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Install&solve Problem With Payment-Extension For Mageto-Shop

We have a problem with installing an extension in our magento-shop for payment.
This extension was already uploaded and shows up in backend – but it`s not shown during checkout on frontend.
We use a custom design.

Even the company which is reponsible for this extension couldn`t find the problem.

Your task:

Check the installation and find the error thats causing the problem and fix the problem so that the payment-type is shown during checkout.

Only bidders with experience and references with magento. All other will be ignored.
Bidders from EU are preferred. Invoice is needed!

Skype for fast communication is required.

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Firefox 4 Basic Side Bar + Right Click Context Menu

We need a template extension.

*** Full compatibility for Firefox 4

– Add toolbar icon – on click , a sidebar will be opened (could also be opened using a shortcut combination Ctrl+Shift+D)
– Add a right click context menu with sub-items

thats it,

the extension is just a template.

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Design And Extension Project Mudassar66

Design and finalise custom Joomla extension for mudassar66 programmer.

-Full layout and site design
-Coding complete templating for Joomla 1.6
-Integration with Classifieds and payment credits extensions
-Finalise custom Classifieds and payment credits extensions to work in Joomal 1.6


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Magento Make Model Year Extension Fix

We need a magento Guru to fix this extension:

Bad developers from here require me to hire a Magento Guru to fix problem with Products not being assigned correctly when using the Make / Model / Year

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Chrome/firefox/ie Extension Development


We are looking for a chrome browser app developers to improve our current implementation and add some features.
our current app is on Googles chrome store under the name dailyd

We need someone to develop the extension for FireFox and IE and to extend our current Chrome app for PoC.

Familiarity with the Conduit API is a plus.

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Magento Store 2

Im looking for a Magento expert with great communication skills who can deliver on time.

A simple magento store needs to be set up and slightly customized.

* There will only be two (2) products available so I would like you to install one of the following (or similar extension):

* This is the theme I would like to use (or similar if this one doesnt work or if you can suggest another similar free or cheap one):
Some elements will need to be removed (for example the "compare products" box. Some small modifications will be needed.

* The primary language of the store will be German so I need the language pack (extension) to be installed.

* You will need to point me in the right directions as to how to change the logo and do someother smaller modifications myself. This is the first time I use magento.

Very important: Communication. I need you to give me regular updates on your progress via email.

Its an advantage if you are on Skype so that we can communicate easily.

My timezone: GMT +1; your timezone doesnt matter.

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Google Chrome Extension

I am in need of a Google Chrome extension based upon the existing Chrome 2 Phone extension

as this code is available as open source software, this should be a fairly simple project

My project will be to write a variation of Chrome2Phone and full details will be provided on application

you must have experience with Chrome extensions or show you are capable of developing

please provide links to portfolio and examples of work

Use the job reference, KLGCv1 when you apply

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Captcha Extension For Joomla


We would like to have an extension for our existing Captcha service to integrate as a Joomla extension.

We would like the extension to work with:
Registration forms
Login froms
Comment extensions, such as JComments.

The Captcha service is written in PHP as is designed to work as a service providing a secret and a key per each domain.

Thanks for bidding.

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Joomla Extension Programming

I am looking for a Joomla Component expert to join a team.

The team is currently working on a Joomla component and we require several developers to finish the job.

Minimum Requirements:

Joomla Expert
Joomla Component / Plugin / Module Expert
Expert with CSS, PHP, MYSQL, and Javascript

You must be fluent in English.
You must have Skype access with microphone.
You must be very prompt and adhere to scheduled tasks.

To be considered please reply for an interview.

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Joomla Component Bugfixing, Customer Support

Im looking for a developers, who can communicate with customer via ticketing system, solve specific issues, identify bugs, fix them in SVN and test.

Software: JoomlaWatch joomla extension. Therefore, strong knowledge of joomla extension development and PHP/MySQL/JavaScript development in general is a must.

Developer should become familiar with this software. At first it might be quite time-consuming but in longer run you can benefit from it because Im looking for a long-term cooperation.

Looking to develop also new features in future.

>>> Please reply with list of skills you have with joomla component development and your hourly rate.<<< Other automated bids with generic messages will be ignored.

Payment per closed solved issue / ticket. Sooner youll fix it and customer closes the ticket, sooner youll get your money.

Thank you.

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Install Joomla! Auction Extension

This will be installed on a version 1.6 joomla site.

We have a website called: and we want to put this auction extension on it:

We will buy it but we need someone who has done a lot of work with Joomla!

We want this to be similar to but only for buying/selling voip equipment. Thanks.

03/16/2011 at 13:18 EDT:

Actually the domain name is: I changed it.

