them. We will PAY for only the live ads that are posted, and remain posted for a minimum of 8 hours. Once each ad have been sent, you will need to forward us the confirmation email from Craigslist.

We will not pay for any Ghosted ads. You must provide a daily report displaying links in excel format. If you can deliver a successfull campaign this job will become a continues job based on performance workload will increase

Again if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Craigslist Newbies***NEED NOT RESPOND***

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Experienced Affiliate Marketers Needed

I am looking for Experienced Affiliate Marketers to help promote this legally registered system through affiliate marketing.

I am proposing 2 types of collaboration:
1. You see the potential of the business and register in the system than you promote it directly and earn full potential monthly commission. If you round up 125 clients you will receive $504 income monthly.

2. You just bring affiliates for me in the system and I pay you directly (here via freelancer or via Paypal). If you think you can deliver results (125 members) I am ready to pay you a minimum of $200 in 5 milestones.

The system you would have to promote offers products to be sold with full resell rights and the possibility of promoting the system and earn a commission of $9 directly to members PayPal account.

In the monthly fee the members will get full access to digital products with complete resell right and a system that will generate passive income each month if they refer the system to others.
The clients you refer are expected to understand the system and pay the $9 monthly.

The system accepts affiliates worldwide.
The network pays directly to PayPal. The monthly fee paid goes directly form affiliate to referrer.
All promotional methods accepted including Email,craigslist ,banner display etc.

All I hate is fraudulent leads.

Please do not bid if you cannot get sales.


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Affiliates Needed Today

Hi, our site,, needs help in sales. We offer a good tracking system, great income source, and you will make money. This is a service that many need and though we have many clients, we want to expand greatly.

So if you are interested and EXPERIENCED, bid now.

Also please place I am interested in your PM

So bid today, work today, make money extremely fast.

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Experienced Web Designer And JQuery UI Designer Needed

We are seeking a experienced and talented web designer and jQuery / jQuery UI interaction designer.

Short description: Plan and implement a complete and appealing user experience and web design on our companys new service that runs on an existing set of non-styled templates. The template set is fully functional, but lacks everything except very basic styling. We expect a drastical makeover from this, from a real web experience expert. Focus is on usability and that the look and feel should be extremely appealing to the end user. Interaction and animation design are key words.

Our firm has already created graphical material such as logo, powerpoint presentations and landing page design. This project will have to a certain degree match these. Samples of these will be available on request. Bidders will upon request also be given access to the fully functional, but unstyled demo. In this way they can estimate how much work there is to be done.

Examples of things that need to be included in webdesign, interaction design and animation design: jQuery dialogs, jQuery Tabs, Google Charts, login forms, register forms, form client side error validation, form client side help, dynamic loading of tab content, dynamic loading of dialog content etc etc.

Necessary skills:
– Interaction and animation design (jQuery / jQuery UI)
– Web design from scratch
– Proficiency in jQuery, jQuery UI, javascript, CSS2, XHTML, PHP

Necessary experience:
– jQuery UI theming / styling
– Google charts styling/ theming
– Working with templates that contain PHP code
– Working with templates that contain advanced jQuery code

Each bidder must send examples of their work in a private PM after having made a bid as well as some words of their overall capabilities. These examples must not only contain design, but actual webdesign/interaction/animation design done by the bidder. We like people who actually read our project descriptions before placing a bid. In order to show that you have read the whole project description please start your first PM with an

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Experienced Xrumer Operator Needed

We currently have the latest version of Xrumer installed on our own server. We also have access to some private files from XrChat as we are VIP members there.

We are looking for someone with experience running xrumer and setting up scheduled tasks. We would like to be able to hand you keywords and links and have our own

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SENuke Nut Needed To Give Lessons

A 2 to 3 hour, one on one, online SEnuke lesson (preferably via skype) so that at the end of the lesson I can proficiently use all areas and applications of SEnuke. the teacher will have to have their own version of SEnuke and be extremely experienced in its use. I find lessons provided tell what the software can do but dont show clearly how to use it.
Thanks Rich

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Experienced Proofreader Needed

Experienced proofreader needed, text about surfing

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Needed – Experienced Article Writer. Will Pay Through MB.


Please, before bidding: read this.
I need an article quickly. PM me for the topic. Please bid with Im wiling to get immediate notice.
I am going to pay you through Moneybookers only. $2/500 words. Article has to be around 500 words. Must not be copied and pasted from anywhere. No plagiarism, you must submit your own work. Your work must pass CS.

Thank you and good luck.

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Experienced CopyWriter Needed

Hey Guys!

