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FLVPLAYBACK External Skin Customization

Need external flvplayback skin modified for AS3/CS5/FLV2.5.

1. Add totalTime textlabel
2. Add displayheadTime textlabel

I need to be able to modify/customize both which means:
1. Youll provide all the fla file
2. Youll provide all the as, embedded fonts, etc that would enable me to modify the contents
3. That both are independent from each other

Please take note that seekbar and seekbar progress is already used somewhere else.

I expect this to be done in 8 hours and Ill try to select a provider in 6 hours.

You will provide the swf first. If it works Ill ask for the fla. If all the items I need are there then payment time.

I will only pay 30USD.
I would only pay two ways.
If you prefer here, The payment will be in escrow and will be released upon verification of the requirement.
if you prefer PP, payment will be sent upon verification of the requirement

If you can provide a link to showcase that youll be able to do this that would be better.


Good Luck

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Database Development

!) Modify one existing MySql database and refine the generated pages look. Create a small number of reports.
2) Create a new MySql database, some scheduled reports, simple query forms, payment pages to link to external Merchant accounts. Data will come from 1) above and external sites

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PROS ONLY! Facebook External Chat Application

I need an external facebook chat application which asks the user for the chat permission (xmpp_login i think) and than sends a message to its online friends.


=> The application MUST stay up for at least 5 hours on facebook before getting deleted.

Payments will be only sent when I have tested that the application stays up for at least 5 hours. Than payment will be sent instantly.

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App Integration With Gps External Navigation Apps

We have an existing app for iPhone to find restaurants and pubs in seaside towns with Gps localization. The app is based on a database and the request to the database is managed through a web service.

Now we want to give users the possibility to integrate the search with two important Gps navigation apps running on iPhone. From the details page of the restaurants the user will launch the external Gps app to find the route.

Budget: 400 $.

Please bid only if you have experience in this kind of integration for iPhone.

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Facebook External Chat Application

I need a developer who can create an external code for a facebook application which when a user visits would than have to grant access for the application to use their chat (xmpp_login) and than straight after that, the application would send a message to every online friend in the chat, which I can customise. After this, the user would be redirected to a final page which again, I can customise.

Other requirements:

-> The script must be able to be ran on shared hosting, no VPS or Dedi
-> The script must be able to allow me to configure how many online friends will it send a message to (i.e. 5, 10, 20 or to everyone)
-> The interval between sending each message should be able to be customised (i.e. 1 second interval between sending each message)

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Third-party Payment Module For VirtueMart Or CubeCart

I need to create a component that sends the price and my merchant ID to a external credit card processor web page. The API of the external credit card processor company sends the result of the payment process to my site, then I need to complete the order after that response. The merchant account has given us a php plug-in which receives certain response codes and basic form fields.

It must also exchange cryptography keys between the bank and the website where the shopping cart (joomla/virtuemart) sits. We have a testing environment but the production environment works exactly the same.

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Facebook External Chat Application

I need a developer who can create an external code for a facebook application which when a user visits would than have to grant access for the application to use their chat (xmpp_login) and than straight after that, the application would send a message to every online friend in the chat, which I can customise. After this, the user would be redirected to a final page which again, I can customise.

Other requirements:

-> The script must be able to be ran on shared hosting, no VPS or Dedi
-> The script must be able to allow me to configure how many online friends will it send a message to (i.e. 5, 10, 20 or to everyone)
-> The interval between sending each message should be able to be customised (i.e. 1 second interval between sending each message)

Payments will be sent instantly after project is finished without any delay!

Any questions, please ask me.

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Fix Windows PC Software Problems

Toshiba Satellite Laptop PSAA8A with Windows XP service pack?
Symptom : If the laptop is started with an external screen plugged into the the VGA port the external screen (a Samsung LCD ) comes up in a low resolution mode and the only way to fix it is to restart it without the screen plugged in. On another laptop (Acer Aspire 5738PZG running Windows 7) a similar thing happens but the problem can be resolved if the external screen is switched to portrait and then back to landscape.

Solution required: A fix that allows the Satellite laptop to start up with the external monitor plugged in and still provides support for the maximum resolution supported by the external monitor.

Symptom: When starting Visio 2010 it appears to run all the install/setup/config programs that I have used over the last X months? I have to kill about 50 processes before it runs as it should. I have unistalled Visio and reinstalled it but to no effect.

Solution required: Make Visio 2010 start as normal.
LabView remote panels do not work with Trend micro running, provide a workaround to enable these to work compatibly.

Please specify your quote for each or all tasks.


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Javascript Help On Website

I need some help with my website. We are experiencing speed issues and below is the advice given from our host on how to correct the problem. I have no idea how to fix it, so need somone who does!

Below are the recommendations from yslow (yslow is a firefox addon that makes recommendations about how to increase the speed of your website).

This page has 8 external Javascript scripts. Try combining them into one.
This page has 9 external stylesheets. Try combining them into one.
This page has 20 external background images. Try combining them with CSS sprites.