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Magento Extension Fix

We have a customised Make Model & Year extension installed on our Magento powered website, unfortunately the development team whom we bought it off is reluctant to provide any help in their extension software, we need a Magento Guru to act quickly!

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Magento Extention For New Google Shopping AI

Google just sent out batch emails saying that the Google base data api will be changing. I need some one to write an extension for Magento E-Commerce platform that will allow me to automatically generate and send the new data api to Google.

It needs to be integrated into the back-end UI for magento and work automatically.

I will need all the rights to resell this extension.

If you have any previous experience with magento please include a list of extensions you have made.

Ideally i would like people to eventually submit an extension and i would pick the best/easiest and pay/award that person for their efforts.

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Upgrade Customer Partner Extension To 1.4.2

I need someone to upgrade customer profile from Ebizmarts to 1.4.2

Serious bidders only, please have actually read the specification.
You can see the extension at:

I can provide the source if required, but you really should be able to download it yourself!
The extension needs to install on any Magento version 1.4.2 (and preferably above).

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Facebook Like Button Extension Installation

I need for an extension from called Facebook Like Button to be installed on my site so that each product has a unique like button count on the category view page. The extension has this feature built in. However, it may not be installed correctly on my site.

Currently all products have the same like button count. And when a customer likes one product, all other product like button counts will also increment. I would like for this issue to be resolved so that each product has its own unique like button count.

The extension also comes with a like button anylitic feature. This is already installed, but does not reflect the like counts for each product. This also needs to work correctly and is included in this project.

An example of a working version of this project can be viewed on the demo page below.

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Extension For Chrome And Firefox


We are looking for a developer that can build an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. We want something like a We have our own product database with millions of products in it including price and stock information. Database is mysql.

Bidder must have previous experience in creating quality chrome and firefox apps.

This is not a small job so the developer must be competent and have excellent communication skills.

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Modify Joomla Extension

Bought this neat extension which provides an accordian expansion effect to FAQs. Cant get a hold of the developer. It works great, except somewhere hidden in the code is the component heading "Frequently Asking Questions." Not only is it bad English, the placement is bad and the color is bad. I simply want it gone.

Ive modified some of the CSS so I just want someone to look at the site and tell me how to fix it. Its worth $25 just to have it done. I need to show the site to the client on Monday, so first person to tell me they know how to fix it gets the $25 and the job.

Ill send the extension to the person who is going to help me.

Login and password: theboss


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Joomla Extension, Documentation, Video Tutorial…

Only Native English Speakers!

Creation of Joomla component documentation (installation, configuration)…

Quick Video tutorials – basic funcionality.

FAQs – on the site

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Magent Product Customizing

Modifying products under Magento.

Our product is a png24 transparent file.
When the customer select this he will be redirected to the product detail page, and there is a extension (color) where the customer can change model and color of the product.
The selected product (png24 transparent) must be projected (static) on the shirts, while the customer can change the model and the color and see whats combined and can order this.
There must also come a solution when we add a white image that it will be visible with a darker background so the customer can see the white png24 file.

Our extension (color all, got description of the extension) needs extra products files and folders on the server to work well. Currently it must uploaded by ftp.
The files and folder is the sku name of the product and and will contain always the same files.
We want a script that automatic add these files and folders with the right name on the right place on our server. The file must be secure and well scripted , easy to work with to add quickly new products.

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Install Magento Extension And Add A Digital Counter

Currently in need of an extension to be installed in Magento version 1.4.2. I would also like for a digital counter to be added to this extension. This is the first of many projects. So we are looking for a longer term relationship with a developer who is well versed and experienced in Magento.

This project should be done in less than 5 hours.

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Magento Shop Customization

Dear Freelancers,

I am looking for Magento PRO do customize store.

My requirements:

1. I want to be able to give free shipping from time to time. So by just selecting an option like free shipping for all orders, orders above $70, watches, bags, etc in the Admin; customers should be able to get that discount during check out.

2. Shop By brand (Alphabetical Search) like here:

here is extension like that for magento:

3. Bestsellers page

All of the above might be found as ready made extensions for magento on magentoconnect, developer will just need to install and configure extension to meet custom template design in front end and test for bugs, etc.

4. Product synchronization with several suppliers, with automatic price and stock update.

Supplier #1 they are providing separate account for drop shipping and gives access to password protected area, where txt file is located with all there catalog item informations.

Supplier #2 documentation on the data they provide can be found here:

Please bid only experienced magento PROs who can provide me with similar work examples (Mainly product synchronization)

Waiting for your proposals,

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Joomla Extension Modification – JT Slideshow

We need some1 to modify the JOOMLA extension – JT slideshow to display all the thumbnails in our gallery on 1 scrollable horizontal line.

Bids above $30 will not be entertained.

