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Design And Extension Project Mudassar66

Design and finalise custom Joomla extension for mudassar66 programmer.

-Full layout and site design
-Coding complete templating for Joomla 1.6
-Integration with Classifieds and payment credits extensions
-Finalise custom Classifieds and payment credits extensions to work in Joomal 1.6


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Joomla Developer (product Feed)

Looking for a developer with a strong understanding about product feeds using (xml/csv) with a background of major affiliate networks functionality (affiliate window, commission junction, affiliate future etc..) as well as ability to work with API.

We are going to use the following Joomla extensions:
* Gantry Framework
* JoomD (some tweaks might required when displaying the products)
* Any other related extensions to fit the purpose of this project.

The end result needs to be as the following websites samples (concept & structure):

* Integration with social bookmarking/networks
* Link clocking
* Redirection page
* Product search/filtering
* Creating categories, menus, and tags.
* Fully SEO optimised
* Clean design/coding

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Disable Call Between Some Extensions On Asterisk

We have a asterisk VOIP Server, we need a application like a control panel, where we could EASY create the contexts for the asterisk server to alow or block a specific extension reach another specific one.

Lets say a webpage, where you can "see" all extensions on the server, by selecting one of them, we could select only the extensions he could dial, or which ones they cant… either way its ok.

Any questions please ask.

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Joomla K2 Management & Membership Changes

For this project, I have a website that I am working on that is built in Joomla, and I have installed K2 and have also installed the following modules:

JE Membership:

JAK2 Filter & Search:

This is what I need YOU to do:

– Change log in form to: Smaller login/register form at bottom of page (horizontal) and wording to "Advertisers Login"
– When a user logs in, they only have acces to:
– User details
– Ability to edit their only their own page(s) specified by administrator
– Access Membership (membership needs to be set up to link to Pay Pal – software installed already just needs to be configured) and have options for Free 6 Month Membership (Limited time only), 1 Year Membership, 2 Year Membership and 3 Year Membership.

– When a user signs up, and chooses/pays for membership, it is then sent to site administrator for approval, and for administrator to assign a page to them that they can edit.

There is alot more work to be done on this website, if the programmer selected completes this task fast and 100% correct, I will then give more work.

I need a programmer that can help me through the set up of this website as we go, that has experience in this field.

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Sr. Magento Developer

We are looking for a Sr. Magento Developer for a two month project. Must have experience with the following:

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Changes To Joomla Site

Were a small business that runs on a Joomla platform. We need a few things fixed/enhanced. Please see the below and place your bid.

1) we are running into a few issues tracking conversions through adwords in Virtuemart so you will work with our marketing team to:

Option 1) keep our current thank you landing page and get paypal to stop taking credit for the conversions that adwords is producing. My marketing guy told me to check out this article.

Option 2) create a new thank you page that will redirect all new sales after paypal checkout to a thankyou.html page. This should say something like "Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. Please follow this link to view your order **Link to order in profile here**" Currently Virtuemart does not have a .thankyou.html or .php page. so we may need you to create one.

Heres the rest of what we need.

2) We need to mask our admin login page from to any URL we choose I.E We believe this plugin will do the trick

3) There is seems to be a problem with our ajacoom newsletter sign up – where people that are signing up for the site are not being added to the newsletter by default (even though I have to set to add them). I need this fixed and I need everyone that has signed up so far to be registered for our newsletter since it hasnt been working.

4) We have purchased the following extension and need you to implement it: < please note that all the current coupons in the system will need to be moved over to the new coupon system as well. If this is not possible, let us know and we will move them manually.

Thats it. Looking forward to working with you. Who ever you are! ****US suppliers are encouraged to apply****

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Web Designers And Developers

I am looking to select a panel of 3 professionals for our web design and development work. We will then request quotes from the three selected on a regular basis. This will be ongoing work, we currently get between 4 – 8 web projects a month.

We will use the following criteria to choose the applicants:
1) elance rating/References
2) Portfolio of work

Core Skills
– PHP/MySQL/Linux
– Joomla! (Create template from PSD, custom extensions, etc)
– Drupal (Create template from PSD, custom extensions, etc)
– Sitecore

Desireable Skills
– vtiger
– Android Apps
– iPad/iPhone Apps

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Magento Edits


Weve got a few edits we require to a Magento installation. Current edits are as follows:

1. Enable lightbox on product images
2. Integrate a bestsellers module on to the home page

The above two edits are pretty simple and there are already extensions available on the Magento connect website, however we require a few modificaitons to the already present extensions.