I require an article writer who is very experienced and can write SEO friendly and According to given keywords.

I require 30 articles written. Off course the articles have to be unique and 100% original.

I will own the articles once we are done with this project and you will not be allowed to use them anywhere.

Article length 500-600 words. Primary category of articles Weight Loss. so i f you have experience in writing weight loss related articles then please send me samples, it gives u higher chances of getting selected.

This is the start of our campaign and will require many articles. Experienced writer with good reviews and reasonable bid will win this project and the others to come.

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I need some experienced ONLY affiliate recruiters-marketers to sell my ebook. This book teaches every business owner how to improve their in house debt collection, and get more money thats owed to them. I reveal many secrets used successfully by collection agencies.

Because of this subject matter, and that just about every business owner deals with bad debt, your market potential is UNLIMITED…use your imagination how to reach business owners to make MASSIVE amounts of affiliate income!!

The book sells for $27. You will receive 75% commissions for every sale you make…$20.75 per sale. You will need to sign up for a FREE ClickBank account. Absolutely NO SPAM permitted, or you will be banned! Bid only if you can sell the book. No bids on link building and traffic please.

Message me in a private PM how you are planning on promoting the book, and include a history of your affiliate experience (resumes are welcome)

**NOTE**Include in the subject line "Debt Collection Ebook", or your message will be ignored. Do not bid if youre not experienced and an expert in sales.

I have a sales landing page and also an affiliates page with banner images/graphics and text links for you to post on your websites, blogs, ezines, AdWords, email lists, social media sites, forums, etc. I need recruiters/marketers with access to large amounts of traffic, mailing lists, or other means of getting the word out to a lot of people.


Be sure to include "Debt Collection Ebook" in your subject line, or be ignored.

Thanks for bidding…

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ATTENTION COPYWRITERS:High Impact Headlines Needed


I need about 50 – 60 or more ads for my adwords campaigns. Im looking for high impact ads that really grab the readers attention. If you are an excellent headline writer then please bid on this project.

This is how it works:

25 characters for the top line
35 characters on line 2
35 characters on line 3

Please bid if you know how to get the readers attention with great headlines.

Please note: You dont have to be an adwords person to do this, in fact Id rather you werent. I want copywriters who know how to sell. From my experience, Adwords people dont write good headlines!


The product is a weight loss product, so please come up with 2 ad samples. High Impact. Follow the character limits above.


Are You a Fat Loser?
Dont Let People Pick on You …
Get Even! New Breakthrough.

Example 2:
Look Super Hot Naked!
New Diet Pill "Zaps" Fat Particles.
Gets You Sexy Slim in Days. Buy Now!

So PLEASE SEND 2 SAMPLE ADS so I can quickly see if you are suitable for this job



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Medical Transcriptionist Needed ! Experienced Only Bid!

Hello I am looking for Medical Transcriptionist with a minimum experience of 3 years who can deliver 99% accuracy with excellent TAT. If you are working alone or if you have a team that we can subcontract to
please bid with your details in the remarks and message area. We will pay 75 paise to 1 rupee per 65 character per line depending on your experience. You must have all the required equipment of your own.

Team Leaders If you have a team and can manage them well this oould be a very profitable growth opportunity!! All chosen candidates wil be given a trial at the end of the bidding period.

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website content

We are looking for experienced copywriter to create the written content for our website( cleaning company).

-has 25 pages, with 300 words on each page
-uses keywords provided by us for each page
-has a perfect grammar
-includes several slogans
-uses the vocabulary that captures our visitors

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Website sales and marketing copy

Experienced Copywriter to create compelling webpage content for a legal publishing and technology website.

You must have experience with internet marketing/copy and what is effective sales copy in this medium.

Specific details will be sent via pmb.


1. Write in English (business is being done in UK / USA)
2. Research competitors

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Swedish copywriter needed

Swedish writer needed. Please provide a sample paragraph written in swedish on topic "vacation in spain. Also mail your resume and rate per 500 words.

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Experienced Copywriters Required

Experienced copywriters are required having good feedback and rankings!

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Copywriter needed for Office Furniture Website

Need 3 pages of copy written for an office furniture website were working on.
Copy should be written for the reader, in conversational tone –
each section should be at least 400 words and include benefits such as

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Veterinary Copywriting

SEO Copywriter Needed for Veterinary Website. 10 pages of 400-500 words to start. Experience in Veterinary Medical industry required.

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Bookeeper Needed

Looking for experienced, reliable, and trustworthy bookkeeper to track personal and business expenses and deductions.

Please bid your hourly rate/fee.

Thanks you!

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