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Two Simple Magento Fixes

I have a multiple website Magento installation. There are two small problems with two of the websites.

1. One website has a problem with the category links on the layered navigation. The link url is not formed correctly and has //l/ preceeding the page element. e.g. instead of

2. One the other website I have installed an FAQ extension manually through FTPing files:

This component seems to have changed the page templates. Layered navigation no longer appears on the left column in the category pages (e.g. Plus the extension has added an FAQ search to the right column on these pages which needs to be removed. I can supply the installation documentation for the extension which shows which files were changed.

I believe this is a $30 project as it should take no more than one hour for a good developer to fix.


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An Extension For The Standard ASP.NET 4.0 Menu

We need the following extension to the standard ASP.NET 4.0 menu:

The standard 4.0 menu is only capable of having first the static levels and then the dynamic levels.

We would need to use it with 1 or dynamic levels first an unlimited static levels afterwords.

This should be written as a class that is derived from the original ASP.NET 4.0 class

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MLM Project Using (Magestore Affiliated Extension)

Dear Freelancers,

I Need to ajust my magestore extension, here its the idea:

ITS A MLM kind of version,


the Magestore affiliate extension offer option to anyuser log on the website and create a profile, with that profile you can send a batch email (for your email list), all friends on that list will receive a link or coupon, that coupon will give to that friend 20% off for the entire store, and that anyuser will receive a commission of 30%.

the extension working fine, but that its the thing i need:

X = Refer user (partner)
Y = Seller user (affiliate)
C = Customer (friends)

X sign up to a Partner Member after that he has a option to send a link to Y, Y sign up online to be affiliate Y can create a coupon online or a link. Y send a link to C (anyfriend). C receive a coupon or a link, with that he will receive a 20% discount. Y will Receive a commission of 30% (after 20% discount price applied), and X will receive a 5% commission.

Any question please call me at skyper

We also have a full time position here in las vegas, nv (usa)

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Project Extension

A test to test how project extension behaves

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Magento Invoice Tweaking

We have 3 custom product attributes that we would like displaying on the invoice, we have the following invoice extension installed and in use:

so it would be this module we need updating.

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Firefox Extension Editing

I have a firefox extension which i wrote it.
And i need some features for it but i couldnt do it.
My extension is a simple extension (You can check it :
After your check like you see , this extension only opens a new tab which include the recent tabs url to my site url .

As you can see our WHOis button adds to addres bar.

I want to add our whois button on each search results (in google,msn,yahoo,baidu) .
This button/icon opens a new tab like our address bar button.
For example :
If user see site on search results and click near the whois icon new tab opens with .
Thanks for bidding.

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Chrome Extension 2 Firefox Add-On

Convert a simple Google Chrome Extension to a Firefox Add-on. The chrome extension consists of a tab control that has 2 pages. Each page provides a service on the current URL. The first page contains 2 listboxes, 3 checkboxes, and a button. The second page contains 2 listboxes and a button. When the user clicks any of the buttons, you wrap the options of the corresponding page into the URL of the current web page and send it back to my server to process the request. The server replies back with either an image or pdf. The extension will display the result either directly in the browser or as a download box.

To expedite the conversion process, the logic behind the chrome extension is available as external javascript files. The CSS and HTML files are also available. For an experienced Firefox developer, this project should not take long.

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Magento Extension Install

I currently need 5 extensions install in Magento version 1.4.2

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Single Simple Bug – Chrome Extension

Very, VERY simple job. I have a chrome extension done in HTML & CSS, with an accordion style menu containing tools for an online game. Recently, a few flash apps / games were added. When the extension is loaded, the flash elements all load without expanding the accordion "games" or "apps"; sometimes, frames from these apps/games overlay on the entire GUI ("get in the way") and only expanding the relevant accordion menu & closing it corrects it.

I want it so the Flash doesnt load when the extension is launched, but rather only when the accordion tree is expanded or when the app/game is selected…. this is a simple on.Load/on.Click issue and should take the right / experienced developer no more than mere minutes to complete.

The winning bidder must be able to communicate effectively via Skype once retained. The winning bidder may be consulted for several other projects I have going for clients, including a full site-design & launch project coming soon for one of my clients in the container rental business. Please also see my other listing for a currently open project for a roofing restoration business client as well (little CSS and redesign jobs)

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Joomla – Swap System / Module /extension


I am looking for a joomla developer who can create / develop an extension which lets user swap items with each other. I would like to make use of Community Builder or JomSocial for my site which hasnt been released yet.

The design and standard community options like blog, user log-in, diary and that kind of thing I will do by myself, but I need someone to create a module to integrate within Joomla. For examples please look at, or My site is going to be a fashion site as well.

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