Moreover, we require someone for a longer business relationship. Someone we can turn to for our Magento requirements.

Were looking for a quick close on these two edits.

Do sent your Magento portfolio if you wish to be considered.


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V-Tiger CRM Installation Shape Up…

We have implemented lately Vtiger 5.1.0. In the current installation we have some issues configuring it properly. We require support for:

– Set the email server configurations to work properly.
– Set up the regular backup server, either the internal or other.
– Set up the work-flow configuration (Workflow cron script configured) so they can be implemented and used.
– Customer Portal up and running properly.

Remark. If a re-installation or upgrade is needed, current database shall be secured, current extensions reinstalled and overall configuration restored.

Also we want some Extensions to be installed…

– Add and configure a plug-in for Accounting, so Vtiger has Accounting capabilities. There is one in the market place (aXaccounting) but maybe you know other.
– Set-up the PDF template plugins (One of them PDF Configurator for v5.1 by crm-now) so we can configure different templates.
– vts projects modules
– Free Email Maker
– vttwitter 1.1
– vgcal for vtiger CRM 5.1.0

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Update And Enhance My Joomla Website

Website that lists Recalled Products related to Canada.

Joomla and Joomla Extensions with other CMS that work with Joomla.
I need to make daily updates to my website, which was built from a Joomla 1.5 Template.

Heres the jist of it.

Here is the current (out-dated content) website:

Here is a list of one of the many loads of content that needs to be added.
Note that some require table inputs and some dont:

Also see this other PDF.
Note the format and titles as well:


The Problem:
The problem is that it takes a tremendous amount of effort to update the content.
Why? – Each time a new Article is added I have to go through the process of cutting and pasting from the email/PDF into the Joomla back-end. Even though its time consuming, the worse part is going through and highlighting the "titles" (in orange) each exterior link.
As you can see from the long list, THERE IS some structure to the lists such as, Date, Product Recalled, Companies, Hazard Identified, Corrective Action, etc, etc.

The Ideal Solution:
– Have some set templates in the back-end to choose from with pre-defined titles and area for URL links.

– Make use of current color scheme in each section in the new solution

– Improve site the useful/relative/complimentary Joomla Extensions (RSS, forums, polls, subscriptions, socials, etc)

– Make it easier to work with tables, as some recall items need a table view

– Ability to export Database from back-end based on any particular "Title" (f.e: by Companies, by Time Period, by Manufacturer…)

If I can get the back-end done correctly I will place another PR for someone else to input the content into Excel for import. Ideally, I would prefer to do it all of this with one person/company.

Let me know your thoughts.

If you would prefer to start from scratch I can provide you with the original Joomla Template and all my current Joomla Extensions, but you would have to provide the setup/test server.
– that might help you customize as needed.

This is a personal project I started several years ago, but havent had much time to maintain it despite multiple request from users.

Desired Outcome:
– Updated Content and Related Sections of Website

– Maintain current look and feel of content

– Ability to add content via pre-defined templates

– Make sure dates and information is correct

– Input Tags and Metadata (Joomla article option/feature)

– Embed related videos (I will provide source)

– Setup Subscription List (I will be rebroadcasting the site using various ads)

– Setup ability to import/extract data in Excel and PDF formats

– Recommend and implement Joomla Extensions to enhance website
(feeds, blogs, news, polls, twitter, facebook, banner/ad management extensions…etc)

Reference of current website:

Please respond with questions if you have any.
Serious inquiries only, please.

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Installing Debugging Mediawiki Extensions And Includes

Simple thing really. I have uploaded all the custom Wikia extensions and includes. Plus there oasis them. I need you to go through and make them work for my mediawiki install. This should not be hard it is mostly about editing settings and files to work with the database and site. I also need there brand off of the site as well so no one can tell it is just there extensions.

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Install Joomla Extensions And Templates (cont’d Work)

Hi Everyone,

Your job here is to install the joomla template and extensions we provide for you, besides that there is a forum conversion and Jreview content conversion wed like you to do ~ Yes I will provide EVERYTHING you need. You just need to do a clean install on the template and extensions plus smooth transitions in forum and Jreview. I will also provide server informations. Here are more descriptions:

You will also need to install Jomsocial, Kunena Forum, Jreviews extensions, and Jobline extensions ~ I downloaded the extensions already ~ Ill give them to you when you are chosen.