The three javascripts below are located at the top of your webpage.

I would recommend moving them to the bottom of your web page to increase response time.

By design, javascripts must be fully completed before the rest of the site can render for your guests.

This means that even though the rest of your site might be lightning fast, it will still appear slow because the javascripts are holding everything up.

There are 3 JavaScript scripts found in the head of the document

* http://website/lib/jquery/jquery.js
* http://website/js/core.js
* http://website/js/ajax.js

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Implementation Of Desktop On Server To External Website

Dear freelancers,
I want to implement the desktop shown on my server to an external existing website, which is on another server. Thus on my website there should be a page where the desktop of my server is shown in a high resolution.

My website is programmed in php. But I have also another website in .html where the desktop can be shown if you cannot solve the problem in php.

My server is a Windows-Server

Further it should be easy for me to change the page name on my website every week such that I can limit access for a certain time periode.

For this project you should be an experienced freelancer with server skills and excellent skills in php programming.

You should have already some feedbacks here on freelancer. Freelancers without feedback shall not bid and bids cannot be considered.

Further your completion rate of projects should be higher than 75 %.

The max. budget for this project is USD 100.

The project shall be finished within one day. Working hours can only be between 21 GMT and 6 GMT as during other times I need the server for my clients.

Thx for bidding.

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External Swf Loading And Unloading Homepage

I need someone to make 5 buttons with rollover( blur) and loading and unloading of pages(blur out and in) and a download save as(right click) 2 links.

Picture page with a 2 pictures button

And to intergrate a mp3 player I bought and write a php list for my songs

Simple work, but I can´t do it.

design done in Photoshop CS 5

Shouldn´t take more than two hours at the most

I am paying 100 dollars

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PHP Forced .MP3 File Download (MP3 From External Site)

I am looking for a simple download.php file that forces users to download a .MP3 file. Usually when people click on a .MP3 file it takes them to a quicktime streaming page or opens windows media player. I need for it to open up a save file dialogue box.

The .MP3 files are all from external sites too so it needs to be like this:

This script also needs to be compatable with ALL major website browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, ect.)

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Custom 3 Step External Facebook Script

I am looking for a Facebook developer to code a simple external script for me using the new graph API.
The script will do the following:

– 1. like the page
– 2. share the page
– 3. show content

Each step must be completed in order to go to the other step. The share button will have a custom message which i can edit from a php file.

I will need the script immediately.
Thank you for bidding

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JavaScript Text

I want to get the text of an externally loaded JavaScript file.

i.e. … this works …
<script id="inline" type="text/javascript">
… some javascript code


the second script will output the text of the first script.

… this does not work
<script id="external" type="text/javascript" src="somescriptfile.js"></script>

the second script simply outputs an empty string.

I need this solved.

Thank you and happy bidding!

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Form Query Script And Render Xml Return On Joomla Website

To develop a script for use on a Joomla website that will submit a search request to an external server via a form, joining the URL of the destination server with the form query (part number) submitted in the form to search for a part number. The host server

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Create An External API Script

I am interested in developing an API script that will pull XML or JSON data from an external database and add that data to a MySQL database.

The data providers documentation can be viewed here

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Arp Poison Router

I need an ARP poison router written in C# using the library sharppcap.

The ARP poisoner needs to be able to dynamically find hosts on the network (by listening to ARP requests) and poison all hosts and the gateway and route any poisoned packets to its desired location. More information on ARP Poison routers here.

If packets coming from both external networks and packets going to external networks are being routed through the computer running the program and then reaching their correct destination. It is considered finished.

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SimpleXML Function Config And Php Project Support.


Im building a demo website to show some off back end functionality, the demo site is html and php.
Its a long time since I built a site and never in php before, so im looking for some assistance.

The first task is to add a php function to render some external xml content to connect the demo to some external cms content.

Id like a simpleXML function where i can easily specify the end point.

Although this task is simple, probably around 30 mins work, id like to chat (IM) through the process so may take a little longer.

Following the initial task there will be several other items to attend to so Im looking for someone to support me through the rest of the build too. Although unceratin what this will contain at present.


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WordPress Site C

Site to be coded in WordPress with client-user-friendly content management access (will be edited/updated on a daily basis and needs to be easy to access). Design files provided in Illustrator. Includes a unique home/landing page with multiple graphics as navigation buttons (which wed like to wiggle or perform an action when rolled over). Other pages include About (standard text), Attractions (includes editable schedule with links to sub-pages), Pressroom (links to downloadable forms and graphics), Multi-media (need to import 3 photo galleries from Flikr and 3 videos from YouTube), Sponsor (logos and listings that link to external sites), Contact (standard text, link to Google Maps), Buy Tickets (standard text, graphic buttons link to external sites). All external sites should open in a new window. All pages should be coded consistent with design including layout, fonts, spacing, etc. We will provide Google Analytics code, metatags and site summary to be included in site. Budget is $550, 7 day turnaround.