We are using a template called Comuna3-Plazza which can be found here:
– We bought the template already and need you to install it –

Forum Conversions:
We are using SMF now and we want to switch to Kunena forum. You will do the transition for us as well. You can find the tutorial on this easily on youtube or other websites.

Jreview Conversions:
We used to use older version of Jreview in Joomla 1.0 website, well need to convert the content in the old Jreview to the new Jreview website in Joomla 1.5.

Few Minor Things:
– We have a logo that wed like to implement on this website, you may have to play around with the header html color code to fit this logo in it.
– Prepare to answer some questions from us in regards on how to use this website (like where to place module..etc)

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Magento Installation With Extensions

This project is to create a new magento website. The site will quote prices for boat related parts.

We will specify/ supply the basic theme but obviously want the logo added and some basic tweaks. The initial project is to also add a series of 5 basic extensions, all pre-paid.

Added to this we are looking to add a multi vendor shipping extension (TBC) and also a quoting system likely to be cart2quote all of which we will purchase in advance, once a freelancer has been hired and it is the confirmed best path / extension to take.

We will then require 7500 products which are in an excel spreadsheet to be added to approx 45 categories with approx 50 suppliers and all products linked to a default image. The category / shipper ids will need to be added to the excel spreadsheet prior to database population.

Thank you for bidding, please provide examples of your other work.

This will be phase 1 on an ongoing project.



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Finish Istall Big Blue Button On Linux Server With Add Modul

We need some one to finish the installation for BBB
Here is the modules needs to be done for BBB.

Stabilize BBB and make it secure (all the modules for BBB)
This will transform paper documents, faxes into data,52/c/890
Install shopping cart will control time, duration and attendees for every room so we can customize plans for education institutions, business and schools.
Install Centos 5

we install bbb in our server linux (abuntu) and red 5 when we install joomla and moodle bbb is not working, we only install only 9 module only

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Joomla RSS Import And Export Component

We are looking for a company who has experience in making extensions for the Joomla CMS, from scratch!

Please view the attached PDF with the task provided by us.

We only want people who have experience in Joomla Extensions. We are not looking for a changed version of existing software!

We only pay through Freelancer and we only pay at delivery of the entire project! There also needs to be a invoice delivered to us, with the project described and the payment made by us through Freelancer.

IF everything goes well, there will be more projects. Therefor also mention your hourrate for future projects!

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Magento Extensions Banner Slide


I want to use Banner extensions for my magento website site name

i need to control banner image from admin page. one of middle of banner and right slider banner.

sample magento website:

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C++ Shell Extension That Talks To .NET WCF Service

I currently have a shell program written in .NET utilizing the EZShellExtensions component from (

I need someone to transfer the managed C# code functionality to an unamanged project that utilizes C++.

I currently have a context menu extension, an overlay icon extension, and a property tab extension. All of these need to be rewritten in C++. The extensions communicate with a WCF windows service. The extensions pass data to the service and parse the response. Based on the response, the different extensions display different data.

1: A context menu extensions that has several children. This extension passes in the name of the directory or file the extension is popping up for to a windows wcf service and received a response. Based on the response, the extension shows different sub menu items. Each sub menu item, when clicked, will then pass in the fild or directory that is selected along with another value to the WCF windows service.

2: A property tab extension. When right clicking on a file/folder and selecting properties, a custom tab is shown. The custom tab sends the selected file/files, folder/folders to the WCF windows service and receive a response. The tab then displays the data in a datagrid. The grid has a context menu that when clicked sends data back to the WCF windows service.

3. An overlay icon that passes the file/folder to a WCF windows service. The service will return a value back. Based on the value, the overlay icon will either show or not render itself.

Please PM me if you need any more information to bid on this project. I have the FULL SOURCE CODE to the C# version of this project and it is working perfectly (will be provided on project start). I would like to move to an unmanaged language because running managed code on the explorer process for shell extensions is not a good practice.

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Customized Joomla Flash Gallery Module

I need to make one change in a joomla flash gallery module

That is module I am using

The change -after clicking on an image, Instead the image will open inside the flash size limits or in a new window
I want it to open in a lightbox

like here

I will provide all the files of the module including FLA of the flash.