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External Voting Button

I currently have 2 sites. One is built on Hotaru CMS with voting / bookmarking script. I added the External Voting Button that allows users to add the voting button to their websites. I want to add the voting button to my website number 2 which is built on buddypress. I want this external voting button to be added to the buddypress bp_sitewide_posts_widget. This would allow users to vote on individual blog posts throughout the buddypress community.

Hotaru CMS uses this script <code><script type="text/javascript">submit_url = "URL OF THE POST";</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></code> to add the button to external sites with multiple posts. I need the code to be written on buddypress, that dynamically inserts the url of each feed from BP-Sitewide_posts_widget.

This project requires someone with extensive knowledge of the Buddypress core.

01/29/2011 at 0:46 EST:

I think the external voting button has to tie into the buddy press script <?php bp_activity_action() ?> , but I am not sure how to do that?

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Block IE Referrer To Play External Flv Video

Hi, I need someone to code a solution to resolve our problem… We need to play flv videos from some external websites in our flash player for users using IE, Safari, … Its working fine in Firefox !

I think the websites are checking the referrer and IE is sending one (I think Firefox send black referrer) and then blocking external playing of their flv files.

Then we need something to fix this problem…


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We are looking to iphone app that can interact with external device. the app has to collect data, analyze and do more by using special external devices which would be developed for our project.

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Additional Tabs With Exactly Same Look As External Web Pages

There are Facebook Fans pages for businesses page having additional menu tabs that contain exactly the same look as the external php / html web pages, including any graphics (and hyperlinks on these graphics), flash files, and video files, there are on these external web pages.

It is puzzling how the additional tabs can be added with exactly the same look intact as the external webpage as if the latter is on the Facebook page as well, and not just found on the external website.

Have a 200-words description written with step-by-step procedure (many steps are needed to illustrate in detail) how the above is done, with a few real "live" examples of these cases that are already being implemented on existing Facebook fans pages. Not more than 50 words devoted to such examples for my reading. Total word count needed is 200 words of useful, clear, easy-to-follow instructions to me of how to do this.

You can cite such examples as links on the messages to me, so I can ascertain that you know what I want.

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Code Search External Database Within WordPress Site

I would like code written that can be placed within a wordpress website that searches and displays content from an external database and displays the results within the wordpress site.

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Voip Route Through 2 Different Providers

I need to have VOIP installed and integrated with 2 different providers, so I will receive and dial TO my customers via one external number but all incoming calls will be delivered to me via other internal REAL number.

For example:

Bob -> USA external real number -> Voip server -> Europe internal real number -> PSTN -> My local number


Me -> PSTN – > Europe internal real number -> Voip server -> USA external real number -> Bob
I need CID to be transferred as well.

So I will disclose all my numbers to Bob. What I need to approve you is fully explained scheme WITH trunk providers and their URLs.

Thank you for your time and bids.

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AppMobi – Company SmartPhone App Development

Looking for someone to takeover an existing project using appmobi development tools. Your task will be to link an external website address and allow it to be viewed from within the app without going to browser. Very similar to using Iframes but you need to be able to navigate, zoom in and zoom out.

We are having difficulty in linking to external url using iframe. You cannot seem to navigate or zoom in or out. We need a solution to be able to show external website information from a appmobi project.

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Edgemarc 4550 Router / Firewall Configuration +SIP

I have purchased an EdgeMarc 4550 Router / Firewall to replace our PFSense box. The EdgeMarc 4550 support SIP (VoIP) Please see for info on this appliance.

What I need you to do is remotely access this unit, Setup networking, firewall, VLAN, Proxy ARP, SIP and or whatever is needed to make this work on my network correctly so I can remove the pfsense from service.

Our internet has 5 external IPs that route to 2 mail servers, 1 Asterisk Server for internal phones, 1 Parallels Server. All these use the external IP to access in and out of the network – no NAT used for these.

Internally, there are PC that need to access the internet and 3 or so IP Phones.

Please, if I didnt give you enough information ask questions!

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Display External Product DB On WordPress Blog

I have a WordPress blog and I have an external database, possibly 2 databases, of products and I would like to show some of the products from this / these database(s) in my WordPress blog, so it is integrated with the database and pages are created on the fly, etc.

If possible I would like to be able to show products from more than one external database and select the products to show.

I need someone who has done this before.

And I need it ASAP.

Look forward to speaking with you.

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Flash Banner With 4 External Images

We need a flash e-commerce banner (slide efect) only to show 4 external images (all images with the same size).
When we upload new images, the SWF need to show new images automatically.
Need 4 simple direct links for any image.

We need SWF and FLA version.

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Simple Facebook Application

Im looking to develop a facebook app that can display an external website within a facebook page.

I will have a landing page on facebook.

After the user likes the page, I would like my content to be displayed. After the user clicks the content, it should open an external website within the facebook page and also post a message on the users wall.

If you have experience with these type of applications please show me some examples that youve done. Include the term fbninja in your reply. Again, I would need to see some examples of your work in order to consider you.


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