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Change Payment System In Component (joomla 1.5)

I need to change payment system in component Vodes for joomla 1.5 (more here: from PayPal to Moneybookers.

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Configuration Of AEC And NoixACL On Joomla Site

I have created a new Joomla 1.5 site.

I have purchased the AEC component.

I have also installed the noixACL component. (See:

I need to configure the above 2 components on my site so that I can create sections on the site (a) for non-paying members and (b) for paid subscription members only.

The paid subscriptions will be yearly subscriptions payable though Paypal.

I need someone to configure AEC and noixACL to create some sample free sections and some paid-subscription-only sections. I would also need some brief written instructions as to how to configure noixACL and AEC properly to achieve the above described functionality.

I would like this done in the next couple of days.

Thank you for bidding on this project.

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Installation Of 2 Magento Extensions

I have 2 extensions that need installing both have already been purchased and downloaded.

2) A modified version of this

Both are ready to be installed and will require immediate completion.

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Firefox And Internet Explorer Extensions / Addons


I am looking for someone to create firefox and internet explorer extensions that will manipulate the way certain websites would look and would be able to install themes for certain social networks.

If you could create either of them, that is fine as well.

I am open to all forms of bidding and am looking for the best and clearest bid. Project should be completed in less than 2 weeks.

Thank you very much.

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Joomla 1.0.15 => 1.5.x Migraton On Established Site


I am looking for an experienced Joomla professional to migrate my established site from J1.0.15 to the current version of J1.5.

The site can be found at, has approx 8000 pages and uses a large number of 3rd party extensions including SEF Advance, jReviews, JomComment, MyBlog, Joomlaboard, and mosDirectory. These all have J1.5 native versions which I will purchase and upload for you. Joomlaboard will need upgrading to Fireboard and Mosets Tree will replace mosDirectory. I also require installation of JomSocial and possibly some minor customization of a pre-purchased J1.5 template.

I should be able to handle customization of template and components myself but not sure at this stage.

What I definitely require are the migration to J1.5.x and someone who can resolve conflicts with extensions and get everything working together.

Testing should be possible on a subdomain and I have all details for SFTP/SSH and phpMyAdmin access.

I look forward to working with you!

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Joomla Minor Fixes And Tweaks


My site is Joomla is installed with Sobi2 Directory component

I have made a list of items I would like to do to the site, please look over and inform me of cost.

Get claim listing to show, this was supposed to be installed already, if not it needs installed you can find it here

Ge thumb images to show on category listing
pages like

Get Maps – Waysearch to show on listing pages

Remove drop down menu for categories, it does not display correctly

Install Gallery Plugin like

Get user/customer reviews and ratings to show.

Geo Category Overview Module – Have it show map on category pages
for listings in that category like

Is it possible to install a news widget an feed like

Also what do I need to change the header ie; banner size etc. I noticed that the text in header rotates, can I put adsense in there? If so how?

Please let me know cost.

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Joomla Extensions Installation

Dear All,

max bid for this project 30$ only.

we have ready Web Site and we need the following Joomla Extensions to be install and setup.
– slider image for the 1st page.
– image gallery section.
– Music Section.
– Video gallery.

all the above Extensions also we need it as files.

also sagest and more Extensions that can be install.

Waiting for your Bid

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Site Performance Optimization

I started by running my joomla/virtuemart site through to test it for its performance. I did this because I will soon be doing a large SEO project on the site so I wanted it to be ready. After reading the report I saw all of the things that needed to be optimized/fixed. I installed a couple of extensions that were designed to handle these different things. After installing them I realized in order for them to actually work properly or work at all there was additional configuration that needed to be done. Some configuration was needed for FTP, the extension itself, the server, and some coding in the site itself. I do not know how to do this part. Basically I need someone to run my site through the website listed above so they can see the report for themselves. Then you will need to configure the extensions I already have installed on the site as well as configure or add the additional things needed for the other parts of the report. I want to have my site running as fast, optimally, and efficiently as possible.

Test site for report:

Extensions already installed in need of configuration: JHC optimize, Expired Headers

Documentation for installed extensions: (See Plugin Options and Common problems at the bottom of the page)

My website: Please PM me for this

If this works out and you do a good job I will have 2 more websites I will want you to do these same things on as well as another couple of projects for this website.

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